Awesome Happy Mail and Etsy Shop Share

Awesome Happy Mail and Etsy Shop Share

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Hi everyone..thanks so much for stopping by today. I was so blessed to receive some happy mail this week. I also got some beautiful items from an Etsy Shop. All our linked sure to check them out. You will be so glad you did. Have a great day…love and blessings…durinda

Bambi Olson:

Metta Mandala Art and Booksmith:

Metta Mandala Art and Booksmith (etsy):


WondubarCrafts (Etsy):

I've won welcome back to my channel so I have a few random acts of kindness happy mail whichever you prefer to call them that I've received in the last couple days this is my birthday month so I am one of those people who thinks you should celebrate all month long so it's really special that these would come during this month so this first one is from the lovely Bambi Olsen and I had no idea that this was coming she sent me this really pretty card cantelopes that's the back side this is the front side and I have opened everything you guys I cannot wait until I have time to film sometimes so I am just gonna be upfront and honest I will open mail before I film it if I can't film right away so yet Bambi just says hello and that she hopes that I can use this beautiful scarf but she doesn't say that but I say it's a beautiful scarf maybe on a gypsy journal she said please enjoy hugs Bambi Olsen thank you so much Bambi this is just beautiful and it just speaks gypsy however I haven't decided yet if I will use it for a journal or if I will actually wear it because it is very beautiful and it's a very large scarf so I mean it's very versatile you know there's a lot that you could do with it and it's just so pretty so yeah I might just wear it I don't know yet but thank you so much I really appreciate that that was so kind of you to think of me and to son that the second thing and I got like a few things over here so to wrap up and I want to make sure I have everything I think I do because like I said I can't wait to open any thing now this one I kind of had a feeling there might be something coming because I had mentioned to Kristie belliston who is Metta Mandela art and books Smith that I had use of all of my unicorn paper that sweet little alley cat makes in the junk journals for the ladies at the shelter and that I was going to need to get some more and she had said that they would hook me up well I would be happy to purchase it but she was kind enough to send it to me so thank you so much to both Christmas so I got I love these beautiful cards that she makes and sons so she sent me that and it just says that she hopes I enjoy the goodies big hugs from all of us lots of love Kristy cannon Alley Cat thank you so much sweetheart I really really appreciate you sending me things and there will be some happy mail coming back so I just I'm collecting some things so it will take a little bit probably but there will be some coming back and I know that you don't do it for that reason I totally get that but I just want you to know that there will be something coming so um and then I get a little like overwhelmed or like a little teary-eyed when I get stuff from alleycat because you guys know I love kids and I just think Ellie cat is one of those really precocious special just really precious kids now that they aren't all in their own way but he just has touched me for some reason and look at this she drew me a purple pony isn't that great I love it this is gonna go up on my fridge for short so cute and I love the little face right there – you guys see that I love it I just love everything this kid sends me and I also got and this is gonna go in a frame this is a piece of mixed media art yeah oops and upside down sorry I love makes me get well and the thing too was like I was like debating do I put it in a frame because if I put it in a frame I can't feel all this beautiful texture that she has on here in different elements and stuff but maybe when I get done touching it I will put it in a frame because I love it and it says on here I think it this is got off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it now I don't mean any disrespect to my father in heaven of course by saying that but I know he has a sense of humor because you know he wouldn't have created me with a sense of humor that I have if he didn't have one too so yeah I just I love that I just think that's so hilarious and definitely how I feel about the color purple Thank You Christy I love this so much there's just so much beautiful work in here and so many different elements that you know you can just sit and you can look at it and the more you look at it the more you find within it and I love that about mixed-media and she just did a beautiful beautiful job for this I'm gonna hold it up just a little bit so you can see it a little bit better isn't that gorgeous I just love it so thank you for that I always cut the paper with this because Ali puts the cutest little stickers on her paper pack Ellie's unicorn paper PS Ellie cat name [Laughter] and there is some amazing paper in here you guys oh my gosh I love this paper so much and the camera doesn't really always I do justice and pick it up I'm gonna bring it down just a little bit it doesn't always pick up the