🔴 Live How much money does a Etsy seller make. Fee shipping helped or hurt? and promoted listings?

🔴 Live How much money does a Etsy seller make. Fee shipping helped or hurt? and promoted listings?

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Today join me for our usual Sunday hangout and chat
Topics today include my monthly breakdown of how much money I have made as a Etsy seller for the month of July, is it up or down year on year compared to 2018?
So the change in Etsy with the supposed priority placement for free shipping has come into effect, is my traffic reduced, are my items ranking higher or lower than before the change, did I crumble and do free shipping?
And finally what thoughts do we have on the Etsy plan to combine promoted listings and google shopping adverts?
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hello hello hello you wonderful people right trying something new today so as ever can you let me know if the stream is actually working and hopefully I won't be talking to myself fingers crossed anyway awesome to be with you it is another Sunday and what have we got planned for this livestream first of all it is a new month so we're gonna have a look at how much money does a lazy eetzi seller make that would be me did I do well for the month of July was I up was a dam was a terrible and at the same time we're gonna jump into this free shipping thing we're supposed to jump in at the jump I'm using word jump too many times this free shipping thing was supposed to happen from the 30th of July so has that affected my listings we'll look at are my views and everything falling off the back of don't tell me this isn't working hello is anyone telling me this is working it works yes people are saying it works awesome thank you so much it's I had to panic because it's not counting that the timer's not counting but everything looks good okay so we're gonna have a look find out half my have my views are falling off the map since apparently now America went bail to see me have you seen a difference let me know in the chat as well and finally we'll cover a little bit about this combining promoted listings and Google Shopping ads I've got a little bit more data on this not from eetzi but you'll see what I mean you can let me know all about this but first before we get into this a word from our sponsor which is me I'm just being after it and basically I just wanted to say that I don't have any courses or any membership or anything happening all the advice I'm giving you just now is for free I just have a little favor to ask in that this week I'm working on hopefully a super good important video it is some I've been asked for a load it is gonna cover how to create a listing from finding the keywords all the way through what grades you know what about grades how to rate the listing keywords title tags descriptions the full shebang so it's hopefully gonna be a good little video so I'm just asking if you all can keep keep your eyeballs peeled and just do me the favor of giving that video or watch and letting me know what you think of it so a bit daft to say I'm sponsoring my own video but I'm using this live stream to just ask you guys I'm not asking for any money just your Able's and you can keep them just the use of the watching a ballsy thing so Before we jump into it let's pop into the chat and see who's about so we have where is Annie hello good morning to you um hi Pam and the pup see there the dogs are thankfully quiet just now literally just before I hit stream the neighbor's dogs all kicked off barking and mine we're starting to Barker's like no they're also very soggy I went lay I was walking along the riverbank today but just as well these aren't kids they're just dogs they don't get embarrassed by this I took my eyes off them for a second I heard a splash and I looked round and Ben was in the water with Mia upside down on top of him obviously she'd fallen and taking him out and I wish you'd seen the whole thing that's my two dogs for anyone who doesn't know Nabal hi I'm the best oh thank you so much you're you're the best um mcaren hi it works thank you sir I know it sounds so daft but until you until you've had a live stream like I did earlier in the year where you're talking away and it all feels awesome and then you find out you've talked for 20 minutes and it hadn't connected at all yeah that's that's never good um hope so Matic hello there st3 jewelry hi from Staffordshire I remember Staffordshire whenever we visit I used to live in the Midlands of England and whenever we visited grandparents and we're traveling back Staffordshire just felt like we're an hour away from home Elizabeth that works thank you so much Makara when to be honest most of my sales are from people in the UK so I haven't bothered with it for whole free shipping awesome that's the best way to be for us in the UK st3 I would definitely be up for the whole shebang you're rubbish in SEO okay cool what keep an eye out the video should be dropping I have 3/4 scripted a 3/4 filmed the b-roll I just have to do my actual bit to camera and then the editing and then the third yeah I'm saying it like I'm nearly done I've got a lot of work still to do but hopefully um Elizabeth really you should seriously thinking about earning money with your knowledge may be video courses anyway thanks a lot for all the work and engagement you put into this eetzi thing thank you so much I have a few people told me I should do courses and things and I've tried the problem is whenever I sit down to write a Cana Corsi thing I think wow I should put that in a video and I put that in a video so I'll tell you my thinking just now YouTube does pay me it doesn't pay me a load of money but YouTube pays for videos it pays a portion of the ad revenue so I I know the people that are coming to me are starting out and you're wanting to learn and you want to build up and get more sales I know a lot of you don't have much money I know this because I was you I'm not far away from being you but I was you and I know it's hard to look and invest hundreds or thousands of pounds in courses and also then that puts so much pressure on me like I'm trying to give the best advice that I can but also I know that not everybody is gonna make it hopefully you guys are all gonna make it but if you had paid me a big deal of money then I would be so stressed so let's rip off the ad revenue let's rip off for tasers so all you guys have to do is watch one of my videos and if you like one of my videos share it with a friend or even even if if you want to help me rather than paying me or anything else the best thing that any of you can do for any youtuber you like not just me but to help any of us is once you've watched a video watch one more and that super helps us cuz that says to YouTube oh we really really like this person let's show them more videos so there we go rather than pay me just give me five more minutes watch another video that deal [Laughter] laughing tarantula em excellent just got the notification awesome I'm listening for making some meat see orders that is the best way super impressed Elizabeth you have to be happy with how you do it that's the only thing that matters absolutely I'm trying to keep it stress as stress-free as possible I I think I would feel like such a fraud running a course if I'm totally honest which is silly but you know what I mean just like the blind leading the bike Wiener the blind awesome that's gonna be a t-shirts innocent it's an area thank you for being free oh I literally cried when I couldn't sign up for the besties course I totally know what you mean I have had over the years those people that I've wanted to support and they genuinely just haven't been able to it's only been in the past couple of years that I've been able to support some of the some of the creators that I really appreciate I know what it's like