❤️How to Make Printables To Sell On Etsy? Printables Course HERE🎈

❤️How to Make Printables To Sell On Etsy? Printables Course HERE🎈

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how to make printables to sell on etsy

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hey guys I might try this little hangout and hopefully I won't be going I guess that's a lot of times what happens and gets it gets a little bugging out software but we'll see but it helps my videos rank better so sometimes I try it again play it again Sam so today I'm about how to make printables and why you should pay attention to this on NCE okay so if we go into I'm going to share my screen with you sure all right I want us to go inside of Etsy and let's look at some awesome keywords that I found this is one of the biggest ones right here if you go in to FC Oh printable baby shower games ninety nine hundred people a month are looking for principal baby shower games okay so here's one right here this is a best seller I don't want to really click on it because it's an ad it's gonna cost them money but you can see right here look at this one ten thousand four hundred and forty five reviews meaning they have a lot more sales than that okay let me go down here let's see this one's 1984 we've used me and they have a lot more sales this one is seven hundred and seventy-five five baby shower games and so that means they have a lot of sales and see they're selling them for nine dollars and 63 cents let's go on down oh look how cute principal baby shower games pack printable principal baby shower games pack I mean people are making Bank and you have to remember to these are digital downloads meaning when somebody buys this you just upload the download to Etsy and you don't you don't ever have to fulfill it you don't have to pay anything except you know s he takes out their fees but it is completely hands off your hands off kind of business and so let's see let's keep going look look at this one alright listen here's a prime example right here principal baby shower games baby shower game bundle okay so it's $20 they have to Bulgaria baby bibs now let me tell you the baby niche on Etsy is huge because um I'm not exactly positive about the demographics on Etsy but I do know that the things that I have targeted with babies and small children aren't selling the best and I know that my daughter and my daughter-in-law and and my other daughter in law they're all between 25 and 35 and they're always on Etsy and I'm a buyer – I've bought things for my grandbabies on here so and you know women are always having baby showers and let me tell you when they want a baby shower gift they just a lot of people go on Etsy or Pinterest and they go in here and they do exactly what I just did and then they download because it's a whole package I mean these are you know like you don't need anything else you've got everything you need for the shower and here's one that selling scratch-off cards this is be my bridesmaids so they're doing it weddings and babies on Etsy is huge absolutely huge okay so let's look and see how many sales the shop is made this is what I love to do oh my word look at this that is crazy amount of sales okay so let's say 53 I'm doing this on my calculator fifty three thousand three hundred forty-seven sales times alright remember now they don't have to ship anything it's instant download all right so at sixteen dollars let's just take away Etsy speed let's just say they're making $13 okay a piece so times 13 that is 693 thousand five hundred eleven dollars and that since ten that 2010 so let's divide that by eight years miss eighty six thousand 688 dollars a year oh my word I had no idea I'm gonna I'm going to show you that on the calculator okay look eighty six thousand six ten if the eight you can see that backwards I think it's backwards where I can see it but I think you can receive the ribbon come on man there we go okay that is per year approximately low-balling it eighty six thousand six hundred dollar nuisance even cents for that one shop excuse me I had no idea I really I knew they were popular let's go back in there and look again that is exciting I mean really really exciting look at that fifty three thousand three hundred forty seven sales in the last eight years now some of these she may be she may be shipping out but opens feels she's shipping out okay so she's got some things that are not digital but these printables like look at this pop-up greeting card oh that's cute six dollars so she's got a an array of items cake topper kit okay so let's look at things that like baby shower pictionary baby shower games Nursery Rhyme quiz look at that rocket ship let's do birthday printables let's see how many people are looking for birthday 390 people a month are looking for birthday printables now there's a lot of competition but hey if you can get in on one niche it would be so worth it look at this union Accord huh little pumpkin birthday decorations instant download building-blocks birthday what that is right there $14 instant download birthday printable packaged lego birth that do not use do not use trademark terms do not use trademark terms okay so let's see building blocks building blocks is good but do not use Lego because it's a trademark term all right so let's anything trademark now here's here's something really cute look at this train party printables a peaceable has in their carts right now train party printables the account cute that is everything you need for the perfect party and see moms are going gaga over this for dads how does it work instant download now let's see right here I just included okay so I use included in the package actually physically mailed out some of these are absolutely just digital downloads well you don't have to mail anything this person sales so this sells for $25 hours look at that item Oh take my calculator let's do it on the screen here so I get my calculator because it's so much fun to see online with and see these are things people are quietly making quite a bit of money and no one knows that people thinking nobody's making sales 886 okay so that is since 2013 and let's say alright $14 free shipping so let's just say half they're making half of that after feast and shipping look at that look at that $207,000 so let's divide that by five years forty one thousand dollars a year with invitations and prints that is amazing and this may not be their only shop dad is absolutely amazing is it not woohoo alright now my friend Michelle does this and now you know why she's made last time I talked to her she had made over fifty four thousand dollars with one printable guide on Etsy one okay she said I did a few things differently ended up in thirty thousand dollars but when I talked to her she had made over she had made like fifty four thousand so let's just say you know the first eighteen months thirty thousand although this has not been updated all from selling printables on Etsy and she says she went from making fifty dollars in a month so earning two thousand a month and and you know like I said she's making more than that now and one of her students you know followed what she said and she made it to her first one thousand dollars uh Nancy so I love Michelle's course because she's going to tell you how she did it I mean that's exactly what if you're looking for how to do it how to make money with printables you know I'll have a link to Michelle's course down below but I saw that was super exciting okay really SuperDuper exciting so if you're thinking if people are saying anybody's making money on that seat oh yes oh yes they are and I jobs and people are quietly making money and remember you can also do it with print on demand and do posters and or you can take gonna do it yourself and then you just upload the digital download and then when you make a sale you won't have to do anything zip okay so I just wanted to tell you about printables and how people are making a really good living online with printables and that link below is my affiliate link because that's what I do part of my living is made promoting other people's products and if you'd like to learn how to do that there's also a link below leaving your questions please give me a like please subscribe and I'll talk to you soon this is Christy have a wonderful Wednesday or whatever date is your watch to do this video bye now

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  1. If an item is inspired by a trademark, you cannot mention that in the description of the item? What if it's used as a tag? There's no actual violation if you aren't infringing on a trademark, is there?

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