🧡 Etsy Shop share 🧡 Away With Charms🧡

🧡 Etsy Shop share 🧡 Away With Charms🧡

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Here is the link to Away With Charms Etsy 👇

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hi guys it's olya welcome back to my channel I'm coming on today real quick just to show a Etsy shop share that I just received in the mail today this shop I've actually ordered from before and I just recently got this order so I thought I would share now the receipt that she has in here it's a really bad let me just show you you can't really read anything but it's the shops name is called away with charms I wish it was printed a little bit better but it's not so that's okay I will leave a link below to the shop that way you can go over and check it out if you want so what I did was because I'm I actually have in mind something that I'm doing with all of these so I put in a big order as you can see and I actually can't remember everything I bought hold on 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 I think that's right let's just see so we have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 yep okay so let's just see what I got hopefully I didn't order anything duplicate I'm looking really quick and I don't see anything so we'll start with these these were sea horses not were these are sea horses I should say these are teeny tiny ones but they'll be perfect for beach journals and things oh my goodness look how cute a little tiny seahorse so that is really adorable I love the real small ones then these I always end up getting these because and I'll show you why and I've got them like different designs and different colors too but look what it says handmade isn't that cute so that's always fun and you this can go on any journal because obviously if it's a journal it's oh shoot it's gonna be handmade so it's always fun to you know attach that somewhere in the journal then let's see what this is these are oh I thought this is be off like recipe journals and stuff it's a little measuring cup I don't know if you can see that hopefully you can so just that one and this one is a repeat buy I've bought these before and I like these a lot too so a little simple heart with a little rose in the corner really really cute and then this is the first time I bought these but this looked really cool and I think these ones these are all the same yep so they're keys but they have the little hole so you can put it on a bold pin which I thought was really good there's those then there are these because you can never go wrong with butterflies and then these I bought before too and these are just so darling watch Oh actually no I haven't bought these I bought something similar but not these are good for like fall journals look at these little tiny acorns I hope you can see them because it's still light outside and I don't know if it's too much of a shadow but little tiny acorns so fall journals or you know woodland theme journals anything like that and I always forget the name of these but these can go on any type of journal too I got those and then these were new cuz I don't remember ever seeing these before so I got these little bees aren't those cute little tiny bees because I know there's a lot of be kits and stuff out there so I thought that would be perfect and I'm going to see what these are oh these are little fairies isn't that cute I don't know if you can see those hopefully you can little tiny fairies and these were new well these are new to me I don't know if I've ever seen these before but I did order them and these are nice big gold roses so there's that and then the last thing and that these I've ordered before and I like these a lot and these are more butterflies do a different style of butterfly I don't know if you can see that hopefully you can there's those so as I said I am doing something very special with these I cannot reveal that right now but I just wanted to show you the variety they got I'm actually also cuz after I put this order and she sent me a coupon so I'm thinking of putting another order in but I'm not sure yet I gotta see when I am doing what I'm gonna do with these to see how much I have and if I need to order more or not so I don't know but this is what I have for today and again the FC shop that I ordered these from is called away with charms and she also has another one called away with beads and she sells all different sorts of beads but I like the charms one so I go to her away with charms store instead but definitely check her out because they're the cutest little charms and as far as pricing I don't know what good pricing is versus over paying I personally thought they were a good deal but I could be wrong but I do like ordering for her because it's quick and you know hassle free so I hope you enjoyed this video and definitely check her out and I will see you in the next video thanks for watching bye

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  1. Hey Alia great haul! I actually stumbled upon her shop a couple days ago. I haven't finished browsing yet but good to see some charms I want to purchase in your video. I didn't know she had a bead shop too! I think her prices are great! Tfs, Kay

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