Andulairah's GODDESS BOX Review!!

Andulairah's GODDESS BOX Review!!

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greetings beauty is all over the world so I have been blessed again to be given one of these goddess boxes sent to me from goddess provisions and this is the second time I'm doing a review of their box obviously the first one that I had was done on my old channel which we all can't see anymore so they have sent me another to review and I'm so excited I have not opened this and I've had this for about a week now but I've been waiting for the right time to open this and I cannot think of a better time to have some goddess energy into my life and so you know I decided to glam it up for you guys today throw away the farm clothes I'm so used to wearing farm clothes that you know the same old clothes and they might be washed but they look raggedy and dirty because it's dirty work out there let's face it it's hard work dirty work and so it is nice to glam it up and bring that goddess back bring that got us back in there or at least show the goddess so anyway I feel so lucky to get one of these again because I love the products in here I love what was in the last one I believe they sent me the Egyptian box thank you so much Kristen my goodness they're so nice so if you want to check out their boxes go to at goddess provisions on Instagram I'm not on Instagram anymore but they have a cracking instrument you so let's see what this is oh come on business what comes out this time so we have here chali transformation ritual kit oh we have a little spell we have a little spell let's say it says colleague transformation ritual step so all the instructions are on the back right so if by modern mystic shop so you've set up you review your online resources so there's a link that you check out to get more instructions face your body north good ok so this is this is good pump up the music and vigorously move your body gram out the red candle ok let's open this up so we've got saying yell grunts cry all emotional reactions are welcome once you're worn out grab the red candle with your left hand once this wood in here Oh what is this that is gorgeous what is that that just smells so familiar what does it say on here just as carving carving tool it's a carving tool but it doesn't actually tell you what what is it it smells divine unless I put something on this but if this is natural this is unbelievable Wow I want some of this in my yard so what is the book so ok so they've got a tincture here oh that's sharp beautiful okay so you you've got all these little ingredients in here you've got a mantra card letters in the wax okay and you obviously have some candles in here oh that's me two little red candles so this is a ritual and you know as I said as a spell crafter myself crafter and caster know you know it doesn't matter how elaborate your magic is you can perform and do spell craft from the most basic to the most extravagant it obviously all depends on the the results what you're wanting the most important thing and as I've explained before in my previous videos is that if you only just have the ingredients that's all it's going to be you need fuel you need the fire and the force behind what it is that you do you know so magic can be at the most basic it spells can be at the most basic with the most basic ingredients or they can be really elaborate but you know we live in a fast-paced world these days or at least most of us do I don't but people you know obviously want to get things done and want effective results immediately so sometimes basic is the way to go but of course it all is dependable on what you are one thing so what's this next little thing fractal East designs factory stuff isn't it Wow oh look oh this is so nice oh wow carved this it even has a beautiful smell smell like sandalwood so look at this see that it's a little edged carved piece of agates that's gonna it's a knish octal designs no it's Carly math I so I would say that this this box is must be to do with Carly so they make these in agate sacred selenite edge hello Santa oh right Carla is arguably the most dramatic and misunderstood goddess of all this is tally mark that is the cutest thing okay that's altar that's ultra stuff beautiful so what is this here pure fire nectar nectar fire tonics nectar fire tonic so it is a pure five fruits handcuffs nourishing berry food inspired by an ancient herb afloat remedy the fire tonic vegan non-gmo gluten-free heat level it's got the scallion unit on the back it's got three chilies so I'm guessing it packing a bit of heat pack a novena heat so organic ingredients so it's it's a it's a tonic suggested uses take one ounce daily make a salad dressing some veggies add to your recipes but goodness now ooh oh you can definitely smell the chili in there oh that smells amazing so the you could use that for basically anything so fifty nine meals to flowing ounces that's from Asheville North Carolina Wow Oh what is this adora therapy room the boost clear away sage and grape virgins that looks cute oh look it's a mist room boost I am free and clear to express my fullest potential some low speeds so this is clear away spray with its line and clean aroma creates a good mood and in every environment usage miss linens home office or other personal space including the yoga mats Wow let's get this down let's get this break oh-oh that's definitely got ylang-ylang and that's the first thing I could smell is the Ling Ling clinking just a little let's definitely smell the Ling Ling in there that's really soft that ylang ylang just sets the tone immediately definitely smell the ylang ylang in it so that's clear away so what do we have here oh there's a little Jasper mala prayer oh so this looks like a little Jasper I don't know if this is connected with anything but this may be just an altar regenerator rejuvenator look this must be a Sanskrit Sanskrit mile of Prayer use code goddess oh okay my love prayer dot-com look at that I don't I don't know if that's Sanskrit or Hindi I don't know I'm so sorry something offending anybody I don't know what it says but um I don't know what it says where's the prayer maybe it's maybe it's on the back of here I know or maybe it's just a prayer on the neck that is cute but under my Halfmoon present that is dainty and delicate and lovely my love prayer it must be so it's the actual name of the company Oh sacred elephant pure luxury incense collie 13 luxury hand roll incense sticks handcrafted incense traditionally prepared using only the purest and highest-quality ingredients provided by nature vegan ethically produced in India no synthetic ingredients pure essential oils and now I am mad for instance you know I sell my own incense and the coir on my website on my goodness oh that is amazing it definitely smells Santa wouldn't not a little corn dogs making corn dogs they are lovely wow that smells so good they'll be getting burned tonight oh that's so lovely really acting into the box but let's see what's on the back here hello hello there goddess so this is the monthly mantra so this is just all caught goddess provisions what you have in the box and then you have Carly and there's the mantra let's read the mantra that's so lovely so it has everything listed in here oh thank you so much goddess provisions thank you so much Christian thank you so much for your support with everything that's been going on with my channel as well and sending me this beautiful gift of the goddess box I mean it's just such a blessing to receive so thank you so much for thinking of me again and allowing me to review your products and the products that the artisans make in conjunction with goddess provisions so you guys if you are interested in getting your little goddess box go to goddess provisions calm thank you so much I hope you enjoyed this little review and until next time I send you my love my blessings I'll help you have the most amazing day whatever you're doing I love you guys there's so much for your support in the last you know couple of weeks I mean you guys have been above and beyond just so amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart it means so much so anyway until next time I love you

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