A Tip for International Shipping For Online Businesses. Etsy shipping tips

A Tip for International Shipping For Online Businesses. Etsy shipping tips

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Shipping internationally can be expensive but it does open new markets for your online business. Knowing which countries might not be reliable to ship to can take trial and error, or you can take a shortcut and use this trick to see where you might not want to ship to.

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hey I'm I'm doing a few videos today while I have a chance and one topic that I had to mention was International shipping now this was returned to me today because it says incomplete address okay now this was going to the UAE I think this customer had contacted me saying you know when is it gonna get here and if it's the UAE I know sometimes it won't get there and you know a lot of people don't ship internationally they say should I ship internationally I do but there are some countries that I do not ship to and I will tell you why because I go to that I'm going to show you this now this is the ship surance website and this is the insurance that Etsy uses for their shipments so you can buy international shipping insurance if you want to and it's always a good idea to do that so just you know add a dollar on to the cost of your product for the free international shipping whatever but see there's this whole section right in the middle of this that has a whole list of countries that they don't insure when you send packages to those countries they will not sell you insurance for those countries so I figure that if an insurance company won't sell shipping insurance to a specific country they know more than I do about that so I've decided just not to ship to those countries and you can go into Etsy and take those off lists like it'll say I think it's in the shipping profiles and you can fill out the custom links where you ship and where you don't ship and you have to go in and kind of you know it's it's kind of a pain as you have to go in and take individual countries off but the fact is that whatever I get an order from the UAE I know 50% of the time it's going to be returned to me so this is all something you need to look into just think about your products how much does it cost to ship you know is it is it worth your time to ship someplace if you're not getting a lot of orders there to begin with it's all something you need to decide for yourself but it's a decision that you have to make and I would definitely to put this up again just you know go to the shipping insurance websites you can go to your country's postal website and see where they do not insure because not every country is covered and there are some that have just notoriously terrible mail systems some are fine they get the packages always get there you know there there are countries I would just advise you again go and look to see where the insurance companies won't ship because you probably don't want to ship there either because they know more than you do so that's all leave me any questions or comments but you're going to have to check that out through your own postal service because each country has different rules and regulations and that kind of thing

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  1. Thank you! Any other tip or experiences you've encountered? I just enabled international shipping, and it is a bit intimidating, but willing to learn the ropes of it.

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