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I tried $450 dollars worth of famous/ popular slime shops from around the world! @NEWCHICSLIMEFACTORY from Brazil, @SambalSlime, @OneSmileAtATimeSlime, @MySlimeObsession_ and @puttyegg from USA and @gooberrySlimess from UK to compare their slime packages and review them πŸ™‚
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hi guys in today's video I'm gonna be doing a slime war between Brazil the UK and also the u.s. I've actually never tried Brazilian Slains before so I was so excited for that I've tried us in UK but I decided to choose a mix just so I can compare the countries first up we have is Lola and I decided to get my slides from new chick slime Factory if you're not familiar with them it's owned by a youtuber call Sophia for loony I believe her name is but this impressed me so much first of all the packaging was so different from American packaging it came into beautiful cylindrical boxes both of them matched and they were striking pink and I could definitely use them again which I thought was amazing and the slime is so affordable for how amazing is and all the things that come with it it smells so good it's most just like the glitter flames strawberry cream cheese I believe it's called I don't know she gets her scent in Brazil or she gets them from the US next up we have DIY clay confetti unicorn shake and this again came with so many extras and this was such a joy to review like a lot of the times with the reviews I have so many slimes as you'll see in this video they actually becomes really hard to enjoy filming this but with hers it was just kind of like an adventure making each time the scent of the base lamb is a marshmallow scent so the slime ends up smelling like marshmallow and it's so so nice because there's not much clay in this loads of slime it ends up being like a sleigh Texas like half clay half glossy so it doesn't fully feel like a clay Slone what's man cloud wasn't a DIY cloud but it actually came in one of the really cool boxes which I thought was amazing and this was interesting for me because I don't normally like watermelon but for some reason I loved the scent of this it was so so good I was so impressed by her sense like I find that a lot of the non-american brands even the UK ones don't always have the best sense but this one was just amazing it had such nice drizzles as well just the quality of a slime is so good for how little it costs last but not least we have a really cool DIY clay fruit salad from her and this came with the clear base it's a bit cloudy because the container fogged up because I had to put this in the fridge it completely wasn't her fault but Brazil Mayo doesn't come to the UK much so it took like 20 days to get here when it was meant to take we're way less and this was really good regardless it didn't get too sticky I only had to put it in the fridge for like two hours and then it was a lot easier to mix park- mixed together it really reminds me of just a normal white glue and flown but it's a bit more horrible it's a bit more of a putty texture which I personally really like I love playing on my laptop and playing with slime at the same time so this actually works out really well for me overall I cannot recommend Brazil enough it was just amazing I had absolutely no faults in it and I was so impressed next up we have England obviously this is where I'm from so I am a bit biased but I'm gonna keep it as fair as possible so this is goober e slimes and I've actually never tried her slides before her shop looked really interesting when she also sent some slimes I just said send over your coolest ones and she really delivered I've never seen any unique containers like this in the UK sometimes they have those like cool little like honey jars the cool I've never seen saw makes such an effort without packaging as well as presentation and slime quality this kind of feels like a bus a fist to me it was really creamy really nice it smells like strawberry but it isn't a sickening strawberry personally I don't laughs strawberry cents but I really like this I thought this is really nice the next ones are butter slime and I just love the color coordination of this I thought it was so nice how it kind of match with the add-ins and the sign itself was so silky I think she might use a British clay because this doesn't feel like any of the popular clothes that are around now not like model magic daizo or that really soft polymer clay this supposed really unique so I love this it was really really cool to see what colors mix in as well and the quality of this again was just through the roof it was so so good next up we have a slime base of what I would call the most popular dish in England and this is fish and chips this doesn't smell like fish or chips it's just represented in the charms and also the add-ins and the chips are represented by big foam chunks so it's really really soft and it's also a fish charm in there as well as some foam beads and this is a super thick slime super clear I think is unscented as well I really enjoyed playing with this the dazzle push pop was another one that came in a really cool container and this actually smoked just like sweets it smells so so good and also the slime itself was gorgeous it came with these like little gem charms in there as well as some confetti some charms and this is so easy to get back into the container as well jamika fatty tuna was another DIY clay slime and this was just like Brazil actually it came with some whipped cream and osis and toppings and