10 Reasons to Choose EBay

10 Reasons to Choose EBay

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well in light of Etsy's new shipping policies a lot of viewers are taking a second look at eBay and they are wondering if eBay can better meet their selling needs I have a list it's just my top ten list of things I believe eBay does well better than FC in fact so I'm going to put this out to you and you can make the choice and we'll talk about this when we get back in a minute okay a little bit of business first we have ten giveaways to announce the winners this week are stephanie bartylla ski Elizabeth Lisa Elizabeth once the pen for her son Kimberley port Shelley she is a breast cancer survivor and she would like them she's going to get one and jeans jump now Jean would like a pen for her best friend and her best friend gave jeans spouse a kidney seriously how do you say thank you for something like that I don't know but I'm definitely going to pick out a special pen for jeans friend a meantime Jocelyn I love you to death on but andrew is not getting anywhere near my kidneys I just thought we'd clear that up right now all right so let's talk about eBay vs FC I do the video it was our very first at seat video and I did some comparisons at that time between Etsy eBay what they each had going for them and at C's primary advantage was lower fees and secondarily a much more seller friendly platform well lower fees are fine but if you're gonna go broke on shipping that it's just not enough to make up for it and a seller friendly platform is usually not a platform to coerce you to giving free shipping at a great cost so I'm thinking we may need to revise our opinion of Etsy nevertheless eBay fees are higher Etsy had an 8 percent plus fee that was 5 percent for your sale 3% for Etsy payments on your sale a 20 cent listing fee and a 25 cent transaction fee so it's 8 percent plus 45 cents and I'm just going to say that that's approximately nine percent eBay has a flat 10% fee and there's a three percent fee going to PayPal and usually you don't have to use PayPal it's not like Etsy where you must use one system Etsy payments eBay will allow you to do anything as long as you accept electronic transactions you can take credit cards directly you can use any other electronic friendly payment system and virtually everyone uses PayPal but that's not necessary it's not a requirement so you've got 10% to eBay you've got 3% to PayPal and listing fees on eBay I can't remember the last time I paid a listing fee it's been many years a listing fees are almost a joke really it's like well we're going to charge you the list but we're going to give you 100 free listings and I get them even on my buying account and I have never sold an item from my buying account but every month or so I get an email from eBay saying here's your hundred free listings so they're just giving them away like candy some categories carry no listing fees at all some might but again 100 free listings it's just it's hard for me to take the whole concept of eBay listing fees seriously under those conditions I think it's more of a relic of the way eBay did business many years ago so still if we are looking at 13% on eBay as opposed to 9% on Etsy that's an extra 4% of your sale so what's emai doing to justify that I've got 10 things that I believe they are doing to more than justify that let's start with the fact that Etsy is much much smaller than eBay in the video that went out on June 1st and I did all the numbers so feel free to cast back to that video and take a look at it just very quickly the revenue for eBay in 2018 was let's see what is it 10 billion dollars be nice if it were ten billion marbles but it's not ten billion dollars as opposed to six hundred million on Etsy now that relationship is 16 to 1 eBay had 16 times the revenue of FC interestingly enough Etsy is claiming to have approximately 25 percent a quarter of the registered buyers active actually Etsy describes them as active buyers against eBay's registered users Etsy is claiming 40 yes 40 million active buyers whereas eBay is claiming 180 million registered users and some of those registered users are dedicated salaries are plenty of companies especially those located in Asia that do nothing on eBay except selling so I figure if you just deduct 10% for dedicated sellers the relationship is about four to one a very different picture than what you get from a financial relationship of 16 to one so you got to figure something's off here there is just a disconnect those numbers are not matching up my suspicion is that people do hit and run buying on Etsy they'll go because maybe they want to handmade item maybe something caught their fancy and they just don't go back or if they do go back they don't go back with any regularity they may have been a buyer at one time but the difference is probably the volume of purchasing the Etsy buyers are probably you know hit and run buyers I'll buy something maybe I'll check back with them in six to eight months eBay buyers are probably more consistent at least that's what makes sense to me but there's no way to investigate this further I'm giving you the numbers they're putting out that's that's all I have available nevertheless it's still a huge market you are going to be seen by at least four times as many prospective buyers on eBay as you are on Etsy and in fact it could probably be more than that and I suspect it is I suspect that four to one is somehow an inflated number I'm just not sure how they've done it is that market worth an extra four percent well even if it's only four times as great and that's the lowest figure I could get even if it's only four times as great that's still a huge difference in prospective buyers that's in more market boost four times your market yeah that alone would be worth it listings the first listing you put up on eBay is going