10 Gift ideas for a crocheter or knitter!!!!

10 Gift ideas for a crocheter or knitter!!!!

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Are you wondering what a yarnivore may appreciate other than yarn? Watch this video for some gift ideas for crochet and knitting lovers! Here’s a list of links to purchase online, if you’d like:

1. Snap set – ilauke 400 Sets Snap Buttons with Snap Pliers:
2. Collar clips:
3. Neck light – LEDGLE LED Book Light Rechargeable Hug Light Reading Lamp Hands Free:
4. Inspirational journal:
5. Yarn bowl:
6. Yarn ball winder:
7. Damero Crochet Hook Case:
8. Susan Bates Finishing Needle, Assorted:
9. Latch hook:
10. Wrapture no rinse delicate wash – Jasmine Large 16.9 Oz:
Clover bent tip needles:
Yarn Swift:
Embroidery Scissors:
Measuring tape:

hi it's Chris from chrysalis crochet and crochet recreations and I thought I'd put out my 10 favorite things so hang in there I'll show you okay so these are things that if you haven't thought about that you can get for yourself as a as a crow share if you have a Christian in your life and you went out searching for what do I buy for a crochet er as a gift then this is a video for you or a knitter a lot of this stuff can be dual purpose I just can't knit so it's crocheted for me so the 10 things I'm gonna put a link in the in the description for most of the things that you can click on to go to Amazon to find it most everything is under 30 dollars or less that doesn't make any sense but you know what I mean it's there they're like there's a couple things that are close that are pushing 30 but most things are like less than 20 or less than 10 or something so the first thing I'm going to show you is something that I just love I've been making some baby things for my grandbaby I don't know if you've heard have my first grandbaby but I'm making some things and it cost there's a lot of things that calls for buttons and um I don't like putting on buttons I'm thinking i don'ts don't like it so I have a couple of different options instead of buttons for putting on things this first one oh my gosh this was like I'm gonna say like about 20 bucks and what it is I don't have the original packaging but doesn't have the right name on it but these are basic buttons and all of the different colors of the rainbow are included and I'll have a link like I said but they come like this and I think there's 20 of each color but like that's a blue and they come with a bag of baggies sorry the bag of baggies so that once you open and use some you don't have this torn bag with rubber bands or something to keep it together you put all of the rest of them in here I'm thinking about going through and putting open them all because then you can see it a lot better but there's different colors there's like different shades of yellow and three different shades of purple and pink and there's black and there's light blue dark blue really light blue there's page everything and it comes with their little thingy I think that's what it's called I think if you look it up in the dictionary it's called the thingy but it it presses down and it and it connects your snap so there's no sewing involved at all you don't sew on the snaps you press them on and and their color their color to go with your that little outfit or little whatever you're doing so I actually used a couple to put on some labels because I hate sewing that much that too so on my labels so I used a couple in the back of a sweater I just gave to a friend of mine I used a couple of the snaps on each side of the label to put it in the back of this one anyway so that's number one are this snaps is this unit not machine snap machine and it comes with some some extra parts some replacement parts and it comes with a DVD little screwdriver and I have used them I don't know if I was supposed to but I have used them to take things apart if I did it wrong or something like that something went awry I don't know that's what it's for and like I said it has these little baggies to put things in and it came in this bag I don't have the packaging that says the name of it I'm sorry but I'm gonna put it in the description box those are gonna be a link to it and very affordable and something that you could buy for somebody that maybe they didn't even know they wanted or something they could play around with or something like that so I use those instead of buttons I also instead of buttons these cute little they're called collar pins and you can see there are some that that there's some that have like little like two little things in a chain that you clip on each side and you have like a chain there's some of those but these are two of my favorites is my little butterfly and my little angel and these I use for shawls so I'll put it on put on a shawl I don't have one put on the show this doesn't go but put on a show and then use this to connect them instead of having it always falling down or having to put a button on or something like that but okay so in a mirror you can do that very nicely and you could put your shawl together with these I found this on an Etsy shop I'll see if I can find where I got them