🔴 Etsy Free Shipping Nightmare and where are our shop names? LIVE

🔴 Etsy Free Shipping Nightmare and where are our shop names? LIVE

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In todays live stream I answer your questions on the Etsy free shipping announcement, what this might mean for your shop, for digital items, for international orders and even the legality of it. And WTH is going on with our shop names in search?

hello hello hello happy Sunday winching dog hope you're all doing great um yeah I've been so looking forward to this live stream but also totally nervous as they no seriously as I know there is lots of worried angry all sorts of it she knows that's plate and I know there's lots of worried people out there and in the past week or so if you if you don't know that's the dog having a noisy scratch wonderful if you haven't seen eat C's done a massive announcement I've done a couple of videos on it and people seem keen to chat about this so we're gonna be doing a bit of chatting about this yeah so so I'm kind of nervous because lots of new eyeballs so seriously so if you've not been here before hello there I am dizzy I'm here to help you craft your career creating artwork and selling it specifically or remain mainly mainly mainly on Etsy and of course in seas drop this bombshell just now so we want to see we wanna see what that's all about and what we can talk about and if anyone has any worries Nathan will be covering that and also I wanna cover another change Wow can you all hear the dog panting Ben come here darling come on nice looking guilty knows I was a on air can win it right let's let's just do this lips let's see who's making all the noise this has been this has been be no panting that's my legs but that's bad there we go so yeah but it's Ben's been a bit handsy and but yes there seems to be another thing that eats he has done Shh be what let's noisily there seems to be another thing the beats he has sneaked in while we were distracting about something else so we'll talk about that I will take any of your questions and we'll do just our normal Sunday rambling and that being said let's dive into the chat because I can see there's quite a few of you saying hello already so we have Wendy in the house hello Wendy let's do stuff she's ready with coffee on boards and everyone beware I have warned Wendy that she has got her big stompy mod boots on so Wendy Androzani and have have the power if any of you case don't play nicely which everyone always does Sharon hello from rink uber Canada hello there Wendy's have been another cup of coffee while she distracts me from the topic I'm easy distracted and R is an ease in the house hello there that's that's my mum Mary saying play nice 2 nd so Wendy and Roseanne here modding while my mum's mumming in the chat mommy is the other thing home Veronica hello there good to see you and Sharon sayin the dogs contributing to the conversation in his own way yeah he just gets well it's Scotland and suddenly we've had summer again for those who don't know what Scottish weather is it is literally we don't have snowy weather springy weather somewhere we have wet wet wet wonderful wet wet wet snow that's that's what weather it's like and and that that little graph that I gave you that can be just in one day or just in one hour so yeah he suddenly got hot but it's mainly he gets excited when I start talking because he probably thinks I'm insane I'm talking to nobody so he gets all excited soap and things to do with excited as well as the fact that it's ridiculously hot and Wendy's my poor buddy Ben and Sharon saying hello to Ben who I am Patton at the site here I'm not doing weird things to my own legs and Veronica's in and out is dog washing day awesome a great day for it actually the dogs would probably appreciate being washed today and hello there and Laura hello Queen Leonie hello lovely Wendy dealing with my mum's mommy and Sarina hello from Texas USA hello everybody okay so first thing I'm going to do dive into the questions we have if you haven't noticed I don't know how it shows up on a phone but on a PC I have a community tab on my youtube channel work and sometimes ask questions and stuff I don't do it very often but I thought before this live stream I would ask if anyone had any questions so we had a few questions there so I'll get them to start with then we'll talk about some other things then I'll see if there's any questions in the chat then I'll see if I run out of energy because let's let this a it's not it's a cup not a plant pot but I'm sort of on the caffeine it's not coffee but I needed something so this is hold on I am on not sponsored Scotland's other national drink so I've got a wee wee glass that I am broke which is caffeinated to keep me going paper Queen wishes hello there happy Sunday wherever you are in the world awesome vodka I I don't wish I I went out on Friday it was a bad idea yesterday I was poorly too old for this nonsense but it was great fun went to see a band nobody'll care went to see a band called hands off Greta Gretel hands off Gretel my friend just like messaged on Wednesday and said this bands playing Joanna Casey and so said ok when so if you haven't heard of them hands off Gretel very much in an old sort of Juliette Lewis and the licks tape of noise very good very stumpy she's only 22 anyway awesome Wendy is that just orange soda I Ambrose its own very special thing it is what you would call a soda and it's orange coloured but not orange-flavored there there is no I mean I don't even I never even read the ingredients on this which it says flavored soft drink with sweeteners and yeah flavorings so we have no idea what's in it we don't care it just doesn't kill me as long says no it's not an orange soda it's an orange colored soda all right let's get on to these questions first of all if I can find where all my tabs are it's like I totally I was totally ready for all this okay questions cool so this is from my YouTube dashboard the community tab where you can chat to mean things so to start with we had Mary Mary a three one eight when I change my listings to free shipping I'll lose the best seller badge in favor of the free shipping badge is there a way we can choose which badge to show in a sea of free shipping best selling might be a better marketing move and I have looked into this the best I can the problem is because I'm in the UK even when they roll out we'll talk more about this in a minute even when they roll out this free us shipping thing I'm not going to see it but it certainly seems all neat see what's been happening is if you have an item that's done really particularly well you can get a best sellers badge and this looks awesome next to your next year 18 when people search but if you turn on free shipping then the free shipping Trump's the best selling badge so that goes that takes the slot there's only room for one badge as it were so yeah if you have free shipping you don't get to see your best selling seller badge and the best seller badge stands out so yeah that's that's pretty bit rubbish it'd be cool if we could decide which badge we want to be more important and flapping my hands at you will again ready to apologize and right who else in the house Haley lolli nail artist is in and as is sue Aaron hello guys okay question number two I have yeah this is the one we'll get will cover this straightaway yep so lady gemologist great name yeah that sounds great well now they've dropped the shop name in search w28 th do you know anything about this right yes I will I say I'll explain you know I can't explain i I I only know what I've been noticing so let's let's go and do this first of all so onto the screen share button screen screen share the whole screen with you guys and we will pop in to eat see so this is on your eetzi homepage if you look now this is what's showing up for me and it is just the price of the item whether it's free delivery or not and not the shop name not the title of the item that is all I'm seeing that interesting thing with this is that it's also slightly smaller thumbnails and it's six items weighed so there's more per page so there might be throwing in the little sneaky thing that we'll talk about how what this is going to look like in the US but if they're putting in a line of extra priority placement I'm baking air-quote sightings here my camera's switched off just now but if there's like you've got if this was a normal search page you would have the promoted listings and then I believe it's gonna be a row of priority free shipping listings might be a row it might be – I don't know how much but you would have and then if they have if they've bummed in an extra couple to the width of each row next to a couple of columns and then actually you would probably have the same number of items on the front page as normal so everyone might be freaking out over nothing but when I go in to eat CNH search for stuff at Stella's Ruby wings is popular let's go and over look now making that a layer of meat yeah so everything's looking normal me just now we have the title of the item we have the name of the shop we have the number of stars and we have the price and we have if it's free delivery or if there's any amount of or anything like that so I'm seeing in search the same as I'm always seeing so if anyone's checked could you let me know what you're seeing as well if this is the same or as if this is different right let's get let's get back to my face this should be back to me alright so I just wanted to cover that one where do they put my questions again yeah so if you let me know if that's what you're seeing or you're seeing different things but I'm hearing some people are saying that they're seeing in search the shop name and the title is gone and it's literally just the prices some people are saying just the shop names gone which is also worried so if this is something that's going to be happening if it's you're sneaking in this while they're distracting us with the other things then you want to make sure think about now with your photography not necessarily a watermark because we may get penalized sometimes eat see don't show shocks that have watermarks they don't use them in their promotional materials but if you have something like it's imagine your sharpies or earrings and you're taking pictures of earrings but you always have a certain brightly colored rock or something at the side of your picture something that looks pretty