beautiful swirls and marbling and just all the different layers of color that she manages to get in this paper I just love it I can't say that enough so we've got this paper it's got like pinks and maybe some purple or blue it's hard to tell if it's purple or blue and then the white like it's just marbled beautifully I love it alicat you're gonna have to keep making this paper for mr. Enda because um I can't run out of it I just can't I have to keep getting more and more now I'm not saying you have to send it to me sweetheart I will buy it I'm just saying that mr. and the needs to keep this paper in her hands isn't this gorgeous I don't even know how you guys did this but keep it up that is beautiful I love it look at this one I think this is and this papers a little bit thicker and this one's a little bit thinner so thank you even for sending me like different textures of paper you guys are the bomb diggity love you guys and of course it's different on the back side too it's just such beautiful paper to put in journals and I'm sure the ladies at the shelter are gonna just love the purple that I use now this one's a little bit darker I showed one of the journals that I had put together to my ministry partners last week when we met and they would a nod over your paper alicat they just loved it he thought it was so pretty with us just beautiful you guys sent me a ton so thank you so very much there might have been a few tear drops in my eyes as I opened us you guys just kind of blew me away a little bit now we're back just some more the pinkish and you know like these ones a little bit just gorgeous I love them and then that wasn't beautiful enough I got this beautiful paper – it's not gorgeous this one look at that now this has a lot of like my peacock colors that is just stunning we love it so miss Christy and Little Miss Ali can't I thank you both from the bottom of my heart lots of love hugs and kisses to you I appreciate it so much okay then well I also got I'm just gonna show everything in this video just because it makes it easier I've been back subbing as you know if you watch my channels I found this game they still have their table a lot of this stuff I've already got the stuff that I would want I turned that box over because there's the name of a school on there not the one I'm at but still so you have these cards and this is a math game but then you also have like these pieces oops those are all those are just cardboard those will work good for stuff too this box is full of all kinds of treasure just in this one little game you have these ones that are made for these cards to slide inside but can you imagine the things that you can do with this know if it's made yeah it's got well it's got windows on both sides so these three are in you know like one location and then the two that aren't know they're each other wait a minute what I'm trying to tell is if the windows are in the same spots or if they're all different windows based on what side I can't get it out okay so these two are the same but then the rest they're all in different locations so I know I thought that was kind of cool and I'm sure there's things that can be done altering these or even in using them like they are I thought maybe they would turn but Doug they're not gonna turn because they're not circles or squares but anyway very cool I'm sure there's a lot that I can do with that now the pocket type ones there are only four and the rest are just these cards but I just thought it was a neat size and kind of different than some of the other cards that we alter so I just thought these would be fun to play with and you know what I just got of these might fit good into some of the pockets that I can make with Donna littles Julie's I might need to be cut down just a little bit but anyway lots of things that can be done with me so I did grab those yesterday while I was at work oh I'm wearing my really blingy rings for my videos they're not really something I really would wear out too much maybe this one this one's a little over the top but um well they're both a little over the top for me Who am I kidding I wear t-shirts and jeans but um for the videos I thought they would be fun to wear this one is my birthstone and I think it was Debbie long was the one that was kind enough to let me have it even though she had said that she wanted it first because it is my birthstone so thank you for that sweetheart I appreciated you letting me have it so just things that I got from the Cheryl at her jewelry sale and I have shown you this when I wore that before I think this one I have not shown you yet anyway these are eBay purchases this one I've been waiting for for quite a while it's just one of the the viewmaster dyes and so I want to use those with journals that I'm working on right now I had got these from Amazon so you know if you guys know these make nice little ephemera to go inside of there which is why I wanted that so thankfully that finally came so I can play with that a little bit so we'll probably but well so much for saving that bag it's alright I've got more but anyway we'll probably have some crack with me videos coming up where I can make some ephemera with that envelope so that I know where they are this was a purchase that was enabled by my good buddy