8 Steps to SEO Optimizing Your Etsy Shop

8 Steps to SEO Optimizing Your Etsy Shop

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Most people don’t know where to start when preparing their site to be Google ready. SEO is not as complicated as it seems and I show you some of the most important places you check to make sure your Etsy Shop is SEO Optimized.

hey everybody Charles curry with eat shop marketer calm and I wanted to talk to you guys all today and talk about how to make sure your Etsy shop is SEO optimized now I'm gonna be talking about Etsy and showing an Etsy as an example but this is also going to have a lot of good information if you have a your own Shopify store your own WordPress you know ecommerce store or if you're selling on Amazon or a few other places but today I'm going to just mostly be talking about NC but you'll still get good information for other places so the first thing I want to talk about is your keywords it's very important that you know the keywords that you want to get ranked for so for our shop wall decal source com we have you know a list of you know keywords that are relevant to us that include nursery wall decal kids wall decals ocean wall decals we want to get range for girls wall decals boys wall decals you know a lot of related keywords most all of them have wall decal in it but that's some of the keywords we want to get ranked in so a tool that I use is the Google Adwords Keyword planner tool and it's free if you just Google Google Keyword planner it'll bring you to a page that makes you set up an AdWords account but don't worry you don't have to spend any money you don't have to run any ads I can't remember if it does make you set up a campaign and put a credit card on file but it doesn't matter you don't have to actually spend any money so don't worry about it so the the first thing you do is come in here and you want to find out what keywords are relevant which ones are getting searched and if it's popular in Google it's likely gonna be somewhat popular on Etsy obviously there's no NCP plan or keyword tool so first thing just type in some of the keywords that you want to get ranked for kids wall decals nursery wall decals children's room decals so I typed a few keywords in there all I'm gonna do next is to get ideas so it's going to give you two things going to give you ad group ideas and then keyword ideas and it I put in things like kids wall decals nursery children's beautiful wall decals cherry blossom tree decal so you can see there's lots of searches for all of these keywords and all of the related keywords but I want to know how many searches each of these ones get so I'm going to hit keyword ideas and it's going to tell me exactly how popular each keyword is so you can see here nursery wall decals that single keyword is very popular has a lot of competition but obviously a lot of people are searching for it so it's a good keyword to put on our shop this other one kids wall decal that's also good but these ones are acquired a lot smaller beautiful wall decals that one could stay on but it's not really very narrow it could mean a lot of things it could be a lot of categories it's just saying beautiful cherry blossom tree decals that one's a lot less popular than I thought so that gives you an idea these two are very big and let's see if we can work on those ones a little more to get closer so what I did was I tried ocean wall decals that's one of our best selling items right now is the ocean category but I also tried stickers gives wall stickers and nursery wall stickers because it's people search for a little differently so let's see if those ones are popular as well so let's see it didn't look like it searched it properly so let me search it again so there we go so nursery wall stickers is almost as popular as kids wall decals and actually kids wall stickers is very popular it's more popular than kids wall decals so those would be good keywords to also go after and you can do this more and more and it's a good idea to actually pull some of these keywords up in Google and see what if there's longer term keywords that are relevant so if you come down here nursery removable wall decals is a related search and so obviously that one's also a popular search there's a nursery wall decor nursery wall murals nursery wall decals for boys so this will give you a lot of ideas of other good keywords that you can put in there to see you know to go ahead and try and optimize your shop for so nursery wall stickers removable so it's a related keyword but it doesn't actually get as many searches as I thought so but you can search around for these you can check out the ad group ideas so you got decal stickers decals baby you know if I pull up this one I got a whole bunch of ideas for other smaller keywords wall decals baby baby room decals and you can get a lot of really good ideas for keywords that are gonna go for your shop so it's good to pick the 10 you know the 10 main keywords that you want to get ranked for and then start optimizing for just those 10 if you if it's too much work to try and get range for a whole lot more than 10 and in most cases if you get ranked for you know kids wall decals you'll probably rank similarly for kids while stickers or you know other related