just not rock but you get what I mean something so that a returning customer can see and go oh that's Wendy shop I totally recognize that shock there so that's worth thinking about if they're potentially trailing taking our shop names away then make sure that our pictures look recognizable as our shop have some kind of branding and branding doesn't have to be your name but it can just be a recognizable color palette always photographing the same backdrop just doing something a wee bit different okay special fizzy Scottish non vodka water Oh is going already her back to the chat Sharon does free shipping mean free shipping worldwide or can you limits to your country right cool I'll cover this just now right free shipping you can decide to set up free shipping nationally or internationally or to set countries you can set up put your lake but what we're talking about for those that haven't heard eetzi announced on Tuesday that they're doing now want to try and get the wording correct here they're offering we we have a special new button that we can use to set up a thing that's going to be free shipping for us buyers when they spend $35 or more in your shop and this is just for us buyers so it'll and they're talking about that people who participate in this little promotion thing your items will get what they're calling a priority placement in the most visible place in search now to meet rate people freaked out when they heard this to start with and I just read it quickly as well and I thought that just meant that in the rankings and everything if you were doing the free shipping to the US if someone searched in the US they were only going to see the free shipping things but I looked back and last year they were talking about a boost in search rankings for items that had free shipping and that's what they've done it's basically all the different factors that go into SEO kind of way differently and how how they affect where your item ranks and all they were doing was free shipping they were increasing how that weights how important that is but their wording was would get a boost in the search position this time round they are saying that the items that have free shipping are going to have priority placement in reserved visible slots so this Cana sounds to me like what promoted listing is this is a priority placement but it's a completely different search algorithm you can be on the promoted listings at the top and you can also have an item on page one just below it in the normal things so I'm thinking we're going to have promoted less things we're gonna pick buyers in the u.s. are then gonna see the free shipping banner section area and then there'll be the normal search that eetzi haven't confirmed this yet but it's just the different ways that they're wording things so this is why I'm saying don't freak out this might very much mean that your item that doesn't have free shipping is still gonna be on page one it just might be down slightly further hope that make sense that's what I'm reading it as I've lost the track of what I'm saying so I'm just getting into the into the chat some more yeah and free shipping mean free shit yeah so the the free shipping but it's you're talking about just now is just for us people only someone's trying to frame me just now really go away Elsa VanCamp hello there and Megan's in the house hello Laura saying seeing the same as me and I was also a UK seller cool thank you for checking Veronica in your app you don't see shop names and sometimes eetzi does beats beta testing will see exactly like when people say oh this chain this is looking different and I look at it it's like I can't even remember what it looked like before they're testing things all the time to be honest so we'll probably see different things for quite a bit but a lot of people are commenting on the no no shop names thing so we'll see if this is beta testing or if this is something they're rolling out Queen Leonie that I am I am brew the advertising the advertising slogan used to be Scotland's other national drink made in Scotland from girders used to love the ad if anyone hasn't see in the iron brew television ads are some of the best out there the hilarious they're beautiful they're funny they're a bit daft that I am brew PR team are just the best they are awesome so Google iron brew adverts web search on YouTube for iron brew adverts and it's a gift the spelling so it is spelt wrong it's irn B are you iron breathe mediums got them from girders and they used to say that yep because of the orange color they used to pretend that it was made from big steel girders because we have like a big shipbuilding community here we used to have so you know lots of steel workers and so they were saying that this this is the rust from from the Gyarados kind of thing and i think that's why they have to spell it I are in rather than iron because it's not made from iron and it doesn't even have does it have iron in it no it's sunset its colorings and preservatives and it's probably really bad for me paper cream wishing you're trying to learn more about branding awesome uh some of the most important things about branding is just having a color palette that's recognizable for you doing a similar thing so just a style that's recognizable for you and people do is especially like when you're setting up a website or something it's actually really important to think of that color palettes you know each page each bit of promotion each article if you think of what color your headers are going to be what color your titles are going to be what font you're using if you get all that thought of before you set up then it's so much easier and you have this consistent branding mm-hmm excuse me because if you think of some of the big companies out there they are associated with certain colors like you we're on YouTube you can think of that YouTube but big red thing eat see has its orange color you know that they'll have colors that you can think of so something to think of i Haley lowly nail artist has been changing all their backgrounds to Marble awesome I can look really cool Wendy's brought a photography backdrop and you need to figure out where it's gonna live yeah finding space for all these things are a problem but I do love the photography backdrops as you'll know I use it from I mean my main set when I'm filming proper videos and not just the sitting talking about videos but yeah I haven't managed to figure out a proper backdrop for my miniatures for my sculptures and I will have to I actually I was on ebay the other day and I've been ordering before it had dogs house furniture but I'm making my sculptures are slightly bigger than that so I've been ordering Barbie furniture just to see if I thought a couch for some of my dogs and cats would be kinda cool we'll see how that works out little beyblades hello there old Czech drums again hello little bread blaze Wendy's yeah the photography backdrops can be huge so you need to put it on a wall and you have no walls yeah the there seems to be sort of two sizes and I know your items are baked so a super big one is quartz like wallpaper for one side of the wall really awesome but for ever and photographing smaller things if you look for a food photography backdrops then you'll get ones that are just like a couple of feet and they're absolutely perfect for little things interesting days windii yeah but you have no walls that aren't related with craft junk gotcha yeah Barbara makes sense for it to sound like promoted listings without paying for a promoted listings yeah I think that's what they're aiming for we have to hang tight for anyone who doesn't know yet these changes they're talking about rolling out by the end of the one 31st of July it is 31 days in July yeah 31st of July on I think it's the 16th Monday or Tuesday this week Etsy is doing a live demonstration on Facebook I don't know where I don't know when I just saw one mention of this they're doing a live demonstration of their tool that they're doing that you're gonna bill to change your listings and change the price of your listings to roll in your shipping costs I don't know how this is gonna work so we have to wait and see but by the sounds of it this is mainly only gonna help us sellers because in the QA they spoke a lot about saying well we understand and appreciate their international sellers yeah right and so we're totally gonna roll out at all sometime later on in the year so yeah thank you so you're making this change but yeah you the rest of you yeah whatever this is really weird like see usually one eat see makes a change I'm all to start with oh no what we're gonna do about this and then they get passe more positive retain with this one it was just like yeah no big deal and the more I've looked into it the more I just don't like it so this is this is not like me to not be positive about things Sharon no prog metal any questions I will try and I will try and get use covered I don't I just look I just don't know because I've been reading law I only I have no secret contacts with eetzi or anything I just have the same information as arrested you I just have not slept for like however many days it's been reading all this stuff talking to people just trying to figure out what is happening and there is any thank you so much awesome of you yeah Wendy did modding awesome Queen Leone I'm not sure what the name is for but no um sue Aaron loves we love the a.m. brew in Ireland awesome a national apart from Guinness but there's a does and Jim Beam and all the BC ones but Scotland has its share of booty ones too but just two salient have her but I think Scotland is quite alone in the having its own kind of national soft drink like this I mean I know America's Got like coca-cola and Pepsi and all this but from what I know um Scott and I am brew was one of the few things that like in McDonald's you get all the usual soft drinks but we have iron brew here as well which is apparently unusual I don't know just used to it it's good okay it tastes really good yep jumped again that's probably not good for is yes the junking date ago hello there hey lease ageless scrapbook paper absolutely yes scrapbook paper is really good for little photography things as well there's some beautiful stuff out there and Elsa Van Camp just had internet installed yesterday feel prepared from following you awesome Oh Wendy yeah I could felt pet beds bed there there I could felt pet beds or even a couch or a chair