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BACK TO SCHOOL THRIFT HAUL TO SELL ON POSHMARK | AUGUST FALL 2019 // Here is a fall thrift haul just in time for Back to School shopping on Poshmark!

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hey guys it's the name welcome back to my youtube channel if you are new here I welcome you I am a Poshmark seller I've been selling on the app for five years now I was also a closet consultant at posh vest today I have an amazing first haul for you guys for fall back to school these are the types of items that you need to be sourcing for this time of year and all times of year so I want to go and show you kind of what I found it Goodwill I'm gonna tilt this down just a tad there we go umm so I'm on some great stuff at Goodwill for back-to-school season and I wanted to show you guys I also want to thank all of you who have signed up for my social media course um yeah we are going to be going all into Instagram and how to kind of build your business and make more money from Instagram and social media so I'm excited for all of you who have joined that if you would like to join if you'd like details um my email address is down in the description box and you can just shoot me an email and I will send you over the details and get you signed up so let's go straight into the hall let's see first thing I found is this really cute little this looks like something that max would have worn and stranger things I feel like if you watch that show it's just a really cute little button-down top it is by made see that Maeve is an anthropology brand um it has this really cute little kind of a tee style confetti pattern but I just really loved um these sort of retro style tops are coming back they're super on-trend eighties nineties stuff things like that so I really like the pattern on it and it reminded me of stranger things so that's why I picked it up next thing I picked up um this is Taylor Swift speak now shirt this is from her speak now to work that she did a few years ago but these shirts are kind of collector's items because obviously they don't make them anymore so you know her fans now are really trying to get some of her older stuff from her tours and then it's got the complete tour schedule on the back with her name um so anytime I see anything Taylor Swift I pick it up she has a mass amount of fans that want her older stuff as well as turning her stuff this is a Harley Davidson tank top Harley Davidson is really starting to come back into be like a trendy thing right now I'm seeing way more people with Harley Davidson stuff so yeah I picked up at this tank top I picked up this tank top it would be really cute under a denim jacket it's got Harley it's got the logo it's got the tag that's one thing about buying Harley make sure it is licensed or they will get you especially if you were listing on eBay next I'm gonna go into some jeans that I picked up uh these are Joe's jeans you can see that they are a size twine good size just a dark wash um they are kind of more of a bootcut they're not really flare they're more of a bootcut and then it has the Joe's on the back pocket so these are sold at Nordstrom they run over a hundred bucks a pair so try to pick these up especially if they are dark wash distressed things like that people just love a great pair of jeans so love selling Josephine's these next jeans are cut from the cloth they are the Catherine boyfriend style and they are a size 12 again dark wash I prefer to get dark wash it just tends to sell better for me these are more of like a straight like a straight leg cut and then it's got the K on the back pocket again just basic pair of jeans great for fall great for back-to-school next pair of jeans are also Joe's jeans it's kind of a little bit of a different label they are a size 27 um and then these are straight like as well again dark wash classic this is what people want for you know fall and back-to-school so and they're really good brands next these are not really jeans they're more of like a Chino material but they are not your daughter's jeans size 4 but they're this really cool like red snakeskin pattern snakeskin is really in right now it's a huge trend and I thought these were really unique with the color and the snakeskin pattern on them um but these are more of a high waisted and then they have more of like a skinny fit like with a cuff at the bottom these are a pair of cabbie shorts I actually just sold a pair of these I think they're called like the Dreamweaver shorts I'm pretty sure I put them in a solo video a few like a couple weeks ago but I just sold a pair of them um so I picked them up again because I found a separate pair people love the cabbie brand it has a really loyal following let's see next is this is a postmark top from Anthropologie you can see the tag just a basic kind of cotton style shirt knit top it's got like a floral pattern on it that you can see again anything anthropology I try to pick up people love the Anthropology brand this is also something that I sold a similar top also from postmark you can see this tag memorize this tag because I see it a lot I'm just a little striped rugby style but you call those my hair my name right now but it's got this little cute little button detail at the sleeve where you can wear it cop or long great great colors for fall and back to school next is another Harley top that I picked up it's kind of like a semi sheer top it's got the logo on the front not on the back it's got Harley Davidson Myrtle Beach love picking up Harley stuff it tends to sell really fast and really well for me so I try to pick it up