3 Dropshipping Products That Will Make $100,000 Per Month (Untapped Winning Products 2019)

3 Dropshipping Products That Will Make $100,000 Per Month (Untapped Winning Products 2019)

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3 Untapped Shopify Dropshipping Products That Will Crush 2019 πŸ”₯
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(Shopify Dropshipping Winning Products) In this video I'm gonna show you three Untapped winning dropshipping products that you can sell right now to make one a hundred Thousand dollars in the rest of this year. These are not products that are super viral super popular out there These are three that I found with my own Strategy and you can sell them as well and really scale up because a lot of the winning products out There are already very saturated Pro drop shippers and people that really know what they're doing they take these untap products they make millions of them and Then you find them in spiteful and other software's so I'm going to show you three specific products plus other Suggestions that you can sell right now plus the strategy behind them why they sell and how to identify Products just like them so you can make the millions and millions of those pearl dropshippers make let's find out Hey, what is up in this video? as I said I'm going to show you three winning on tap products plus other Suggestions that you can sell and the strategy behind them why they sell and why similar products to them have sold Before hand but before we start I want to invite you to my free wait list for the EECOM secret formula Program that's gonna be launching very very soon I'm gonna teach you literally everything that I have about finding winning products plus winning product suggestions every single week Facebook Ads Google Ads Instagram ads and even YouTube ads if you want to sign up for that program It's coming very soon The wait list is the first link down in the description and the second link if you want to get mentored Directly by me on a week-by-week Basis get mentored straight from me to ensure your success and guarantee your results Make sure to check the second link down in the description and also before every video I give out a free One-on-one consulting call directly with me So make sure to comment secrets Secrets down in the comments below subscribe to our channel hit that notification about like the video and you'll be entered to win Every single video I pick a winner. So make sure to do comment subscribe hit that belt and you'll be entered to win all right, so the inspiration behind This video and show you untap products came from this one right here the shape contour got duplicated This is not one of the three products. This is not a product that I recommend yourself now I recommended it a month ago when they launched the actual ad so it says 6.2 million views about a month ago with 68 Thousand likes 8.5 thousand comments 36 thousand shares. This product absolutely went crazy A lot of people it started popping up in a lot of winning products 5 tools A lot of people were just pushing it out there. Like hey, this is the ultimate product yield to a product it got insanely Saturated I found it about a month ago when it had like 5 or 7 days running and it maybe had like a hundred 200 likes with a couple hundred thousand or a couple tens of thousands of views and I actually found it on my feet found it there and I was like damn this looks like a very Very successful product because it solves a massive problem of having to measure Things around the whole people that are interested in home improvement home decor It's very very hard to measure it irregular corners Like it says right here and it's very hard to add like carpets or flooring literally anything to your home That's kind of irregular not a straight shape. It's just very very hard to measure it. I saw this product I was like, oh, wow. This is gonna be a winner. This saws a massive problem home improvement. Home decor is a massive niche I put it on a video and bam the product absolutely skyrocket gets saturated Let's look at how much traffic it has by putting a plus sign on that building link and then looking at the store itself So you go to the store. This particular store is making is a very simple store on Brooklyn It does describe the product very well, but it's not the best-looking store out there. That's what I say a lot You don't need a super super quality store You just need a good description showing off the product the features and what it does very very well And obviously the product it has to be a good product. So let's look at sales stores right here Click analyze store and then let's go to the Billy link It has about twenty eight thousand three hundred link clicks going through it And now as you can see it went up massively on July 7th. I believe I released that video around June Twenty something and then it skyrocketed here. Bom Bom fine Just massive Today's massive days and then it went back down and now it's probably very saturated a lot of people trying to sell it now Now it's like too late to sell that product Let's look at sales source how much money they're making and we can see how they're making seventy eight thousand one hundred fifty seven thousand Dollars per month when I saw back then the stole is making maybe 3040 thousand and I saw that they were testing this product It was recently uploaded just a couple days before So I was thinking that store is quite successful. Well in twenty thirty thousand a month, they've recently uploaded this product It's getting more and more clicks more and more views a lot of engagement very very quickly There's gonna be a very solid product to sell very quickly And in this case, it's saturated much quicker than any other product. I've seen it really really saturated just Super fast like in a couple days with just like 10,000 20,000 30,000 and more and more and more and more people started selling it it got put on spy tools and more and more again and again that feedback look of a feedback loop of getting sales more people selling it more sales more saturation more saturation and then ultimately Getting very saturated. So this is