awesome and the junking data go post about board works great too awesome cool good ideas gates and when the and though they were so that Wendy by the way hello there and Barbra got quite foam board from the dollar store that's a good idea I think in a might make like a large box finish not a boxy box but some more so I can I haven't I've not thought that through I'll think that through Laura it's definitely been a cause for concern you're in UK seller but most of your customers are international with a majority being USA yeah this is the difficult thing is do we want to go free shipping I would say look hold off just now until we see what they're talking about because that was my worry is okay my items are a fairly light and cheap to ship internationally and it's only about a pound different from the UK to the rest of the world I'm super lucky like that so I could do free shipping for everything but I'm not sure I want to and then if you didn't see my I'm pointing I haven't linked cards so stop pointing BAM but my video is talking about the legality of this I'm actually a little bit worried about how legal this is so if you're going to do this and one of the things that people have mentioned to keep you right because in some countries it's illegal to inflate your price is to give free something but it makes sense it's not free if you've put the price somewhere else so I would probably add to your descriptions that the price that people are seeing is shipping included however eats he puts free shipping and there's nothing you can do about that kind of thing if that makes sense so just to cover your back because anyone who was answering asking about the legality of this having free shipping eat she basically said well it's up to you if you decide to do free shipping in your shop and it's up to you to stay legal in your country so yeah that's not a good enough answer just now so put I don't I don't even know for disclaimer we'll keep your right so don't yet don't take legal advice from me hold off until we find more more details basically and yeah so as as UK sell that well as any it's difficult for even for American sellers as as I just heard the other day that I didn't think of off but free shipping for the whole of America if you're in America your prices vary across America and I'm quite sure that to ship to the state next to you compared to ship to Hawaii is going to be quite difference and it includes Alaska and Hawaii so yeah so the shipment will be difficult there but for us if we do this and it's just free shipping in the US then that means that our in the rest of the world will ripping off slightly and our UK customers were ripping off slightly but if we do free shipping worldwide then if the prices have a big variation how do you decide what the midpoint to charges so it's pretty tricky it's not gonna work for everyone and honestly if it's a massive hassle for you to do free shipping for your items don't do free shipping yet as I said if this is just gonna be an extra lane like promoted less things it might not even be worth all the panic if you're still gonna be in the front page anyway so yeah so yeah Guinness is the national drink o Queen Leone then o was for it doesn't have iron in it yep it doesn't does not have I admit yeah that's way but it has to be earned iron pronounced differently Laura you're shipping church on Etsy is literally just what Royal Mail charge mate yep I'm affecting your packaging into the eight embrace totally fair enough and yeah you don't like the idea of rolling the shipping into the eight embrace it's deceptive yeah I started off this with going no it's not too deceptive everybody knows free shipping is not free shipping but now I am feeling it is deceptive and also if we're all the price in and a customer buys a few items what we used to be able to do if we don't have free shipping what we can do is say this is the price for shipping and you can have free shipping or fifty pence egg for the second and subsequent items but you can't do that so if you've rolled the entire price into the one listing and someone buys five items then they've paid five times for shipping when it's supposed to be free so yeah that's a bit rubbish oh stop jumping chat and I saw some more things about Guinness good Barbara says Guinness is a national drink in the u.s. you live about 20 minutes from a Guinness registrants oh wow interesting what I wonder Reagan Irish Irish people are people who visited Ireland let me know because I know all my friends who have been to Ireland have told me that the Guinness we get in Scotland is very different from the Guinness you get in Ireland so is the Guinness you get in America very different and is it more is it more Scottish Guinness or is it more Irish Guinness but I I believe you keep the good stuff close to home which makes sense Wendy's got it is it really I don't know what I don't know possibly yes not sure what your the problem with chat is by the time I get to it I can't remember what we're talking about Lisa hello there Barbara not jumping into the free shipping until more information comes out I'm totally with you there I I jumped into it to do the video on it to show you what happens when you press the button because I know you probably have itchy fingers going what does it happen what happens if we press the button so I press the button and then I unpressed the button but I'm not doing free shipping if my sales tanked but I have to be honest UK us used to be by far it like 95 percent of my sales were to America but over the years they've done some advertising in the UK and they've done that the rest of the world is getting to hear more and I would say about two-thirds of my sales of the UK and possibly about a third to the EU and a third to America so America's not such an important market to me that I'm panicking just now but if if I see a big change then I will think about that and but yeah I'm waiting to hear more information and oh yes little tick but I did notice from the reading I read every single response in the Q&A thread so little secret snippet they were asleep sneaking in there is they did mention that the something patronizing to the effect of their seen how the UK markets been growing and that's been awesome and they're going to be spending more money on advertising I think it's going to be digital advertising is that the digital or social media but they're gonna be advertising again in the UK so hang tight because we might get just more UK sales in the UK so that's that's good for us Lisa sell soaps and relatively low dollar items free shipping worries me well great they're here here we go I'll do this explanation just now the free shipping is if you hit the button for the guarantee it's just gonna take all of your items that are over thirty five dollars they will have free shipping and your items that are under $35 won't but you have to watch out there because if a buyer purchases more than one item and that adds up to $35 or above then Euratom that won't free shipping of that that order becomes free shipping now it could encourage people to put a couple of extra items in their car which is a good thing but you have to make sure you've got some wiggle room with you prices so there is that but they are saying that cheaper items people aren't expecting free shipping so if it's below $35 don't worry too much so the deal is to get on this promoted section or whatever this is gonna be to get in this in the US it's for any shops selling items to the US so it's for any buyers in the US and what they'll see is it's any items with free shipping its eight it's digital items that don't have any shipping its any items from shops that have ticked the guarantee so even if your item is under the thirty-five dollars and still has the shipping cost then that's going to be included in this promoted area because it's got the guarantee that if it goes if your order goes over $35 you get free shipping so I hope that came to make sense that's what I'm understanding so far but yeah don't freak out too much for low dollar items and yeah Laura just watch the legality videos I agree if if I was to do the free shipping I would definitely make a point you're saying this means shipping is included yeah I wish that rather than say free shipping eats he had to just said shipping included or total price or rather than make any changes for anyone they could just show the entire price in in the search you the entire price for the customer or how much it is pressed plus shipping you know every just just share the whole price so that we so that buyers don't have to click into a listing to find out how much the prices renting and suits yes nice Barbara that's cool Barbara heard the food is awesome Wendy yeah some things can be pricey to ship your Bunny to Canada was $35 exactly exactly prices are different and I know I think for some things well I think basically I'm probably cheaper to ship some of my I am ship cheaper to ship my item from Scotland it's just that it's about 4 pounds 50 pence to ship to America than it is for some people in America to ship for similar sized item to a different place in America it's bonkers more I am Barry I need sponsor ambry if you want to yeah yeah little bird blaze you've done some listings which state International shipping is included although you've bitten the bullet and gone for the US free shipping guarantee for over 35 cool I'm not saying to everybody don't do it if it makes sense for your shop if it's easy to do if you were doing free ship in anyway and then yeah I see no reason not to do it if it's not a hassle apart from the concerns with the legality but I know nothing about the law anyway this is just things that people brought up to me and I have a couple of my previous videos I've linked to the articles that I can find and it certainly seems the free shipping isn't problem selling in the EU more of the problems that a lot of people I think don't realize and this is even for American sellers if you're selling in the EU if someone buys in the EU they have 14 days to change their mind and if they change their mind they can send it back and you don't refund you don't get to refund shipping let's see you law it's to protect buyers it came up is a bit rubbish for sellers but yeah that's that's how things are so yeah super sorry about that but that's not a change in the law so what eetzi has said is you could roll in your shipping cost to the price of your item and