this reminds me of the pink one except for the base is actually a clay one so when you mix this in it creates a really nice butter slime and this was just like strawberry last but not least we have under the rainbow which is a really cool clear slime it comes to so many add-ins and this smells like sweets and also the container for this is amazing she was super generous with all her add-ins as well and included some sweets for accent will so a slang Kashi next up we have America and they have most amazing trends over there at the moment DIY clay sculptures are the biggest one at the moment and the idea is is that you're given a clay sculpture to kind of build your own so you put the slime on top and then you put all the add-ons on and then it looks like a meal obviously it isn't do not ever eat slime but this is so so cool I loved mixing this in it was such a journey as well and she had paint Steve I was a little worried about the clay drying up because it was in transit for over a month because he got held at my post office but then it didn't actually dry out absol it was so well packaged and it mixed really easily to make a clay sigh and a scented like lemon pepperoni pizza came in such a cool box as well is literally like a takeout box and I love the crazy Missy your fish you let you're allowed to build every single part the base comes pre-made I know myself I made a DIY one of these before it's so hard to make the base oh thank goodness for that slime actually smells like pizza and the base is like a jelly base that comes with so when you mix it all in it ends up being like a jelly clay and I really like that it's my preference definitely but I think that if you kind of leave this particular package for a while it will dry up just because it isn't wrapped in the same like airtight container whereas the condi sandwich actually was so so fresh ended up smelling like what was it Oreos and brownies that's what it smells like to me even though extras came in the coolest bag it was like a jar and then it came with all of these candies and also cool stickers in this sample slimes actually had 9,000 and this account has a similar number I'm pretty sure it's under ten thousand and both of them just do amazing DIY clay Slams obviously this is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I thought this is so creative it kind of smells like bread and chocolate strawberries to me but it does end up a really nice really creamy slime at the end this thing was a layered slime but it was very different from the other clay science because this doesn't come mixed so you get to mix it into the white slime but it doesn't come as a sculpture either and I think this is really cool for people who haven't really made slime at home especially with clay science and this smells like chocolate to me the item that really most excited when I first open this box was definitely the excellent adventure firstly I love them secondly the presentation is fantastic and then when I thought the slime I was just so impressed because this package it was another one that had been left around for a while and it hadn't melted at all I think a lot of the slides would like fake snow in them dome but this was so great and they were all scented really gorgeous like sherbet he said I would say and then Huey's Hollow pop pop was just so pretty on the bottom it is a bit hard here just because I had to reactivate it and if this was just a slime alone this would be like the right amount but with foam signs it's kind of better to leave it sticky so I should have I should just just left it as it was but this isn't scented she was really generous with her extras everything also came really well presented and included borax and a cashew neck stuff I thought a show shot that doesn't really have any DOI clay signs and this is my slime obsession she follows kind of like the British theme of having really cool containers to store her slime in and this was so so clear is kind of what she's known for the really cool clear thick textures but she's actually just good at everything the butter texture is probably my favorite butter I've ever tried in my life but this particular one was just so nice the clarity was gorgeous but also the add-ins she made another version with different atoms as well this one has a butterfly charm in it and also has loads of PARs so it's kind of more of a I dunno it's more of a textured one I would say than the other one beneath the sea was so creative and perfect at the bottom it has loads of sand and then it also has like some sea life there and then it has some sea colored water on top and when you're mixing this together obviously the sand and the slime have mix so it's quite hard to mix it first but then what you try for a while it becomes really easy the slime starts stretching again and you can add in all your add-ins and she gave me so many fish chance for this I was so shocked because normally you only get one but this came out to be a really nice creamy texture her absolute bestseller at the moment is on the bright side and this is a double-layer claim so because of the really thick white slam in the middle and it's so so fun to mix them like will the double close lands are but this is just so pretty and I'm so gorgeous rainbow color windows swirling it but then when you mix it it comes out blueish I think the biggest difference between us slime and international slime is just the u.s. slimes always have such a big variety because this shops so good at doing Claire slam she does a lot of variations which is really different