Best Power Tools ~ Tool Review ~ Favorite Tools ~ DIY Wood Project

Best Power Tools ~ Tool Review ~ Favorite Tools ~ DIY Wood Project

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In this video, I talk about my 3 tools I couldn’t be without when working with wood. Step by step, I show you how to make a simple wood box using these power tools.

NOTE: What I called a Skil saw in the video, is a circular saw! Skil is a brand. Sorry about that!

Power Tool Links:
Drill Set:
Electric Circular Saw:
Cordless Circular Saw:
Mouse Sander:

Cottage Decal:

33 thoughts on “Best Power Tools ~ Tool Review ~ Favorite Tools ~ DIY Wood Project

  1. Great demo on using power tools….recently found your channel and I have learned so much not to mention the great inspiration. Thanks for sharing your journey and talent!!!

  2. Like that idea of using back sharpie marker to distress. Have sanding edges before then painted them back or with other colors as sanding make wood look “new’ again. Want it to look like it got knocked about from age.

  3. One of the first best saws I bought was a backcut saw. Very good for fine cutting for things like picture frame moulding and trims that doesnt tear up the wood. And a miter box. My partner now has the dial in kind of miter thing. Not that expensive and worth the money. I do use some power tools but you dont really have to in order to do most of the things she shows. Home stores will also cut for you. Especially the ripping. Or trade help with neighbors. Our block all helps each other out. The tool world is also much better. Smaller but stronger, better motors and batteries. The first drill I used was my ex husbands. Those old giant silver things that weigh like 40 lbs.!! Could hardly hold still to drill with it! Some vintage is good though. Just investigate options I have vintage sewing machines. Won’t buy newer than mid 60s any more.

  4. WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I had just found your channel, the first video I watched was repurposing the dresser. Afterwards I was just thinking that I'd love a video showing basic power tools and then spotted this one. So excellent! Would love to see more if you have a chance. 💖🌹👏🏻🤗

  5. Please more projects using the tools. I am on a tight budget as I am retired and trying to fix my son's house, who had passed away, and I ran out of money. It is good to know how to use tools. I love watching your video's. God Bless you. Eric's mom

  6. I still use a handsaw. I think it's a great way to stay in touch with the wood. It trains your eye better too. As it takes quite some skill to cut a flat, straight line. I also love the sound of working with hand tools on wood. But then, I don't do as many projects as you do. There comes a point, you have to invest in technology.

  7. Thank you so much Mary! I’ve gotten so inspired by you and others to try to make things or just use tools when needed around the house but I’ve been in need of instruction. Thanks again!

  8. Got my kids to buy me a mouse sander and a cordless screwdriver as Christmas presents when I moved into my new home that needed plenty of DIY renovation. They've been used countless times, and much more useful to me than perfume and scarves.

  9. Hi Mary, I love this video. I"m always thinking about working with wood but don't know where to begin. I have a Silhouette Cameo and want to use it for wood items. I loved that you did this video and I would love to see more tutorials like this one. You are truly an inspiration. God bless you and your family. 🙂

  10. Thank you for this detailed lesson. I would like to see more of these step by step projects. A lot of us are novices when it comes to the supposed "man tools" but we really want to learn how to you use them. That electric saw looks really heavy. Was it difficult for you to get used to using it?

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