what happens a lot of products. You gotta catch them early Now I'm gonna show you the three saturator once I found them the same way I found this one I predict they're gonna have Insane sales in the next couple of days couple of weeks so you can sell them as well all of your viewer of this channel So the first one that I'm going to show you is this particular here It's called great proof wire round edge weed trimmer and why am I showing you this product right here? Let's see the video of how it works You can cut edges you can cut grass weed anything around the home and in very weird spaces so one thing that is very difficult about normal weed cutters weed eaters and just grass cutters in general is they're very heavy very expensive and they break very easily so when you put them against Walls or hard flooring they just break so you can see this one. It just cuts everything very very clean rust-proof Also, they rust very easily and they break very easily So this one in this case is solving all of those issues. You can see here. It was launched two weeks ago 421 thousand views although it has a high viewership this probably because it's a watch page It doesn't have that much engagement Which probably means all those views are getting driven by a watch base has nothing to do with being driven too much for ads But now they're putting ads behind it I found that as an ad on my Facebook feed and is essentially getting a lot of traffic from ads now It doesn't have before it just has a couple of views or a couple hundred thousand views from a watch page now They're putting money into ad which means this product has a lot of potential. It's starting to pick up It's starting to pick up as well as there was a previous winner from this particular niche or a type of product That's very similar to it this particular winner It's made hundreds of thousands of dollars from multiple people Even some of my students are absolutely crushing it or have crushed it with this particular product I mention it a lot in about two months and I was one point six million views right here five point seven thousand likes eight Hundred seventy comments two point one thousand share. So it's a product that really sells it very very well and up to this day It's selling like crazy And you can see right here It's kind of a similar version to this previous winner to this previous Product that is selling very well and you can see like it solves that massive problem of weed cutters and weed eaters being very heavy very expensive very Difficult very hard to use and these ones make it much easier for the normal person because we're trying to sell to a normal person That specific type of person specific type of business We're trying to sell to the scalable average person out there and then this product here on the page We can see that the page doesn't look that great at all. The background is kind of weird It has a weird blueish color too in the description is good They show off the product very well as well as in the video you can definitely see all of the features how the product works what it can do if we go on sale source another thing very very important if you think Of a product if you see a store that's doing quite a lot of money or it's doing very very solid Income to recurring sales where you can see in this particular store seven months ago Ninety five thousand to one hundred ninety one Thousand dollars per month when you see a store like this that's making a lot of money Let's say you run it through sale source. It's making money and they just recently uploaded other products if we go to the bottom Best-selling products twelve days ago it was uploaded twelve days And now it's getting a lot of traction a lot of clicks a lot of ads Running to it and it's already the sec best seller on the store. This is a future Massive massive Prada, you can see most of the money is made with the slicer Which is also a very saturated product now a lot of people selling it now They're testing this one when you see a store that makes a lot of money a hundred thousand a month and they just recently uploaded A product they're testing it a lot. That's a sign of a future future winner You want to make sure that you check those stores out better make it a lot of money one of the recently uploaded products What are the products were testing? What are the new apps or testing something that one of my students pointed out? Is that if you go to any Facebook page, you can check the page, right? Here we go to the Facebook page on the little our right side of the page You'll see right here on the page transparency You will see right here below the about page below everything You will see the page transparency If you click on that It will show you when the page was created Who the people are from the page and then you will see the section down below that says ads from this page This page is currently running ads and then you click go to add slider and you will see all the apps you can find any Facebook page go to the ads right there, and then we click on United States Also one thing you can do is look at successful stores Look at their Facebook page and then check what new products are advertising So if we go down the products this one I don't recommend on selling because it's a copyright it's a patent from Star Wars not recommend it at all and they're Testing all of these products right here this little sofa covers. I've talked about these the muscle Machine the muscle muscle massager and then a bunch of other products right here as I showed you This one is the one that they're testing the most and I'm seeing it running a lot So I'm predicting that it's gonna make a lot of money untap products can be found a lot in already successful stores What new products they're testing? Those are always gonna be untapped not that many people testing them usually wanna stores making 100,000 100,000 or more every single month it's because they know what they're doing So if they're testing a new product That means they know what they're doing you check out all of all the ads right here And then yeah You can also check on sales sorts of recently uploaded products and the best