in texture and also the look but this is so interesting to me because people always sell her out so this one in particular has like Louis Vuitton charm in it which I thought was amazing when I saw this I was like I need it in my life and then she has other ones that are just really cute and like girly like lavender fields so I feel like it just suits different types of personalities and that's why it sells so well I never really see that in any other country that will was just like one texture purse lime like it's never really like a whole collection back life is definitely one of my favorites from her it comes out really really easily from the pot I think it's just the design of the pot compared to the smaller ones but it just allows you to see how horrible and thick her slimes are this comes with the champagne box with charm also some money charms and a money sign charm this is the clear base she used for all of them which she very kindly sent me and this gets so so clear I showed it in videos before but what really strikes me about us shops is that it isn't just in like one texture that they have a huge variety the whole shop is just full of loads of different slam this one smells like strawberry and it's really crunchy so then she has loads of buses which are perfect they're so good it's not like any of the texture is compromised or like the quality is compromised it's all amazing and this one smells loads like mints if you don't like mint this one isn't the one for you but the texture of it it's just beautiful it's so airy and silky and it's definitely just one of those slams that you can't put down not only are her slides amazing but she also sells this really cool activator bottle with gems in it as well as giving me extras I thought party AK would be the best American summary to do because he kind of highlights all the American trends at the moment not only does he have Cray scope just this smell amazing and also it just like hand-painted and so creative but he also just has the widest variety of slams you will ever see and they're all really different in textures within the same themes as well so this one is a chicken nugget one obviously it has a chicken nugget mode it smells like barbecue I really love the Sun I love barbecue though so if you don't this one isn't for you but this comes out like a putty clay which I'm not really familiar with like it's a really unusual texture that I've never tried before and then he incorporates some of the UK themes with a similar packaging but also the US themes of having that layered slime underneath but also clay on top and this is so great I think a big like trend across the whole of SLAM is just that everyone's influenced by food I think just because it's so different in texture and scent and so you can get a lot inspiration up there this one in particular smelt like maple syrup and I just thought it was an amazing kind of mix and I thought it was really interesting that the UK in the u.s. used such similar packaging when they're being creative like my slime obsession they do do clear science but when they do them they kind of do variations on a similar theme so rambutan looks very similar to Keira Keira I would say I prefer Keira Keira just because the look of it is so beautiful I cannot get over how pretty these glitters are like when I took out the container it almost like melted in my hand because I just kept staring at it but both of them come with flowers in it the Rose one smells like frozen this one smells like sweet pea and the most interesting wants me that actually made me find his account and probably a few of you was his kind of like signature pouch like a packet so I don't know what to call them but they're really really cool they have loads of slamming them and when you're playing with it you just get all of these extras in that and this smell like cherry blossom like the name suggests but the color also changed it looked pink at first and then it came out yellow one huge American trend that's just started is using these really specific feeds to create a really nice crunchy texture to give them interesting he's added some sample textures to this particular one but what are other ones he makes them into jellies times and also just plain clear slime that's the way isn't the same slime over and over well extras they sent me badges and notepads slime activator and some slime add-ins life taken from this review is just that a lot of the countries have a very similar theme but very different takes on it and the DIY clay one is a very prime example and also packaging is really different so the Brazil slime package is really really fancy but so are the American and British ones in very different ways and I also think that the theme of the American shops repeating ideas and kind of just making variations on them and the other country is making more unique ones it's also a running theme I hope that you enjoyed this video and if you did don't forget to let me know in the comments and also like this video and I will see you next week


  1. Idk if you do this just to give you something to say but you say β€œI don’t usually like this but I like this one a lot” like it seems like you don’t usually like a lot of stuff but end up liking it

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  4. YEEET BRAZIL I LIVE IN BRAZIL edit: no criticize me Country πŸ™ )) you should try coming to Brazil and going to power slime in the Morumbi town in SΓ£o Paulo and see if you like that shop better or not

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