to be your most difficult that's where you're going to have to put up your sort of house rules you know things like I need international buyers to contact me before bidding I don't take bids from people with less than ten feedback or I don't take bids from people with private feedback everything that's shipped out at the buyers cost I charge actual shipping only all those are the kinds of things you would put in I take returns for you know twelve and a half days everything is going to be mailed out within 24 hours that's where you list your sort of your rules of business now there are other places you are going to list these rules too and that will be in your listing the little boxes that you will check but in your listing body is where your buyers are going to look for this information so your first listing in addition to the photographs and the brief description of your item you're going to need your shop rules and and I strongly suggest you to give that some thought to look at other successful sellers see what they have in their rules and learn from their mistakes because if you see a whole lot of people saying I will not take bids from eBay errs with fewer than ten feedback put that in because they have a reason for it and you don't want to fall into a trap they fell into you know will learn from what what went wrong for that shop around once you create that first listing you can template it now all of your house rules are certain carved in stone because you can continue to sell off that template over and over again you'll be changing your categories you'll be changing your photos you'll be changing your description but that template will give everything you need it'll be the countries you ship to the countries you don't ship to your handling time your return policy it will all be right there in fact there's only one thing that you will consistently need to change and that's if you opt out of the global shipping program that's one thing you'll need to do every time but we'll talk about shipping in a minute once that template is done there are two ways you can use it you can go into selling and grab your template take it out again or you can pick any one of your listings click a button and say I want to sell a similar item so you have for Hummel figurines and you have a template that you made when you were selling depression glass pictures so the first time out you grab the template you alter as needed from depression glass pictures over to Hummel figurines and then the next time out you're like I want to sell something similar grab another Hummel figurine listing and this time out all you need to do is change the pictures in the description bang-bang you are done after your first listing everything else runs so quickly and so smoothly it will be surprising because the templates work more control on eBay you have absolute control over your site if there are people you don't want to do business with bang they go into your block buyer list if there are countries you don't want to sell to you take them right out now you can do that with that c2 so it's not a sexy have that but they don't have the block fire feature and they don't give you the level of control that eBay does because in fact eBay allows you to list your items in multiple categories now there will be fees associated with this but if you have an item let's say for example Asian porcelain that's something I deal with the lot you might want to list that as Asian Fine Arts you might want to list that somewhere else as antiques / Asian you know double listing you can do that and you'll come up in both search listings ultimately that is a great deal of control search said certain that search engines that's what I was just talking about the search engines on eBay are really good when you make your listing you choose from their existing categories by the way the way you do this let's go back to our Hummel figurines you throw Hummel figurines into a search you go to sold listings remember we always use sold listings not active listings you take a look at the Hummel figurines that have sold for the best prices and then you take a look at what categories they have been placed in and then you copy out those categories and those are the ones you're going to use because you can learn from other people's successes as well as learning from their failures on Etsy you have to choose your own categories it's not even like you can scroll through them you just start typing something in until you get lucky and then you have to create your own list of 13 descriptors which is what pulls you up when people are searching and usually after about 5 or 6 descriptions you're really starting to grasp at straws that is why whenever I go on Etsy looking for celluloid fans I find skeins of yarn and an odd little button is for you know I Twilight Twilight yes I find Twilight buttons it's because there's no structured search the search is the search is dictated by how a seller is choosing to list their items and the seller is encouraged by Etsy to use 13 specific terms many of which have nothing whatsoever to do with their product I would think if I were to use all thirteen terms every time out I'd be showing up on every searching town I mean they would be searching for boxes of dead fireflies and they'd be turning up my Asian porcelain because you just run out of things to say and then you start grasping at straws and that throws you into the wrong search group and that doesn't do anybody any good the buyer doesn't need to see your stuff it's not what they're looking for and you don't need to have your stuff turning up on every possible search so eBay's is much much better and let me give you a concrete example because if you are selling vintage Barbies which I do from time to time you go into dolls and bears from that you go into Barbies from Barbie you go into vintage Barbie from vintage