👕How To Make Etsy Sales With🎁 Print On Demand? Watch This!

👕How To Make Etsy Sales With🎁 Print On Demand? Watch This!

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How To Make Money Online With Your Etsy Shop and Print On Demand
how to make etsy sales with print on demand

hey guys and girls this is Christy today I want to talk about Etsy and print on demand and why it's so exciting is because this is how I got to a hundred sales and now I'm over that and I've opened up a second shop and I love teaching at C+ print on demand because it's working it's working for me it's working for some of my students Mary just she sent me a message like late last night and she said I have never made a dollar online and I just made my first sale so I was like whoa Mary I'm so glad and the reason is so important is because when you see that first sale come in you know this is possible that's why it's so so important hi Jim how are you today happy Thanksgiving to all of you happy Thanksgiving I'm thankful for you I'm thankful to be able to work online it is truly a blessing in my life the other thing I wanted to tell you is like Mary said if you give up too soon you'll be you will regret it you really will the reason most people don't make money online is they give up too soon hi Diana how are you good to see you too but Mary did not give up Jim is not giving up diana has not given up and like I was saying Diana Mary made her first sale last night with print-on-demand and Etsy now the reason I love Etsy is because I talk about this it is a built in marketplace it's a built in mall where people are coming already shopping there in the shopping mood they either have their credit card handy or their PayPal and they are ready to buy because when they come to Etsy they're looking for something in particular okay and sometimes they're just bored and then they see something that you know oh I have to have that so you want to speak to your customer the other thing I want to just reiterate to you is to be sure you niching down what does that mean you don't want to do just you don't want to do general broad subjects you don't want to do like landscaping or gardening or you know bicycling you want to really niche down good riches are in the niches meaning people are looking for specific things that speak to them all you have to do is go in to the chrome if you haven't already done it download keywords everywhere dot-com and you will see what people are searching for the biggest the other biggest mistake people make is going to broad and then there's way too much competition and you sort of get lost in the crowd it's like you know a big blockbuster sale and you're getting lost in there now it's about to be Black Friday if you have not planned your Black Friday sale this is the time to do it I mean this is it I'm already getting Black Friday discount emails I just got back from picking up a honey baked ham and of course you know they're gonna have a big promotion for Christmas they are so popular they don't even have a coupon for what I bought just you know ham slices so when you become a brand name you can command more and you can get better prices because people know what to expect from you I mean when you think about brands think about chick-fil-a and in the other places that we love like Texas Roadhouse why do we go there because in Starbucks we know what they serve and we know we like it and we know we want more of it okay that's the kind of shop you want to have you want to serve what people want to buy so you can test the wonderful thing about Etsy is you can test your ideas for 20 cents 20 cents you can test an idea if it doesn't sell it's only cost you a few moments of your time and 20 cents so I say again the biggest the biggest thing you can do is remember you want to sell what people are buying for example I did a pattern on a pillowcase and I loved it okay it's something I would buy but guess what nobody else bought it they weren't looking for it they didn't like it I was the only one that liked it so you want to find something that really people think about all the time a real safe niche to go into our dog breeds dog breeds I talk about all the time in fact I have a program where I get a check from this dog company I don't actually get a check I get a automatic deposit into my bank account every month from the stock company that I'm a really ugly videos about like I started like four years ago I haven't made any videos in a long time and those videos stayed up on YouTube and so I get a check or a a deposit from that dog company why people are always looking to buy things for their dog so if you built a dog list you would never run out of products think about Amazon you know subscription pet products that are sent on a recurring basis and then t-shirts t-shirts that say some of my best sales have come from t-shirts on Etsy and print-on-demand talking about dog breeds and you don't have to do general okay the ones I sold you know we're specific dog breeds that people just highlight crazy and there are more you know you just you know if you put up 15 dog breeds there's usually like only one or two that sell okay and I don't know why one type of dog breed is more you know their owners more passionate the other but I found out which ones they were and so so by testing that I put up more of that kind of dog breed okay his people are crazy about their dogs absolutely crazy and I talked about this the other day too that I also you know I found out that people will buy coffee mugs about dog breeds hey noon it's because they love them and it speaks to their emotion their emotion of loving their pets if you can get somebody to make them laugh or make them cry when they're on your site and they're like haha oh my gosh you know that's aunt Louise I got to get that for aunt Louise you know we have a family reunion coming up and that is her I've never seen anything so funny in all my life she will get a huge kick out of this we you just made a sale because you spoke to that person's life okay I talked about this the other day too I said there's some something about us that we we act like robots when we get online and it's like I have to put t-shirts on my shop and I don't know why we do that but it's just real people and we talked about traffic to your website traffic means real people walking in to like you have a booth just think about you have a booth at the local festival and hear all your t-shirts and and the wonderful thing about it is our virtual that's the only difference we don't have to go and rent a booth we don't have to drive and to a city and unload our car with all our stock that is the beauty of print-on-demand and Etsy is a built-in market and you're taking your virtual mock-ups