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hey yall! i apologize for the poor production value but would it really be a dolly d3lights video if i had high production value? probably not. anyways, im really looking forward to this release and i hope despite the quality of this video sucking, you still see pieces you like!

Item Quantity Price
Blue Kanken $15.00
Blue Hoodie $20.00
Yellow Button Dress $25.00
Grey Joggers $20.00
Pink Hoodie $20.00
Tube top scrunchie set $6.00
Green Lettuce shirt $6.00
Wave shirt $8.00
Sunflower shirt $8.00


What doll is Paisley? MAG 30
What doll is Melody? AG BeForever Melody Ellison
What do you film and edit with? Canon EOS Rebel T5i, sometimes I use the STM 50mm f/1.8 lens for my camera, Windows Movie Maker 2012
What do you make thumbnails in?
How old are you? I am 18!

d3lights fam, i appreciate every one of you for watching me and thank you for supporting me. xoxoxox

hey everybody it's live and welcome back to my channel today I am here with Paisley and melody and in today's video it is another installment in our back to school series alright what's going on everybody it's me back in the voice-over section of the video and I am just coming in to warn you guys with the clown behavior and the hot mess that is this video because I was kind of rushing to get it done not gonna lie because I wanted this video to go up today that is Wednesday because I need to show you all what was in the Etsy release so I'm filming this on Tuesday and editing on Tuesday night because I needed to go up today so that um you would all have time to prepare and see what was in the Etsy release which was why this video was like kind of bad I mean you can see it right off the bat the intro was like it's literally crooked like I don't know what I was on with my tripod but it's literally crooked and I'm sure you can probably hear my family screaming in the backgrounds and even this like coming into the voice-over is a little messy and then the lighting switches cuz it got dark but anyways this video is a hot mess but nevertheless very informative because I am puffing and its release yeah so let's get on with the intro because then it's already pretty long so unfortunately I said in my last video I wanted to do a bunch about back-to-school videos and this is only the second and I move away to college in like two weeks so I don't necessarily know how many other back to school videos are going to be coming out on this channel but I am going to try to do my best to create as many as I possibly can like this one and in today's video we are gonna be doing a American Girl doll Etsy back to school clothing haul and as some of you may know I actually run my own Etsy store it is called white whale company and on there I sell doll clothes that I hand make and also I've recently started selling some human size scrunchies so if you're interested in purchasing some scrunchies for yourself I do have some listed up on my shop right now the link will be in the description box down below but I don't have any doll clothes as of yet because I am having a doll clothes Etsy release on Sunday August 25th at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in today's video I'm going to be hauling all the items that will be available so let's go ahead and get started okay so I like low key you have to like hurry filming this video but the first two items that are going to be in the release are going to be restock items so I am going to be restocking this adorable pale pink cropped hoodie which looks like this Paisley is wearing it here as well as these gray joggers this is actually my copy so the drawstring on the ones that you may be able to purchase might be a little bit different than what I have here and what melody is wearing as well because either both mine but yeah these will be restocked in the shop as well there will be one pink hoodie available for $20 Canadian and there will be one set of gray joggers available for $20 Canadian and now looking at new items the first new item that I have here is this really adorable it's picking up more of like a pale blue on camera but it's actually more of like a Tiffany blue type of tint hoodie that melody is wearing here this will be twenty dollars Canadian and I wanted to pair it up against this pink hoodie so that you can see that the blue one here is a little bit longer and the fabric is also different so the pink hoodie is a little bit more of a denser knit I guess you could say it's more of like a hoodie actual hoodie material whereas this blue hoodie here is more similar to a t-shirt material so it's a little bit more of a lighter weight hoodie that it's perfect for layering things up and also for the early back-to-school season and just like all my other hoodies it has a fully functional hood and it velcros in the back oh the next few items that I'm about to show you may look a little bit familiar if you have been keeping up with my latest uploads but the next item that I have here in the hall is this adorable little white crop top so it is just a plain little white crop top with a sunflower that is hand embroidered in the center so this is from my visco girls transformation video so if you're looking to transform your own dolls and to Pisco girls this may be the perfect item for you it closes in the back with Velcro like all my other doll shirts do and it is available for $8 Canadian and of course the wave shirt will also be available so this is the oversize pink waist shirt that I made in my visco girls video as well it is a little bit more of a looser fit but it's still cropped you can see here that it ends a little bit past the waist line more like the hips I guess and there is a embroidered wave design on the front that I did myself and this shirt also closes in the back with Velcro and it will be available for $8 Canadian ok so I apologize for the sudden lighting change it is getting pretty dark outside so I had to turn my back lights on so you can see me hi that's me waving of the shadows in the background but the