Barbie you go into pre-1967 Barbie and that is exactly where your doll belongs your doll does not belong anywhere else there is no doubt about where this doll goes that's the category for it and eBay has so many categories that virtually anything you are selling is going to have its own particular category so that when people are browsing categories that's where they're going that's where you want to be seen and putting your item in the wrong category can cost you sales so better search engines is better visibility more satisfied buyers because they're not scrambling to find your things they're finding them quickly and easily and less work for you because you don't have to reinvent the wheel eBay is handing you these categories saying take your pick choose what you want instead of forcing you to sit down and type out 13 separate descriptions of what your item might be and having to guess now when your buyers might want to call your item so I think search engines is a really good instant customer support if you need eBay they are a phone call away you just there's a Contact Us link you go in contact and you'll have to scroll through and fill out you know information about what you want to contact them about but you will get them you will get them on the phone you will get them within two minutes of your first efforts to get them they will be there they don't have hold times I don't think I've ever been on hold for more than maybe three or four minutes with eBay and you'll get a human being who is there to help you that's really good with Etsy you have to send them an email they have to get back to you if they didn't understand your question you have to send them another email and so on and so forth it's not like talking to a person on the phone because if they don't understand you you can just explain yourself to them they say I don't understand you say wait let me restate when that's being done by email it's 24 hours before you get the responding email then you have to email back if they didn't understand they email you back it can be an incredibly long process especially if you have a difficult situation that might be open to misinterpretation yes instant customer support is very good also speaking of instant instant payment when you buy an item on eBay you make your payment either through your credit card through your PayPal account whatever you're paying instantly that payment is immediately turned over to the sellers account as the seller it's almost always going to be your PayPal account the minute that money is there it's yours now I understand that with new sellers eBay will hold payments for a while but it's not a long while just a short while until they can make sure the seller is doing what they're supposed to do they get a few bits of feedback saying yes we will ship it out now I'm not even sure if this is the case I've been told this but since my eBay accounts are very old and long-standing I don't know how they're doing that but this is certainly possible however as I heard it they're only being held for a few days Etsy Etsy pays out once a month and you may have all kinds of money in your EXCI account but you see it when they let you see it which is in their best interest because they have your money and they can draw interest on that money before they have to give it to you with PayPal you get paid the minute that money's in your account it's yours you can literally pay your postage for the item that was just purchased out of the purchase price if you have items that really weigh a lot and the postage is very high and you need that 35 or $40 or let's say it's an international purchase and you know it's very expensive you need that money that's with Etsy that comes out of your pocket you have to pay that upfront Etsy will give you that money back a month later after they've drawn the interest but you're upfront costs are much higher instant payment through PayPal is a very different story they pay the money you get the money and then just that fast that is a major benefit um shipping as we were just talking about paying for your shipping eBay has the best shipping rates I have said right along that you go to PayPal if you want the best rates eBay's rates are the same as PayPal and it's a lot easier to get them because when I ship on Etsy and I take my shipping through to PayPal I have to do a cut-and-paste I've got one window open with my buyers information on Etsy another window open with my PayPal account and I'm doing cut and paste cut and paste no it's not that big a deal and it's worth it for the money I save by using PayPal shipping but still with Etsy it's one click and it's done and it's those same rates plus they do international shipping which PayPal will not do so I if I have to do international shipping I have to use Etsy's system or I could use the USPS but Etsy system is in fact cheaper than the USPS with eBay you're getting the best rates right across the board and you do it with the click of a button also you have access to ship cover insurance which is far better than the USPS insurance USPS if you make an insurance claim first of all the postage is not covered so if you have an item that's gone out for free shipping 100% of the cost is covered but if you charge the shipping separately they don't pay that and they pretty much pay you assuming they pay you and I've had claims denied by the post office and frankly there's nothing you can do about it they aren't judge jury and executioner on this one if they do not want to process a claim they just won't do it and you can't make them if they do process your claim it could be months before you get your money meanwhile you've got a buyer you have to reimburse now so ship cover much better the minute your buyer says I've got damage you contact ship cover you send them the buyer information and trending I think the fastest claim I ever have