then if people want to refund it you can withhold a small restocking fee you can't do that in the EU i-c stop trumping sue were saying something about Wendy's oh there we go about Wendy's Bundy as criminal at $35 was it alive no it was a very very dapper needle felted birth honey in a waistcoat and everything very pale it was a needle felted bunny IG Morgan bundle your soaps and offer free shipping on bond yeah absolutely is one thing if you sell cheaper items you should consider doing this anyway but a way to get round the people buying lots of things and getting ripped off is you have a listing for a single item and then in that listing you say if you're looking for more have a look at my bulk section have a look at two soaps three soaps two soaps and a lipstick or whatever you sell but make listings that have multiples I really need to sit on my hands and yeah you can you don't have to do free shipping across your entire shop you can do just one item if you have one item that's doing well in the US adjust that prices and make that one item free shipping and then that gets people in a little bird was persuaded after looking at your Google Analytics and finding the large number in u.s. views and sales yeah good point oh I will say right I can't see anymore it's you're saying we need to figure out the proportion of people come in from poor countries and they've removed the they've removed the tab showing us what countries the customers are coming from I can't find it anyway for sure if people know where that is let me know but yeah you can set up Google Analytics I'm not very good on Google Analytics and but you can set up Google Analytics or ear ank does have a calendar tool that shows I think it's your first month if you your your previous month if you've got a free account or your last hundred orders if you have the pro account I think off the top of my head so if you want to get an idea of where your customers are coming from isn't it wonderful that eetzi go yeah you've got a tell where you've got to figure out what percent how important US market is and then take away the actual tool that we had that could do that yeah wonderful Lisa thank Angie Morgan yep good tick yeah and Wendy yep um Sharon how you package your item also contributes to the shipping costs yep you live in Canada and purchased wool roving for the US only charged four dollars because the air was vacuumed out yeah that's an awesome tip for people who do that and I know I think in the u.s. it's the size of your package as well makes a very big difference I don't know much about UK shipping the size and the way to make a difference but I heard had heard absolutely ridiculous things that say you have a rolled-up document or a painting you want to ship and so you would put it into a tube the tube costs more to ship then if you put that tube into a box of a similar dimension tubes are more expensive or they were that's absolutely stupid at least yeah bundling is a good idea absolutely um Veronica I don't believe the Etsy search algorithm will push free shipping bonus over buyer behavior yeah I've mentioned this before I don't think the way they're talking I don't think that this free shipping is being added to the algorithm what free shipping is already in the algorithm it gives you a small boost I don't think this is being added to the algorithm I think this is going to be a separate thing because they're talking about priority placement in the most visible slots rather than getting a boost in the search rankings so it's different wording than they've used before so I think this is going to be an area like promoted listings rather than just dumping in at the top of the search if that makes sense but if it was you're quite right and they could up the free shipping give that a boost in the rankings but if some shop without free shipping we're selling 2000 datums a day yeah that's gonna be more important than any other metric Ilse your link lineage is Irish Scottish English all my relatives over their family on Facebook Facebook is awesome a little word if you press the free shipping button and then click off it again easy ask you questions why it's a good good way to give them feedback yeah good thinking I forgot yeah it did give you a survey I was filming the video at the time so just like No leave me alone I'm but yeah good point I think they're getting a lot of feet I think all the staff I mean I know myself and Debbie in the e rank group we're exhausted from dealing with all of this the eetzi staff must be so much worse I do almost feel sorry for them but they must have known how crazy panic this was gonna cause things it's bonkers I Barbara would your SEO play a bigger role in the search versus free shipping the eat C's rolling out I think they're going to be separate I don't know this is just my feeling um yeah I can't say a free shipping if they're only adding it to the algorithm it'll be part of the algorithm and they can change the weight of how each things are weighted but yes your SEO is is important and even if they just do a separate area say it's just one lane C for all this hassle and people panicking about getting into this area if it's just one line your chance of getting seen there's gonna be pretty low and they're talking about yeah they're gonna be picking from the people that are doing the free shipping in their promotional mail outs and things but it's the same see when they talk about like you know tagging your items for a certain promotion they're doing because they're gonna feature people yeah if two million people click the button you're still not gonna get seen so I wouldn't panic about it too much the chance of your free shipping item getting if it's just gonna be one we're oh you've not got much chance or that's my take anyway asou about the Guinness I'm loving we're having a Guinness conversation to eat seeing Guinness your husband is an expert so you can vouch for that quality he says the Scottish did Guinness is different from the Irish Guinness only to a regular drinker but it's similar it's down to the water that makes sense yeah that totally makes sense um he rolls over they yeah I forget we've got a limit to characters down to the water use in the brewery that affects the taste so us Guinness tastes a lot different to Scottish and Irish Guinness yeah good good point yeah I wasn't I didn't know if in the US they brewed or they exported so yeah if they're brewing out there of course it will be quite different and there depends where it is the climate will be different yeah so much different things and I suppose the I'm not sure what goes into Guinness I was gonna say hops but I'm I don't know that like I'm stupid Angie Morgan like like butter Irish butter is related rate rated to be the best in the world I'm finding that hilarious I am I do I eat keto which is low carb and lots of lots of the good good fat stuff and I laugh every time I'm watching us YouTube channels talking about what – what's it eat and when they talk about butter and it's hilarious it just seems such a unnecessary extra waste of words but every time they won't just say butter they'll say Kerrygold grass-fed butter like oh boy and we get karey gold we get Irish butter here and we get local butter here as well and I think well my thought on it is in America most of your cows are indoor raised which is really weird whereas our cows are taken inside when the weather's rubbish most of the time but though they're outside though they're of their mission on the grass cuz grass is free so our organic butter from the cows outside is the same as the Irish stuff I haven't tasted any different I'm gonna have to get my hands on some American butter to find out why everyone thinks the Irish butter so yummy cuz that's just but you know because I saw these videos everyone's gonna carry gold butter and I was like well that's doesn't my supermarket I'll put some in them like just tastes like butter let's say yeah but I can see I mean but the Irish climate is very similar to the Scottish climate you get the rain and the cows are outside eating the lovely watered grass so yeah that's so I rain does some good stuff um Mercer can see where free shipping could possibly benefit smaller item sellers like jewelry absolutely um but can't fathom the loss for shops that sell furniture items unless they inflate their prices absolutely I think yeah if if you were buying if you're buying a bespoke handmade wedding ring or something and spending I have no idea how much these things cost but I'm guessing it's gonna be in the thousands then yeah I would expect free insured courier delivered on a Pegasus type type shipping I I wouldn't expect there to be shipping added to that because everything is included um so yeah that's that's completely different but I do to be honest I don't know how people manage to sell furniture on eetzi anyway like shipping well I'm saying that right I ordered a wrought iron metal fence for my back garden and it came from Germany and the shipping it was free shipping goes from eBay it was free shipping and it really wasn't that expensive the ATM roguishly how on earth do we ship things this price that literally I could not carry it the the courier dropped it off on my front doorstep and it was a huge package and I just sort of had to tip it into the house train ticket and I'm such a weakling and then I hired someone to put it into into my back garden because weakling and I just literally had to shove it and drag it and get it outside again when they were coming round so how can you do free shipping for something that's so heavy that I can't even pick it up it's in crate increase crazy we're back in spring on it skipped skip to the guiness questions again oh here we go Wendy to me $35 is a low threshold exactly I have very few items and I have a couple of digital tutorials that are obviously believed thirty-five dollars although I've seen some tutorials that are more but I'm not thinking about making big money from tutorials and so obviously they're below and my splat bookmarks are below but everything else is above 35 dollars so yeah why be lots of work to consider by changing slipping like policies item returns your hold enough to see if you even need to make the changes absolutely yeah that's that's where that's where I'm at just now it's a lot of work and there's a lot of people stressing and everything else and I just say hold off unless it's an easy change for you but if you're really having