Angelicas Little Scrap Shop on Etsy DT Card Share

Angelicas Little Scrap Shop on Etsy DT Card Share

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good morning my scruffy YouTube friends it's Rena and I am way behind on card shares so I'm going to get right to it this is going to be a Magnolia card share as well as a design team project for Angelica's little scrap shop on Etsy so me over here and show you my first card and I used sneaky Tilda's she's so adorable she's one of the newest ones and I just love her and I got my new Spellbinder I think they call these the card maker dies and perfect to put a little tilde in there so i used bo bunny isabella papers some pink lace i had in my stash i just got this corner punch I have had corner punches and D stashed them because I don't know why because but yeah I got one I love it and I'm going to get some more I used my Martha Stewart butterfly ponch and this is the gorgeous butterfly from Angelica's little scrap shop on Etsy love love love this is a one-layer butterfly but there's glossy axon starts glitter just put these two pretty little rhinestones and this adorable little antenna so my card pops up like this and I use the same dye for the sentiment area so let me pull back you guys know I'm an easel card maker and that is the adorable adorable little card oh I forgot this ribbon i won a challenge at look at look at my nails at that's from hot glue guys hot glue so I want to challenge with my wedding chapel card and um I want and a prize from I'm sorry blue I want a prize from the ribbon girl and I got this really pretty ribbon and i love it it makes a beautiful bow I didn't even have to put a center in it even the center of that ribbon looks so pretty okay I have another one that's very much my style and then i'm going to show you one that's very much not my style and that's actually kind of my favorite this time all right this is my next card and I got a little creative with this one I used up here at the top a tim holtz oily died and I layered it and I use this square doily and I layered it and it sticks off this side but it didn't go all the way to the other side and I like the way that looked and I use my corner punch again I used the bo bunny Primrose paper my favorite and this is from the sticker collection everything has its own beauty and my little tilde and here is my beautiful butterfly from Angelica's little scrap shop let me show you these are the other butterflies and they have a little teacup with roses coming out of the teacups so pretty and her butterflies are very very reasonably priced and see you can make them more dimensional they come flat but you can definitely bend them and make them dimensional I just add these little wispies on the end and this is a Magnolia die i added a very large flower cluster and i used a lot of filler pieces from the little the little bunches i get at the local craft store I've got some pearls in the corner and in that corner and then I popped it up and I used this beautiful beautiful trim from the DIY boutique supply I love that it is so so shabby beautiful and then my sentiment area so let me pull that and show you that one love it I really like this one okay now you're in for what may or may not be a treat for you but I had gotten some butterflies in my dt package and I was so excited about the colors of these butterflies and I had the perfect papers so I'm pulling off a few clue strings and done done Anna look at that I guess I better pull this the way so you can see Miss tilde down there look at that is that not different for me so these are the gorgeous butterflies OMG are they just unbelievable the colors are just vibrant and they just mmm pop so I had this paper and I'm trying to think what it's called I'm gonna get it because um it's worth telling you guys because it is so unique ah it's kaisercraft and what's weird here it is it's called chapter 1 that's kind of weird okay well anyway that's the paper and um yeah it's kind of lime green and uh it's got some turquoise in it so and then of course my butterflies had black so I used black accents and this back here is one of my new Spellbinder dies and what I did was I cut out two of them and then I cut them so that they would make a border for this circle so it's not a circle die but I made it into a circle die and some more whiskey Magnolia dies here I had these rhinestones that match beautifully in my stash this is a marthis know this is an EK Success edge punch and these um you can get in the wedding department at hobby lobby I think these are Natasha scrapbook corner I had this stupid in my stash and then I had this lime green netting put some black pearls in it and I just love the way it's framed her out and then down here my sentiment area I used the same died as i had a around here and more of those beautiful rhinestones so yeah here is the other they come in packs of three it's only used one of these I couldn't help myself I had to use two of these and then the other one the first one I showed you that was the last one I have left of that pack so I'm going to bring them all out and share them with you all together there we go okay guys you know i'm going to ask for you to tell me which one's your favorite okay everybody head on over to angelica's little scrap shop i'm going to put the down below and I really really encourage you to go check out her butterflies they are absolutely stunningly gorgeous and you'll love them reasonably priced and her customer service is excellent okay have a happy scrappy day bye you

38 thoughts on “Angelicas Little Scrap Shop on Etsy DT Card Share

  1. Really love the middle card, the sweet little image and all of the many details but also love the other peach card too.  The Spellbinders die is gorgeous…love the card creator dies, the ribbon is yummy too!  Your work is fabulous!  I do have to say, the green and black card makes you a rock star!  Who could take a black, blue, and green butterfly and do that???  The card is Chapter 2 all by itself!  You're an awesome rock star…Love it!

  2. I love all your cards and am normally drawn to the "shabby" ones, but this time I have to say I love the blue/green/black one!! It's gorgeous and eye-catching!! TFS!! Hugs, Liz:)

  3. your cards are just gorgeous, love all 3, but if i have to choose, def. #3 cause the colors just pop and its different, but they are all beautiful sweetie, God Bless ~Rosa

  4. Wow!! I love them all..especially the color combo on the 3rd card. The 1st one is my fav..I LOVE the bow and the pink lace and that little Tilda girl is so stinking cute!
    {hugs} ~Dana

  5. Rina I love your style but I have to say I would of never thought that card #3 would look so beautiful if you would of told me your color scheme and not shown the card, but I love it also. You dared to do something out of the usual and it came out beautiful… 

  6. I don't think any crafter would care about your glue covered nails, isn't that normal? Oh wow, your cards are go gorgeous!! The third one is so different from what I like, too, but it's so stunning! I do have to say the second card is my favourite…mainly because of all the flowers. 
    Debbie 🙂

  7. Rina girl, GASP that is just about all I can say! I am absolutely loving that bold third card! I am like you a shabby girl, but that card and color combo just draws you in…..LOVE it! TFS and inspiring! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

  8. Very lovely cards! I agree with the others about one being difficult to choose. I like them all but I really like how mermaid Tilda card turned out, its unexpected and fun!

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