🍒How To Sell ANYTHING on Your Etsy Shop? How to make MORE Etsy Sales?🍒

🍒How To Sell ANYTHING on Your Etsy Shop? How to make MORE Etsy Sales?🍒

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okay in this video I want to talk to you about the one thing that you must do in order to sell anything online anything we're talking Etsy products digital products whatever you're selling it's the one thing you must do so that you have sales in your cart right or in your paypal now let's get to it the one thing you must successfully do to just sell anything online especially on your Etsy shop is this one thing if you get this right you will be way ahead of everybody else you want to find out what your customer wants and you want to give it to them I know it sounds so simple and you're like what really that's it but I'm telling you this is the difference between zero sales and 144 sales on my shop is I thought they would want this so I just kept putting more of this kind of coffee mug this kind of t-shirt these kind of digital products sending it out to my email list while all the time they wanted something else and the only way I found out was loading up so many items to my Etsy shop and seeing what people really wanted not what I thought they wanted but what they really wanted to buy okay and it's not the things that I thought would sell I mean what I thought was cute and pretty like a graphic design on a pillow ah I sold zero but when I started selling baby onesies that talked about their dad oh my word when I started selling t-shirts you know for dog lovers that love their dog pop pop pop pop pop over and over that's the secret find out what they want and put it in your shop or put it in your email or put it on your blog versus what you think they want or I think they want and give it to them I heard this a long time I like yeah yeah that's nice but I'm not really sure that's important it is so so important that's why most people spin their wheels like they'll they'll do some abstract on their coffee mug that they think is just lovely like a sunset or a daisy and then they they don't understand why it doesn't sail it's because you have to evoke emotion you have to move that person just like when you watch a movie and you're grabbing your tissue oh they've done their job or you read a coffee mug on Pinterest like hold on while I overanalyze this and you just bust out and laughing right because they have evoked emotion from you that's what you have to find out what is it that is the part of their life what's going on in their life do they love to knit then you do what Rachel Rowe face says you use that phrase I have enough knitting yarn said no knitter ever and you know why is that why does that sell because it's true nobody who knits everything's there's too much yarn or too much knitting material because they're gonna always be knitting as long as they're alive as long as they can see it in it they're gonna knit okay so you got to find out what they want you got to get in their head and and if something is always say it's so strange when we get online it's like suddenly when you become a robot you know like we think okay now I have to sell no you don't all you have to do is tell all you have to do is say hey have you seen that cute knitting mug that your mom would just love because your mom was in it she would rather knit than eat she would rather crochet then you know go to Walmart as I have a relative like that she'd rather crochet they go to Walmart so epic if you know they're people like that that just love okay say people that love model model trains I knew some people who who would put their model trains up and invite the whole town to come see their model train display Christmastime so I dare say their passion was model trains and the a very expensive hobby so you know if it was a grandfather love model trains and you've got the family relationship plus our passionate hobby so you could give them what they want they want to see something about their favorite trains and then you could honor them by saying Papa Papa you know grandpa pop-pop whatever you want to calling and and they will just buy it all day long Don Wilson talks about this in gear bubble it's why people make mega sales in the family niche because you're targeting people with is someone in their life that means something to them and that if you match that to a hobby or passion boom you may sail you may say that's how it works find out what they want and give it to them okay so how do you do that go into Etsy go into Pinterest do some research see what's selling and sell more of that that's it don't overcomplicate it don't overthink it you know don't get that t-shirt that says wait a minute while I overanalyze this okay because I do it – all right so today we're gonna find out what they want and we're gonna give it to him okay click on the link below please give me a like and subscribe I'm honored to have you stop by my channel and I'm excited about using these powerpoints like I learned a new concept about how to grow my channel and grow my sales from Dan and you'll see a link to his webinar below it's free watch it look at all the links below they're all valuable training and I always say if you watch your free web class and you walk away and you've learned something new it was worth your time okay this is Christie please like and subscribe have a wonderful day you got this you can do it talk to you soon bye now

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