whenever I see it this is by soft surroundings kind of a again retro looking it's I think it's a tunic I don't think it's long enough to get dressed but it looks like a tunic to me just a colored button-down great for back-to-school great for a teacher great for the office really pretty colors this is a top from Turin just your basic really comfortable breathable um great for transitioning from summer to fall I'm just a really like boho chic style top you can see it's like a really thin fabric so it's good for you know as we transition and it's still hot outside this is another torrid top and it's velvet I love velvet this is so pretty I don't know if you can really see it too well on camera um it's just a really really pretty pinkish color with the cold shoulder detail I just love the bit I love the way it looks it's so pretty it feels so good again another great piece for transitioning into fall and winter especially for people who spend winter like in warmer climates so you could wear this and it's season appropriate but it's not like full-on velvet and you got like the cold shoulder to kind of help with the hot weather this is another anthropology brand it's called Vanessa Virginia that's what the tag looks like and then it has these really cute little stones at the top of it on the collar you can kind of see them sparkling um just a little pop over top great for fall great for back to school um it is longer so you could wear it like with leggings this is probably one of my favorite brands to sell but it is Athleta and it's kind of like a pullover jacket style and it's longer so you could wear this with leggings too if you go running or running errands or something like that it's got a hood on it which I love and it is long steep this is another Harley cop really really cute it's got like this little cutout on the side here and then it's got the pockets on the front you can see the tag and then it's got the style on the bottom of it with the buttons and then a little bit of that printed at the top on the back just so just a really cute really detailed top next is from made well made will is a sister company of j.crew and this is a really pretty you can wear just a dress or you could wear it with leggings on it's kind of like an army green I don't know if you can tell that on camera ah long sleeves again kind of like a tunic style it depends on how tall you are if you would have to wear leggings with this or not really really good fall staple wardrobe piece next is another brand from Anthropologie and this is de Letta this top is really interesting it has like kind of a drapey top and then like this little gathered piece at the bottom makes it really flowy and pretty and then it's got kind of a lace underlay that shows through so this is really unique and kind of the reason why people love anthropology stuff is for the kind of it's just different so people love things like them next is a Sports Bra from the Stella McCartney collaboration with adidas Stella McCartney stuff is very very expensive I'm not quite sure how much this is retail I haven't looked it up yet but people love the Stella McCartney adidas stuff so this is a size small got a really cute little rainbow pattern to it and then kind of a mesh back which is really nice and if you guys are ever curious or you feel like you need help sourcing I do have all of my sourcing guides are listed below as well as how to join my private Poshmark group as well so I'll put all of that information down below but this is a free people sweater I bought this because people love these oversized free people sweaters um like off-the-shoulder you might kind of off the shoulder you can wear a tank top underneath it and it's great if it's not super super cold outside but you still want to have a sweater on so I picked this up three people and Oh honestly kind of a hit-or-miss brand for me but since it was the oversized sweater that the fashion bloggers tend to like I did pick this piece up next is a toward top it's that smart trend that is really popular right now on it stretching on top and then just kind of flowy at the bottom with a really cute floral pattern and this is more of a purple color I don't know if you can tell that on camera and it's got the buttons at the top next is from Bowden I love selling Bowden stuff people love this brand just a really cute with the peter pan collar long sleeve striped top this would be so cute with a navy skirt and then it's got the zipper detail on the back or you could wear it with jeans just a really really good fall piece last item is another one of my favorite brands to sell I love selling athletic wear if you can do um but it is from Lululemon and this is the cutest little pattern that I've probably ever seen on a little lemon piece um it's kind of a cropped tank top with the racerback high it doesn't have a size on it but I'm going do measurements and figure it out just a really cute little polka dot athletic top and it's a lemon so that is my haul for you for today I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you guys in the next video thanks so much I


  1. I have learned so much from you. I have the deletta top in Navy in my cloest. its new and beautiful. I loved your co op with thrifty flamingo. free people never sales for me. I hope it is a busy fall!

  2. You are a delight to watch you are great at teaching this topic. Just started my closet on poshmark I sell skirts and dresses exclusively in all sizes. It’s great to see what sells for other people even though my inventory is different! I always learn something. 🎀

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