keywords like let's see kids wall decals pop this in here if the keyword is similar you'll probably get really rank for that one – so if it's kids wall decals you might also pull it for kids wall decals boys let's see Fathead Walmart pull-up this one and Etsy Walmart so it's it's somewhat similar it's not exactly the same a little bit of difference kids wall stickers is Fathead wayfarer Walmart all posters this one kids wall decals is Fathead Walmart Wayfarer all posters same links all at the top so you don't necessarily need to worry about trying to rank for every single tiny keyword pick the big ones that make sense to you and try and optimize for those ones obviously when you're on Etsy you want to optimize for it if you're trying to get ranked at the top of Google for a big competitive keyword it's going to be a little bit more challenging but if someone's searching it a lot on Google's keyword planner then they're going to be searching it on Etsy and obviously when you post a new listing to Etsy and you have recency and all that stuff you can get ranked a little quicker so let me go to the next point so if you haven't named your shop or if you're new or and you don't have a lot of sales or maybe any sales it's really good to name your shop something that's keyword relevant now it's fun to have a brand and stuff like that with our shop wall decal source it's pretty clear what we were trying to get ranked for and it has been helpful to us now if you're trying to if you really want to have a cute brand if you can integrate the keyword into the name somehow that would be really good like I've seen a you know I said I think of is called tat Li calm and they do like custom tattoo henna or custom temporary tattoos and you can do your own designs and it's it's you know it's it's a brand name it's clever tat Li but it also gets the point across you know and it you can tell it's getting trying to go for the tattoo keywords so if your shop is you know something you know if it's a personal name like you know Smith's decal store your it's you know you'll have an okay time but if you can pick a good keyword for your your name and integrate a brand name into it that's awesome if you can't and you're brand new it's almost better in my opinion to try and get something that's somewhat got a you know the keywords in there the number one keyword that you want to go after and that would be you know it'll really help you out if you're trying to get rank so the next point I want to make is the where you want to optimize your shop for keywords so each section is the one of the main keywords your shop is getting range for so excluding the shop home that's not it's not a keywords but if I pulled this up I have a tool here called SEO quake it's a really good tool for seeing you know page info on keywords and stuff you can go ahead and get it add it to Chrome it's a Chrome extension it's free but if I pull this up it will go ahead and tell me what the main keywords are on my shop so you can see I have the nursery wall decal keyword in my title nursery wall decals beaches and see decals by wall decal source and Maina keywords are just by shop sections going down so I should really have nursery wall decals at the top but the ocean category is been doing really well with us so we put that one to the top so you can see ocean wall decals nursery wall decals kids wall decals tree and that is exactly what my keywords are going straight down ocean wall decals nursery wall decals kids wall decals tree so on and so on now the next thing that's really important is putting your shop description which is why can show you where to edit that on the back but you should know your shop description is right there and you want to do you know put your keywords in your shop description as much as possible as well but obviously your shop description is more of you know it's not just keywords packed in there you know it needs to say something so ours says transform boring rooms with high quality nursery wall decals and/or beach and seat decals today design your own templates are fully customizable so that one's a little Grammer is a little off there but you can see we have nursery wall decals in the first at the beginning of our shop title it's one of the first keywords in our shop description all right excuse me and our mega keywords and it's in our shop description as well so that would that one and beach and seat decals are the two keywords that are really plugged away in our three areas so that's a really handy tool to see how you're currently packing your keywords into your shop and what you're trying to get ranked for and you really want to make sure that you can get the main keyword you want to rank for in all of those spaces as much as possible and the next point I wanted to make is you know make sure everything has proper grammar and spelling Google doesn't want to rank you if everything's broken and if you know if you have lots of clear misspellings then Google doesn't know that's a keyword you know if you're trying to rank for a nursery wall decals and you you know you spell it backwards Google doesn't know what keyword you're trying to get ranked for and neither does Etsy when people are searching for items so if you have lots of keywords all over