selling products before I show you the second product Right this twist drying towel. I wanna congratulate my student Marcus for crossing his first $10,000 month inside my inner circle mentoring program He made it a couple of days ago on the 20th of July cause the first $10,000 month you can see right here absolutely, amazing amazing work from this particular student absolutely crushing it a lot of students add that level in the inner circle and I'm just super super proud of them Congrats if you're watching this market's awesome Awesome work getting to this point consists in $10,000 months If you're interested in that program check out the second link in the description to apply Let's go back to the product right here. This twist drying towel. You can see that it's basically for when your car is wet Let's say you wash your car now It's time to dry it drying a car is usually the hardest part of the washing process once you wash it It's all wet now drying if you don't live in a very hot environment Or the Sun is it or even if the Sun is hitting you constantly you don't leave weird marks on the car? Especially people that own luxury cars. It's kind of a very important thing to dry the car properly This towel does the job for you and you can see this particular Store has eight hundred thirty six thirty eight thousand views in about a month 740 engagement 327 comments not that much engagement again because it's a watch beach, but they're running this as an ad I found it as an ad and if we go to their page, the page is very well Well built so on the top of the page, you can see that they have twittering towel It's for 25 bucks and on the top it kind of cuts So the first description it cuts right there and then you can just buy it So if you're ready to buy it You can just cut to that description buy it straight away and watch the little video as well They have this little video right here of an audio RH Being dried up by the towel you can see they dry it up very very slowly very luxurious Drying and then you can buy it straight off or if you want a more High or more in detail description of the dry towel you can see it's in the twist super soft edging easy to use in just a very very Detailed description of the product very clean images Look at that just very up-close showing you the little fibers and everything Just making it very very luxurious as well as in the bottom. They have instagram handles with testimonials So this particular person has a Lambo and it says I was finally able to use my new drying towel It is the first time a towel of any sort has to touch this car So a person has a Lambo is saying this towel is amazing That is an insane testimonial that multiple of these Had the tag on Instagram and then the testimonial tag and Instagram testimonial this increases social proof like crazy because people can actually go on Instagram and type in the person they can see that maybe they seek pictures of this car if they have a Lambo they're probably showing off that Lambo and Instagram they can see that they're actually using It and it just creates a bunch of social proof and a bunch of trust for this particular store great great strategy. Absolutely Love it. You should apply it for yourself we go on sale source, click analyze store You can see how much the store is making and it ones it load so we can see that it's making in about two years Eighteen thousand to thirty six thousand dollars per month, which is not much but it is a product that solves a massive problem Which is drying the car? It is very hard to dry a car Especially for luxurious brands and people that spend a lot of money and respect their car a person that spends $100,000 eighty thousand dollars seventy thousand dollars on a car spending twenty five bucks to to to riot is nothing it's really nothing and you might think oh But that's just like a very niche very small market of people that own luxury cars in the United States in the UK and Canada in developed countries A lot of people have luxury cars a lot like thousands and hundred thousands of people have luxury cars Maybe they have a luxury family car. Like they just have one car for the family that's very luxurious and Generally people in any car brand like people that have any type of car if they respect the car They're willing to spend twenty five bucks to drive properly I definitely think it's gonna be a product that is gonna be very skilled up Quickly, and these people are gonna make a lot of money from it If you want to explore it study it analyze it I definitely think it's gonna be a winner solves a massive problem very scalable for the average person And it's the product that already makes money now, it's time to scale it I predict it's gonna make a lot of money very soon one thing I forgot to note is if you go on Aliexpress, you can find multiple listings if you check card drying towel You can check this one at thousand four hundred sixty sold three hundred sixty six old ninety-seven 256 Sixty three 606 530 so there's a lot a lot of listings out there that are already Getting sales by themselves on Aliexpress. There's even one that's like an ad Yeah, there's even ads like all these are ad ad ad ad So these these suppliers are pushing to sell this product It's not massively sad trailer has thousands or tens of thousands of sales But already one brand is focusing on them making sure the product page looks amazing having testimonials and selling it very well It probably is a product that is gonna make a lot of money check it out I'm going to leave this link down in the description before we go on I do want to congratulate Diego cambiado for being the winner of the past videos Consulting call with me If you want to win a call coming secrets Subscribe hit that notification about like the video down below and you'll be entered to win the third Untap product that I want to show you this dock fleet remover. We're gonna watch a little video So those dogs that are itching or even cats that are itching and you can use this little comb to remove fleas you Can see the comb Remove sleeves And the result is it just takes all those please? Removes it puts it into the comb and now the pet