to think about it I'm betting this is not going to make the difference they say it makes and you know I'm sure if you were doing well you do well if you weren't doing well then you're still gonna boaters sore at your SEO and right what I'm thinking if you're in if you're trying to rank for stupidly broad keyword phrases like wedding ring each bloom in difficult anyway and you're not gonna get seen and even doing free shipping that's you know there's gonna be thousands of other shops doing free shipping but if you go through your super specific longtail keywords Steampunk a massive amethyst bronze wedding ring because that is that even a thing I should actually Google for some of these things I randomly make up sometimes but if you're down for something super specific they'll be less shops with this and there'll be less shops that are going to the free shipping so yeah you aim for the niche it's way way way easier to get seemed to rank for the niche I mean obviously it's gonna be a niche that some people are searching for but yeah don't don't aim for the big things Laura yeah the bad ships a shipping included isn't that the see the first time someone said that to me I was just it was like why didn't eat C think of that it's just so simple isn't it it takes away there's no you know what's going on when you read that it's not lying to you it's not trying to mislead you it just says shipping is included in the price what one one word of a difference and suddenly we're not trying to confuse people and Abraham Abraham I saying that right anyway hello a quick question if you don't mind of course I don't mind and you want to sell streetwear uh neat see but I'm not sure if there's a market on there I hope you can give your opinion on this there is there is a market for everything M Street where I'm I'm a suit I'm assuming in some way you're a they're designing and creating the street where yourself or modifying it or doing the things to make it handmade and that's needed to be but they're very much is I've been looking through there's a lot of decent shops that sell all sorts of clothing in fact the print-on-demand thing is I think it's a bubble that's gonna burst soon but it's pretty big just now but yeah clothes absolutely I've got some shops that I've been following for years with clay so that I absolutely love so yeah there's a market but the other thing to do anything you're not sure of anything you can go on to eat see and search for a title that you know search for something that's a bit like what you're thinking of I don't know street wear myself but just type in some kind of a title and see what comes up and see how much sales the sellers again and yeah but it's definitely it's definitely a thing the Scottish crafter I think it was stopped a lot of eetzi sellers selling overseas unfortunately it's certainly freaking out some people and I think in both directions because the u.s. people that were thinking of shipping internationally you've now got if the US prices are free shipping what do they do with the shipping for the international prices I mean it could be a bit easier you say okay this much is rolled into the price so shipping for France is going to be this much extra so that's the price of shipping but it'll anything that makes something so much harder is gonna put people off a bit and yeah I I think it might put some people are just gonna stop trying to sell to the US which I think he's daft to do that because it doesn't mean that we're going to be lost that we're not going to be seen at all so yeah we don't we don't want to panic yet and say oh I'm just not gonna sell to the US it's a big old market and there's every chance that we can still get seen there and so yeah Chad keeps jumping right somebody tell me where I was answering this is annoying yeah where we're at Marisa again price of shipping my jewelry and he goes up if I ship an item over five ounces so I guess if you already have competitive prices it may not matter yeah but there are some items that it's gonna be absolutely fine for so awesome everywhere yeah absolutely don't see why not most welcome when did yet share your opinions no I love I love you guys answering each other's questions to that makes my life easy as well Rosanna yeah there is there's the words I was looking for if it's handmade vintage or supplies those kind of things should just roll off my tongue but I'm getting brain freeze because I've been talking for an hour and we all know that my voice stops happening words stop happening in an hour when the are you getting in touch with your non-existent Italian American side my family all talks with their hands the thing it the thing the thing is I don't do this in real life but it's so much harder because I've just got a webcam that's looking at me with its cold dead eye and it's given me no feedback so I think I go like bigger hands behave I think I go bigger to overcompensate from the fact that this is still after two years of doing this this is weird Sharon am i aware of any good alternatives to eat see not at the minute um zip it zabi oh just teaming up with a big company I don't know there's an American thing and a lot of people are popping over there just now obviously we have Amazon handmade we have eBay folksy has been around for a while I've tried it but what I'll tell you right super-secret thing that I know about been looking at the stats for all these other places looking at the search traffic and all this and see when we try and put them in the graph when we try and plot them even Amazon handmade even Eve a handmade stuff the sails on there are a fraction of what eats he's getting I was totally amazed it's it's ridiculous eats he is so big and we don't realize it so we're thinking oh I'm gonna flash off to somebody else if there isn't a decent competition yet and well the fact that you're having to ask me the fact that you don't say oh well when I'm shopping and eat see I also shop at this other place and that's the thing none of the competition who eats he is so big just now that was not saying that another one of these places won't take off but I was amazed at how small Amazon handmade is I thought you know they're such they're such a big company in themselves I thought they would be a competitor to eat see in you know minutes of starting it but yeah it depends what you say I mean II paid people some people do a lot better on eBay than they do on eat see I know some people love folksy I hated it yeah nothing yet if I hear of anything that's doing really well the problem is they're all so much smaller so they're just not driving the same amount of traffic now if you're a super big truck that's doing well and you have people that would follow you to a different platform then you might get a really good head start in something if you believe it's gonna do really good if you drove in your own traffic for a wee while then you could be the massive fish in the little puddle and you could do awesome so I don't know some people are gonna do well and another site has to take off at some point I just don't know which one I hope that'll make sense Abraham your items aren't handmade or vintage and they're not supplies so there may be a market but you could eat see you can only sell if it's handmade or you've designed it yourself or like you design the printing on it you have to have done something you can't you can't resell so how it has to either be over 20 years old you have to have been involved in the manufacture at some point of it or it has to be supplies that just selling selling clothes that other people have made you'd be better with eBay and oh no you see your postage from Ireland is obscene honestly you can't afford to put free shipping well ETI telling us to roll it into the price of our listing but yeah that makes stuff look terrible and that makes you your item prices look terrible and especially if you're only getting this beast in America and as we say it might just be a little thing your item you've inflicted your prices it's on the front page compared to other items without their inflated prices and it doesn't get into this boosted area because there's millions of other people you might actually find you've shot yourself in the foot listen I'm just thinking this just now if you were on the front page next to another competitor and your prices were about the same and then suddenly you roll in your ship embrace and your price looks 50% higher than the person next to it you ever actually end up not working well for you excuse me a minute Barbara even the u.s. is imported Guinness that fascinating Guinness debate continues this is cool but Wendy don't bother it's not delicious Wendy you can't see a small eats eShop being able to afford free shipping in the u.s. shipping here vary so much on weight don't use flat rate boxes because well isn't that heavy yeah I don't quite understand your flat rate boxes thing is it seems it's the cat thing isn't it if it fits size shape and you put every you can put into a box that size it gets to ship but if will isn't that heavy absolutely if will I know wool isn't they're heavy at my post office I'll go in with a massive box and you weigh it and look I know like double take wait are you sending air you get well no wool Barbara Irish butter is a bit sweeter than American Oh interesting Sue's saying Barbara this is the Guinness is brewed in America but transported to various pubs and restaurants is even brewed in Africa Wow awesome Arizona all the cows here are outside in southeast Alabama kill kill with us I think if the cows are the same breed of cows and they're chomping away on tasty grass should be pretty similar but it's only if they're the same breed of cows I mean I know I've I used to work with a guy who had a small holding with a few Jersey cow so if anyone knows about Jersey cows it's the creamy little of the creamiest milk in the world and he used to bring us some milk for free and he got someone to make butter one time really good so yeah different cows will make a difference but I don't I don't know what cows you use in America and the UK it tends to be the Friesian cows a little black and white cows say Oh weird chaps we get up to Barbara saying good tinnitus see when do your cows are mostly kept in giant barns to keep them confined factory families ahora yeah it is I've seen I believe I don't know if it started in New Zealand it's been happening in New Zealand for a long time but it's happening elsewhere