so I want to I want to give you the stuffs that I can for free free and I'm not probably I'm not the best but I'm here we're all together we're gonna learn together make see hello there just got here what a mess not a whole lot just introduced everything and we're gonna drive right in if I can remember how to do I should everybody super fingers crossed I think I can Shammi screen I think I hope so let's see if I can share my screen to find out my stats and just before I do like always let me know in the chat do you think that the month of July on eat see I've been up or down in views visits and sales I could be down in views and up in sales or up and up in views and down and sales Oscar say the exact same thing and so just let me know what you think and then we will switch to there and have a look at how my month was okay how do I switch great hopefully hopefully hopefully you're all seeing my screen now let me know in the chat if that's working and you're singing you're seeing what I'm seeing this should be my shop stats for the month of July so what if we had so far I'm pretty impressed my total views are up six percent year-on-year and the number of visits are up twenty four percent so there's a bit more bounce I've had more people actually come into my shop but they've stayed for a less time looking around different listings which makes total sense because what's different is I have a lot less listings so this is where people say the magic of hurt like I think I've got about thirty listings just now will maybe check later I've got about thirty listings I have been slowly increasing them but what happens when you've got over the hundred listings or whatever the magic number people are saying when you got that number of listings what happens is when someone finds you well they've got more chances of finding your shop because you've got more chance to practice different keywords but also when they find your shop they've got more things to browse through so I expect that my view to visit ratio will be a bit different with less items I will keep on building up my items coming up to Christmas and we'll be doing a bit more work so before we dive into any more alerts check you're saying in the chat BEC see is reckon I'll be up in both because she's being optimistic awesome and the screen Sharon's working thank you so much Trinity soap Co is up for the month awesome to hear Bruin yeah guys let me know what your what your months been as well hair laughing tarantula is up in both I have to I haven't got the bestest of feelings again it's been another lazy month and it's entirely eat C's fault because of this this free shipping thing you might have noticed I spent a week super focused on throwing out videos and trying to find all of this so my shop was neglected while I was trying to find all the information on this thing so I have been lazy in my shop while working super hard lazy in my shop so I'm not hopeful yet laughing tarantula although US sales are down UK sale so far for our hire yep I found that maybe for the past 3 or 4 years that my UK basically I think my USA all stayed about even or have dropped over the past few years but my UK sales have really gone up and that since eetzi started advertising in the UK as well and it since they started doing the personalization to your location and I'm super happy with that okay I don't want to lose the American market but the UK market is the biggest growing market on each see just now so hey we're doing good and from the rest of my European friends as well well we're still in the EU it's good for all of us because at the minute it's pretty easy to ship to the whole of Europe who knows what'll happen but anyway so at least at least we're all not relying on America which is awesome right I just want to explain this little peak here this is awesome I love till they sauce likewise everything up so much and then I remembered this is the live stream I did with Starla on her handmade alphas on her YouTube channel and we did a live a week past Friday it was super fun we were talking about the free shipping thing and she wonderfully mentioned my shop I hadn't even thought she when she mentioned my shop so that was that that's that peak that there that's Starla power if you haven't checked her out before check her out her stuffs really good and she's also a friend to e rank so with similar ideas obviously she has we're all slightly different but yep she's awesome as well so that's what happened but the actual the free shipping thing hitting about the 30th so just before the end of the month and looking at my stats there was definitely there is no big fall off there we can for sure say that so stats are looking good so far and we will break I'll just quickly do this I'll just do the last 30 days so we can see did they really fall off so roundabout there is where the free shipping things come in and I'm gonna call that that is not looking like there's any significant change the normal variations the normal variations I'm gonna say my stats look slightly up on beforehand so there definitely has not been a massive drop for me in my views since I have not seen a difference since this us shipping thing came in a quick check at the chat again dps dead people stuff hello there and om mark Mara crane how do I say that on my clothes we'll call you Mar Mar Mar oh no no that sounds bad um okay my reclaim my rubbish it names guys dick just put super simple names in the chat for me but anyway hello good to see you sorry I headed up your name and great so the big thing he did he did they do good so for the month I've had seven orders and 270 pounds in revenue I will tell you the end of the month was good I mean look look the free shipping thing came in and I had a massive order at the end of the month so yeah I've been doing pretty good there but let's compare to last year I have a feeling it's not so good that's my prediction let's see yeah definitely not so good it's totally deserved that because this period here I was doing nothing sorry I'm making everyone feel ill with flashing things this period here I was doing nothing in my shop so it started doing stuff and that was looking kinda good and then I did stuff again this period I did nothing so seven orders is 42 percent down year-on-year so I had 12 orders this time last year and 270 quid is 33% down so that's good I've made slightly more money for I've made more per sale that's the probably the word I'm looking for and so last year I had about 400 pounds this time a year but I'm not super super worried about that still doing well and I know I was being lazy and as we're going to talk about in other videos I'm diversifying I'm I'm finding other ways to make money as well as hoping to grow and eat see and if we have a very super quick look at this year compared to last year so this year to date compared to last year to see how we're still going we're pretty much the same will visit slightly down with use so I've talked about that we've explained that that's because there's less items but still doing okay but my revenue so far year-on-year is 45% up I've made 45 percent more money even with the past I think it's the past three months of being down and my orders at 19 percent up and we can see quite a lot of that through the bonkers February iPad but overall January was slightly down February was insane March slightly up I think April up a fair it's May up and then yeah just two months June and July we've been down so yeah I'm not overly worried about that let's just go back to last month so I'm still happy that it's been good and a lot of people are saying it's a slow year or it's a slow month this summer is slow and it fluctuates some years one month might be higher and the next month is lower it's the average through the year and I'm happy with the average through the year so far quick check of chat again and um make sure