resolved my cover was probably about 10 minutes and the longest was about 40 minutes so it's virtually instantaneous your your money to reimburse your buyer is in your account before you've had a chance to reimburse your buyer that's how quick it is so that is better shipping also global shipping program and this is what is this this is number 8 global shipping provides much easier international shipping now it's much more expensive for your buyer which is why I don't use it but it's much easier for you as the seller you ship your item off to a central clearinghouse and I believe it's in Lexington Kentucky they take it from there and just couldn't be easier so global shipping from the sellers point of view is virtually identical to domestic shipping somebody else is going to take care of it all I'm not saying it's bad I just don't use it because I would prefer to save my buyers the money because International shipping has just gotten insanely expensive these days but I do consider global shipping to be a benefit it's something I use if I am shipping two countries that have unreliable postal services or if I feel for whatever reason the risk of damage or missing packages is high obviously if I was shipping a package to Afghanistan global shipping because you know the war zones they're just well what can you say on top of everything else bombs shells murder blah blah blah the mail just tends not to go through all that reliably so global shipping can be a great benefit nine options eBay gives you all kinds of options that Etsy does not give you you can sell straight out of your buying account and that's the account you've been using all these years and you've been building up your nice little 100% feedback and that's the account you can sell out of or you can open a shop or you can contact a listing agent and have them sell for you or you can do your own listings and use a service like Activa or inc frog to handle your pictures or and the list goes on and on and on all of these resources that are available to you it's just it's one option after the next many of those options and there are options I've never used on eBay there are just so many of them you can really tailor your business to work exactly the way you want it to never can because I just mentioned your buyer history your buyer history is your opening seller history so if you're a buyer you will have 100% feedback because no one can leave negative feedback it has to be a hundred percent positive that transfers over if you sell out of your buying account now you won't have the starts those little DSR ratings detailed seller ratings but you'll still have a hundred percent feedback and as a new seller that can help inspire confidence in buyers because a lot of times people will just look at the name and see 100 percent positive and not check on it because that's what will come up when your information comes up as a seller it'll be your your name your so name your buyer name same thing and then 100 percent positive feedback if they check they will see this aspire feedback if they don't well one percent feedback you are looking mighty good to a prospective buyer and it's simply based on your buying history not you're selling history one more thing I wanna mention and that's when you go to ebay scroll down to the bottom of the page any page it's on all of their pages and you'll find a few links down at the very very bottom the most useful link you are going to find this called site map si te m ap click on site map and become familiar with what is listed there that will quickly get you to all your buying tools all of your selling tools contacts community finding other members all right there in that site map button I've been using that for years ever since that was no it was that one that was the only way to get at some of this information but you go in and as a seller you hit site map you go into selling you can quickly and easily add a buyer to your block buyer list remove a buyer from your block buyer list so they can buy from you again you can end a listing you can cancel a bid all of this from in there and you find that with that site map button and then so easy so that is my quick and dirty a bay list I've been selling on eBay for about twenty years so this is a system I know and know well I am going to maintain my Etsy shop in spite of the difficulties with this thirty dollars shipping I don't know if I'm going to opt into that system yet I haven't decided what I have decide is I'm not closing my Etsy shop I made a commitment and it was only like six or eight weeks ago when we started opening our Etsy shop I made that commitment that we were going to work this through I would be doing it with you let me make the mistakes so you don't have – little did I know what sort of just Whomper they had to drop on us just a few weeks later but I am in this for the long haul with you and I am going to stick it out we will navigate this as best we can so I'm maintaining a presence on Etsy but I totally understand that a lot of you are going to want to move over to eBay I can't say I blame you it's probably a very good choice for some of you and staying with Etsy is probably a very good choice for others this is and these are your businesses these are your decisions and my job is just to help you make the best decision and then follow through on that decision in the best possible ways so when I continue to do that but in the meantime if you're interested in switching over to eBay now you have the information you have a lot of reasons a lot of services to justify that extra fee and obviously I'm still here still got the comments you like something you don't like something let me know because 20 years on eBay I can probably help you sort it out and if I can't I can find someone who can so that is it for today I will see tomorrow you guys have a great rest of your day see you later

