Best Payment Gateways For Shopify Dropshipping Stores [2019]

Best Payment Gateways For Shopify Dropshipping Stores [2019]

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what are the best payment gateways to use for your drop shipping business they had two payment methods everyone in the world besides maybe China because they've just having their own stuff their uses in the world those are PayPal and credit cards I told that a lot of my videos you should definitely in the beginning of starting drop shipping register immediately from PayPal and the credit card provider what other countries are also using I will show you at the end of the video but now let's start with people and why you should have it on your story paper establish itself as the biggest evil –it in the market people get an immediate trust if they see on your page that you're offering PayPal as a payment method and people are also using that because they know they can get easily their money back if the product is not satisfying them PayPal is active for most countries of the world and you can pay yourself from PayPal to your home country bank account or US bank account I would definitely recommend you to use PayPal Express Checkout and turn off the option with credit cards because you want to diversify your business and you don't want to allow people to take all the payments through your story why because it just reduces your risk if people doesn't control on your story and is holding all your money liquidity is just diminishing and you can't make money any more at least you have some credit card payment providers which you can still use on your story if you use those ones stripe stripe is currently the biggest credit card payment provider in the world there were 1 billion US dollars and there's a reason for that you can get the collected money from your customer within one week to your own bank account and thrive most of the time it's not holding any money from you as opposed to PayPal which is always holding between 20 to 45 percent of your money as a dynamic reserve stripe is pretty chill Terry but the problem would stripe is if your charge back is too high and I mean if you get more than 1 percent charge back paper gets kind of confused and they maybe kick you out stripe may also be not available in your country stripe is mostly available for Amir can North American European Hong Kong Singapore countries if stripe is not available in your countries I would definitely check out those payment providers first right to look into bluesnap if stripe is not available as opposed to for example to checkout they are way more children exempting companies even if you have a company somewhere in Africa and they're doing a great job what comes with the payment provider has a own Checkout theme where you can do after purchase upsells so if you want to do it instead you have to use simplify or one-click upsell and those apps will charge your money and the design will be not same as the design from Shopify you're using first here you see the advantages first it's cheaper it's a high converting check out and the check out the same for the first checkout and for the after purchase checkout that gives people trust and makes your life easy recently shop if I opened up their own payment provider with Shopify payments you can use that the major countries and you won't pay any more fees as supposed to the checkout fees the only thing I don't like about Shopify payments yet is that they ask you too much questions now over protecting themselves and they need to long to access all those informations and then this time they are holding this money you can't work with that liquidity is diminished and you have to wait till they get back to you you have to hope that this only happens to you one time and not at the time where you really need to make money at this point I also have to be fair and say that Shopify payments have more payment methods to offer than just credit cards as I said in the beginning you have to look out for countries you want to sell in a lot of those countries have some other major payment methods they're using in this country and you have to use them to make some money in those countries so for example for the Dutch market you need ideal and Bank contact you can get them with Shopify payments or what is more common with Molly so you will need those two options to go into this market it won't work if you just have people in credit cards because we are selling in most countries on their language and offering a lot of payment options we have this knowledge and know exactly how much percent of the population pace with which payment methods we have written all down and make it available for you guys in my course it will be unfair against my mentees to unrevealed those things on YouTube so I keep them private in my course we have not only revealed the payment methods and the payment gateways that you should use and those selected countries we have also revealed the most interesting countries you can get in to make a fortune at the beginning of your dropshipping career but we have also included the markets where you can get in if you don't want to have too much competition and make the most money so i want to give you an example germany is kind of interesting but we can't reach the top because the thing is 40% of german people pay with invoice that means you have to send them first product right and have to wait till they send you the money via bank transfer you have less liquidity in your company and if they don't satisfy what most of them won't if they have long shipping times yeah we'll just say ah i don't need to sell them the money i will just wait till i receive some letters from him and then maybe i will pay at some point so if you don't want to deal with those kind of people check out my course so don't go in into the wrong country

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