584 Trying A New Swipe Method - It Worked-ish

584 Trying A New Swipe Method – It Worked-ish

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After the live yesterday where I swiped over the pile of paint and got a great result I wondered about trying it again deliberately.
This is acrylic on a reused 10″ x 8″ canvas.
You can find the items I use listed here .
I mix my paints with Floetrol ( and water and put silicone (Durex Play Perfect Glide in some of the paint colours.
You can watch me mix paints in
Most of my paints I use are Reeves fine artist acrylics like these on Amazon .
You can find the Pendant trays and glass cabochons on Amazon at
To see what I do with cardboard leftovers check out this video (hint I make greeting cards).
Michelle Edhouse is based in Rotorua New Zealand and uses products that can be sourced in NZ.
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28 thoughts on “584 Trying A New Swipe Method – It Worked-ish

  1. You need to try swiping with a damp paper towel and use the lightest touch that you can. Think of the paper towel as an angel flying past your painting. And the angel doesn't want to get cought flying past. I used to always put to much drag on the swiping tool also. This really helped me to get much better.

  2. You have a green & blue headed man, with long yellow hair laughing(white streak flowing out & up from his mouth) just below the middle on the right side! Oh, I hope you see it bc you’ll get a kick out of it!

  3. Have a bunch of leftover paint I'm going to try this with. LOVE the lacing! It reminds me some old Dutch Masters floral paintings.
    Hope you are well, sorry I missed the live, was at a holiday event, but looking forward to watching later today.
    Much love, and Namaste, Emily

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