Baby doll shoes

Baby doll shoes

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Baby Doll Shoes

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Paint colours-
DecoArt: black,white,morning silver, Christmas red
Folkart:berry wine
Apple barrel- nutmeg brown

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hey everybody welcome back to Rachel's Rock Canada I wanted to give you guys a couple of more ideas for cute shoes you were asking for girl shoes ballet slippers a lot of a lot of you wanted more Sparkle so I am giving you a couple more ideas today now I started off with white on my rocks because my rocks are dark gray so I primed them with white acrylic paint I think I did two layers because they're super dark I did this on the last shoe tutorial my little Rockstar shoes because it's just nice to start off with a nice white base and that way all the color that you put on here will stand out a lot more so you can't really see what I'm doing with pencil right now but what I'm doing is I'm just kind of sketching on somewhat where I want the inside of my shoe to be and then and then we'll be painting it so I am going to put it all in black so black and white for you so that you can easily see the design of the little babydoll shoe that I am creating now I will move the shoe into your focus there you go see I promise I will try and keep this stuff in focus for you sometimes I'm not so good with it I'm concentrating so hard on the painting itself that I don't even realize that you guys can't see what I'm doing so I will apologize because it's going to happen again now I am filling in just the top half of my shoe because the bottom half of my shoe is gonna end up being like a brown so the top half is black bottom half will be Brown later on and I'll show you that as well I make sure to show you the bottoms of these shoes so and I'm just trying to go as straight as possible with a straight edged paintbrush so that I don't have to do too much fixing afterwards I want to kind of make it as straight as possible not too choppy around that where it goes from black to brown and then I just use a nice thick wide paintbrush to bring that strap across not too wide but you can make that strap as as thick or as thin as you want so I am working on a second one so that I have a pair but I'm not going to show you all the steps on the second one they're both going to look very very similar not exact but very very similar in the end and you'll get to see them together at the very end of the video so just so you know I am making up hair now I do have my little Rockstar shoes in my Etsy shop so I'm going to be putting these ones in there too they're gonna be perfect for a little girl's bedroom or anything anything adorable they would look so cute sitting in a little plant they're about 3 and 1/2 inches big each so they're super cute you'll see at the end I will be rezonings ones I didn't resin the Rockstar shoes but these ones they're gonna get it and you're gonna love it so I wasn't really happy with the shape of the opening of my shoes so I'm starting over again using a sponge and white paint just so that I can try and get the similar size opening as the other one I want to make them as close as possible to the same size and then I'll add a strap on to both of them and then work away at them one at a time so you are allowed to fix mistakes you are allowed to adjust things if you don't like it you just have to wait for your paint to dry so that you can cover it up that's the my best suggestion don't try and cover it up while it's still wet because it just makes a mess and be patient let it dry and then fix away because that's just part of creating something there's gonna be mistakes so I kind of like the shape I'm gonna work with this shape now and add straps afterwards so you will see it all come together and you can go back if you make a mistake with the black you can go back after it's dry and fix it with white same if you make make a mistake with the white you can go back and fix it with the black always wait for it to dry so you can kind of see what I'm getting at here these cute little baby doll shoes I will be using glitter gel nail polish which is cured with an LED flash UV lamp you don't have to use that kind of glitter for your bow on your shoe you don't even have to put a bow on your shoe but if you love this ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz you will love the little bows that I put on these shoes so you can use any kind of glitter you want for the bows it's completely up to you but I chose these because I've always ever since I watched The Wizard of Oz and ever since I saw those sparkling ruby slippers I I needed them I needed them someday but the closest thing I've come to is this gel polish it will be listed in the description of the video as well as a LED lamp so if that's an option for you or if you're somebody who has that kind of stuff kicking around your house that's amazing you are an artist anyone who's in the nail field is an artist as well so props to them I've always I've always been so inspired by and nail technicians and the amazing things they can do on such a small little space so now I'm adding my straps and I'm just doing this part together with the other one just so I kind of have them generally in the same area and it they look similar to each other so it is just a little hint you might want to do both of them at the same time so that they look more similar if you do one at a time you might change things up so this way I find it a little bit easier so I like them you can even stop there if you think that's enough they don't really look like shoes yet but they will I promise so I'm just straightening out the black around the edge just making sure it's not all choppy like I said you can see it a little bit better underneath there where you can see white that's actually going to be brown so we're gonna be putting some brown on there once that's dry I'm just making sure it looks pretty even on both of them and and then we can move on to the next step and you can do whatever kind of strap you want you can look up little cute little shoes for little girls or baby doll shoes vintage baby doll shoes or some of them are really cool but you can change up the straps and stuff however you want to do it it changes the whole look of them and you can do them in whatever color you want you don't have to do them in black and red like I'm doing but it's totally up to you now I am