American Girl Doll Etsy Shop Opening & Review | ElysianDollApparel

American Girl Doll Etsy Shop Opening & Review | ElysianDollApparel

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For years I have loved the Etsy Shop ElysianDollApparel and now I get to share an in depth review and opening with all of you! The trendy style and spectacular quality of these doll clothes is why I have fallen in love with this Etsy shop and I know you will too πŸ™‚
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hey guys Cena and this cute little package I have here from elysian doll apparel I'm going to be opening up and sharing every view for you as you know when you've been following my shop for a long time you know I love Maddie shop elysian doll apparel I've bought many things from her so I on Instagram won a little sponsorship from her as well as I purchased something because I love her shop and I'm going to open it up dress my dolls in these items and share these with you so let's take a look at what she sent me so let's look at this first here oh my goodness this is so gorgeous so the first thing we have here is this amazing bralette and you know me I love draw lots and these are in style these days and absolutely gorgeous for dolls so this part here just slips over your doll's head which I like so it's going to be easy to put on and the back part here has velcro so that's great as well the lace material and she has it in a bunch of different colors so so far I'm obsessed with this and I love it the next item I got for Mady is this adorable crisscross shirt in grey once again these are so on trend and I'm a big lover of buying things that are on trend and in style for my dolls the quality is so nice it's this gorgeous soft material that is heather gray and the crisscross detail is perfectly placed and I absolutely love it I favorite I thought was the best for last you guys how incredible are these these are doll mom jeans yes you heard that right that's what she calls them they are rolled up and cuffed but they can come down and be rolled down they have real working pockets and a stretchy waistband that's always great then it makes it easy to put on your dolls I love the back pocket detailing and I love this wash she has other great washes it was hard for me to choose which wash to pick from so here's a look at all the outfit pieces I got from Elysian doll apparel now it's time to try this on a doll to give you guys the full effect to see how cute it looks so as promised here is a look at Baylor modeling the adorable and super trendy outfit from Elysian doll apparel doesn't she just look 10 out of 10 in this outfit so here's the close-up look at the mom jeans as you can see they fit the dull so well the wash is lovely and our cups and really great and they were super easy to put on alright and here's a close-up look at the crisscross top and the bralette as you can see the fit of the shirt fits so well I love how it looks on her and the crisscross fits perfectly and it's in a great position I also really love the bra let how it's peeking through and these are great for layering don't think your doll just wear this on its own not at all it is meant for layering guys so as you can see the whole look just absolutely looks incredible and I'm so over-the-moon impressed with your quality as always so we just want to say a huge thank you to Lizzie and doll apparel for sponsoring us be sure to check their link in the description to their Etsy shop and check out Maddy's Instagram there's tons of great outfit inspiration there as you know I definitely recommend this shop it's absolutely one of my favorites since I've been a longtime customer so thank you guys so much for watching and be sure let me know what you think about Lizzie and doll apparel and their amazing products down in the comments below bye talk to you in our next video

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