50 Christmas Gift Ideas! Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

50 Christmas Gift Ideas! Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

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Hiii cuties!! In today’s video I’m sharing with you guys 50 Christmas Gift Ideas! These are mostly all affordable gift ideas! This is the perfect holiday gift guide that will work for pretty much everyone you know! Let me know if you want to see a DIY Holiday Gift Ideas video next!! 🙂 Love you guys so much!! ♡

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hey guys what is up so I am super excited for today's video because it's another video in my hashtag madness merry Christmas series and honestly I am just so excited to share this video with you guys because I came up with fifty gift ideas that are perfect for family or friends and most of them are really affordable too there are some like pricier ones but I'm super excited to share all these gift ideas I came up with before we get started make sure you guys give this video a huge thumbs up if you guys are excited for Christmas like I am I'm so excited I love giving gifts to people so I'm just really pumped so make sure you guys give this video a thumbs up if you guys are super excited for Christmas so I am going to go through these a pretty fast because like I said I do have 50 of these and I don't want this video to be like 50 minutes long so let's just go ahead and get started gift idea number one is one of the more pricier things on the list but it's the really cute and trendy poppin Sookie bags they're just the really cute bags you'd probably see them all over Instagram they're pink and you can get your name on them and it's just like super cute it's actually on my Christmas list gift number two would be phone cases you can't really go wrong with phone cases and they're pretty affordable gift idea number three would be Sephora holiday sets they have great makeup sets for the holidays so if your friend or family loves makeup and that's a great gift gift idea number four would be really cute Polaroid film and Polaroid like accessories there are so many like accessories you can get for a Polaroid camera so whether you're shopping for has a Polaroid definitely look into like Polaroid accessories I know Urban Outfitters has a ton and they're super cute so this one is for all the coffee lovers out there coffee mugs you can't really go wrong with I am obsessed with coffee mugs and I collect them like nobody's business so yeah coffee mugs are a great gift number six would be a throw pillows if whoever you're shopping for love's like room decor and staff decorative throw pillows are a must I feel like that was a tongue twister but yeah throw pillows number seven would be adult coloring books those are really in right now I know they're like seriously everywhere you can find them everywhere so like a cute coloring book and like coloring pencils or pens or whatever would be really cute number eight would be pajama sets I know forever 21 has really cute pajama sets another great gift idea that's really useful would be a portable phone charger I know my phone guys all the time so having a portable phone charger would be a lifesaver if you guys live somewhere cold definitely think about getting your friends or family beanies or earmuffs I love cute like cold weather accessories so that would be the perfect gift this next gift idea is a little bit more pricey but totally worth it in my opinion because they're so comfy and that is wild Fox sweaters they're super cute and would be the perfect gift for the holidays so if your friends love chokers that definitely look at forever 21 for really affordable chokers they have them for like one to five dollars and they're super cute color pop lipsticks are seriously such a great gift they're super affordable they're like six bucks and you can buy like a bunch of them and get them to your friends or family and I guarantee they will love them so if whoever you are shopping for has a record player definitely look into getting them like new vinyl for it because I love getting new vinyl for my record player so that would be an amazing gift if your friends have a record player okay so I just recently discovered these selfie lights for your phone they just like hook on to your phone and it's like a selfie light and they're literally on eBay for like three dollars so definitely look into getting one of those for your friends for Christmas because that is like a great gift and I would love to have a selfie light for my phone and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy one for myself Urban Outfitters has tons of cute string lights and Firefly lights for your room so if your friends love decorating their room and making their room cozy definitely look into some lights okay so another great gift idea is a mini waffle maker so if they love to like make waffles or just like cooking definitely look into getting them a mini waffle maker I know Urban Outfitters has like a pink one for like eighteen dollars so yeah that's really cute and I personally want one for myself this next idea is a little bit more pricey but it's great if you live somewhere cold or like where it snows a lot or rains a lot and that is hunter boots Hunter boots are amazing I love mine and it's a necessity if you live somewhere cold Sookie or quake sunglasses I'm pretty sure it's key sunglasses they are super cute and they are also a great gift idea if you guys live somewhere where it snows I found these donuts no tubes at Target and they are incredible they're so cute I want one adidas sweatshirts are super cute and trendy right now and I guarantee your friends will love you if you give them one so you can't go wrong with the Starbucks gift card everybody loves starves that's always a go-to bath and Bodyworks candles are definitely a great idea as well keychains are also a great idea I have so many that I click on my keys it's like a