A quick question-- Are you an introvert solopreneur? :)

A quick question– Are you an introvert solopreneur? :)

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If you’re an introvert solopreneur with a creative business, I’m interested in seeing what products you sell and how introverted you think you are! Leave a comment below!

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I'm I'm on the couch I'm not sick anymore but I'm still coughing so I haven't been recording videos because I'm coughing a lot but I have a question if you are a solopreneur so you work for yourself by yourself do you consider yourself an introvert and do you have a creative business because I'm working on a little project that I'm not gonna talk about too much yet but it's gonna be interesting and I'm curious about this is I think that there are a lot of us out there I'm one you might not believe I'm an introvert but I am so just leave a comment below and in the meantime while you're waiting for my project to be done you can go on over and sign up for the business training that I use to build my business and I will talk to you guys later just click on the link to go to my blog or to my website I think to sign up for that and but definitely leave me a comment tell me what your business is like what do you sell and whether you consider yourself to be an introvert or an extrovert okay that's what I'm interested in talk to you later

34 thoughts on “A quick question– Are you an introvert solopreneur? :)

  1. I've been selling on etsy since 2011. http://www.etsy.com/shop/TheLotusShop Currently we sell personalized leather bracelets, keychains and handmade exotic wood cross necklaces. I also sell dish scrubbies and crochet dishcloths on handmade Amazon (they sell better there). Our shop has gone though many changes until we figured out what we wanted to do that people also wanted to buy, lol. 🙂 I wish I was better at marketing but I am totally an introvert. I never know what to say on FB or how to connect with people. Love your channel!

  2. You bet. There;s no way i could do a video and hate pictures of myself. I also have a bit of a health issue which can make it difficult to speak clearly sometimes so I tend not to want to talk to people face to face. It's a nightmare especially when you're trying to build a business all by yourself.

  3. Oh! I'm an introvert with a very small handmade business.(that has potential for not being so small if I could get over some introvert hangups) I once had a brick and mortar bead shop and it was too much human contact 6 days a week for me😂🤦 so now I have an Etsy shop Flightoftheparcel.etsy.com. I make tooth fairy pillows and soft toys for kids and babies. My introversion, I believe is a huge part of why I haven't found more success in the past two and a half years. But I love what I do so I plug away quietly and hope people live it.

  4. I sell hand-painted t-shirts. I definitely work better alone, and I love knowing that I have all morning to myself, to create my tees. I hate it when someone calls during that time, either customer or friend. It distracts me and pulls me out of my creative flow. I do love being with friends some times during the week, and of course, I love spending time with my family from noon and after. I wouldn't want to be alone all the time. In-person sales is not my strongest asset, I find it very difficult to sell anything to anyone (that's why I love Etsy!). I am an introvert surely, but as I age, it gets easier for me to be around people.

  5. I am an introvert and I have thought about selling at craft shows but then that sends me into a panic attack and I never do. I don't even like going to stores because just listening to how people talk and treat one another is exhausting to me.

  6. I sell character bibs & baby slippers and somehow have added reusable produce bags. In my clinical day job I need to be extroverted, but I am very happy to get home with my cats to recharge (and sew) as I am, at heart, introverted. My voice is actually "rusty" when I get to work because I haven't talked to anyone all weekend unless I have a craft fair. I have no trouble engaging with customers at craft fairs (likely due to my day job). In case you need the info my Etsy shop is HedgePodge.

  7. Lol, well I never really thought about it, now just spent ages reading up on the differences and this being my first ever post on YouTube should have also given me a BIG hint, lol!

    I’ve been selling craft materials full-time for over 15 years now as White Elephant Crafts on ebay UK and Etsy, I do have a part-time assistant though to help with quality control and packing, so I guess you’d call me an introvert with baggage 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your videos!!!

  8. Total introvert and solopreneur! I create keepsake quilted ornaments. I have an etsy shop and do a few craft fairs a year. I just overthink and go in panic mode when I have to deal directly with people. I love creating for my customers but just struggle internally with the one on one convos.

  9. Oh I am an introvert for sure! I am retiring in a few months from my "day job" and can't WAIT to be able to work on my own full time. At my hospital job which I've had for 40 years, I keep the door to my office shut at all times; and I have made it clear I don't want any kind of "retirement tea", dinner or party – I can't handle that. They know I'm an introvert, so at least they will abide by my wishes. In just a few months I'll only have to commute just across my home's hallway from my bedroom to my studio to work on my Etsy shop full time!

  10. Totally introvert. I sell pet items (dog 1st aid kits, collars & embellishments), Christmas stockings, and anything I like making. I hate social media, but I know it is necessary. I don't do craft fairs anymore – people suck the energy from me. That being said, I was a trainer & taught classes to 300+ people in Atlantic City Convention Center. But I still could not sell an Eskimo a hot chocolate for a nickel.

  11. I am surely solopreneur and most of the time introvert! I adore create from scratch! I opened my shop on November 2018 and in a few days I made my first sales. I love to be me, myself and I when I m creating! My e-shop is the "EviqueArt".

  12. I am definitely an introvert. I like to have lots of alone time especially in my sewing room. I just started my Etsy shop and I sell quilts and other accessories like pie carriers and quilted pillow covers. As an introvert, I love the idea of selling online as opposed to craft fairs which I would find draining. Glad to have found your channel! 😊

  13. I'm very much an introvert and consider myself very creative. I come from a long line of self employed artistic people. Besides Etsy, I also have a small shop that I share with my mom, who is also an artist. She makes twig art and I make fairies. Each piece is made by my hands, one at a time. I am absolutely passionate about what I do and would really like to take it to the next level. We do our own thing so I still consider myself a solopreneur. Being happy and able to create is more important than making money. Having said that, I would like to sell my items at a faster rate. I know marketing is equally important and I have learned a lot from you and others this past year, and have also enjoyed that process. I use Marmalead for all of my listings. I feel Etsy is the right place for my shop, but that handmade, one of a kind (OOAK) items are harder to research. I am still "waiting to be discovered." Thanks for asking! Kim, Fairy Under A Full Moon

  14. If I couldn't sell online I wouldn't be selling at all! I'm a complete introvert & solopreneur and love being by myself and find people exhausting! I sell jewelry on Etsy & my own website Empoweredcrystals.

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