you only started April last year so for you last month views up this 50% visits up 118 orders up 50.4% and revenue up 103 percent them so good numbers great job dps is Katie hi there Cara is that hazing I'm not sure sorry Kira Kira I'm Akira hi there hello backseat yeah better test will be next year against this year yeah you're right you're putting your pink in the sand but still good numbers excuse me very small drink break it's not vodka better arena finally could listen to a live Hurley from Chicago hello there st3 just finished adjusting my prices and have opted in for the free shipping I'm feeling optimistic but definitely better than last year awesome yeah if the free shipping works for you my friends do anything if the free shipping works for you I'd go for it from me I decided I don't want to do the free shipping and I've actually heard from quite a lot of people when they've put free shipping on their shop and up their prices their sales have dropped away so although you might be higher in search people are going not don't want that I've also heard from quite a few sellers who are refusing to buy from people with free shipping so it's gonna be Swing roundabouts it would be good for some it won't be good for other so you've got to decide what's best for you now if you haven't seen this is a kind of cool thing eat see is skewed right hmm improving I should wake up when I'm coughing my guts up sorry about that excuse me if you wear headphones and eats you're improving your traffic sources data which is pretty cool better break down so we can see when you click on social media it gives you a breakdown of where everything is coming from so my Instagram we use for the month have been terrible maybe I should have posted something on Instagram we've done nothing on Instagram but Pinterest is still doing awesome so 26% of my overall views on Etsy come from Pinterest awesome other eat see pages visits from the by own Etsy app other pages including editors pick the home page and favorites so this is cool information here other again direct visits to your shops visits from blogs and new sites and other websites that sent traffic directly so 20% is coming directly from other things so that's pretty cool and then we have my promoted listings I read 11% the Google Shopping I switched on a couple of months ago just so I could winch and tell you how rubbish it is to be honest just so I could do a comparison and I didn't know what eats he was about to do and but anyway whatever look so yeah no other data there google ship and no other data there but it highlights the bit as you click on it eat see search so this is it worrying about the free shipping thing that it's gonna drop you down in search well in my shop only 7% of my views actually come from search that's not to say they're not important that's not to say that do good SEO to get seen in search isn't a good thing because people can come to you learn your name become directly next time bookmark you favorite you from finding you in search so it's a doorway in so that seven percent can obviously build up to a lot more people over the course of the year but it just shows if I drop down a tiny bit in search is barely barely her table and external search let's link Google and stuff I know Google and stuff at Google I definitely need to work on being more Google friendly that's pretty bad so hot well know between each see search it's like just under half before they get from each see search so actually that's pretty good going but yeah search search is my lowest but Pinterest is my highest look yeah good stuff and the other thing they're letting you do here you can click on this to bring up other graphs which is cool you can see where your visits from social media so I can see Pinterest was 26% of my visits how it varies over the month and also which listings brought the most from Pinterest and it's super interesting that what is laked best on Pinterest not only by far the only thing that is liked on Pinterest pretty much are my cat bookmarks these get a load of traffic all steady all year every year since about 2010 and talking more about social media and stuff this is not from me pending them this me on Pinterest is rubbish this is other people seeing these and thinking they're awesome thank you other people and pinning them and other people liking other people's pins and then we get a breakdown of the different versions of Pinterest which is pretty cool and then you have a drop down here that lets you look I mean it's hardly worth it because Facebook's only 1% and you can see it's a random couple of views and those are the things that are driving from a Facebook I am really liking what they're giving us here and these extra stats this is really handy so we can click on eat see search Oh rubbish voice today sorry guys so eat see search we can see the variations if there's anything going on and I can see my listings that have shown up the most and eat see search this little guy or whisked as well the bookmark does well because it's getting so many views listen people often say to me like oh I got a pecan and Pinterest or Instagram my analysis to institute rest tried to put them into one I'm getting loads of views but not many sales now I get lots of views from Pinterest but people aren't always ready to sell when you're on Pinterest you're not always shopping so you get a high number of views but that doesn't make your listing seem bad to eat see it's not saying people are looking but not buying what it's saying is this item is bringing in lots of people from somewhere else so we love this item so this item does that's what the title is absolutely terrible keyword stuffy bad bad bad bad item but because it's drawing in so many external views eats he gives it a we boost in the search as well eats he says hello people and if people from Pinterest like this perhaps you'll like this so that's where that one does good for visits and we can see as well the search to Holmes is still awesome that my Nate my shop name is being searched the most and then cat lover gift which is a super difficult term to rank for and but these are considered cat lover gift so we've got that Google Shopping I haven't clicked on that yet so I'm very excited to see how this does so that's cool it's like actually showing a growth in the Google Shopping it's and here are the listings this guy again there seems to do good in adverts but yeah that's cool and we don't get search term data which is annoying interesting so for the Google Shopping they're showing on YouTube I did not know that till this very minute awesomeness promoted listings again some data here gang Cana steady over the month really and most visited listings look this little gay again he's doing awesome um and the search terms even promoted listings people are finding me with Benwick fuzzy looks but again useful to see the terms that people are using so can win towns getting popular good today external search have already click this I can't remember externally out so these are what's getting seen it's like one visit from each thing still cool to see yep but it's pretty much all from Google so yeah cool to see all of this absolutely I love it back to traffic I'll just check that I'm not missing anything in the chat and then we'll get back into it right where did I get to DPS lives in the USA have been doing free shipping since November I find it works for me yeah absolutely it's easy your prices will a to start with so adding shipping isn't usually not much yeah absolutely it will work for some shops and some items this is the thing there's no one-size-fits-all so awesome if it works if it if it looks like it would be good experiment test it in your shop so it's working for DPS st3 jewelry I've recently seen the eetzi will soon allow you to run a sale by country that will be a good thing it will indeed I'm looking forward