After 3 Years We Are FINALLY READY For Turkeys!!!

After 3 Years We Are FINALLY READY For Turkeys!!!

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We haven’t raised turkeys since we left our urban homestead in the Phoenix area. Today that is going to change as we bring our new turkeys home.

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45 thoughts on “After 3 Years We Are FINALLY READY For Turkeys!!!

  1. sexing is very easy just hold aneedle tied to some 20-25" string hold over their head if it goes in acircle it's a female male turkeys go back in forth amost straight hold your hand still and steady works on all animals even humans

  2. My little grand daughter really likes your channel (6 years old). She says she likes all the animals! In the mornings before we start our homeschooling day, we watch homeschoolers or a video like yours while having breakfast. Then studies begin. Anyway, enjoying your videos!

  3. Love seeing all the critters! Loved "walking into" the hatchery with you! Reminded me of when I was a kid and went with my dad to a hatchery when we got our baby day old chicks. Dad let me get 2 ducks and 2 white Longhorns over the years. We always had white Plymouth rocks. I wanted to get a mixture of colors, but was convinced otherwise. Love to hear about your decisions about which breeds of all your animals!

  4. I love watching your video's!!
    When I can not sleep that is what I do. Love your Animal's.
    Love to see your cooking and baking.
    Can you please let me know where to buy and what the name is from the black groundcover in your veg. Garden.
    We are in zone 2 nothing wil grow so great.
    Love from Lanie in Canada.

  5. Your turkey's look great. I ordered 15 bourbon reds from Cackle and they shorted me a turkey, had trouble with them on the phone. I used to live near Lebanon, MO. I always respected Cackle Hatchery, but I am disappointed in their customer service. Anyway our turkeys are doing great and yours looks great too. Enjoyed the video.

  6. When I had a day care facility in my home our Loquat trees got invaded by all kinds of critters. I contacted Dept of Agriculture and they suggested two. Different things. One worked well on Thrip which was put a bunch if cigarette butts in a big jar with water and let them steep like tea. Then mix strained mix with water in spray bottle and spray in plants. We needed something that wouldnt hurt the kids. The other was 2 TBS cooking oil, 2 TBS dishwashing liquid, in a spray bottle and fill with water, agitate slightly. THIS one was great for the flying bugs! You guys are the farmers and probably have heard of these two. Tbe cigarette butt one is problematic for non smokers, i suggest a public place with A butt can outside and just liberating the butts! Hope these arw met with OH WOW rather than UGH!

  7. I am wondering if the turkeys have a pecking order like chickens do? It seems the Broad Breasted turkeys being so much bigger would pick on the smaller Blue Slate turkeys. Which, by the way, I had never heard of Blue Slate turkeys before, are they rare?
    At one time I had a sweet little Barred Rock that I added too early to the main chicken coop and she was pecked to death almost overnight and missing most of the feathers on the back of her neck. I put some soft tar on her neck to keep the other chickens from picking on her. She grew up to be a great jumbo brown egg layer but she always had a little bald spot on the back of her neck where the feathers never grew back again.

  8. I think it's important to mention, the broad breasted white turkey gobbles up food, as much as they can get, all day if possible, and if you don't keep them fed on time (three times a day), or free ranging, they will fight each other over an empty bowl. The heritage turkey eats more reasonable, pecking here and there, less ravenous hunger! **gobbles ๐Ÿ˜** it should also be mention, if you free range, be prepared for them to stand on your porch (yes, they know where you are at all time) and beg for food…this leads to much chest butting of the screen door and much calling and general noise and poo on your porch.

    All turkeys will react to bright colors like orange and red, this is helpful, make a herding flag with these colors-they herd very easily.

  9. Hahaha, the joke I s on my dog! Your peeping turkeys got my dog out of her nice warm bed to run and check the incubator, now she wants an explanation from me…๐Ÿถ

  10. Yum turkey. Here in Tasmania and Australia, turkey is so expensive. Around $70.00 for a 20 lb bird. I try to have turkey for Thanksgiving as I celebrate it here but darn we have gold plated turkeys it seems.

  11. My experience with turkey's was that they were the cheapest feed to meat ratio, as they had no interest in finishing their Starter Feed. They foraged for bugs, slugs and grubs, grasses etc. They slept up in the Poplar Tree's and we're quite sociable.
    I want to Thank you for the great Video's sharing your experiences.

  12. I just recently found your channel and am really enjoying your videos! When I noticed you are in Ava I thought, I know where that is!! I love in SE Missouri and my son lives in Springfield, so I see the Ava sign when traveling. Do you have a video about why you chose Missouri and more specifically the Southwest/Ozarks area? As I said, Iโ€™m a new subscriber and have a lot of catching up to do!

  13. Every have issues with predators? How do you deal with that? I know of a farm that had wild pitbulls come down on their farm, they were out in Texas. Do you ever get attached to some of your farm animals? I have been around farm animals all my life but never a farmer, I guess I would starve if I had to hunt or anything to eat, the only thing that does not bother me is fish, I guess because I grew up mostly on that and eggs. Love the videos, keep sharing = caring. Blessings.

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