from and include that in the link but their their collar clip so you can get some better a solid piece which is my favorite because it kind of looks like a brooch or something which is also a possibility I've also used barrettes to put things together but anyway so you can buy these for your for your someone special even if that's someone special as yourself to put together the shops because we all make a lot of shawls because you know and we have cold shoulders so those are that's one and two the snaps and the color buttons shawl button I say color Clips Karla clips another thing you may have seen if you watch the secret yarn ring if you haven't shame on you you should check it out the secret yarn O'Ree with Krista um she talks about this a la neck light and they both you can do both sides anyway they're fabulous to to work with I create a lot in bed or even in the living room I don't have like a really good reading light or something like that in here so as the Sun Goes Down I have a light coming at me but I want to light coming down and so I just I would I go and I get this and I put it on and it's really light and I look at it so and I can see my work a lot there so this is called LED goe LED Glee like likely so um it's a neckline there's a lot of them out there this one is really inexpensive is less than 20 I'm thinking that's like 15 um really good and a really good gift for crochet Zordon ITER's or needle pointers or whatever across teachers whatever they do that's really good also another thing so that's one two three number four this is got a little beat up but notebooks are a crafters best friend so they may have a different way of putting things together but sometimes I just need something so this is my little notebook and I have three different sections in here somewhere my I put my ideas for videos and one section ideas for patterns in another section and sometimes when I just watch a tutorial and I write down the steps so that I can do it in my own time that's the other section so um some kind of little or big notebook that maybe has something inspirational and colorful what would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything that's what mind says so he's been going out there so 1 2 3 4 number five a yarn ball nobody buys themselves a yarn ball my mom bought this for me and it was at a craft store that it's called anyway it was that it was it was handmade with all the other artsy fartsy stuff and I I loved it sometimes I use it and I end up it's just sitting around and so I put all kinds of little doodads in there before the cleaning lady comes I got cleaned for cleaning lady comes but anyway but also it's really good when you end up with a little ball yarn that's left and you just put it through there and then it can unwind and unroll if you're doing a an outside pole it's really good if you're doing a center pole it just kind of keeps it in place and it's really nice for that speaking of a little so this is number four five number six to make this little yarn ball isn't it pretty this is the end of a larger skein that I didn't use the whole thing up but look good that's too much to throw away and I didn't want to just throw if you just throw this game when it's when you're almost done it has a tendency to get tangled up yes but while you're so using it it's nice and loose and you have all of the ends there and what do you want to do you'll want to wind it up so this is like $25 this brand there's a Stanwood Stanwood needle craft and with needle crack and it's 25 to 30 I don't know it was a gift but a great thing to have just to keep up with all of the ends so six number six is a yarn winder it's called a yarn winder I'll have links for these down the bottom if you need them and this one is needlecraft Stanwood needle project and you get all this mess and you do it you spend a night even watching a movie and you just you wind up all of your yarn and oh my gosh you feel so good and then you have all of these dude just kind of place on your I don't know in a box are up on your shelves or however you do things okay next next a case this is the best case that I've found that holds the most amount of stuff that is it a really good price so this is like 12 bucks or something tomorrow is the name and there are two sides to it it comes empty okay but so I have this first side that has my I had my clover hook sets here and I have my stitch markers in here and I have some scissors in there oh I should have put this scissors on I might put a link to that but fun scissors know crochet or knit ER or embroider it can have enough pair of scissors because they go missing a lot so scissors are always be nice but anyway I'm talking about the case so we have a couple of zipper things in here I have a place to put all the regular size I ribbon to the regular set that goes from 2.25 up to 6.0 millimeter the other side is where I put the bigger ones so right now I've been using the nine and so I put the bigger ones here and some two won't fit here I wanna have a steel one in there and then I put my bent tip needles in there and I just poke it through the poke it through the