in the world and I think this is awesome but you get but awesome in a bit scary but you get automatic milking barns and it's areas and the cows are outside and when they feel like a bit of milking they go and they wonder themselves inside they give a retreat while they're there they get milked and they wander off and it's just totally chilled I don't know how you train a cow to go for a bit of the milk but listening to enjoy it they produce more milk they're less stressed they're super happy the farmer is doing less work and I just when I saw that I say wow it's a stranger it's a brave new world isn't it robotic cow milking parlors but it sounds awesome rather than here I see that I believe that it's like twice a day and the farmer goes and rounds are full the cows and they're certainly happy to go and get milked but yeah just where they go the cow sitting there going I'm a bit bored this grass is but you know see you see you in a bit girls I'm off to get a wee bit of milk in it so bad written demonetised Barbara is saying cows on the East Coast are outside unless it's bad weather yeah say um sounds the same here I did actually this is a cool thing I know I believe I can't have anything about farming but I believe cows are kept inside it tames from we've had really terrible weather because they destroy the grass but I'd heard of a farm where they grew they worked on real speciality grass and plants for their pasture and which meant that they didn't get all churned up and all my D word tougher so the cows could be outside all the time which again sounds awesome although I probably want a wee shelter if I was a cow looking in Scotland and Sue's saying I think it's the way the animals and plants are treated and fed that makes them taste different yep and true organic and free-range cost so much most of us can't afford yeah that's that's always always a shame and I think for certainly around here for things like butter the price isn't that much different and for for organic and free-range jets that's gone away a bit I hate this I'm talking away to you it's great and then track goes now you don't want to see like 200 questions people have asked why be a wonder all the time how people do free shipping on such low priced items good question I mean there is right there is almost the other possibility real real talking here guys and there's the other possibility of a loss leader you could pick one item in your shop to try this and do the free shipping and just take the small height take the small hit on that one item in excuse me oh I am blue burps yeah this is where I kind of edit that out um where the hope that our one item if it's driving lots of traffic and lots of sales you're racing tape brings all ships up that one item is gonna make the rest of your shop better because things that also help your ranking power in your shop a good customer feedback and good customer service actual sales in your shop and everything so if you have one item that's not too dear to ship you could just take that as your loss leader is maybe not going to make you a massive amount of money but it's gonna raise your shop that's a possibility not for everybody but it's it's an idiot different idea all voice is doing weird things or Wendy saying it's mostly family farms that have the cows outdoors yet the large factory farms that supply and reach the stores aren't like that you probably wouldn't even know there are cows there good point and it's it we probably have things like that here I don't think we have quite such intensive this because we don't have so much space but I'm sure that exists here so yep shipping included sounds perfect I know how how easy is that for them to do but new Lisa shipping included no deception and no insulting the intelligence of buyers yeah absolutely I don't care if it's $1 or 40 I'm tweeting the cost of an item to suit and this and call it free is a no yeah I understand like I say I was totally I wasn't that bothered you might have noticed in my video sure in the week Tuesday I was Kane a positive game yeah let's see not do it and then by the time its friend this Friday I was just like no don't do it this is rubbish stop it and I'm not usually like that I'm not usually maybe dude where is Annie I believe if Etsy said shipping included it would not entice the buyer yeah people like to hear they're getting something free but one of the things that eat see were mentioning they're even sort of showing it in the video is and I I agree this is the one point that I'm completely with them on buyers hate when they see a price but they don't know the shipping they don't know totally how much they're gonna pay until they click onto the item I'm sure we all know there's some sites that you don't know the price of shipping until you've pretty much committed to buy so I like that's why when I'm on ebay I do filter for free shipping just because it makes it easier to see I know you can also see the ship embrace there as well but I feel sorry I know it's not free but it's just so I can know how much I'm paying excuse me so I get that customers want to know how much they're paying because if you if you see three or four listings that look about the same to you and the way you're trying to compare them and you can't compare the price then you have to sit and click on each of them and click out and quit and go yeah that's more work if everything was just there if it just said either here's the price and here's how much shipping is or if it said here's the total price to you then it means you don't have to keep clicking so I'm with them on that but they just don't have to do it in the free shipping way paper crane the thing that gets me is you raised your price these three dollars to cover shipping but that doesn't that mean it adds revenue for taxis in the u.s. oh yes um hold on yes and no it depends hmm for your personal taxis well I don't know the tax laws in the US I can only tell you for the UK or it's not I can't tell you the laws I'm not legal but I can only tell you what I know is that when I was when I'm doing my taxes your item you you include everything that you're paid that's your income whether it's in shipping or whatever that's your income and then you take out what you've paid for your shipping that's your expenses so it doesn't matter if the money all comes in and one bundle or if it goes out I'm not sure about sales taxes if they're included if sales I know sales fees for each seat are included in the shipping brace but I see that some US states right there collecting taxes for us on our behalf so I don't know if they take if they collect taxes on the whole thing including shipping or just a regular price excuse my voice is Tapley going Valerie thank you so much you're most welcome paper crane I thought that shipping isn't a tax deduction in the US if you offer free shipping right yep um I don't know about us I don't really know about taxes I am I'm hoping in the next couple of years to make enough money that I can hire someone to do all of this suit make sure I'm doing it properly vintage and r5 eetzi is gigantic yep it absolutely is Nicolay awesome name nicholae you sell print-on-demand products on 67 platforms since 2015 and such changes happen all the time nothing new exactly yep there are changes on everything and that's okay they this is one that's annoying me a bit but yeah there are changes all the time some of them are big changes some of them are little they were changing on Google all the time they were changing on YouTube all the time everything changes so yeah it's not worth freaking but it is worth checking into it for sure paper crane people want handmade Amazon is definitely not an artsy creative sort of feel yeah yeah I totally I feel that eBay and Amazon I go to for similar types of items and eat see I go to four totally different items and vintage your rate is still the cheapest out of all the platforms yeah that's one thing people are come i'm leavin' eat seekers they've put up the prices they've put up the fees yeah have you seen what you Bader's absolutely um Julie do you think this will cause any change to my prorated listings if I don't offer free shipping on all my listings no eetzi have said in the QA quite a few times that they have no plans at the moment to change promoted listings promoted listings are on a completely different algorithm and it has nothing to do with anything other than the amount your bidding and your SEO you know what you're telling it it is as far as I can see but promoted listings will remain the same that's a separate algorithm so don't have to worry about that at all paper claim where she is asking folks eat right hold on I'll see if I can find folks see I've not been on this site for absolutely ages let's go and have a look it was an alternative to eBay I don't know if it's just British let's let's have a look in here at rate how do I get one so putting the screen up again doesn't crash this cuz it has in the past doing it more than once all right share screen share screen share put the screen away so this is a folksy and it I mean going by the name alone you can say this is definitely a ripoff work edit yes okay so it's UK right that's where people win afraid of it I didn't know if it was worldwide or just new cases folks seize the home of British crafts the place to buy how make earth gifts and original artwork sold directly by the artists and designers who've created them but yeah this is looking very much like it see isn't it and but yeah so they've got some featured things here do Bastille Day is their theme of the day and I have to say even the fakers so never does that not look the eetzi videos I'm sorry folksy but I can I can see who you're hmm slightly copying and oh yeah talking of branding so it's a slightly different orange and it's an F in orange oh sorry but yeah gift for a garden is gifts for boys but it looks like he's doing well and here's their best selling shops oh and they've got a plus where you can pay more and okay let's go and have a look at their best selling top see what I can see out of this and I just I couldn't get to grips with how to figure out how to do everything on there how to put up a listing and stuff oh okay great so the best-selling person on folksy has sold 5,000 items I think that tells you everything I mean well done lifts an awesome when it looks a great fun shop yeah so you've got collections and silly your shop categories that's interesting and yes it