🎈Make Money Selling Printables on Etsy? Michelle $60K so Far🌻

🎈Make Money Selling Printables on Etsy? Michelle $60K so Far🌻

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How to make money selling Printable Art? Michelle can show you how she has made over $60,000 with just one type of Printable on Etsy! She now stays home with her baby Noah and just retired her husband from his job! See her story

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hi there this is Christy and today I want to talk to you about digital downloads how easy they are to make and how you can sell these on Etsy first of all we're going to go into Etsy and look to see you know are people selling what's called printables if you don't know what a printable is it's actually a digital download and I'll show you some examples you don't have to make anything as far as at home you don't have to order anything you make it once you sell it over and over that is why printables or digital downloads are awesome okay so let's look if you just put printable into Etsy search bar you're going to have as he suggests to you all kinds of trending digital downloads okay so since I'm making this on the 21st 22nd of February it's interesting to note that people are still looking at Valentines so since Valentine's past let's just look at printable quotes now I use a keyword tool that shows me usually how many are here but I'm not in the right browser to do that so anyway let's go on I'm going to show you some really cool stuff so if you look look for the ones that have a lot of reviews because if they have a lot of reviews that means they have a ton of sales okay so let's click on this one and take a look it is just a simple phrase and it's in a mock-up frame it's a best seller and she's selling it for $5 to 22 cents which after ESI's fees in taxes and whatnot let's just say she let's just potentially say she makes $4 a sale once she's made that print and loaded it up it's a digital print she never has to touch that again okay so let's take a look at her shop and see how many sales so far she has made since two thousand sixteen seventeen thousand three hundred and thirty-seven sales that's amazing okay so let's go back to let's go back to that page where we found the printables okay and let's see right here look at this one Oh My heavens if that's how many reviews they have okay I cannot imagine how many sales they have okay so first of all they do anxiety motivational stickers printable quote sheet okay so that's a little different it's actually stickers look at this okay so anxiety you know everybody's anxious about something so let's look and see how many sales this shop is made look at that 33901 sales since 2008 okay and once they make the prints you know they do not have to ever do it again look at that 11 people in their car at three people in their cart look at this vintage retro lady's dress and clothing sewing patterns $2.99 I mean it's amazing I mean how many people are downloading printables look at this rose go digital papers four people have this in their carts okay alright so you may be wondering alright that's great how do I do this my friend michelle has an awesome course it's called passive income with printables today she has made 60,000 dollars selling printables herself on Etsy and she has a course and it's awesome okay and she is going to tell you how she did it you know and these these are the binders she does it with these two products and their bestsellers on etsy I mean look at this her planner cost because it's a bundle forty one dollars and okay sixteen people have bought that in that one day that was showing this is just a screenshot of one day okay so let's do some math 16 times $41 $656 that day okay that is the reason why between her digital downloads and her course she just retired her husband and she stays at home with her baby boy Noah I mean it's unreal seriously okay and people who've taken her cores to have great testimonials they have made this is one of her students that made this beautiful beautiful shot okay let me tell you I am a baby boomer that means I'm probably older than you if I can learn how to do this then there's no reason why you cannot if you go into Google and put in you know making money with printables you're gonna find out there are a lot of people making money with printables it's not just Michelle but it helps to have a really good course in I must do two inside her course and she makes it really easy and it's not just one way that you have to do it she shows you all the different ways she has to do it she's upgrading her product right now her course and she has some some really cool stuff to show you how she is going to advertise with video I mean let me say she's loaded up here yeah okay okay it's one payment of one ninety seven or four payments of fifty a month and it's so worth it it really is I mean if you could learn a skill that you can leverage a marketplace like Etsy why wouldn't you do it right why would not why would you not do it all right look at this one it's so good to be home what it's just one two three okay one two three four five six words four five okay everyday I love you more let me look at these simple simple little things but then you need to learn how to market it okay and Michelle's gonna tell you how she markets her printables right here s he's giving you all kinds of keywords to help you and you want to niche down into a specific niche and all those things you need to know okay you can't just put up a quote and say okay wait not munching on my phone you have to know some details okay it's like a recipe I always say it's like a recipe if you leave out the eggs your cake is gonna flop if you think you're just gonna go in and start a printable course on your own you might do it but it's gonna take you a lot longer and you can either trade time or money okay so I highly suggest you get Michelle's course it is worth every done okay and again if you want to go out on your own you can try and reverse an engineer you know some of these types of printables and I wish you all the success in the world click the link below and go see what Michelle's got to offer I hope you're having a great day this is Kristi bye now

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