Laura who is the Jersey crafter she was telling me about them and like oh where did you get those I want the lien brother blind there we go so she hooked me up and I got some too but they're just a bunch of like vellum butterfly Snickers and of course that is a lot of the theme of the journals I'm working on right now so thankfully those came in time for me to use them in the journals I even use those to decorate the what do they call it I forgot they're called already the the things I just showed you any way to decorate those envelopes viewmaster [Laughter] sorry I'm making the whole table shake so yeah so just a lot of really pretty Belem butterflies know if you really want to see all of them I'm sure some of them start to repeat it's a nice variety though so yeah it's like all those I can't remember many times a cute envelope though isn't it cute can't remember how many came in there there's quite a few so I got that stuff and again this is stuff that has come you know over the last couple weeks but I don't always sometimes I kind of wait until I have a few things to show you guys and then I'll do a video I haven't really been in a video meeting mood lately it's like I filmed twice now and deleted the videos because I don't know I just didn't feel like it was me you know like I just wasn't my usual self and um because you know I guess I wasn't really feeling like video taping so you know why why put something out there that really isn't you just to put a video out you know what I mean so I just didn't really want to do that so I decided not to even share them and of course I didn't get those in there very well so I will fix those better off-camera purchase to share and this comes from wundabar crafts Denise is a wonderful lady I'm trying to get everything I put everything in a box here by my table so that I could have it together because everything is a mess right now I'm not even kidding I was telling Laura today that I need to clean my house because it's looking rather hoarder ish and that's not even really a joke there's so much stuff I need to get put away and I made a mess of this package I apologize Denise because she did not have it put together like but as with everything else I look at this so she had um she is so nice and Sons freebies and stuff so um so I've got this pretty bookmark and of course it's all with purple because she knows I like purple or I guess if you know what you could fold it and do something with it – because it's like um like when it's open this is upside down so maybe it's intended to be something that pretty denise has some really pretty Diggy's in her shop – she sent me some cats Jax always useful I think she might have had this like a pocket mister I thought she had it like that as a pocket and stuff was inside and it probably came out in shipping because there's also this beautiful spool another doily she's been doing a lot of avocado dying and she also sent me this little baggie with some goodies inside there's this little snippet oh it's not a snippet it's off it's a paper clip those things fool me sometimes I think they're little snippets but they're actually paper clip what a great idea another idea for me to lift or monkey as we call it isn't that pretty I love that so then she's got her card got some beautiful washi I'll look Loret swishing flowers that's pretty Laura if you don't have that washi you need to have some put some playing cards in here that's pretty look sorry I'm showing you stuff upside down sorry about that I love birds so pretty so thank you for that Denise very cool love that I wanted to make some Oh what do you call them anyway this style of paper clip the ones that are hidden anyway I wanted to make some of those for my journals so so anyway what I got from her was she has some new envelopes trying to think where these cards go I just ordered these separate okay ten index cards for a dollar fifty and I used all the index cards that I had that were died in those journals I used a lot of stuff in those journals I'll tell you what you guys when you're making 12 journals at one time it definitely takes a lot of your paper and stuff I love her dying – I say – because I was talking about how much I love alleycat and Christie's dying but I like denise's – and there's the back side and for a buck fifty I mean she had some great prices in her shop so I got those these are the envelopes I was talking about and they come with this really pretty like eyelash trim that I think she died that eyelash trim – fire yeah cuz look here it isn't white or is that yeah I think that's white and then here's the dyed really cool but um I thought these envelopes be fun to play with and they're not sealed so like you can do them what you wanted to make like a you know fold out in your journal or you know put some together I mean you can do with them whatever you want they're pretty versatile and that was why I wanted to get them but there's five of these and these were $2.99 I love the dots I think the dots are my favorite yes I got those and then this last thing I'm going to show you I didn't intend to get but I needed to because this was the rest of the paper that I used up in the journals did I had and it was what I had got from Denise before it was her springtime pastels mixed-media