to seeing how that pans out should be in the next month or so what happened was they announced this before they announced the free shipping thing and it popped up and I was like oh yeah that sounds nice and then forgot about it and then with the free shipping thing it makes sense if I personally rolled my cost of shipping to the US in to my listing price I would be overcharging my UK customers because it costs less to ship to the UK so I could do a UK specific sale where my customers in the UK get a little bit off so that we're not being ripped off although I still it feels a bit bad it feels a bit illegal to inflate my prices to then offer a fail but it will help anyway that I'm not doing the free shipping but it's it's an option for someone anyway but yeah other ways the sale by country sounds cool Oh Ilya you're getting rid of your eat shop soon you like watching my videos oh thank you so much I am I'm not leaving eat see and I'm not not doing eat see but I do want to expand a little bit which is I'm still in the planning for the how to use YouTube to make money as an artist and I want to look at you know using the social media tried to do some motivational things so I just it sort of clicked in my head a few weeks ago my thought for this channel had always been how to create inspiring people to create and sell art online and I've been so focused on eetzi because it's what I do but I want to not not be exclusive only not be exclusive to people who are not in eat see I think there's some good crossover I I I think I should focus on artists creating and selling stuff rather than selling on eat see if that makes sense so hopefully we can spread out a little bit but obviously my main place that I'm selling is eat see but if it's a last two days here if it's something you're interested in like I no plane going overhead so if you can hear that I know this how much money do I make video is really popular people are messaging me and going it's that time in the month again which is totally bonkers but it's awesome but if people are interested in there's certain things I can't share but if people are interested in how much money I'm making as an artist on YouTube I'm happy to add that into the monthly stats as well so you can see because I mean yeah looking just now you're saying Pam only made 270 pounds this this month she must be starving to death I'm not quite I've diversified my income DPS I must say I'm worried about the new eats he promoted listing and Google combined I did what you suggested and my sales improved Google was a waste of dollars me too I'm I'm concerned we'll cover this more I've got a little bit more information not much yet but I will keep looking into it but yeah that's I'm not happy if we lose our ability to control things because promoted listings only work because we can control our cost per click we can't do that on Google and the Google advertising works with Shopify but not to eat see I can raise the price but not make it too high and I'll still get profit doesn't work on eat see ya I can't be different for different platforms too very much dps are you doing Google Shopping ads I have I've had them switched on for about a month and a half it was just it was just so I could talk about them in this how much money oh so we could look into them hopefully to help people to see the difference and stuff I don't like them but I did them as an experiment I I figured as I say I make a little bit of money from YouTube so these videos you had to watch an ad for it to get in here or whatever I make it tiny bit of money so I thought I'll spend that money on pointless ads it's as an experiment basically so you don't have to I hadn't Illya why does eetzi take so long to pay you for your product when you make your sale I'm still waiting for them to pay me so I can close my shop I totally agree I think I D'Elia are you not in America are you in the UK what I discovered the old way used to be eat see would what they wouldn't pay us we'll get paid in PayPal and in PayPal in the UK the money went directly into PayPal and I could go send that to my bank and it turned up immediately you know as fast as I could click over it was in my bank so I got that money immediately if I wanted it and if I didn't want to put it into my bank I could immediately spend it with PayPal I believe Americans let me know if I'm wrong but I believe bank transfers aren't as automatic as that in the u.s. I believe you're more used to waiting a period of time when you transfer money it'll it's floating about in the ether for a day and then you get it so that's what happens with eetzi you tell it when I make you say oh can you pay me the next day so eetzi goes you made a sale on Friday okay in my world the next day isn't Monday isn't till Monday so on Monday I'll deposit it's not in your bank I'll deposit it to your bank and then it takes I'm going to fly about through the ether and you'll probably get your money from a sale on Friday you might get it on Tuesday and some countries are used to that and it's not weird but for us in the UK and wherever else who've gone from when we got it with PayPal we could immediately use it too now it's gonna end up taking four days to get the money or even longer so yeah I'm totally with you that annoys the life out of me yeah DPS control is great absolutely Marino when will this combined promoted listings will start so far you've only said a few weeks I will let you know as soon as I find out anything every day I'm getting up I'm reading through the forums I'm looking at secret any secret sort of documents I can find I'm digging through everything I can I will let you know as soon as DPS big grin Oh Lilia no you are in America and Shopify pays your every business day but my last customer already received his product I made in sell last Tuesday I haven't received the payment oh no that's rubbish yeah you totally should have it check when you've got your you can set up your payments to weigh their pain next day or weekly or I don't know why anyone would do that um but it might be a default check when your payment sir and I think you can tell it to send you a payment no DPS takes a few days yeah it's been almost a week that's no that shouldn't be that is rubbish intricate to intricate it in intricate designs blow me yeah I can't read all one word and you've US Bank so when I receive Oh stop skipping chat want to receive the aim email that the funds released you get it the next day if it's the weekend you ain't get it until Monday yeah that's that's what I thought and unfortunately I think we were spoilt in the UK where if if someone says I'm transferring friends in the UK they go transfer and it's done it hits Internet it doesn't take a day george'll rocks sorry about being late filming no problem Oh filming is more important yeah Betsy yeah and yours used to get paid on a Monday and arrive in a bank by Wednesday Thursday I think paid by aden or something yep but no yeah that's true it's quickly now we're going through eetzi Island and it comes the same day yeah I forgot about that change yeah yeah Aden something like that that used to take a day yeah and so yeah they've set it up so it's going through Ireland so that sounds like a money-laundering thing but yeah they're paying this through Europe now so it's quicker Beverly it's ease holding that money and over that period they make interest yeah that's when they changed when they kicked us all other PayPal that's whatever and said that they have that money for a day I would like to think there's some nicer reasons for that but we'll see but DPS yeah contact eat see and find out what's happening it shouldn't take a week to get your money the Laughing tarantula I thought payments had changed when I deposited what every day it's in my account by the afternoon you're in Northern Ireland yeah I think that's it since they changed to Ireland it's