❣️Etsy Sellers? How to Make Printables With Printful To Sell on Etsy?🎈

❣️Etsy Sellers? How to Make Printables With Printful To Sell on Etsy?🎈

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how to make printables
how to make printables with printful to sell on etsy

hi there this is Christy child I hope you're having a great day thank you for stopping by I'm so excited to say that we are up to 2,000 subscribers whoo-hoo I'm so excited about that thank you so much it's because of you that I'm able to get on here every day and make these kinds of videos that I hope are helping you to grow your online business so today I want to talk about a fabulous opportunity and you may or might even have heard of first of all what am I talking about Etsy is a buyer's market place it's like the online shopping mall for girls like me some men buy but mostly female 31.7 I think million shoppers in 2017 Wow I'm one of those shoppers I sell and I buy my daughter-in-law Brit quit her 5th grade teaching job two years ago because of her Etsy shop sales okay so that really got me interested as you can see from the income board I've done a lot of things online but I think the easiest business model I've ever seen is 1x ey it's a buyers market place you've got built-in buyers it's like a mall people are going to shop most people don't go to browse at the mall some people do some people go to walk but most people go to buy right Ching so you want to have your beautiful print-on-demand items up and ready when people are in there and they buy all year long they buy for birthdays they buy for graduations they buy for babies they buy for weddings they buy when they lost their pet they buy when they've lost a loved one they buy to inspire themselves they buy for an office you know and a co-worker they buy for their hairdresser they buy when they're going camping when they're going canoe we're going hiking we're going to the lake lake hair don't care this one of the biggest selling items on Etsy so today we're gonna talk about printables did you know that you can create an easy printable inside of print full print Volcom is a print on demand company that is approved by Etsy and so is gear bubble I use your bubble for mugs and in jewelry and I use printful for a lot of other things so let's go into print and take a look and see what you can do and how you can create a quick a quick poster so I'm trying to say printful poster right here here you if you go in there videos on Etsy and printful just go into Google and Google how to sync your Etsy shop with printful you can find information about that so once you've done that you you select your shop in your dashboard and then you can choose any of these items so let's say for example we want to do a poster okay so look how cute this poster is you can choose from enhanced matte paper premium lustre enhanced matte paper poster okay so all these different sizes now I go down and I check this so what this does is going to give you a listing inside your Etsy shop when you check all of these options it will automatically load all of these options inside your Etsy shop okay so that's in centimeters okay so we're gonna say us cuz that's where I am and then you simply choose I'm going to choose the lustre photo paper and then you would simply upload a design and I'm going to choose let's just say and you upload your own design that you created that you bought so I'm gonna choose this one okay and all you do is put you just proceed to mock up and look how cute that is that's how fast it is you can either use this mock up that will load to your Etsy shop let me just make sure you're seeing what I'm doing yes okay you just choose this or this whichever whichever mock-up you choose is what will load automatically to your Etsy shop that you have synced with printful okay and then you proceed to the description and then right here this is why once you do you go in to Etsy are you going to do a little keyword research alright so if you put in printables poster here's what I want you to remember these are all the people that are making sales with posters okay look how cute look how simple these are but you want to do a niche or you want to do a custom name so you undo a name a niche or a family relationship why do you want to do that those are what sale now you you know some of these sale just a picture of a cactus some abstract that you know some people love that but the most things that sale are things that evoke an emotion like if somebody you know just loves bunny rabbits this is a perfect one right here I'm not gonna click on it because they're paying for ads for that for all of these organic listings that are here right here you want to pay attention to this these rows that don't say ads right here see these are these are paid this one right here got there by using this keyword printable poster okay so that is a great keyword right there because this printable poster keyword is bringing up this shop out of two hundred and forty one thousand sixty four shops they beat out all of those other shops so why so you would go in he would study their keywords so so for example on this one we would put printable poster okay now you see print will already put in all the details about the poster itself ten milliliters thick slightly glossy fingerprint resistance and then right here you would put printable poster and depending on the niche that you're going after okay so say for example I wanted to do printable poster custom because it has a name on it see that takes it down it gives you a lot better chance of ranking under fifty thousand results so let's look at this one because this one is ranking first in organic results which means just their keywords they're not having to pay to be here on the first page of Etsy the Biggers buyer market that is so so it's just exploding with sales so right here these are the keywords you want to go after watercolor if it's not watercolor don't put water color but custom quote do you see these keywords custom quote personalized quote print custom print your custom quote and see they're just repeating those keywords so you can do like this and it doesn't matter if you put commas or brackets but you could put custom quote actually it's a name so let's go back up in and you want to be accurate here's the thing you want your first keyword to be exactly exactly you want it to match exactly what you're offering so what we're gonna do is printables poster custom name because that's what this PNG image that I uploaded is okay so it's even better because there's fewer results to compete with so right here 60th birthday poster no no no this one is completely accurate to what we are proposing to sell we have a floor crayon is actually a watercolor so we can put watercolor there and it is a person's name so I'm showing you golden tips on how to do this so you could put custom name print custom sign okay so let's put that first custom main print custom and look at the keywords custom sign wall decor okay and take even niche it down even more this is actually a person's this is