kool-aid ID papers and normally it's sold for $27 this whole set she had it half off you guys so I got it for 1350 so I had to go for it I mean really how are you gonna turn that down so so here's some more index cards and they're just all in pastels just gorgeous love those here's your backside you guys haven't checked out Denise's shop you really need to I will link her below and I will also link Christy below so everything that I'm going to show you now comes in that deck yet so here you've got envelopes sorry you guys and having pain in my thumb I think I've talked about this before I get pain like right in through here I don't know if it's an arthritis thing or not but it makes it hard for me to use that that's the joys of getting older this month I hit the big five five so you know there's that okay yellow green and blue and purple and pink and orange gorgeous but also in a lot of places I now followed by four and this sounds so weird coming out of my mouth it just doesn't seem right but I qualify for senior discount I believe that because I don't feel like a senior you know I mean yes I get pain in my thumb I don't know but you know I'm not gonna knock a discount you know so we have these coffee filters and all the pastel colors and these are you still have some left I had used all these and actually I meant to put them in the journals and I forgot and I went ahead and sewed them but oh well there'll be other journals to use them in there's some doilies I mean I'm sure there's ways I could still incorporate them without sewing none but I don't know I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to have them be done so I mean I've enjoyed working on don't get me wrong I sound like oh I want you to be done it's just like I want the ladies to have them is what I want I want to get them to them here's a beautiful paper so I have some more decorating to do inside the journals and then on they will be down into these big circles I had to take my son to work and here I told my daughter no more fast food what did i do i went through Burger King and got lunch but you know it was lunchtime and I'm trying to get stuff done today and I just hate taking the time to make food and eat and all of that so it's a quick drive through and then get this beautiful music paper gorgeous this one of course this is my favorite it's got the dot and the purple I mean come on what more could a girl want okay and then we have this feels like wallpaper yeah I think I'm pretty sure this is wallpaper if not it's certainly yet some sort of thick kind of paper but that is so pretty okay and then what also comes with this that is the like the netting in the pastel colors I do have some of this left I have used a lot of that too for my bought before there's some big Jinja buttons just like a pearly white there's these buttons there I thought at first those look purple but they're like a brown color and there's this piece of ruffled fabric hey this was a heck of a deal for 13 bucks you know this is pretty doily and this one neck gorgeous then there's this piece of fabric it's got some purple in it too I think I got this before and my other kids that I had bought and here's this piece of law it's like got napkin gosh it's pretty hey are you crazy her stuff smells so good is this piece this one looks like she gave me she gave me two of the same nope they're a little bit different Sasha gave me like extra that's pretty chilly that pretty spread out where you can see it a little bit better love that and then look at the birds how cute is that there's two of them they're that pretty love it so yeah so that was an added extra little surprise that I did not plan to get but could not turn it down so I believe that is everything for now did I have to share with you guys I am hoping to get another craft with me video done this weekend while I work on those journals and I do have some more things coming in the mail too so whenever those things come I will share them with you guys so thank you again to Bambi and to Christy and alleycat and thank you to Denise I appreciate the great job you do with your dying Denise so that I can purchase from you and I don't have to do it myself and I thank you so much for the happy meal that the other two ladies sent so thanks for watching I hope you all have a fabulous day it's Saturday here so no work outside the house but you know of course I mentioned I have a lot to do in the house so we'll be doing that for the rest of the day and I will see you guys next time bye bye

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  1. AliKat was so sweet for making those papers for the ladies journals in the shelter. I loved everything else you got as well. I'd love to get your email so I can message you about your address. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. You are so welcome my friend – we love you dearly! And AliCat said she didnโ€™t want you to pay for paper for the women in the shelter because โ€œsheโ€™ll have to pay taxes and taxation is theft.โ€
    (Iโ€™m not sure whether I should be proud or a little scared that she said that – but I know better than to challenge that kidโ€™s political views! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฃ)

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