looks very very eat see eat well it looks like any online seller but there you go so they're top seller is only got about 5,000 sales so that's that's tells me quite a bit but anyway that's that's folksy all right are we back to yes we're back to my ugly mug if is fun and if you're in the UK I did try it I made a few sales on it but I'll be real with you anyone who's been setting up an Etsy shop know how much hard work it is to do well you put a lot of work into it and then to go into a different platform you've got to put the same amount of work in so we've got to decide how much time we have and that's my thing is I just didn't have that much time her Barbara for the longest time eBay was the only platform for online selling was very true Etsy has been able to separate itself from them yep eBay was the big gaze eetzi came in and had a unique selling point at the time it was the handmade thing this was a huge deal and they saw that niche in the market they ran with it and lived and well and they're now known for that and even in different countries people are hearing about them so yeah when we're saying is there alternatives to eat see what each sees the alternative to eBay so I think for someone to come in and do really well they're gonna have to do something different and I'm not sure what that can be yet Deb hello there Deb good to see you we've just been I got totally site direct and we've just been having a good chat about guinness really Haley had some bits on eBay and had no sales yep I've done the only time my friend eBay works is like when I've had bad customers and had a rant about them to you guys and I basically said this has got returned to me it has no home I'm gonna put it on eBay and it will sell for whatever it sells for if you drive in traffic if if it's gonna be super cheap if it's a bit of fun they sell otherwise you know I certainly don't get the prices I get from eat see I'm not very good with eBay some people do well um yeah vintage nr5 promoted listings won't be effective eat see I've said that several times so yep at Wendy that's your business idea you understand how to do this you could make your own platform I am NOT going to run my own website I think yeah I've got about five jobs just now and I've not slept much in the past week I think I'll stick with one ask someone else that I anyone take my ideas you're perfectly free to take my idea I won't even charge you you can you can ask I say you buy me a coffee I'm off the coffee you can buy me a vodka I should be off the fucking way be according to E rank I'm not even visible in the top 500 but they get sales almost every day so I'm thinking having s a unique SEO is more important than being on the front page yeah absolutely you'll be on the front you'll be on the top research for a unique thing and also I see this every day people are saying this shops got terrible SEO why are they doing well and in some cases you look at me like era cos internet but see if people are awesome if your item is amazing if it's completely unique if your photography is brain-melting ly wonderful doesn't matter what your SE eries newspapers are going to share you televisions gonna share you everyone on Pinterest gonna share you people are gonna love you you're gonna get shared everywhere you don't need good SEO I think I mentioned a while back a YouTube channel that I follow thread bang that now they've got nearly 4 million subscribers on YouTube and for some of the stuff they were making they decided to sell someone eetzi and literally they just had that they SEO and everything was terrible but they made a video the video had like a million views they said it's on eat see a million people at well half a million people went over from the video looks at liked the item is gonna get seen more because eat sees going hang on they've just brought in half a million people these items must be awesome we're going to promote their shop so yeah if you're a superstar need SEO if you're a little guy SEO czar a super secret sauce that helps us out so why me yeah being unique difference better than the best standout be different Lily tree hello there Lily tree Lily just had some another awesome wire wrapping video up the other day so once you're done with me gauge you want to get over and check out Lily Wendy making butter is super easy it's like 15 minutes for a yummy butter and you can control the salt absolutely wait I remember doing that when we were kids at school it was so much fun cat lady or voice gum what if you used the cheapest shipping eg by boat in my case would be around six pounds but it takes 42 days so you can say free shipping but have other shipping upgrades that works indeed and eat see have totally said that we can do that it's free shipping and people can buy upgrades that will still get seen in the main place I would make sure that you loudly pronounce mm-hmm that it's it's growl it's its surface shipping so it's going to take a while but that is like we're saying how can how can some people do this well I buy some things from tray now I know it's surface shipping and how I look at it is it's like presents I order stuff and I forget I've ordered them and then in about six weeks time the postman turns up with a big parcel and I'm like what do they just by myself it's awesome fun so if if people can think about things differently there's things you want immediately but if you're just having a retreat for yourself it's like a double treat I've been shopping I've treated myself and I totally forgot what I bought awesome so yep you can do that oh chat skipped again come on Jack sorry I hate it when it does this right okay yb8 makes makes the rim butter too also ever gonna have to make some butter Wendy you daughter did it your kid I did at a science fair she wasn't impressed with it but you were Debbie what's in the glass that you're drinking my giant well we've been this is how the conversation got onto Guiness it's not booze I'm afraid it's not very exciting and it does look like a big plant pot but I I need I need plenty fluid to get me through this live stream I knew it would be a chatty one um so this this is Scotland's other national drink this is my iron brew which is it's a soda it's not an orange soda it's just an orange colored soda it's a it's a special magic blend of flavors that you can only get in Scotland it's like my favorite soft drink and if I'm looking all hyper it's because of that lack of sleep that we've I think the pair of us have had for the past nearly week there and also I've been off caffeine forever and this does have caffeine in it and if everyone doesn't know Deb in the chat is my other my other admin in a ranked group on Facebook and loads of great great info and advice so get over and join if you haven't already it's a super glute group it's it's it's killing us both where we're not getting any sleep but it's an awesome group Wendy making butter made you want to make cheese of me I've made cheese and one of the ones all right I saw a YouTube video on this and it is super easy but to make a soft cheese ridiculously easy I had some milk that was about to turn and I wasn't gonna use it up in time and I discovered that you can make make a soft cheese that's really kinda tasty just by dumping in some acid so I did a mix of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice and you bung it in and it does all that flaky floppy thing that looks disgusting you let it sit for a little while you separate it through a cheesecloth or a relatively clean tea towel and you've got a cream cheese a soft cheese it was really nice I have to do that again Haylie gotta love cows and she's even got a frisian cow picture for from YouTube awesome so stupid yet so curious love popping down the farm to see the maze yeah they are lovely also huge and terrifying if they Stampede and we do have highland cows quite a lot around us which is great but there's there's some walks that I go on and there are highland cows there sometimes but thankfully the farmers put a note on the gate so you know which fields because my my female dog is a take on all comers bigger than me she's got a smoke we Manson syndrome we call it so she would try and take on a cow she wouldn't attack it but like she likes to shout at things it's like come on you and you're just like yes my dogs trained to fight a horse it's okay so I have to be careful where a walker Barbara more information that Berber more information needs to come out from each cifra sellers absolutely agree to make an educated discussion this decision on how to interpret fit sorry about my lack of words and jumping in too soon will cause confusion and possibly unnecessary backlash absolutely agree and eat see are telling us in the Q&A just about everyone it says hang tight sits that don't do anything and they get this right they they announce that something's gonna be happening and everyone freaks out and does it but the thing is they have to roll out tools and they have to show us how to use the tools and they have to explain why the tools are happening so they can't roll everything out on the same if they rolled all this out on the same day and said yeah do it do it now eat see would crash worse than eat he's been glitching at the minute so they have to roll it out and say this is coming in the future so they're saying don't do it just now figuring that we're going to tell you more stuffs and in the past any time they've had a Q&A well not any time but a lot of the times like the article and the podcast of your search questions answered this came from a Q&A on your search questions that was a question thing based on the ultimate guide to eetzi SEO so they tend to they get all these questions and the ones that get the most likes the ones that people were like yep I want to know that too they'll go in and they'll answer it better they'll probably be a podcast they'll probably be an article so there's more information to come out they're also doing this live video that I'll tell you about when I find out anything more so we've got this live video coming next week where they're going to show us things and I bet you it's going to blow up but if the chats opening this Facebook is gonna rain to a halt with the amount of howls of protest but yeah they've got more information coming out so unless this is an easy change for you unless if your items are all free shipping already or they're all digital or something click the button it does nothing and but it