An Open Letter To Etsy - Free Shipping questions we want answered

An Open Letter To Etsy – Free Shipping questions we want answered

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Following the 9th July 2019 announcement about the Etsy Free shipping changes there are a few things I am hearing from other sellers (and even some Etsy Buyers) that we really would love to hear some answers on before we can decide the best moves going forwards with how important and even how legal the new changes Etsy are encouraging us to make are

Deary see it's not me it's you I'm not breaking up with you but we need to talk we met 11 years ago when you were young and a bit nerdy looking and none of my friends had ever heard of you but my mom liked the looker yeah so I gave you a chance together we have been through a lot of changes sometimes I felt like you ignored me a bit but other times I thought you've supported me and pulled me up even when I didn't believe in myself often times when changes have been made I may have freaked out a little bit but when I knuckle down and rolled with it I've always come out the other end not just all right but doing even better but this time it feels slightly different so many of my friends are seriously worried about this I know you did answer some questions in your Q&A session and I know you've got more things planned but there are still some things that are unclear to us all there are a few things that we really need to understand before we can decide how to progress could you please give us a little look at what you're planning what this free shipping is gonna look like it must be already designed so importantly can we know so is it just a change to the algorithm where items with free shipping to the US will just get a boost in rankings and be seen on top of items without or as I suspect it might be is it a different algorithm is this more like promoted listings so we'll have an area that say guaranteed free shipping and then all the normal items will be underneath and before we decide to make these changes if we do decide to make these changes please please could you bring in a legal expert to tell us the legality of this most especially in the US where we're expecting buyers to be seeing this is it legal to follow the advice that you were given to inflate the price of our item to incorporate in the price of shipping – then say free shipping when clearly that's misleading about what free means and also how does this work legally across the world specifically I've been hearing lots from Canadian sellers and also people in the EU are these changes you're advising actually legal is what people are seeing in the search just now connected to this where they're seeing that their shop names are not showing up in search and on the eetzi homepage instead of shop names and titles that's not there at all but they're also the listings are now six items weighed rather than the standard four is this connected is this going to be what the new change looks like so do we need to spend time thinking about what we're going to do to brand our photographs or return customers can recognize us or if this is an unrelated test can you please let us know or or really was this the best time to start this test and will this change to us buyers seeing preferential placement for items that do free shipping to the US for items over $35 will this be rolling out internationally as well will our customers in the UK customers in Canada customers in the rest of the world see this event eventually can we please see examples of the planned tool so you mentioned in the Q&A for international sellers for people who are selling items at drastically different price points in different countries I know you briefly mentioned there's gonna be a demo I believe tomorrow on the tool that the US shippers are gonna get but is there a chance that we can see something the the plans that are coming up for later in the year again so we can plan what we're going to do can we please choose what special badge is displayed in our shop if items that have free shipping are up there in a special section because they have free shipping if we have an item that has a best seller badge please could we choose to show the best seller badge rather than the free shipping badge because this is a much bigger achievement not everybody gets a best seller badge whereas you can choose free shipping so if possible could we at least choose to both to show the best seller badge to deal with the differences in prices is it possible to make another listing for just the US with the free shipping and not actually to include our own country in this and then make another listing that similar that's for our own country in the rest of the world with a ship and prices including it so that we don't end up ripping off our own homegrown buyers you say you want us to grow in the UK and grow in the rest of the world please we don't want to rip off our buyers if they're buying something that's had inflated prices to cover the u.s. shipping and please instead of this I completely understand as a buyer it's not nice to not know what the entire price is before you click on the item it's not nice to have to guess what shipping is before sometimes you even purchase so rather than elevate the shops that have free shipping why not instead of saying free shipping say shipping included and you could either boost the shops that have shipping included or just show the entire price for a buyer in the location that they're in so they can compare eggs with eggs instead of eggs with elephants but shipping included would take away some of the legal fears that many people are having and also take away the feeling that were being disingenuous with our customers when we say free shipping but it's not free shipping the customers still paying for it so shipping included would be more honest and I have to ask is the higher than usual issues with the site due to these changes that you've been thinking of implementing this is a free letter to eat see and I hope they hear it but for you my viewers I hope this also covers some of the fears some of the questions that you have I want to ask you now if you can do me a favor in the comments down below let me know if there's any questions of Mystere let me know what's troubling you and also if you give a thumbs up to the comments that you like the comments that are covering the questions that you're worried about and also more importantly can you share this somewhere that eat COC can you at eat C this can you put this to their Twitter to their Facebook share this with eat C and then hopefully we'll get a chance for eetzi to answer some of our questions and concerns before it's too late before this goes live now if you don't know what I'm talking about here you want to check out the playlist where I've been covering this topic since you but since it went live last Tuesday this is the change that it sees talking about which is the priority placement of listings for US buyers that have free shipping to the US for items over $35 I've been looking into this and hearing all your questions since it came around so you want to check out the other videos in the playlist and don't forget hit my we face to subscribe and come back often for any more news and updates that I can find out thank you so much