elastic so little stakes and then there's another pouch here or I put things like one of these tape measure and little notes here's my tags crocheted with love oh hey you could make it some tags for somebody but that's kind of personal how they might want it at a certain way anyway um so there's this seven number seven the de mer oh so I showed you two bent tip needles so the other thing people um tend to lose which is why I just got another set and these are like five bucks these are some needles they're not the bent tip let me show you those you can get him straight they're just embroidery needles or finishing needles yarn needles clover has some that you can get the bent tip metal ones kind of see their bit so there's one for large larger yarn and one for regular smaller yarn there's those you can get those in a set but these sometimes I have a hard time finding them sometimes I don't so it's Susan Bates and then it comes with all these different sizes I use usually use this middle size and a PC down here it works for the big one is first size six yarn this little tiny yellow one is part of her lace yarn for zero or one but I use this dark blue on a lot and this is really good for short tails sometimes they're the tail is shorter than your needle and so it's kind of hard to to weave in your tails this is really good for that I've also found that there are a little bit sharper and so if you have some yarn that maybe you'll I don't know a little slick or something and you want to get it in the fibers of the yarn when you're hiding your tails this does a little bit better sometimes then the blunt tip but the blunt vent tip ones do but these are my favorite but these certainly serve a purpose so needles embroidery or sounds are called embroidery needles or to finish there the large yarn needles any yarny person needs that as well so you can get them a little care package with this package and then put in there some scissors and a tape measure and a bunch of needles that would be good so that's eight then you guys know what's coming now you've got it out the latch hook how to have a latch hook and and this is for you to know or for your your loved one to know that a laptop is great for making bullion stitches so if you get this for them you'll bullion like the bullion you put in to a soup or something you know bullion cubes but it's a bullion stitch so you got to write that down so they know what it's for bullion bullion stitch the watch hook there link to that and then of course my very favorite Jasmine oil scented rapture no rinse delicate wash rapture and even if they have some get some more this isn't cheap so it's a nice gift I mean and this is by Chris Kristen and all it's also on it's on Amazon and that's where I get it from and that's the link I'm gonna put on there but it has her name on here so I'm pretty sure she still gets a cut from it so so I think it's okay to get it from Amazon and then because somebody bought it from Kristin to be able to send it to sell it on Amazon so that's number 10 so that's what we've got we got snaps got holes in a finishing got caller clips for shawls two three we've got a neck white four we've got a notebook inspirational notebook five I don't know if this is the number I gave them or not a yarn ball so that they can be unwound as sure as you're using it six winder a winder birds left ovary mommy when your screen is done or if you get something in a hank but then you also need a swift and those are a little bit more expensive those go above my thirty dollar range so I do have one but I say about for it so but this is the are this this ball winder is great for for Hanks and if you get those for you know some hand diet or some really high quality stuff then you'll need a swift and you'll need a yarn a ball winder in order to put that Hank into a ball but the end of skeins you also if you have a decent amount then you don't want it to just sit there really loosely in that long form because then it gets all tables sorry going on and on and on so there's that oh I think I miscounted anyway and then there's the needles and then there's the de maro case and then there's the latch hook and then there's the a rapture so 10 things that that you could buy for your loved one who is into crochet or knitting or needle art just yarn art or thread art or something like that so I hope that helps and thank you for your time and we also have a choice so please choose happy thanks bye

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  1. I didn’t know what those other needles were for. Thanks now I do and it will help me in the future to have and use them. Also wonderful tips.
    I always choose Happy 😊 πŸ¦‹πŸ’œ

  2. Hi Chris hope you are doing good today.God bless you and your family today and always.Thank you for sharing all these.Yes I don’t know how to knit either.I love to crochet too.🧢🧢🧢Congrats on your first Grand baby. I love your sweater,Did you make it.Have a blessed evening and blessed weekend and Lords day and church service Sunday.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ§Ά

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