quicker I just haven't it's it's somewhere and I haven't been so desperate for my money when it's happening in at Christmas time and I've got to be like has the money gone in yet so I can buy supplies and where is there one bit more chilled so I hadn't noticed it was that much quicker right what else have we not looked at here let's let's get right to what we're supposed to be doing so yeah so looking at the Google shopping and the promoted listings and Google shopping 120 main teams people clicked on my ads and one order purchased promoted listings two five five teams they clicks and one order purchased so that way it would look like google shopping is better but it's not I know it's not basically well we'll see we'll see but in general like promoted listings any advert adverts are rubbish this time of the year everything slow and quiet so yeah if you want to save a bit of money you can switch them off I run the adverts I run promoted listing for the stats I can get at this time of year I can find out which are my images are doing bad everyone showed to people I can find out maybe what terms I hadn't thought of so that's why I'm keeping promoted listings on just now it's really like 200 clicks is not enough to be regular orders so this is a bit random just now and the sales and coupons and order purchase with a special offer oh that's my my one the orders over a hundred pounds get free shipping that's a that's somewhere I'm happy to do free shipping it's a combined thing and there's my search terms that we already saw in another page right so let's go into these promoted listings will do promoted listings first is that knit for seven days last month there we go so my promoted listings I've got a budget set of $2 a day maximum and as we can see I only spent $11 for the month now my revenue was only $3 but it out Reggie's out I will I'll just quickly do this let's say all time since we've had the adverts on you can see I've spent nearly 800 pounds and I've got nearly 800 not nearly over 8,000 pac-world dollars 8,000 back so that that return on investment averages out over time so yeah it's not been a great month for promoted listings but still happy getting clicks got an order it was a cheap order and we can see what I love about this we can line these up today actually click on that yep I'll line these up and see which ones are getting the most impressions which are getting the most clicks and my my cost per click I've got two five as going as high as five cents I found that good fridges now I've experimented with different ones and if you haven't used promoted listings what love is this this search terms you can click into that and it shows you that the terms that are getting the most impressions now that yeah I love that's not often you see this so this is awesome Tibetan Terrier is showing because I've got a tag of Tibetan Terrier art so that is getting it ranking for and it's saying for that image not only do I get a high click rate people are clicking off and when they see it but I also get a high order rate people are more likely to buy now I had focused this listing in to have Annie's dog maybe I should be focusing in for Tibetan Terrier that does a lot better but that is what's awesome about this you can see for example needle felt it traced that is a tag to show it trace that as a keyword and shows that in the search for a needle felt and because in my title I have needle felted so it's going yell as close enough and I've got needle felt dog felt felt yeah and repeat that I've got a work on these listings and again needle felt dog so it's kind of cool you showing how many impressions and if people are like in it so that's why I love promoted listings I can control my cost per click and it gives me some data loving it now let's marketing Google shopping hating it now I have set a budget here oh I believe yeah one dollar a day so it shouldn't cost me more than that I've seen it I'll just do something just now this is right okay it must have been glitching that's okay I thought I saw it telling me that I'd spent way over the thirty dollars at one point but no this is all cool anyway so actually from my twenty two dollars it's brought in fifty one dollars in revenue but that was just because it was a lucky order interestingly enough we are seeing an increase over time so this might be something you might Google is slow its slow if you create a website or a blog post or put up a neat see and eat see listing Google takes a time to notice it so that's interesting I've never run the Google shopping ads for as long as I am just now so maybe they do need time to build up and maybe I haven't been fair on them but to me yeah the impressions are increasing with time is the cost increasing not massively we've got a random peak there but yeah the cost is not going mad so that's interesting I mean yeah for one day it said it spent $2 but it does say it can do that it wants to balance out over time so yeah that's super interesting that impressions are increasing but the cost isn't but basically when you manage this all you can do is set your daily budget and where you want to advertise it the minute I'm doing United Kingdom I would like the option there isn't an option for worldwide I can just pick a country so I would like to do worldwide but we're doing UK so that's doing okay um it shows you your ads you get your impressions and clicks but we don't get to know the search terms so that annoys me a little bit so there's not the same level of data that's still anyway there's their stuff what order was it so it was this guy and he get these and promoted listings to what I like is it shows you the ad that was clicked and it shows you what they bought so if they clicked in on one ads and then browsed about your shop and bought something else it shows up there right so one last look at the chat and then I will open this and this is what we'll go through is that the one I want or is that the one and this one will go through and look at this in a minute but I'll just check the chat laughing tarantulas in Northern Ireland hello there DPS be paid from marketing and stop testers already paid for all my listings and made the sale through Instagram awesome yeah Lia you checked your bank account still nothing from it secon you will contact them yeah that's a total pain I'm sorry to hear there being a pain in the backside so long sonic hello there okay so what we've got here this is a forum post from cindy-lou who posts up she's really good does a breakdown of some of the eat C's important posts so this is just the eat see forums which is a horrible place to hang about and look it's a terrible thing really bad user interface but she posted up break down to the things that's super helpful we went over this in my Friday video but of course talking about the sales are up and everything and she's bolded here they're going to be combining all ads you can practice probably promoted listing in Google into one interface and here's her thoughts this is cool I expect they may be adding more types of ads soon I'm also concerned means we have to buy both yes not just one I hope they address it in the core so she's doing a really great job of checking into things and she's got a lot of experience in this as well and I'm just looking at there was yeah so she checked into there was a an investor call and that she was listening in – so her comment yeah so what they said of the new ads platform launching this month yeah I read that right sorry guys this is head this is a moment the things that I read here this meat made me little mad so everybody take a deep breath let's let's not get too mad at eat see it might not be as bad as all that I mean we had a freakout at the free shipping and so far it's not killed everything so let's see promoted listings of grain 30% in the past few years and are now the largest grossing seller service