😁LISTED 25 Items YESTERDAY!  Stuff SOLD On EBAY, Poshmark, AND Grailed!😁

😁LISTED 25 Items YESTERDAY! Stuff SOLD On EBAY, Poshmark, AND Grailed!😁

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Today, I review the last 6 Clothing Items that I sold on Poshmark, Grailed, and Ebay! Below you can see what I paid for them, when I bought them, where I bought them, and how much they sold for. This includes free shipping. International shipping is added to the sale price when applicable. I use average pricing in my accounting for each individual haul at each specific thrift store I visit. If I spent $47.00 at a thrift store for 12 items, then that means I spent $3.916 per item.

💰Brooks Brothers Glen Plaid Check Pants Paid $14.357 on 06.28.19 at The Clothes Rack, Sold for $35 on Poshmark on 07.24.19

💰SuitSupply Traveller Shirt Size 16 ½ Paid $4.938 on 07.09.19 at Goodwill, Sold for $40 on Grailed on 07.24.19

💰Polo Ralph Lauren Sleep Shorts Paid $3.238 on 03.29.17 at The Salvation Army, Sold for $33.54 on Ebay on 07.25.19 (International – United Kingdom)

💰Brooks Brothers Advantage Chino Clark Paid $6.642 on 12.10.18 at Value Village, Sold for $35 on Ebay on 07.24.19

💰Ermenegildo Zegna Small Polo Shirt Paid $11.415 on 01.27.19 at The SPCA Rummage Store, Sold for $45 on Ebay on 07.24.19

💰Hugo Boss Multicolor Swim Trunks Paid $4.733 on 06.17.19 at Goodwill, Sold for $25 on Ebay on 07.24.19

Total Paid $45.323
Total Sold $213.54

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Jim Butler is The Curated Clothier, an e-commerce entrepreneur who has been reselling mens clothing on Ebay since 2013. He covers thrift hauls, what he actually sold on ebay, actual metrics from his business, and tons of free tips on how to resell mens clothing online.

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okay hello everyone and welcome back to this channel my name is Jim Butler I resell menswear online and I sell on a variety of different sites such as eBay Poshmark Brailled and mark Arie and today I've got the last six items that's sold on Poshmark railed and Merkel and eBay now let's go over these items I do have a variety of these items here I do sell pretty much everything and I'm gonna review these items let's take a look at the first sale here that took place these pants sold on grilled very happy about that because Grail only has 6% fees you do pay PayPal as well and of course shipping but it's nice to just pay 6% to sell an item online today here they are they are great Glen plaid checked from Brooks Brothers these are of the Madison line these are a little bit older of the Madison pants they have a little bit of blue in them gray and blue and there's the tag right there 42 waist that's what the W means and these are different they have flat front with cuffs so they're a little bit shorter but they still sold I'm sorry they sold on Poshmark I apologize this I was thinking this is not a great type of item so these sold on Poshmark I paid four dollars and ninety four cents for these on June 28th of this year at the clothes rack I'm sorry no I paid fourteen dollars and 36 for these 30 1436 in a hall with some expensive items and they sold on Poshmark today are yesterday sorry July 24th today is July 25th that's what I'm going to be uploading this video happy with that sale $35 on Poshmark is pretty good Poshmark fees are lower in my opinion some people say they're higher but they come out to be lower for me I make more money on my Poshmark sales and my eBay sales especially now these have gone up alright so the next sale is the Grail sale that's right I someone grilled gr8 I l-e-d . c om check it out here's the item it's a suit supply shirt this is the traveller edition shirt with white and blue stripes it's a size 16 point 5 on the collar and a 42 size so that's about a large and it has a cutaway collar now suit supply is known for their slimmer modern tapered fit and people really like that especially I'm grilled and especially in Washington DC where this item is going to nice item very nice with the suit supply shirt now this shirt I paid four dollars and ninety four cents for it on just July 9th at Goodwill sold for $40 on grilled maybe minutes or hours after listing it yesterday that's sold July 24th then a lot of listings yesterday guys I listed 25 items and that's why I had some sales it never fails let's go over the next item this is an older one that I picked up would not pick this item up again a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren shorts here they are these are these sleep shorts sleepwear says it right there sleepwear you sure it's a nice you can lounge around in the my suppose these are a size medium 32 to 34 waist 100% cotton don't know why I really bought these I really don't um I paid three dollars and twenty four cents for them on March 29th 2017 at the Salvation Army and they sold actually International on eBay they sold for thirty three dollars and fifty four cents today and these have to go to the United Kingdom but that's okay I can put these in a very small poly mailer and they are extremely lightweight so I'm almost certain these are going to be 995 to ship so at the end of the day I'm still making pretty good profit from these Polo Ralph Lauren sleeping shorts you never know what's gonna sell and speaking of that I've got a very strange item next up these are Brooks Brothers and Vantage Shino Clark a common item but there was something uncommon about these and I'll just show you them fold it in half they almost look like shorts these are navy blue and flat front and guys these have a 22 inch inseam I guess they could be leprechaun pants or they could be you know I don't know there's some people out there if you look around guys guys roll up their pants to the where they come up to like the ankle or where they're almost like you know wearing capri pants I'm not judging I'm just taking note and that's probably why I bought these here's the tight Brooks Brothers advantage Chino Clark and the tag says 30 but the inseam is now measuring 22 so I paid 6 dollars and 64 cents for these pants on December 10th 2018 at Value Village in Maryland they sold for $35 on eBay guys July 24th not bad considering how short these leprechaun / cropped / capri pants are for men again no judgement here on this channel guys absolutely you know I'm I don't act like everybody I don't look like everybody but it's all good guys I want everyone to come in and watch these videos okay sorry we're trying to stay calm today keep it centered and nama slay okay everybody you lasagna polo shirt beautiful ocean blue breeze color look at this this is incredible supersoft cotton tencel blend size small here's the tag it's a pretty embroidered tag from Xenia and does this look familiar guys because I wore it in yesterday's video and it's sold very quickly after that amazing sure warm or I didn't know this was in my size I paid $11 and 42 cents for this on January 27th of this year at the SPCA rummage store in Charlottesville Virginia it sold for $45 on ebay happy about that sale very lightweight I am sold yesterday like I said July 24th 2019 last but not least this pair of Hugo Boss multicolored boss orange label swim trunks these do have the mesh liner here is the less popular it seems boss orange tag and I knew I was taking a chance of these these actually had a little bit of den genus on them a lot of faint spots which don't always show up in the thrift store they show up later still I think a pretty nice-looking item for summer paid four dollars and 73 cents for these swim trunks on June 17th of last year at Goodwill they sold for just $25 on ebay yesterday so a lot of these items I did pay up for in lots with suits and sport coats that are going to sell for fingers-crossed much more money that's why the prices are a little bit weird but all told still 45 dollars and 32 cents for these six items they sold for two hundred and thirteen dollars and fifty four cents which is pretty still pretty good considering the lower fees of some of the other sites which is why I sell on the other sites or an old Poshmark and mihari thanks for watching guys I'll be back tomorrow with yet another video on men's clothing reselling bye bye

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  1. Aw, come on!! Toooo subdued, dude! Couldn’t even hear you…I was hoping your video today would follow the title and hear about your experience listing 25 items in a day. I bought TONS of great stuff-to-sell today and I know how exhausting it is to list a lot…. Do you do your cross listing as you list? Do you list the nicer stuff on Grailed only? So glad you do your videos frequently. You rock!

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