the place and there you know lots of things are misspelled it doesn't know what you're trying to rank for so that's an important thing to think of make sure you have correct grammar and correct spelling because if you have bad spelling doesn't know what you're trying to rank for and Google doesn't like bad grammar so so your school so the next thing that I think is really cool is there's actually a tool you can use to spy on your competitors so I'm gonna pull up it's called quick sprout so if you go to quick sprout com you can type in your your website right here or the link to your Etsy shop and it will tell you how you're doing so I'm gonna paste this in here and it will it makes you opt-in with your Google account just go ahead and do that don't worry about it this so it wants to connect to your Google account if you have one so just go ahead and do that to use the tool it works fine and they're not gonna steal your information or anything I trust them so this is really cool if you pop your shop in here you can see your speed score obviously it's gonna be quick because it's on Etsy's website but it also gives you an SEO analysis so these are things that you can't really change if you're getting all these yellow errors and it's your own website you should be concerned these are things that are negative in Google's eyes but this is Etsy so obviously you know you can't change things like Etsy's Terms of Use dynamic URL so the real things to pay attention to are down here it might have it says you have lots of backlinks and lots of index pages that's for Etsy calm as a whole but if this part right down here the keywords well go ahead and tell you what the keywords are that you are ranking for or showing up for on your shop so I'm gonna go ahead and pop in a few of our competitors up here and it's going to show me how I compare to them so hopefully this isn't embarrassing for me this little thing pops up all the times I just click that away so competitor analysis so etsy.com don't worry about that so right here so this is gonna show me what my what keywords my competitors are ranking for so this is me and then this is two three and four going down so yeah I'm a little bit better than everybody else so that's good so right here you can see the top keyword for all of us is wall and decal that's the top single word word keyword top two word phrase is wall decal and for them it's all favorited favorited so they don't have the key word wall decal on there enough the top three phrase is it's the same for all of us added to added I'm not even sure what that is but there's just a lot of stuff on etsy.com you know like favorite this item and stuff so you can't even adjust those keywords so don't worry about it but it gives you an idea of the top two keyword now if this is your own website and you're trying to check out other competitors websites this is really helpful because obviously they have more control over their page and they have a lot of stuff going on there so it's a really cool tool if you're doing your own website to check out what they're doing and the last thing you can do obviously you can search on Google to see how other pages are getting ranked on queue on Google in our space is there's a lot of people getting ranked on Amazon and you know there's a lot of bigger places like that but you can see if there's other Etsy shops the Etsy shirt search wall decals nursery pulls up high for us but you can see there's a lot of different places most of these are big companies but in Etsy if you want to go ahead and search up here you can see you know what people are doing to get ranked up here and obviously there's you know a lot of criteria such as how recent your item has been posted that determines this but it rotates a lot but those are the big things to take into account you know go ahead go to the Google Keyword planner check the keywords that you want to get ranked for put your shop sections and you want to make sure your shop sections are you know they're clear and they have you know the main keywords that you want to get ranked for it go ahead and put them up there and another thing I forgot to cover but each item is a keyword so if you put your keywords in your items wall decal wall decal wall decal that's why my shop under here has that number two phrase as number the two keyword phrases wall decal because I haven't in my shop name so many times right there but I also have it in my descriptions alot wall decal wall decal wall sticker wall decal so it pulls up that I am really trying to get range for wall decal and it really makes it clear so that's all for this video on how to make sure your Etsy shop is SEO optimized if you guys do want to see how to get your items ranked in and see I do have another video where I discuss the the big factors that come into play when trying to get ranked on Etsy for an item and how to go ahead and do that I'll put the link in the description and you can go ahead and click that to go ahead and check it out so again Charles Currie from each shop marketer you can go ahead and subscribe if you want to get more awesome videos on how to do it Etsy and your own e-commerce shops and go check out our website each shop marketer duck

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