impact by introducing more slots for them so yeah it makes sense easier making more money out of promoted listings and I don't mind because I'm making more money out of promoted listings so that's fine it seizes less than 50% of the budget sellers provide which I that's my maximum budget it's not saying that's what I want to spend CEO Josh Silverman insert me blowing raspberry noise here think sellers want to spend more than they do now new Josh I don't like this game very much so yeah I don't have my budget set at 30 pounds or what I don't thirty dollars I don't have my budget set at that because I want to spend more I have my budget set at that because that's the most I want to spend the new eetzi ads platform will optimize across to add products where eetzi controls how it's spent where eetzi controls how it's spent yeah so it sounds like it's gonna be we click we want adverts and now charitable me charitable me says there's the possibility that that means they will use really good data analysis to say with served year adverts from the two different places this one is doing way better so we're an intelligent computer and we're you know learning algorithms we're doing great and this is the best place that'll give you the best return on investment that's that's hopeful me but yeah it's not working great just now for the weather if we let the computer run our promoted listings and do what they suggest it costs us a lot of money and we don't get a lot of sales if we control our promoted listings we'll get a better return on investment so I'm not hopeful there they will consider our listings and buy the ads on our behalf yeah that's not sounding good they're going to let sellers help fund the performance marketing channels I looked it pretty little yeah and I eat the products the product ads off eat see possibly beyond Google shopping the money eats he saves on buying fewer Google Shopping ads will be spent on higher level marketing such as TV right my take on this is Google also pays for some Google shopping ads for eat see as a whole is part of its marketing thing and it's finding that Google shopping is bringing in people and making money for eat see but not many people are actually using Google Shopping ads themselves so it wants us to pay for the Google Shopping ads so it can spend more money on TV that's that's my take we'll see oh here we go Silverman thinks that eat see controlling the spend gives sellers more agency because sorry I'm speaking like I can't read and give sellers more agency because we're better spend more than eat see did on Google shopping ads yeah yes so we're replacing for eat see spending they recognize these ads will have to have a good return on investment or sellers won't buy them I think that's the only thing I like there hopefully they recognize if they drop my return on investments I'm out of there so there's there's my thoughts there right I'm gonna bring up my my ugly mug because that's probably you don't need to read along with me I'll check the chat and then I want to read Cindy Cindy Lou's commentary on the ad announcement so we get someone else's idea there where do I get to actually bowels I think did I say hello to you hello the Laughing tarantula Google promotions doesn't work but we had a few items featured in the youtubers video it's not suitable for ever and but we sell Raptor reptile and arachnid items of course you do with the name and it's work amazing for us yeah um but like I've mentioned the the February 20 Instagrammer who was relevant because she was a dog lover with dog loving fans when someone who's relevant to you really focused target market to you gives you a shout out because they've bought your work or something like that that can be that's why you get sometimes people will mail you and you eat see shop and say drop me to you send me stuff for free and I'll shout you out most of the time they're chancing it they're not big enough but if someone's big enough it's worth money it really is that that can be if you have an advertising budgets that's worth a gamble on finding an Instagram or a youtuber a somebody that's big enough but their followers are focused enough they're totally focused on tarantulas their take ly focused on dogs they're totally focused have a focus on your target audience if you can pay them to shout out your products then you can do particularly well um nuggets can I rename this dream nugget takes over nope nope I can't am vexy I think they have a neat C headquarters in Dublin yeah could we'll be good we'll be um I should know that I don't actually are promoted listings better for more expensive handmade crafts like knitting crochet and felt felting to get seen I found them really good I'm not sure I'm not sure how great they are for everything but I'm gonna need or felt it I found them really good a lot of people with a lot of different things have said they're good um though they're good see if they don't work for you it can be that your SEO isn't so great so I'm saying that now that probably white well the Google shopping ads didn't work for me in the past could well have also been because my SEO wasn't the most Google friendly and I'm working on making it better so they might work better but promoted listings a lot of people say Oh promoted listings haven't done great for me and it's either because your cost per clicks way too high and you're burning through your budget or if your SEO is terrible and eetzi just don't know where to show you then you'll still do terrible so still be targeting keywords but what promoted listings I feel can do is give you a chance at those high competition keywords that you just can't rank for you can get a shot again seen in an advert there and you can see if it's a good term that maybe you want to make a few items aiming for that keyword maybe you want to focus down your titles and tags on that keyword maybe it's a good one to focus on or maybe it's not so it gives you that data vexy a major draw for US firms is Islands Lowe corporation tax rate yet sensible Ireland and numerous controversial tax breaks government has promised to phase out the latter think PayPal Apple yeah I can get how that's controversial but the local corporation tax to bring in other companies to help Ireland is a good idea because Ireland needs to be competitive hopefully Ireland's Islands gonna do well out of brakes it because an english-speaking country close to the UK well we're shooting ourselves in the foot I hope I hope our friends in ireland do well out of it DPS where are you eating I was just out polishing jewelry I'll actually put a link to this it's in the eetzi forums but it's not always easy to find stuff there so I'll put the link in it just now and you were out polishing jewelry for a moment yeah back seat yeah you trade Google shopping but you're getting frustrated you couldn't find a way to customize it that's been that's been my thing too right and we're just gonna run through Cindy Lou's commentary because she's got a good head on her shoulders and she she knows stuff but you can read it properly later so we'll see see what she says and then I think that'll do is for the stream I think we've done well and covered a lot good case and so her write her thoughts unless they let us choose from one or other instead of forcing both I don't see this working for me shops completely agree it's not clear if they'll be continuing any free Google Shopping ads that they currently buy for us yeah that was exactly what I was reading – it sounds like they've said the Google shopping ads are working really well but it's II don't want to be paying for them themselves they want us to pay for them and since it's their most successful ad platform buy them according for them according to them yes so them buying the Google Shopping ads has been the most cost effective for them to bring people into eat see but they want