collection people make fun of me all the time but I just think they're so cute so if you guys are looking for cute keychains to definitely look at like Urban Outfitters or like forever 21 so another super trendy gift idea would be the Kylie cosmetics holiday bundles I know they sell out really really fast but I believe they still have some in stock last time I checked so yeah that would be like an incredible gift idea and your friends would like bow down to you number 26 would it be jewelry organizers I know I always struggle for places to put my jewelry so if your friends or family have a lot of jewelry that would be an amazing idea so if you guys want to get crafty even always go for like baked goods or just like make your friends or family some cookies Pinterest has great recipes so in the Pinterest direction if you guys want to get extra creative with your gifts you can always DIY some presents Pinterest has great ideas also thumbs up this video for a DIY gifts ideas video that was a mouthful concert tickets is another great idea if you guys know of a concert that's coming to your city soon you can always get your friends like concert tickets number 30 is a little bit pricey but I guarantee you would like to make your friends or family's life a Keurig is like a must-have I love my Keurig that is like an incredible present so whoever you're gifting for likes to plan things and likes to be organized a 2017 planner it would be perfect you can always kick your friend a makeup brush set if they love makeup so you can never go wrong with fuzzy socks I love fuzzy socks and they're super affordable I know you can get them at 4:21 for like $3 so you can give your friends a bunch of fuzzy socks also you can give your friends some really cute slippers I know I mentioned this in my holiday wishlist video but philosophy body watch sets are great they have great holiday sets and they smell so good if your family your friends love to travel you can always get them a passport and luggage tag because you can never go wrong with those if you travel a lot you can never go wrong with makeup bags if there are makeup lovers they will love you for giving them a makeup bag you can never go wrong with books I love discovery new books and reading new books and it's just like a great gift idea and I feel like you can't really go wrong with it so I love swell water bottles you can't really go wrong with them they're super cute and trendy and aesthetically pleasing gift idea and number 40 is a little bit pricey but it's a Clarisonic and I personally want to Clarisonic and I think that would be an amazing gift to give somebody another gift idea would be a beats pill if your friend that loves music they can blast our music on their beats pill and yeah it'll just be a fun time so if your friends love doing like their hair you could always get them cute hair accessories I know forever 21 has super cute ones and super cheap ones you can get them like the cute kitty ears or like the cute like what do they call up like pom poms or whatever or like whatever you want hair accessories you can't really go wrong with so I don't really know how to say this stores name I think it's just a bandeau or like shop band oh I could be wrong but I think you guys will know what I'm talking about they have super cute notebooks and like stationery sets so definitely check out that store if you guys want to give your friends like cute notebooks and stationary sets you can always go with a manicure set and cute nail polish I know they have like nail polish that's everywhere for the holidays so you can't really go wrong with that you can always get your friends some friends headphones did you get that they're super cute and yeah you guys can have matching friends headphones so this next gift idea is maybe a little bit but not for everybody and it's a little bit pricey but if you really know that your friends love doing their hair and they love like braiding their hair you can always get them some hair extensions and I know luxy hair extensions are my favorite so if you guys want to like be a little extra and give your friends some hair extensions for Christmas definitely check out luxy hair extensions number 47 would it be ankle boots I know that they are super trendy now I'll put the ones that I'm talking about like around me so you guys know which ones I'm talking about but I'm sure you guys do they're super trendy Urban Outfitters has like tons and I love them I want like 50 pairs of them so cute ankle boots are a must this season this gift is really cool it's a phone photo printer so basically you can like print pictures directly from your phone it's pretty incredible and it's like portable too so like that would be like an amazing gift so another great gift idea if you live somewhere cold would be to give your friends some gloves and scarves and just kind of like stock them up on like cold weather accessories because I know when you live somewhere cold like you just want to like bundle up all the time I know I do so last kit idea gift number 50 would be gift cards you can't really go wrong with gift cards if you guys just really can't think of something and you guys are just like last-minute go for the gift card I hope you guys enjoyed all 50 of those gift ideas and found it useful definitely let me know if you guys are going to use if you've my ideas in the comments below and definitely give this video a huge thumbs up if you guys are excited for Christmas and if you guys liked this video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you guys don't miss any of my future videos and definitely follow me on snapchat Instagram Twitter all the social media that I'm on seriously all the time and I'll see you guys in my next video bye guys ma oh just had a coffee tak now my eyes are watering young-min the drum yeah I'm gonna stand Shawn yeah I'm gonna because the beat goes dumb and the only speak

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