actually watercolor and a person's name so I'm gonna see what kind of competition we have so it's a printable poster custom name watercolor agrees that is the most accurate description of what we are offering it mitches it down even more which is great you can see these people are paying for ads these people are making sales these are just reviews which means they have a ton more sales okay so here's one right here 701 reviews which means there's a lot more sales it's a person name and it is watercolor so that accurately describes this is similar to what we're doing and you can see all of these things are selling so let's just go right here really quickly and get an example of how many sales this blue pear printable shop has made seven thousand four hundred and eighty sales since 2014 so they're doing really well you can go in here and see the keywords that she's ranking for it's a beautiful shop if you wanted to buy anything all credit due to this shop absolutely beautiful so we're gonna go back and we're gonna look at the keywords print printable watercolor custom stationery print so print printable watercolor moly so she's advertising this particular name which I'm not going to do but I'm gonna put printable wall right here I'm gonna put printable raw watercolor okay and you want to go when you want to fill this up and inside of Etsy you'll see it'll give you a certain number of characters in a way it'll go red when you've gone over but that's what you do and then you can also put breasts those same keywords I'll be those put them in your description and then you want to do a little copyright magic you want to say do you need a beautiful gift for a BFF she will love seeing her name when this gorgeous watercolor print for years now okay and then here you would go to up to 13 keyword tags and you start with the very first one that is key that is so key through the first one and only that should you so many characters too let's see credible raw water okay so it's two main characters so you do this print of a wall and then the nice when you get a wall then the next when you do watercolor and finish the phrase that's how it's these robots gonna find you custom son draw the poor printable poster custom quote and it's showing me once that I have used before okay and then you can just fill it up you can go back into Etsy and look at some of those other keywords that were ranking okay custom wall print well our custom wall art printable but that one custom wall art you want to do okay if it if it turns red you want to finish it in the next it's already done that one you want to finish it in the next keyword tag there we go you're gonna since I changed this I'm gonna copy that I'm gonna paste that in the number proceed to pricing now let's take a look at what you can make so here's awesome this is awesome Princeville is giving you the profit margins here the retail price is 1250 no printful price nine dollars if you price it at 1250 you'll only make three dollars and fifty cents well alright let's see what she's these are like four dollars and ninety eight dollars five dollars and ninety but the difference is this is the difference this is with a frame okay these are or no they're not let's see these are posters okay these are just the poster don't believe they come framed so it's just the poster so let's see what they're selling for eight dollars four dollars five dollars six dollars five ninety seems to be the most popular price eight dollars for the ones around 590 okay rest to save five dollars and 90 cents let's see printful price nine dollars and you have to remember to these are bigger than the ones we're seeing here these are smaller so you're gonna have you've got to price it where you make it Lee I say at least five dollars profit so if we put this at 13 14 you can make $5 on that $5 on that and then as you see which ones are selling you can up your prices after you have sales because sales will get you more will get you more views because as he's going to rank your listings every time you make a sale you get a little boost in SEO rankings 16 ok 525 much so there's a 525 and then you submit it to the store and boom you're done and it automatically will show up in your store so then you can go in and just click you know you can click your third production party partnership it'll be in there printful calm once you integrate your store and that's yeah so printables let's go back in and see a little bit more about because I love looking at successful Etsy shops for different items so let's see if this shop has this many reviews that means they are making look at that sixteen thousand eighty seven sales sixteen thousand eighty seven sales oh my word that is crazy that is just amazing okay so I'm going to go back into print Bowl and I'm going to submit that to my store and then I want to go in here I just want to double check and make sure that because I've been doing the framed print so I want to be sure that these are these posters are not framed ok Franco so you have the option okay so these are not framed because you have the option of framed posters which start from twenty dollars and twenty three dollars okay all right so let's look at the canvas prints 29.95 we can also do beach towels you can do pillowcases you can do throw pillows I've started putting these on my shop I have sold some pillowcases is this a pillow case this is the pillow case with stuffing oh this one has stuffing to your bubble um has just the pillow case but these actually have the stuffing which I really like they have mugs to their they start at seven ninety five geared bubble starts at four ninety five so you can make a bigger profit margin with your bubble on the coffee mugs okay so what we're doing posters I mean that let me look at this starting from seven okay so if you see these in Etsy a lot of these are the ones that are like eight and a half by eleven are ones that have been created in PicMonkey or pages or you know some other kind of program where they're just instantly downloadable and if you're interested in doing that I have a link below to Michele's course where she teaches how to do the eight-and-a-half by eleven she's actually made over fifty four thousand dollars doing selling a live guide inside of her Etsy shop okay and sharing it on Pinterest so I'll put a link to that below too so that's a mouthful for today and I hope you're having a great day if you have any questions just put them below this video I check like once a day to see what questions there are and there's also a link to our free webinar workshop and love to have you sign up um if it tells you all about how to do print under okay so this is Christy you have a great day don't give up don't give in please give me a like and subscribe and I'll see you on the next one bye

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  1. I had no idea Printful offers printable posters, I've sold posters from Printful but never seen a printable option. I need to check Printful again, this is awesome news!!!

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