next items that I have to show you are available in a set which is really cool so this is the tube top and scrunchie set and this is the same tube top that I made in my DIY tank top and to top video but in the set you are getting to doll scrunchies and this tube top for six dollars Canadian like that is such a great deal you get a cute top and two cute scrunchies that you can use pretty much for any outfit all for a great price so let's zoom in here it's the first scrunchie that melody is wearing there is a white scrunchie with some yellow and black flowers and actually pull it off see okay so you can see here that I've pulled the scrunchie off of Melody's hair to show you it better so this is the scrunchie here's what it looks like it's actually in this reverse fabric of the dress that I have to show you but it's just this really adorable little white scrunchie with yellow and black flowers all over it and it fits great long tall hair and then the other scrunchie that you will be getting in this set is this really adorable little mustard yellow scrunchie this is actually on the same scrunchie that I had in my visco girls video well not the same one I have the same one and this is just like a duplicate of it but yeah this is a really adorable little yellow doll scrunchie this one fits great around the dolls wrist as well as in their hair so I'm just gonna grab this one here this is mine um the one that I mentioned is a duplicate so this is how it looks when it is off the dolls hair and that's how it looks like when it is on the dolls hair and the next item here is the green lettuce hem tank top from my tank top and tube tops video the lighting right now does not do this any justice so I will just insert some pictures now the lighting really didn't do any of these items justice but here is what the top looks like and this is available for six dollars Canadian okay so the next item that I have here is like so cute I put it on Paisley and oh I am like dying over how cute it is and I really hope that you guys are gonna die over how cute it is as well but basically it is just this really adorable little sunshine yellow summer dress I guess you could say this is like very summery but honestly I think it's perfect for back-to-school maybe if you have like a dull denim jacket that you can throw over top and maybe put some white sneakers but this dress is so cute like I literally all it's so cute I can't contain myself so it is based off the Reformation a Marie dress pattern that I have available on my blog but it is made with this really adorable little sunshine yellow cotton broadcloth that has white and black flowers printed all over it and it all black buttons running down the front and has a gathered skirt and it closes in the back with Velcro it's so cute like I am living for this right now and this will be available for $25 Canadian and if you follow me on instagram you may know that I do have this dress in kind of I guess the reverse pattern of them of this color scheme so it's like a white base with yellow and black flowers and black buttons and that dress will be available in a giveaway that is coming up very soon on my Instagram so be sure you follow me on Instagram and stay tuned for that my Instagram is at dolly delights just like how my youtube channel is spelt and if you are wondering here is how the back up the dress looks like and it's just playing in the back and with the two little Sogeti straps and it closes with a Velcro and finally we are going to be bringing back some fan favorites so this is the dahle delights white whale company American Girl doll sized fjällräven pumpkin and this time instead of in yellow I am bringing it back in this really adorable royal blue color so these will be available for $15 Canadian and there are two of them and these are made just like how my other feel Raven conquered knapsacks are made so I will zoom in on the one melody he has on pictures showing it back there so I'm this lighting doesn't really do this justice so I'll probably put some pictures in as well but basically what these knapsacks are is that they are just I would say if I had to like estimate based on proportionally they would be the same size as a mini Konkan but they are just hand-stitched in the front they have a little heart-shaped logo in the middle of the front strap and they also opened so I'm going to show you that okay hi everybody it's me in the voice-over screen looking at some pictures of the feel raven conch in here so i tried to in the video clip show you that it could open but the lighting was not it so i am back here showing you a picture of how it can open and here is a picture of the back as well as the front and you can see in this picture of the front demonstration that the front pocket is also functional it does not have a snap however it can close no I can't close because it doesn't have a snap but it does have enough room to fit tiny item and it will open okay so the outro screen that I film for this video was so bad the lighting was not it um so I am back here voice overing a still frame of the intro clip but anyways I hope you all enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching be sure you give it a like and subscribe if you want to see more videos like this and other American Girl doll videos such as sewing tutorials outfit videos hairstyle videos and more and if you're interested in any of the items that you see today in this hall be sure you click the link in description box down below to go to my Etsy store and wait for the release that will happen on Sunday August 25th at 7 o'clock p.m. Eastern Standard Time and if you have any more questions you can leave them in the comment section down below or you can follow my Etsy Instagram which is at white Wilko or my regular Instagram which is at dolly underscore delights just like on my youtube channel is spelt so yeah I guess I will see you next time in another video and hopefully I will see you at my next Etsy release bye

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