21 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Etsy – Free Shipping questions we want answered

  1. Pam you did a great job. Was just thinking about "shipping included". I will change my prices and will write in my policies, that sadly Etsy doe not allow me to mark it, prices are shipping included, in fact not free. they are discounted and blah blah blah. That test I have seen for a whole month I think. I am from Lithuania so maybe they tested it out in the smaller regions before introducing to wider audience.

  2. Well said Pam, I'm so tired of them throwing these changes at us and not giving sellers a say or any communication. If a new customer comes to Etsy and doesn't see shop names they may assume that Etsy is one store rather than a marketplace of worldwide sellers and they also will assume that the stars under the listing are for that particular item rather than the whole store. Not really a problem for Etsy but it will be an issue for us when customers are complaining about items not arriving that they didn't even buy from our store. I'm not adverse to change but none of these recent changes seem thought through at all.

  3. My US custom is 36% so hard decisions, it's a big chunk to potentially loose 😔 odly my US sales seem to have gone nuts this last week, could etsy be pushing sales my way now so I notice an even bigger drop after the 30th? Wouldn't put it past them with their practices of late 😕

  4. Another thing that concerns me beyond what you and everyone else have mentioned is the effect on my profit if I hold a %-off sale as the shipping/delivery would also be on sale when it's rolled into the price.

  5. Excellent point about the shipping included instead of "free" shipping.
    I wondered why they haven't thought of that themselves. We entered the shipping costs and the prices of what we sell. Shouldn't be too hard to show the price with shipping included then?

  6. I can't possibly do free shipping to the US without making my products ridiculously expensive to my customers in the UK so I'm not doing it. I sell wooden items like birdhouses and to add US shipping would mean no sales here in the UK.

  7. Once again great video.
    My question is about multiple orders, if we incorporate the shipping in all the items and someone purchases 6 items they in effect pay shipping 6 times, this is definitely not fair but also is it legal? I am in the U.K. and we are still in the EU, I’m sure what Etsy is making us do is not legal over here and I am surprised it is legal in the US too.

  8. It sounds like they are rolling this out without consulting the sellers. It just would have been nice for Etsy to ask us for our feedback instead of going thru with this just based on research.

  9. When I talk about items with “free” shipping on social media and email, I say “$18, shipped.”

    I wonder if Etsy has tested including the shipping cost on the search page. That would address my own frustration with not being able to compare out-of-pocket costs when I’m shopping

  10. Is all this really about Esty getting a bigger share from what the customer pays for shipping? And I am in my own small business because of wanting to live and share my truth not a "it's just business lie".
    Thank you Pam for all your hard work.

  11. You've covered it nicely. One additional concern I have is removing shop names from search results. As a buyer, I have specifically searched out shop names while browsing through the various photos (usually because I can't remember the exact name but have a vague idea). Plus I've gotten a look at how the page appears once shop names have been removed. Only my humble opinion, of course, but I think it looks a little more like one big garage sale and not like a specialized marketplace with individual businesses.

  12. My biggest question is about items that are lower than $35. If someone purchases 2 items that total $35 then I need to offer shipping. How do I do that? Is there going to be a tool that will help me work out what the price if the item Needs to be so that I am not paying out of pocket for shipping

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