of what you will sell and putting it on there and I don't think there's any better business model on the planet right now the other thing that comes close is printables where they just digitally download you know a printable baby shower invitation or wedding invitations and I'll have a link to that too there's a friend of mine Michele and she teaches how to make printables to sell an Etsy and she's made over sixty thousand dollars I talked to or a couple weeks ago Michele's made sixty thousand dollars just selling a life guide on Etsy what I remember right sixty thousand dollars and she did it by sharing it on Pinterest but she did it every day consistently without fail okay so if you're thinking that you cannot make money online i can't by law guarantee that you will but I can guarantee you I'm doing it and a lot of students are doing it in fact I'm so happy like I said for Mary she told me last night it was the first money she's ever made online the first dollar and she sold the t-shirt with print-on-demand on Etsy and she's thrilled so it just gives you a little bit more faith even though sometimes the sales you know or spread out and they're not consistent the more you find what people are loving them the more sales I make the more I figure out what people are already buying okay so don't try and reinvent the wheel don't think because you know you love dragon or I love dragonflies and I don't but if I did and I put it on my shop it's necessarily gonna fail do your research before you spend your time and your effort in putting up new listings does anyone have any questions Jim Diana you know once you start doing these these this process which simple find me an idea put it on a t-shirt put it on Etsy do it again do it again just Ritz a repeat you begin to have more questions so if there's anything I can help you with just put it in the chat box okay Jim says hey Christy excuse me excuse me what was the other sales coupon we can use as a double coupon I think you were saying was outside and what would be the best way to set that up and make profit yeah Jim that is in my guide that is unteachable and it shows you how to use it's called Etsy on sale and I actually took like two solid days and wrote that up so you would know exactly how to set that up and make a profit and it's a it's a process but yeah I'm going for it I'm gonna do it Thursday my daughter-in-law did this last year and she said she had a $600 day by doubling her discount and you have to use Etsy on sale and Etsy because Etsy will not let you double-dip okay they will not let you do double coupons you can do a coupon and a lower shipping cost but you do Jim in that guide I show you a calculator where you can actually punch in all the numbers and it will tell you exactly what your profit will be even with the double discounts okay so it's it's more than I can explain like right now and like I said two days to to write it up because yeah I wanted to know – how can you double dip and still make a profit and there is a way you can do it you just you know want to put your t-shirts or your items you want to absorb the cost somewhere so you still make a profit and or you can go for volume at the same time okay with less profit so I hope that helps I hope that helps answer your question does anybody else have a question about anything about Etsy and print-on-demand okay I'm really loving it it's you know it grows you can just look at it like a garden of Internet seeds and you can grow your little print-on-demand Plus Etsy garden you know each month that you put more items in there and you find out the you know the 80/20 rule the 20% that make 80% of your sales you do more of that okay say for example you found out that gardeners you know love a certain kind of phrase and then you would just go to Pinterest and look in see just put in like funny gardening phrases and then make more of those okay that's how Tony you know one of my students Tony is almost up to 200 sales with just mugs and that's exactly what he did he just did funny coffee mugs and he's doing well and he's looking to scale so remember when you find something that works don't start over don't start over like my future son-in-law says you want to take you know one nail and Hammer it 50,000 times versus taking a hundred thousand nails and nailing it once meaning online when you find something that works don't start over you know Russell Brunson says that you know he ran into somebody and he said entrepreneurs are so so creative that it's like you know you find something worth so you're like I'm gonna make ten more of something else he said when you should stick with the one thing that's already working he said it's it's akin or likened to taking a Broadway show there's a hit and then it's you know for five days it's a blockbuster sold out and that five days later you say oh let's shut this down and let's make a new one that's what we do because we are so creative by nature that we we create more than we mark it remember you have to take those ten items and then when you find out out of those ten items which two are selling which you know I have certain things in my shop that just consistently people buy and the other you know 80 things they don't so you take those few items that sell and then you start sharing it on Pinterest every day go into canva camb a.com make a pin or have your significant other or hire someone to do at a teenager and have them go into Pinterest and pin that pin every single day you cannot spam Pinterest Pinterest is not like Facebook Pinterest is not a social platform where people interact Pinterest is like a photo gallery of things for sale or things a recipes or things like that so it's a totally different mindset but there are people who are making a part-time and/or full-time income just by putting their images on trust and using tailwind app to automate it okay and I have the pinning in a box course on my teachable site as well that talks about that Jim okay you're welcome Jim I know it's an art and a science you have to figure out how to double-dip and still make a profit but it can be done it can be done so I hope that helps I hope you're having a great day and I hope that you are working really hard on your Etsy shop with print on demand items which makes life a whole lot easier right okay so happy Thanksgiving to all of you I'm very thankful for you and that you took a moment to watch this video if you haven't seen the webinar about the print bubble course I'm gonna put a link below and if you would like and press the subscribe button I appreciate it so very much it helps me grow my channel and I hope you're having a wonderful day and I will talk to you soon bye now

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