us to cut us to pick up the slack there so they can buy TV ads I can't see them expecting to drop the amount they spend very much so hopefully they're going to keep going and at least not right away or sales will drop who would be eligible for the free ads if they continued them is another question good point we'll eat see only if eat see are still also paying for the Google Shopping ads will they promote every shot randomly or will they pick from people who are paying for google shopping that's an interesting question um they'll have to substantially improve their existing seller purchased Google Shopping ad controls yes yes yes and the data received from them absolutely rather than hoarding that for themselves we deserve to get the search terms etc if we're paying for it I'll like this woman it sounds like we're not going to get picked to pick budget limits for either platform and instead eetzi will decide out of one daily budget for both type of ads Google shopping kit clicks generally cost way more than the average promoted listing click so it could eat into your promoted listings visibility and sustainability really good points and currently their ads cover all Google Shopping countries but the only let sellers pick one country just what I said they'll have to change that as well yep super points they'll also have to remove the other shops listings from they also have to remove the other shops listings from Google Shopping ads if they expect more people to buy them yeah exactly what I said they're not just gonna advertise everybody they might just only show our ads if they're still buying Google Shopping ads as well well I'm sure some big shops want to spend more on ads and spend more of their budget they don't seem to understand that some of us don't want to spend our daily budget every day yeah we sent them that hike because if we set them low we get fewer impressions and clicks if we could suddenly spend our whole budget every day some of us would drop it absolutely yes the emphasis they have far more data than any individual shop does which seems to be a justification for making the beds Fuhrer's but of course the average across all similar shops and items will not necessarily work for your shop yes yes yes I know from experience among my most clickable photos do poorly with promoted listings yeah that's a super good good point et are saying we have all this data we totally understand we know what's best for you but every individual shop is different so the averages here but some people will need to do this and some people are better doing that so yeah I've never been average in my life if you currently get a substantial chunk of your monthly sales from promoted listings this could completely change how effective the air for you yep and I would say a substantial chain substantial amount from me but 11% of my views are coming from promoted listing and 7% from search so promoted listings are important for me it will work for some shops but not for others Lovelace personally I have zero interest in helping helping eetzi fund its own advertising I'll take the money I currently put into promoted listings and spend it on my own website if they forced me to buy if they forced me to buy Google Shopping along with promoted listings every day and don't let me choose how I think a lot of people will feel like that and most especially I know a lot of people feel if they're paying for Google Shopping ad they want to drive those Google Shopping ads to their own shop if you've got a Shopify store if you've got your own website you want to pay for a Google Shopping to a place that you control if you pay for a Google Shopping ads that brings in a person and when they're in the shop they see that thing at the bottom that goes if you like this you might also like this from another seller that's not this one you might pay for someone to go to someone else's shop and buy that's no probably one so I get why people don't want to buy Google Shopping ads on Etsy so yeah I everything he let somebody say in there sounds a sensible girl lady gonna stop saying go sound sensible I totally recommend keeping an eye on what she's posting in the community agree with all the points right I'm just gonna have a last five-minute flick through the chat see if we can catch up on anything anything everything so if you have any questions or comments you want to say get them in just now or otherwise we'll be finishing up nice and nice and sharply just in time for my tea right dude free shipping is definitely helped as our sales are up around 20% awesome I'm super glad to hear is working for it on people that is great DPS working on a Sunday yeah we're we're self-employed we're all at it working huh listen they um thanks for your helpful videos love them you are most welcome I will remind you for anyone who's here again I am NOT doing memberships or selling courses I don't don't know these things might happen in the future I'm certainly I'm not doing anything just now everything is free to you guys I make my money out of advert a adverts on YouTube so well two things two favors I would like to ask you all if you enjoy my stuff one thing one thing that helps any youtuber that's trying to grow if you like a youtuber watch another video Affairs you know spend an extra five minutes if something was good watch another video of theirs you can share you can like you can do all that stuff watch another video that super helps them but I am planning this week I am working on I'm writing on recording hopefully a nice big video it's going to have it's got a ton of data in it on how I find my titles my tags descriptions completely how to do I'm basing it on a search for a supersaturated market I'm looking in jewelry and I'm gonna show you how to create a listing from scratch how to find what the listing what the how to find what you want to make how to find all your keywords how to write a listing how to use the grades on a rank as well I want to really mention the grades on e rank but just to do the whole thing like start to finish primer gay to rating a listing so that videos coming out this week she says who hasn't even finished recording it yet so if you could keep an eye out and if everyone can like just lend me their eyeballs for a minute watch the video tell me what you think of it so that's that's what helps me keep all of this stuff free is you guys watching so thank you and keep watching Rowley Cindy I feel if I'm gonna advertise on Google I'll be my own website not eat see totally agree with you I just obviously said that after you take tits but lag is a wonderful thing Cindy I'm only spending about half but I don't want the other bits to go to Google X I'm the same I don't use all my promoted les things but I don't want to spend it on when I certainly don't want it I've only gone Google shopping on just now yes I keep want to see shipping I've only got Google shopping on just now so that I can talk about it in these videos this rubbish vexy thank you do keep in mind the eat C's not forcing any shop to do free shipping having free shipping only affects the first named rows of search on the first page I took is it the first main name Rose I've not I asked and nobody's been able to show me or tell me what's going on a lot of searches look the same my items are ranking in the same place as the ever did so I'm not seeing any change I thought that something would show up different but but yeah no one's forcing us to do it and thankfully I've not heard too many people say that things are down and I don't think like I don't think we've got statistically significantly enough data yet to know but yeah no one's forcing us to do right and I'm I'm not doing free shipping it doesn't work for me just now or is only thank you very much and yet if Erin could give me a like Thank You Susan do I have a beginner step-by-step video series for newbies