40 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Choose EBay

  1. I sold an item on etsy for the first time last week and they released my funds within a couple of days. I had to contact customer service to figure out the how they took their fees, but I found a phone number (1-844-659-3879 incase someone needs to find it, they don't make it easy lol), got ahold of somebody right away and got my questions answered. This was a heavy item (around 8lbs) and it shipped for around $12 after I added signature and insurance.

  2. I have noticed that you and Roselyn have shown interest in hand crafted items. I recently picked up a set of hand carved wooden utensils at a yard sale. There are 4 of them and they look old. Is there a market for this kind of product? Can I send you a photo of this item? I love your tutorials. This one on EBay is particularly useful. Can you use templates for an unrelated product? Do you ever do

  3. Only thing about etsy & ebay is that it seems people naturally want to go to etsy for unique vintage items& are willing to pay a little more than ebay. I think most have gotten over the etsy shipping thing now (as we all adjust/give in to dumb new rules as time goes on) & just sticking the shipping cost in the price. Turning into no biggie when at first we were all oh no thats so immoral.. lol😏😚

  4. Ebay not so good to new sellers, 21 days hold on fees or add tracking number to prove item has been delivered, once item delivered and ebay release funds paypal will hold funds for 72 hours before releasing this will be done for the 1st 25 sales on ebay so for new sellers ebay not a good choice. Ebay will 95% of the time favour the buyer in a dispute without even hearing seller's side

  5. Thank you Sue! Wonderful information on Ebay! I'm just about to list some things so this will help alot! I watch you thrift with the Crazy Lamp Lady, I love you two!

  6. I’ve been watching your videos all day and there is a lot of great information. Just to let your viewers know. Etsy takes shipping charge out of the amount the buyers paid. You don’t have to pay anything up front. Also any sales you make can be deposited to your bank account within 2 days .

  7. I have just watched Sue's video and feel I need to share this information. I haven't read all the comments so I don't know if this has been mentioned, but NEVER ship uranium glass via Global Shipping. They have decided that it contains "hazardous materials" and will destroy it! No argument, no comeback, no refund. No option is given to return the item to seller, they just destroy it. My Australian glass groups have been up in arms about this for a long time. If you absolutely must ship via GS, DO NOT mention uranium, UV, glow, or anything else pertaining to that type of glass in your description.

  8. Thank u so much Sue! I’ve never used the Site Map, but I will be checking It out. I can definitely use a one stop shop in my life, without looking on numerous pages for the same info that is right there in one place. Thanks a bunch! Enjoying all your videos and learning a lot.

  9. International shipping through Ebay scares me. I will not send to China. I am afraid of the uncertainty and the liability. If you don't like Global shipping what method do you use and why? You do not specifically say in your video what you use. Are there any countries that you do NOT ship to? Thank you!!