doesn't have anymore fleas I thought it's a really cool product. And also it solves a massive problem with charcoal and dark leaves of pet. Please are insane They're promised a massive problem that a lot of pet owners and dog owners Specifically have a massive problem with they go into humans that their dogs just itch and itch and itch all day. They buy super expensive medication if you go on Aliexpress there's like hundreds of listings for a bunch of different products specially veterinarians if they recommend a product like this one or they Prescribe a dog product for fleas. It's super expensive my sister. She's a veterinarian She probably spends like a thousand to two thousand dollars a month on products for therefore and some of those are flea products that cost like 100 200 even $300 for a little medication or a constant Subscription medication that they have to spend so the dog doesn't get any more fleas So this particular product solves a massive problem? It only has 16,000 views in just two weeks pretty good engagement doesn't have that much traction It's not running that much, but I haven't seen it that much That's the key to an untapped product a product that has a lot of traction is getting traction slowly Doesn't have massive is not super viral supersaturated, but it's time to make it viral if we go to the particular store right here We check out the store It's a pretty good-looking store really good description and the video again, they're showing off the products You understand them very well. A lot of features customer reviews on the bottom Just got my order and I'm really satisfied there now live free I'll order again and a lot of just testimonials and also they have this little picture right here, which is probably not their warehouse They're probably drop shipping from China But it says our warehouse ready to send your order or it could be their warehouse from the drop shipping agent There's no really indications of any Chinese Writings on here, but it's definitely a really cool thing that you can add to your particular store. Really really cool store And if we click on sale source Click analyze store we can see how much is making I predict this product is gonna do massively It's probably gonna get scaled up maybe by one of my viewers But it does have a lot of potential and the market is endless everybody or not everybody But everybody that has a dog or has a cat This is one of the multi mate and most the same problems that they have with being a pet owner is please and lice So this just removes a problem very easily with a little gadget They don't have to spend a bunch of money on little medications or anything They're making sixteen thousand thirty two thousand dollars a month which isn't much but they could be scaling this product massively in the bottom The main product is a ginger oil and then the second main product is a flea catch or comb they're selling this one for six Days, and they're selling this one for 11 days this these are products that could be massively scaled up I see them doing a bunch a bunch of money later on Like I said flea medications that we type in the dark flea medication and we'll watch you do a test Let's see how much a dog flea medication cause so let's look at this one monthly dozing last 35 days Let's see. How much is actually cost as compared to a and this one it's like 30 $40 on here let's see how much it cost and Then we try to find the pricing here offers right here. We're trying to find the pricing and see how much it cost and this one in particular Just says like points or rewards. So we'll try to find a product on here and We'll see if we can find a little product Ah, we can't find a product But just do your researcher solve this type in I'm gonna see this particular products are all like 2 4 dollars Which is a bit sketchy from Aliexpress, but they could cost up to 100 200 bucks if you buy them in the United States Canada you can't make sure to check that out research yourself If you don't trust what I'm saying in this video just do your own research I always suggest just do your own research just check the product analyze the market analyze the niche and then Promote it to your viewer – to your viewers to your audience in your store And now I'm gonna show you other products that might also have potential or just products so you can learn from now that I showed You the three untapped ones that are now making insane amounts of money But those stores that are promoting them are making money and they have a lot of potential now I'm going to show you other ones right here. This one right here. It's a little dog toothbrush It has five minutes seventy five thousand views in about two months lot of engagement probably getting saturated slowly and slowly But just to show you that this particular niche has a lot of money in it people that have dogs people have pets Spend a bunch of money on those pets they love them They want to make sure they're good taken care of and if we go to this particular store your pet club and we click on analyze store we can check how much money they're actually making and they're making about sixty thousand two hundred twenty thousand dollars per month your pet club calm pets or a Huge huge if you don't know what to sell make sure to check out pet products top products pet owners really love their pets They want to spend money on them and there's a lot of different products that you can sell even subscriptions products for fleas products for toothbrush literally anything in this particular one sign for about thirty dollars and Let's go back to the thing. Whoops. Ah, let's go back I don't want these short videos and this particular toothbrush is doing quite well. So this is one that's already proven to sell Not really untapped but it's already making a lot of money. Alright for some other winning products right here. You can see this new Smart Watch for musicians for one smart watch and this one isn't dropshipping yet. It is an IndieGoGo I believe in the old campaign so you can see this little metronome and Anything for musicians really is very very profitable. Like I've seen this particular niche I've seen people scale