I'm still watching one for eBay for resale just a but valuable beginner guide I can get from it um not quite I'm like I'm working on these things but I keep getting distracted but if anyone has a link to it people were saying it's been handy for them was my last year's do a change a day in August where I did a video every day and that's like you can a series where I was going into one little thing it's much easier than that but also this video I'm talking about it really should take you okay it doesn't tell you how to set up a neat C shop but it tells you how to go about searching for keywords to decide what you're gonna create to build a listing to setting up your listing so hopefully that'll help it's gonna be in a tricky tricky video and so hopefully that'll help as well but yeah I keep on planning to do like I was planning to do a total step-by-step tape guide and eat see did the free shopping thing at fresh free shipping thing and I jumped on that and they go I got all distracted DPS and thanks have a great evening yes you yes it's just coming up to quarter past 5:00 here p.m. enjoy my tea take care thank you so much so on when I assume you mean the video when when I finished it I should finish our finish scripting and have the b-roll tonight be recording Monday and Tuesday edits Wednesday okay I'll have it at Wednesday night or Thursday morning at the latest right Beverly oh thank you so much you're most welcome Ashley I was thinking about promoted listings if cheap items need more sales and work on eetzi versus hey hey end custom items more work than quality Ashley I'm much more work than high quality cheap items do need more sales versus high-end custom work that's very true I'm not sure I quite get you I agree with what you're saying but I'm not sure what you mean how that ties into the promoted listings I might just be being thick because it's tea time and I'm a bit slow DPS thank you so much Susan how do you make sales through YouTube paint eight that is a video in the works I just got distracted I got distracted with making it well I was asked to buy my YouTube guru person to make a big video like this so I'm jumping in I'm making this video but the YouTube one is coming soon and I think you guys are gonna love it because spending a bit longer having time to think about it I'm going like I can at that I can add that there's a lot of ways to make money from YouTube I think you're gonna love it Oh SARS salon sonic thank you so much you're the first person to buy a cute little sticker that is very cute and guys nobody has to do that but I totally appreciate it and that didn't make me giggle it's new feature that eats eat they eat see that YouTube will let you do in the Supra chat area you can purchase a daft little sticker like the one that songs just put up in check that's a cool pair saying hear you thank you so much scarlet man hello there awesome to see you thank you for dropping in you're just catching the end of end of my life but we've we've had a fun Sunday night I do oh thank you so much for this description here so first row is ads promoted listing next three rows are free shipping and the next row is ads and the next three rows are free shipping Wow so that is a big deal let's I actually am amazed that I've not seen such a differences I've not seen any difference because that is a lot I was super expecting like one or two rows but yeah your firsts what's your first eight rows are free shipping on promoted listings so yeah easy please don't mess with promoted listings when it's what we need to get on the front page Wow but the good thing is that people don't release buyers don't always buy from the front page yeah it's a prime location but what what can happen I do it a lot myself you look and you go nothing there they'll click through to three maybe four pages at the most so if you can be on the first few pages then you still have a good chance Susan hugs from Kentucky thank you so much Ashley I'm not sure what you're saying but if yes take care bye KTM everyone good luck this week that's lovely and Harriett just popped in how I missed it yet sorry we're just finishing up but you can go back to the start and watch it all again if if you don't mind that would be awesome um arsalan you've learned so much the least you can do it thank you so much and on that I think I think we will finish finish this dream before the day it has been it's been great fun thank you so much for hanging out with me please keep an eye out for that video that I've got dropping I hope it works and I hope it's good now I've hyped it up but thank you all so much have an awesome weekend and I'll see you next time

14 thoughts on “🔴 Live How much money does a Etsy seller make. Fee shipping helped or hurt? and promoted listings?

  1. I of course have not started to offer "free" shipping. People will pay the item price + actual shipping cost, and apparently they prefer that, as I have seen a remarkable increase in sales in the last two weeks.

  2. the free shipping thing wouldn't be immediate, I don't think we'll feel the results of that until late august, so maybe do another data video then after it's had some time to run

  3. Hi Pam, I have been watching for a few weeks and getting lots of info from your great channel 👌😁. I started an Etsy shop about a month ago and trying to learn fast. I think I need to try the promoted listings but have been afraid to do it, but I think I need to be brave and go for it 😉. Really looking forward to your next vlog and I have really enjoyed them all, and thank you so much for all the work you put into these videos 💖😁😘

  4. Ooo, just a quick lil heads up – when I get a customer review, I like to sned them a message to say thanks – well, Etsy has this new 'chat box' style thing that pops up – great – BUT! – I usually copy and paste from a previous customer I've sent a thankyou message to and then alter it to be personalised towards that customer. When I tried to do this in the chat box, I wanted to add an extra space in between two bits of text and when I pressed enter it sent it to them (before I had fully changed it!) Had send anther message with explanation afterwards which is just awkward! Just wanted to let you and others know haha!
    (Holding shift and pressing enter also doesn't work).

  5. Missed the live today.

    My year over year stats show virtually no change, which isn’t bad, really. Revenue is down 10%, but I’m selling more of my low-labor higher-markup items, so to me that’s a good change.

    I wish Etsy would divide up “other Etsy pages” a bit because half my views come from there.

    One very small victory I’ve had this month is increased traffic from dividing up my dog breed stationery, combined with shooting better photos and improving SEO. For my Goldendoodle/Labradoodle listing, I’ve had a few custom color requests, so I made the main photo a group shot so people can tell quickly that I have a dog that looks like theirs. What I’m really excited about is that I’m on the second page and starting to get views for “labradoodle” and “Goldendoodle” alone, which are super saturated “breeds.”

    I’m focusing on expanding and improving my dog breed stationery listings in August so they’ll be lined up for holiday sales.

  6. Im going no comment on the ads. Im still seeing how the free postage saga up to yet doesn't feel like anything has changed ("im not offering it) was very interested to hear what you said about the sales in different countries that is definitely something to consider if i have to. Ive spent this week working on tzgs and titles anf changing some photos. Ive also looked at my prices and my postage and made a few changes for now im just working on shop improvements i think this is my best chance at trying to carry on being seen. So i cant even start to think about blinking Google

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