using a light brown here but I end up not liking that light brown it's just to kind of give like the look of the edge of leather on the front of the strap but I change it to more of a nutmeg Brown so it's a little bit darker and then I used the same brown to outline all the edges and do the bottoms of the shoes so ignore this color that I just put on there because it's not going to be that color now I'm going to be putting a silver buckle on each each one make sure you don't do the buckle on the same side on the pair make sure you do opposite opposite size so they actually look like a pair and yeah I just do like a little square over top of the strap that I just painted and it looks like a buckle you can go all in there and make it more realistic and all that but I just end up keeping it a little square I put a little silver line in the middle of that but then I took it away where the strap is so that it looks like it's sitting over top of that little bit you'll see but if you just put a little square there make the square a little bit bigger than the the strap itself and you don't have to use silver you can use gold it's up to you I've been using silver in the last couple of videos so it's kind of a nice change but I do miss my gold I might have to add it somewhere so I will be outlining all around there with the brown but I still haven't switched the color here yet I'm just outlining it now and fixing it but you'll see as we go along the the brown that I choose in the end it just seems to go better with the shoes so I just want to thank all of my subscribers as well I've got over 45,000 now and it just it just I can't even believe that there's that many people out there that want to watch me paint or want to paint rocks I just think it's fantastic and I love all of you so so much and appreciate every single one of you and you're always always there for me there's always such beautiful comments coming from you and you are thanking me for what I do for you but you have no idea what you all do for me so I just want to thank you all first subscribing and being there for me and being patient throughout the holiday season and me moving and everything it was very very stressful but you guys all stuck it out and waited for me so now I'm giving you a couple of things to do in the new year so there's going to be a couple of tutorials coming over the next couple of days and I hope that you love them all so I am adding some nice bright Christmas red in here now you can always do your strap afterwards because that's probably a smarter thing to do but I am doing it the wrong way so join me in doing it the wrong way so yeah I'm just filling it in with Christmas red and I will be going in with like a darker red a berry wine to make the bottom of the shoe a little bit darker so that it looks like you can actually slip your foot in there so yeah two different shades of red in this one I'm just making sure I coat make sure all the white is covered I will use a sponge to make sure I get even better coverage with my second coat and I just like the look of it when I when I sponge the paint on so what you can't see is I'm just fixing some of the I went over the black with some red so I outlined that again and now I'm going in with a sponge and the berry wine color and as you can see I'm not going all the way out to the both sides I'm kind of making it smaller so that it looks like the inside of the shoe at the bottom so once again I apologize it's not in focus because I'm concentrating on making it look like a shoe but I will bring it in to your focus very very soon and you'll be able to see what it is that I'm actually talking about so that's what I'm talking though I own I start right at the front right at the black part I will go over that again because I've sponged over top onto the black but you don't go all the way to the other end and you don't go all the way to the side so you just keep it in the center just so that it looks like it's the bottom of the shoe and it's a little farther away inside the shoe and it's a bit shaded down there and you can always go back over and fix the strap and fix anywhere that you over blended now I'm going in with the red again just to make sure I keep a nice straight straight line they're not all sponged out just cleaning it up and then I can clean up the black paint as well on the strap and all I have to do is go over top of it and all those mistakes and blemishes disappear but like I said it might be a little bit easier to put your strap on afterwards after you're finished blending in the inside of the shoe then add your strap that's probably what I would suggest after creating this one myself making that color again which I don't end up liking at all it just doesn't look right to me it kind of looks like gold without the shimmer but yeah it doesn't look right I gotta change this so I am fixing more of my red but I'm going to make a little bow here just with red paint and then I'm actually gonna let this bow dry and then add the glittery gel polish to it and yeah there's a there's a process and it looks so cute when it's done it looks so so cute you'll love them now if this video seems to be skipping at all I apologize I'm not sure what's going on but hopefully it's not it's not too badly edited for you so you can see the little shape I'm doing the bow on the side of the buckle so this one is the left shoe and on the right shoe the buckle will be on the right side and the bow will be on the right so now I am painting it once again the color that I don't like on the bottom and then I've decided nutmeg Brown yes nutmeg Brown and it ends up looking way better a lot better but you decide what color you want for the bottoms of your shoes it's it's totally up to you I just wanted a nice brown I just thought it resembled cute little shoes from way back so I'm going to be doing that and making sure that I fix any that went over onto the black and and just make sure that everything looks good around the sides a nice straight line with the black and the brown not all choppy and if you make a mistake with the brown fix it with the black once it's dry so now I'm going in with my finelining brush and I'm just gonna do a fine line where we have darkened the inner part of the shoe just so it looks like your foot can sit right in there it's such a cute little shoe I got a thing for cute little shoes baby shoes like come on I could look at them all day all sorts of baby shoes they're the cutest things