might give you a fancy badge otherwise you know if it's an easy change think about it but for most of us just hang tight sue at cat lady cheap shipping is so tempting but the delay puts me off as the customer can't stand it so I wish I'm with you on the latest disliking of wish and you know what I did because I bought some stuff some needle felting stuff off of which to make a video and now everywhere I go I'm stoked with wish efforts but the hilarious thing is what I do is when I see something on wish and I like the look of it I will then just copy the title and paste it to eBay and by only pay for other than which mad but I don't mind I don't mind the lengthy time worshiping is always saying unless you need something urgently and then I do mind and that's there's another thing and everyone thought of that's what puts me out buying on Amazon because I'm not very good at it I think but on eBay I can see the shipping time really clearly so I click on something and go no I really needed that by Tuesday so I know I can filter by location and everything on Amazon I always I'm trained to ship but I'm trying to frame shops in the UK if I want something quickly and I click on things and I order it and then it's like yeah your item will be six weeks now I didn't know I was ordering from miles away so that might just be me being absolutely rubbish is probably me being absolutely rubbish so we'll see Lisa you for one will not change your prices either way yep two thumbs up yes when I'm I'm sure we're talking about the the folksy here even down to the orange yep vintage ni5 is everyone trained direct sales from Instagram or Facebook Alive not yeah it is worth looking into I guess cuz most of us do spend time on Facebook I know a lot of you are in my groups and we're spending a lot of time on Facebook so I mean that's what I say if you want to sell in a platform or you want to grow on a platform it should be something that you're happy to spend a lot of time on so yeah it kind of makes sense so I should look into that at Lily happy Bastille Day yep at Lisa if I change my price it'll be because it's time for me to seller to raise my prices absolutely if I were to jump on the bandwagon eetzi would be taking away the organic growth of my business with you there and no room to increase after the $35 raise conforming to the free shipping it's too bad that eat seas made this move yeah don't nobody freak out too much about this I don't think it's gonna be what we think it's going to be and I don't think it's gonna be a bigger deal as we think it's gonna be but I can be wrong I'm probably wrong vintage NR 5 I don't believe in websites for a future your website today is Instagram Facebook Twitter yep because it's way more easy to follow websites as more steps work more difficult absolutely I've been thinking that myself for a number of years it's kind of sad right I used to I remember back in the day you used to go on the internet and you would go you'd like going to lots of different websites you'd be searching for things I'll see if we've got a website for that but nowadays basically even if I want to know anything about a company or whatever I'll look for them on Facebook I used to be involved in loads of different forums now I'm in Facebook groups you're absolutely right and the Internet has kind of got small again in that it's Facebook its YouTube it it's small things so yeah the future is probably rather than a competitor to eat see coming up the future is probably selling on Facebook sue you just looked up the latest video from thread buying our how to make a DIY foot I haven't seen that I did did Rob bleed much when I was subscribe to there's so much fun another I can't remember their name ah YouTube has been feeding me for the past two days all these videos it's it's a couple someone will know it's a it's a couple it's talked a little woman Erin and something or other two people doing DIY and stuff and they are the most gorgeous couple they're adorable but I just watched today they were made how to make a zombie flail with nails and stuff for like in the zombie apocalypse they were showing you how to make that awesome and they tested it out on watermelons and stuff great friend Lilly yeah good point you ain't none of these platforms a website is yours it is yeah a website is the thing that in general like Etsy can close down my shop tomorrow YouTube could shut down my channel Facebook could cease to exist tomorrow I don't think so but it's possible yep relatively clean Tito yeah I'm honest vintage yet but if you have a solid email list yep email list is another way around it I have to work on me let me list a bit more there so there's so much stuff to do someone trained the dogs had to do this and website owners you change maybe you'll change items what you tell but your client list is forever basically true true true true Lisa thank you yep it's the 16th of July Facebook live eat see changes not sure the time yeah so I've not seen anything saying the time yet they probably haven't decided themselves grab eat see reach has reduced in July 19th as pretty rank yeah I wouldn't freak out too much about these things because also the weather's been awesome and it's summer it it always takes a dip I don't and awesome okay right I bet you July the 1930s when everyone searched off for this this new place and setting up accounts in other places but though they'll be back honestly that this has happened before when they raised the prices so many people said that's it I'm leaving eat see did I notice a significant reduction new and with every other change people people have their little flounce and they care I've been having a small Huff as well but they have their hat flounce and then they realize me YB um yep I see return he's got that as well but yet Facebook group my Facebook group is Pam Duff these crafty friends and the other group is a ranked group brain so I'm gonna have to call this I'm gonna have to call this stream over at some point I'm just trying to get to the bottom of the chat but yeah I've been awesome awesomeness in your chattiness this has been great Lauren wolf hello there and why be cool um Barbara yeah as soon as I hear the time for a like it eats eat life will post it in the more angry absolutely will make sure that the links are all up there no problem at all yep so yes Thank You Rizzo me right I think I've done it great so guys you've got like two more minutes if you have any more questions throw them in or right now but this has been a super awesome chat I don't think I covered half the things I meant to but covered many different things they didn't mean to thank you all for hanging out thank you for your support over this past week of craziness and if you haven't already check out my videos you'll see the the chain from me going yes eat see isn't all that bad – no they're horrible stop it and now the positive is coming the positive is coming back oh hello and you've missed everything yes I we've been oh we've been going for an hour and 40 minutes this is a pretty big in Lauren you came onto channel to see if you had a video about free shipping and how it affects UK sellers I have a load of videos about this whole free shipping thing and how it affects UK sellers is it depends how much of your businesses to the US it depends what the change is gonna be don't freak out um but it won't affect UK buyers buying from UK shops in the minute time that's not going to change at all so yeah but that's all I've got just now anyway but this is a ton of videos that were just up the past week if you want to check them out and there's a hole under ramblings happened in this chat I am terrible at a cohesive live stream I'd planned one debbie's off for a Guinness good cool vintage NR 5 let's keep working hard yep that's it if you put your head down and continue doing the things that's working and keep on doing better and keep on building your mailing list building your Facebook group building everything easy easy can as my mom would say eat seeking go she'll go they can do what they want it's not gonna affect us that much Barbara more most welcome at Lily's got to put a face on her crazy bunny awesome Oh Jen do it just logged on oh sorry yeah I would love to keep going but I've lost the ability to do words why be thank you so much for joining us and razani thank you and you and Wendy thanks so much for the help today it's been awesome you're my super moderators now as well I see thank you for joining us thanks for the little live video look forward to the next one yeah I should be here every most may Sundays around this time and Sue's off for a drink we're dead yeah all right guys thank you so much for hanging out I'm gonna head off I I wish I drunk a Guinness I'm tempted with a weakness now but thank you all so much it's been awesome don't panic don't do anything don't worry and we'll keep you all updated me and Deb in the e rank group we've got your back as best as we can okay everyone take care and catch you later

14 thoughts on “🔴 Etsy Free Shipping Nightmare and where are our shop names? LIVE

  1. One thing to keep in mind is that this free shipping thing is part of a bigger goal, which is to bring more buyers to Etsy by removing barriers that keep them from shopping there. Even if you can't offer free shipping, if enough sellers do, all sellers will benefit from increased traffic overall.

  2. "Moanly on Etsy" very apt, Pam! 😀

    I also thought about that too exactly as you said, they could have just showed the entire price on the search pages and then it would allow people to keep separate prices and shipping.

  3. Great fun❣️

    First, I'd like to say that so far, I still see my shop name in the listings. My banner is still there in my shop.

    Too much worry & hype around this subject. Frankly, I'll take Guinness and cows as a topic any time.

    I've been told that if my hands were tied, I wouldn't be able to speak.

    Rest well, as you deserve it.

  4. From the UK we are expected to offer free shipping to the US but if a seller in the U.S. sells to a buyer in the UK, they still charge for shipping. We don't get free shipping the other way around, is that correct?

  5. Do you think they do this due to the geolocation thing? I mean if more people in the vecinity see your stuff the shipping may not be so high. Maybe they will geolocate even harder? Just guessing, but if I were them I do that.

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