1000 Sales on Etsy in 2019

1000 Sales on Etsy in 2019

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Are you wondering how to get more sales on Etsy, even 1000 sales on Etsy in 2019? The trick to getting more sales on Etsy is to change up your strategy for each stage of your shop growth, and once you have been getting some success on Etsy there are new strategies to improving and growing your shop, looking at upping your SEO and even ranking on Google, diversifying and even moving off of Etsy

so you want to know how to get 1,000 sales on eetzi firstly I want you to take the time out to congratulate yourself you are doing excellent selling on eetzi you're doing better than most of the sellers and if you're not check out the playlist and the cards up above where I take you step by step from setting up your shop to getting up to this point but if you're now on that homestretch to getting the 1000 sales on eetzi the first thing we want to do is just take a moment to enjoy the success we've got already and a good way to do that yourself a free account or an ear ank and check out where you rank it in the world how great your shop is doing compared to all other shops you don't want to be depressing yourself by comparing yourself to everyone all the time but sometimes it's nice to just step back and see how awesome you're doing and you are doing great right so what's the difference getting to a thousand sales and why are we having a difference why can't what's working to get your first sale work to get you a thousand for sale well to an extent it can but your shop is doing great now you have more authority you have more understanding of how to rank for things so we can take things up to the next level and the kind of steps you want to think of is things to diversify things to make yourself be an expert in your field and new horizons you can step into so let's dive into them so firstly to diversify some of the things you could be thinking about doing is kits and supplies you really know your craft and you probably have a whole lot of stock cleaned up or some really good suppliers could you move into making kits eetzi itself is a great place for selling to crafty people not just for people wanting to buy finished products but it's also where people go to learn a new skill to learn a new craft or to get supplies so if you've got some ideas for our kits and supplies it can be a great place to sell them and now could really be the time to open that second shop if you've got things that don't quite fit into the remit of your first shop or if there is things that you wanted to try but they just weren't in your first shop they just weren't the niche the focus that you wanted now might be the time when you have a better understanding of everything and you hopefully have a little more time because you've got everything a little more automated it might be a good idea to think about making that second shop it's also really important to be thinking about trends and uneat see trends are happening months ahead of the time that they happen you want to be thinking of Christmas two three four months before Christmas so look at what the trends are search on tools like a rank and Google Analytics and see what words are trending and what words are seasonal throughout the year what search terms are items people might be looking for in the very close future and also what things are coming up if you'd caught onto the back of the slime trend or the fidgets spinner trend yes they're short-lived but if you can capitalize them because you're a big shop with a lot of authority you could roll in some pretty serious coin for the time that the trend is happening so if you see something just about to take off jump on it and also affiliate links this is another place you might find that people are coming to you quite often and asking you where you get your goods and supplies from and I know quite a lot of people get offended by that but you can actually cut bank on that you can make some money from that certain places like Amazon have affiliate programs where that means if you direct someone with your link to someone else's product you can get a share of the money when they sell it and this totally makes sense if people come to know and trust you and you're sharing with them items that you love you're sharing shops and suppliers that you really want to support and you get a wee bit of money for it then it's a win-win for everyone definitely don't just use this as a cash cow don't recommend things that you don't believe in but this can really help support the suppliers that you love so it's really worth considering getting into affiliate links and the steps to broaden into being an expert I know I know this does sound a little bit I know this might sound a little bit big-headed but you are you're coming up for a thousand sales on whatever it is that you make so you could look into online tutorials for example running a blog or a website showing people your skills teaching people how to make what you make and don't think of this is creating more competition it's a big old world out there and over time more and more people are going to come into creating what you make but you were there before them you have a bit more of an expert and they were going to learn and they were going to make it anyway so you being the expert that people come to for advice you'll also be the expert that people come to to buy from and what about going on to other people's blogs to offer advice what about interviews or videos all these things make you the expert in your field and it's also a bit of a fun different thing to do and different way to bring in money eventually and opening up into new horizons now you're getting kinda big you don't necessarily want to be on eetzi forever or you don't want eetzi to be your only source you don't want all your eggs in one basket so this is a good time to start branching out to new horizons one thing you could consider doing is capturing people's emails into a mailing list now this is super important you don't just want to say give me your email and I will spam you with random things every now and again you want to add value to them so do you want to join my mailing list to get coupons off discount sneak peeks at events before anyone else to keep in touch with what I'm doing next make your mailing list interesting not only does it have to sound interesting that you're adding value for people to sign up but also you want each of your emails each of your mail outs to be interesting to people so that they don't just stick you in this BAM box or unsubscribe that they enjoy reading your emails so you don't spam too often and you make sure what you're sending is value and perhaps now is the time to start building your own website setting up so that you're selling for yourself you've still got eetzi as your backup of course but once you're getting a bit bigger sometimes you don't need eetzi if you're driving your own traffic well let's aim for there your own website – or how about a bricks and mortar store not opening one yourself necessarily but getting in going speak into galleries or gift shops or places where your items might look good to be sold give it a try go in ask the people if they would be interested in selling your items they might well surprise you and if you don't ask them the answer's no we already say give it a go you've got nothing to lose by asking and also with all these other new things we can be thinking bigger with their SEO in our shop you can aim for higher competition keywords now as you have a bit more authority you have more understanding of how to rank for things let's aim for those higher competition keywords because the higher competition ones also have higher activity higher views higher sales so they are worth the gamble and also we can start to think of moving towards ranking on Google have you noticed now when you search for certain things on Google for certain terms these keywords might have a carousel of pictures or videos that pop up and what can happen sometimes is eat see shops can appear on that carousel right at the top very visible in the Google search and this is because eat see actually pays for a small amount of Google adverts for us and Google places some of these adverts onto this carousel Google features these a little bit not just in the shopping section but it also puts it in this carousel along with other things so if you target some highly competitive keywords that show up good on Google that show up in this carousel then there's a chance of you drive in a fair amount of traffic from Google now over the coming weeks and months we're going to be focusing in on things like building mailing lists and also how to improve our ranking on Google so don't forget subscribe to this channel and come back every week for more tips and advice and if you've got any questions or things you want me to focus on don't forget to leave them in the comments below thank you so much for joining me and amazing getting these thousand sales on eetzi thank you so much

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  1. One of the things I want to work on for 2019 is to develop at least another income stream from YT besides Adsense. I've been tossing around a couple ideas in my head and, while I liked some of them, nothing seemed to be clicking as appropriate for now. I just watched this video and one from Dan Currier over at Creator Fundamentals and the two combined caused a new idea to surface that I think has some potential. Interesting how our brain sometimes takes multiple disparate things and synthesizes them together.

  2. Thank you once again for your videos. They are always informative. Keep them coming please. I have learned so much from you. These videos keep me on track. Wishing you, myself and all of the followers much success in 2019.

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