in the world I could never get my kids to keep shoes on their feet when they were little so I had cute little Nike shoes yeah there they looked cute on the floor beside the baby [Laughter] so I'm just adding in some little wrinkles in the bow and outlining it with black and then once it's dry I'm gonna go in with the gel polish which is like I said it's an option that you don't have to do I don't want you to go out and buy stuff just so that you can do this the exact same way as me you can get the same beautiful effect using any kind of glitter paint just make sure it's dry properly before you seal it and I will be using resin to seal mine so they're going to be extra extra shiny when it's done and the glitter is gonna really show up – I will leave all of the resin information and tutorial in the description i will leave my finelining brush in the description that the tutorial for that and yeah the glitter polish that I use on the bows that will all be listed in the description as well you can do whatever color you want on the inside of the shoe you can do blue purple pink I just wanted to use red I really like red right now that's why the other the Rockstar shoes are red and yeah but you'll see there's gonna be another another beautiful pair of shoes coming very soon and they're gonna be so beautiful so I'm gonna do some little stitches I'm gonna have to do another coat of brown on the bottom of my stone because that Brown is really really transparent so ignore the brushstrokes you see I will be fixing that but what I'm doing is I'm using the same nutmeg Brown to do cute little stitches just along the very edge of the black where it's meeting the Browns so you can see all the stitches that are holding the bottom of the shoe to the black part of the shoe so here's the gel polish I have a specific one that I use just for my artwork and it's really messy and it sits right on my desk and it's there at the minimal reach and yeah my little nail dryer or not not nail dryer but LED UV dryer cure light whatever you want to call it that's it's right on my desk too so it's easy access now this stuff is a little bit transparent in some spots so you might have to do two coats of it if you're using the same stuff I the the brand itself and I buy it on Amazon and again it's not it's not very expensive and it definitely last me a very long time you can make a whole lot of bows on shoes with one bottle a lot so I'm just making sure that it's all covered up I will be going back in after it's dry with the lamp and outlining make sure that I still have a black outline so that it pops off the top of the shoe and you will see how it looks after being sealed with resin it just really stands out it's just beautiful so you'll see me put this ugly dirty little pink light over top this is the one that's on my desk very very inexpensive and it folds up and it takes very little space at my desk so I use it all the time so I've dried I've dried it properly I did it a little extra gave a little extra time under there just to make sure it's totally dry and and then I will be sealing it after we are done and you'll be able to see it much better afterwards so I will be as you can see I switched to the Nutmeg Brown along the strap I will be putting that same strap color around the entire opening of the shoe right now I'm putting a little bit of metallic red I'm gonna try and find it so that I can give you the exact color of it I believe it's garnet it's garnet its folk-art garnet it's a metallic red and I'm just putting a little bit of that on the inside where it's the lighter color red so it looks kind of like a satin in there so you're changing up the whole look of it just by using different types of paint metallic or glossy or glittery and yeah it's gonna look so cute when it's done so I'm just going to outline my strap to make sure that I don't have any Brown overlapping I want to see the outer edge of the strap nice and black I'm outlining the inside of the shoe making sure that all everything looks the way I want it to which is kind of what I call clean up just kind of fix everything adjust everything and make sure it's the way I want it before I seal it adding the black around the bow again making sure I can see the black and the wrinkles kind of looks like a Hello Kitty bow but now that I look at it what do you guys think of it well let me know once you've seen it resin because I know how much you like that part I needed a resin fix guys because we didn't resin the last shoes I knew right away I was gonna have to make some fancy-schmancy ones so that we can resin them so it's taking some time but I am going to be outlining that brown nutmeg around the edges I see all my stitches here everything's looking pretty good I did a second coat on the bottom so that you can't see through that Brown anymore and now I'm doing the outer edge of the opening of the shoe just so it looks a little bit like it's leather sort of that what kind of look I'm going for they look similar right they look so cute I wish I had little feet that would fit in these no such luck they're adorable though I would love to hear what color you decide to make or if you've decided to make them just like mine let me know what you think of them in the comments sometimes when I tell you to let me know what you think the comments are not turned on and I don't even know how that happens so I have to keep going in and checking to make sure that you guys can even talk to me so if you can tell me what you think I'd really appreciate it they are so goood perfect for a baby shower once again for someone who's having a little girl you can even put them in like a little shadow box glue them into it so that they aren't gonna fall and hurt anybody because they're rocks right you don't want them to hurt anybody so you could put them in a little display case but yeah they're so cute so just making sure everything is outlined and then we will be sealing them and I'm going to make them look so pretty they look pretty good right now but look at those sparkling little bows I love the stitches love love love they're so cute so are you guys ready you know I love this part oh my goodness aren't they adorable who would not want those displayed in their little girl's bedroom or in their little garden if they're resin you can put them in the garden because they'll last a long time oh they're just so beautiful I love you guys have fun with them

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