products up to like a million up to five million dollars I've seen people scale up in this particular one. If you go down. It has 2.2 million views with about two months The engagement is low because they're using this video on multiple different apps. So it's not like it's a watch page It's not like they have very they're buying views or anything. This is they're using this video on a bunch of different ads that's why it has so many views but the video itself does have 2.2 million views if we go to the site right here, we can see that it's an IndieGoGo campaign It should pull up with nine hundred and fifty six Thousand dollars already for the one smart music tool. I think this nation is absolutely profitable I've seen a lot of products do very very well So if you're thinking of a niche that might not be the standard like home and garden gardening Home and kitchen or just home decor in general things like pets things like outdoors Musicians music is a very very profitable niche I've seen people sell guitar picks up to a million dollars in just guitar product guitar picks So this one in particular is not drop shipping Probably aliexpress drop shippers as soon as it comes out as soon as it gets shipped out They're gonna get it and they're gonna replicate it and use it as something that we can sell my drop shipping I definitely recommend you do research into the snitch I think it's a very profitable one the next product that I want to show you is this little portable? water bottle and foldable water bottle and it comes from the old stripe deal strat is a Massive massive store making hundreds of thousands of dollars this particular one has 134 thousand views about a month little engagement But again, it could be a watch page or just are using this video on a lot of ads And let's look at the store right here Click analyze store so you can see how much money deal started making but this is $100,000 a month or more store right here Oh, no It is a hundred thousand thirty eight thousand seventy six thousand my bad for that are just seeing them a couple of times thirty eight Thousand seventy six thousand still they're doing pretty well on this product It isn't super scaled up But it does solve a problem of always having to carry a jug or water bottle with you This one is just full of them and it's very easy Made of nano silica keeps it together even at extreme temperatures So even if the water is super hot super cold, you can still keep it right there on it's very foldable Very portable solves that problem I think this product is gonna get tested by a lot of people it's gonna get skilled and I predict it's gonna do it Really? Well, so make sure to check it out recently uploaded products. You can see right here on sale stores You can see all the recently uploaded products for this particular store. Sorry, my voice is cracking This video is long and talking a lot But this you can see all the recently uploaded products here on sale source And the last one that I'm going to show you finally is this particular one. It's called Marley mesh sneakers mainly for kids You can see these mesh sneakers right here. It's a little baby wearing them and moving and Baby products do insanely well, especially baby shoes We sold more like fifty sixty thousand dollars already this year with baby shoes. Absolutely. Insane needs to go into. I don't know Why parents just keep buying shoes and keep buying shoes Especially when the kids are growing like don't outgrow a shoe in like a month or two months Don't outgrow the shoe now. It's time for a new shoe shoes like this that are pretty affordable very Flexible and malleable also really really good If you go down to the bottom we go to milk camp and if we go on the store, we click on analyze store Let's see how much they are making This particular product looks pretty well description. Isn't that long? It isn't well written out but it is a really cool looking store. It is very simple. Just elegant We're the cute looking for kids and sale sores. They're making about forty five thousand to ninety one thousand dollars per month So these guys know what they're doing. They already have half a million views on this particular video So it is a product that could have a lot of potential just talking from experience And from a story that's already making a lot of money already three months into this product I think products like this one that are for kids that are repeatable. You want to look for cyclo products? so so very untapped very profitable just products that cycle people buy again and again and again, Depending on what the product is You can buy it a million times and choose for babies or shoes for kids are huge Huge niche if we go to Aliexpress, you can find a bunch of them You can type in kits and mesh sneakers You can find a lot of sneakers like this one. And this is the particular one that they're selling has 558 orders right here. You can see as let me take out sale stones right here see 559 orders You can look at sales source, although right now it's not selling that well I just want to show you a product that does tend to sell pretty well or variations of it so you can spy on them and kind of Identify winning products since that's the trick to it it's not really giving you the product is helping you identify them how I found them and what type of Characteristics I give these products that are going to be very successful later on That's it for this video If you want to see how this store went from zero to one hundred sixty eight Thousand dollars per month drop shipping on Shopify in just two months. Make sure to check the video right here There's gonna be a video that's gonna pop up right here from zero to one hundred and sixty eight thousand dollars How does Shopify drop shipping sort did it and how you can do it yourself? the exact strategy many stores follow to grow to that level make sure it's cut a Subscriber channel if that notification about checkout the two links in the description the first one econ formula weightless the second one mentoring Directly with me. Thank you for watching. I will see you in the next one

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