  10. 20:52 – Regarding new sellers and payment from eBay. I started as a new seller in March 2019. They held my payments until the package showed delivered & then released the funds. I called eBay to get more info. They said I had to sell 25 items, make at least $250 in sales and be on the platform for 90 days. Once I knew this, I started selling items for modest amounts and easy shipping. This must have help my stats, because after about 60+ days on the platform, I started getting paid instantly.

  11. Hello, I’m new to you channel and I love this video. You are one of my new favorite people, mainly because you remind me of my paternal grandmother. I have been on eBay for 18+ years but I’ve been away for for a couple of years now while taking care of my mom but it looks like I may be returning soon. She’s still going strong but it looks like I may have changes that will free up some daily time. I was starting to look at Etsy but I think you have convinced me to stick with what I know for now. I’ll continue to watch you and maybe give Etsy a chance down the line.

  12. Hi Sue I would like to start selling on ebay but I have no experience in selling on the internat. I am retired & have lots of art glass , figures, jewelry costume & sterling silver items. Could you give a tutorial on start to finish on how to sell , list, pack & ship on one item for a beginner with zero experience or knowledge. Thanks for assistance. I enjoy watching Jocelyn when you're shopping with her because you share so much knowledge with us. Thank you Sue ♡♡

  13. I have used both Ebay and Etsy. I personally don't like Ebay. One reason, Ebay is really more about supporting the purchaser than the seller, often times unfairly. I find that I have more pleasant customers on Etsy. The "free shipping" thing is really not a big deal to me. First of all, if you think you are getting free shipping from any company you're crazy. Trust me nobody is giving away shipping. It's a marketing ploy. As far as shipping rates go, I would like to point out that Etsy gets $100.00 insurance compared to Ebay's $50.00. I have had to use it several times. I've had no problems. I use USPS online and I have a check within 5-7 days. Also, I use Etsy's interface ability with Pirateship.I don't think Ebay does that, but I've never looked for it. If I have a heavy package it saves a ton of money for the customer. I just reimburse them for the difference. You really need to use it because they use cubic mail and it saves a bunch. I do think that the search engine on Etsy needs to be improved, a lot. I rarely need to use all 13 descriptors. I get it down to the nitty gritty in short order. I think the number of customers comparatively between the two can be an asset or a detractor. On Ebay, you may have more of an audience but with that comes more competition. I swear some of those people would sell their soul for a dime. I just don't understand it. On Etsy, I feel like I have a different customer base, more boutique, so to speak. I like that on Etsy customers have to pay when they purchase. Boom…Done. I have had to chase down customers to get my money and sometimes have had to relist because they welch on the payment. I HATE that. I schedule my money to be released once a month on Etsy, but if I need it sooner I just have it sent to my bank account and it is there the next day. I just have had great luck on Etsy. I have had some wins on Ebay too, depends on the item. You really need to be in tune with which platform with serve you best. Sometimes an auction on Ebay is great for an item that is a rare collectible, maybe you can get a bidding war. Just make sure that you don't start too low or you could also loose your shorts in the deal. I have also checked into Poshmark. I'm set up but have yet to list on it. They have a different type of socializing platform that boosts your shop. I am NOT a social person so I'm not sure about it yet. Having run a brick and mortar store for over 15 years took the socialization right out of me.

  14. If u guys are ever near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania omg u guys need to stop buy the Salvation Army on Carson Street!!!! I was there today and I couldn't believe how much they had it was crazy!!!! I didnt bring very much money to buy anything but let me tell u OMG!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!

  15. Love you Sue! You look so much like my mom when she was younger ( she’s 90 now) . Anyway I would like to throw my two cents worth in, I just started selling on eBay about four weeks ago and I am making so much more money than I was on Etsy.

  16. Thank you Sue….very clear…. easy to understand….and oh so informative! I was seriously thinking about opening an Etsy shop after watching you and Jocelyn shop and talk about Etsy….in light of recent changes, etc 8 decided not to….now you have me thinking EBay….thanks so much for sharing😊

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