►Stock Market News – Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq , VIX Index – Technical Analysis Breakdown

►Stock Market News – Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq , VIX Index – Technical Analysis Breakdown

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In this video we do a stock market news feature where I look at the major indices, the e-mini S&P which is the futures contract for the S&P 500, the NQ which is the Nasdaq 100 index futures, the YM which is the Dow Jones index, lastly I look at some of the inverse etfs as well as the Vix index. Every day I look at these indexes and try to read what the stock market today is going to do tomorrow. I use my custom trading software and various trading indicators all on the ninjatrader platform to scan the market looking for bullish and bearish setups. To learn how to use the trading scanner along with our indicators plus our one-on-one training go to

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pattern recognition allows for fast and efficient market prediction using signals indicators and strategies that guide profit making decisions in milliseconds through extensive research and development we have created a brand new algorithm with record-breaking performance that has the ability to scan thousands of stocks and other products almost instantly alerting you to the most profitable trading setups on stocks Forex indexes and commodities today is Wednesday July 31st and we're gonna look at the major US indices starting with the es the S&P futures so what was interesting is when I looked at this yesterday I was I was saying I was kind of neutral I was saying I was neutral and then when I looked at the VIX and the inverse ETFs I was saying that the market was gonna more likely drop today and you can see boy did it ever drop now you can see some resistance was put in the high yesterday was 30 18 25 it hit 30 18 50 and then just boom dropped you can really see it's really dropped around 11:15 a.m. my time just a couple hours ago as I make this video and you can see it hit a low 2958 just a big drop due for a recovery and now it's setting up to continue coming down now after a big drop like that I gotta be he gotta be gotta be bearish on the market now it did where it pull up to where it was a previous support price and these lows around 29 75 75 so now it's above that support price so we got to watch that and it could easily rebound a bit tomorrow let's look at the NQ while the NQ did the exact same thing but saying it's above the support price 78 41:25 you can see dip below it but now it's currently above it so we got to see how strong that supports gonna be and for such a big drop you always got to expect a bit of a rebound let's take a look at the ym the why am i was very mixed cuz this has been very very rangy and choppy but like mentioned when I looked at the VIX yesterday this is what changed everything for me and this is why it's so important to look at look at the VIX look at the inverse ETS the s Dow the s QQQ the SDS because when I looked at this VIX yesterday the VIX look like it wants to break out today it look like it wanted to break out and it broke out so when I saw this yesterday look like there was support and it looked like it wanted to break out so I was leaning toward the market dropping today and that's exactly what happened so going forward I have to assume volatility is gonna increase and the markets gonna be quite bearish but expect a bit of a pull up or a rebound on the three indices so that is the breakdown for the Dow Jones the NASDAQ and the S&P we'll do a follow-up video tomorrow see how these go thank you for watching please subscribe to the channel have a great day

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