Block BAD Ebay Buyers BEFORE They Buy (Sellers Nightmare Scam Scammer 2019 ETSY Negative Feedback)

Block BAD Ebay Buyers BEFORE They Buy (Sellers Nightmare Scam Scammer 2019 ETSY Negative Feedback)

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This video shows you the tell-tale sign of a bad ebay buyer BEFORE they make the purchase giving you negative feedback, defect, and horrible experience. This goes for Amazon, Etsy, Ali Baba or any other online selling venue.

45 thoughts on “Block BAD Ebay Buyers BEFORE They Buy (Sellers Nightmare Scam Scammer 2019 ETSY Negative Feedback)

  1. Sosa games uses friends and family to ruin his competition. Buys your item then reports to Amazon and Ebay that you sell counterfeit items. See the Bad Buyer List.

  2. This just seems all one way to me..there are two sides to a fence ..both sellers and buyers can be bad I'm sure..I'm actually or should I say was a buyer..and I've been ripped off a couple of times and then the last straw was a seller who sent me something other than what was listed and even though I was refunded ( through eBay not the seller) I left neutral feedback nothing bad either but then I had the seller message me having a hissy fit for leaving a neutral feedback ???what's happened to freedom of speech? Yeah the seller said I was a horrible person and not to buy from him again for leaving a neutral feedback ??? When it was the seller who caused all the trouble in the first place
    .I've found just staying away from eBay is better

  3. I've been selling on eBay since very early 1998 and I feel that one of the WORST decisions they ever made was disallowing sellers to be able to leave negative/neutral feedback for horrible buyers! When they made that decision, I cut waaaay back on my selling there for quite some time.

    You are absolutely right about checking what sort of feedback buyers leave for others and I definitely do check that! It's always a crap shoot when you're dealing with eBay buyers. Luckily, [knock-on-wood] I can count on one hand the number of buyers I've had any real problems with. But, way back about 15+ years ago, I ran into all sorts on there! Generally, I found it extremely helpful to simply call eBay and talk to the reps there. I found them to always be very helpful and would definitely make notes in my account if there was anything worrisome. It's always better to talk to an eBay person on the phone about something like this that you just described than to use their messaging system!

  4. Most of the buyers I've had trouble with had no signs of being bad buyers. They either would complain about the item not being complete despite the pics showing everything, claim the items (toys) are broken despite the ad so and pics showing the damage, or claiming they didn't authorized the purchase after the item is sent.
    Other issues were people asking me to split orders, for example i had 20 games from some obscure system for $100 and he wanted just 5 of them. I told him I understood, but wanted to sell all of them, and offered to cut the price. He then had his wife email me on another account making the same request.
    I had one guy send me a few rude emails about a rare PS1 game I had listed saying I was charging too much for the item. I told him I'll consider other offers, but will only consider an offer I can't refuse. He told me I was crazy and all his friends he complained to on gaming forms says I"m crazy, and that the price of PS1 games are dropping so I better sell now. After a few back and forth I finally told him I wouldn't sell him the game for any price. He didn't reply.

  5. Just like Amazon and Etsy, eBay is run by scammers for scammers and is totally incompetent and corrupt. No regular person could steal from sellers at the level that eBay Incorporated steals when they let fraudulent buyers rip off the sellers. Paying off politicians to protect your company seems to pay off. The people running eBay both past and present belong in prison for life doing hard labor. They are criminals, just like the corrupt scums running Etsy and Amazon too.

  6. Been selling on E-bay since 2002, and too many questions are usually a warning sign (my person favourite is when they ask about your 'Returns Policy' before they've even paid for the item….You just know that they're wanting YOU to pay for them to borrow the item?)

  7. totally agree… BLOCK BLOCK AND BLOCK… Exactly they must keep their mouth shut. I have my rules: 1. send 3 messages to me and get a block, Complain unreasonably> Block, Be demanding-too cheap when already getting a steal>Block, Low FB/New accounts>Possible Block, Negative/Neutral FB to other sellers> BLOCK. C'mon Bring it on. Buyers need to understand we don't have to sell to anyone we don't want to. Once had a re-known animal abuser buying from me>Canceled order & Block. My Block list is growing everyday, but have managed to keep away lots of scammers other sellers haven't. Sometimes, blocked buyers make multiple accounts, you need to track names/addresses. Sometimes we do need to give refunds but what can you do? As long as the FB score is high & profits coming..

  8. this guy is correct….often easy to tell if buyer is going to cause issues. However ebay still does not care about their sellers AT ALL! And ppl will scam because they know ebay will side with the buyer 99.9% of the time

  9. I think the guy bought already from someone and got a product that didn't deliver what the ad implied. U need to be confident your description is accurate. He's not trusting it cos he's seen so many false ads by sellers who don't check their shit!

  10. Some buyers can be become a nuisance asking for 3 + questions. Those answers are on listing. Then a buyer would want to ask for lower price(buy it now or retracting bids). It signs that a buyer will refund a item. Block a buyer before they buy is better. Sometimes buyers are sellers themselves selling the same item.

  11. As an Ebay buyer, I simply am trying to get a deal on an item that's as described. I'm not a scammer, and buyers do have the right to ask questions regarding what they put their hard earned money into. Had an asshole of a seller block me over asking a question about shipping. So I shoved a negative feedback up his wrinkled aging ass out of revenge. There's time I'd love to virus this site and render it useless for everyone. Humanity pisses me off that much….!

  12. Hey buddy I don't appreciate being made out as a bad person because people like you take my $ & don't ship out. I have every right to ask for a refund if you don't ship out….

  13. My thing is why don't ebay have a team that can see through these negative feedback abusers and simply just remove the feedbacks? If a seller has a outstanding selling reputation and buyer has a reputation of leaving negative feedback for sellers with good reputations. Why tf can't ebay have a team to investigate the probability of the facts at hand and make a decision to remove or leave standing based on the facts at hand? I've seen these negative feedback abusers destroy 5 year eBay reputations, completely shut them down and no more food or rent gets paid.

  14. I got a buyer that paid and was asking me to ship to a different address , already a red flag , then I check thier profile and he had 1 feedback , should I proceed with the sale ?

  15. This video is the best youtube video on eBay topic because the most important thing on eBay is not getting scammed by immoral scam buyer, especially if you sell the high-value item. The worst buyer is the one who always left negative feedback to sellers, which would damage seller's reputation.

    No matter how good is your product or how much effort you put into selling your product, if you sell it to a scammer, you may lose both your item and money. A buyer who left tons of negative feedback to other sellers should be going to your block list straight away, don't need to give a fuck about they paid the item or not, just cancel the transaction, otherwise, you are fucked.

    These cunts may use your item and ask for a refund after a couple of weeks and send back an empty box, and guess what? you have to give them a full refund, and they left you a negative feedback says your item is shit, then you lost your future sales. If you blocked the problem buyer and even after they paid, the only option for them is to leave negative feedback says you canceled the order without their permission and that would not be a huge problem even other buyers see it.

  16. My sister has been selling on eBay for two years and has never received a negative or neutral feedback in that entire time. Anytime a seller had an issue, they contacted her and she quickly resolves it to the customer's satisfaction, since she says she finds most sellers are honest. A few months ago, she received a negative feedback from a buyer who never even contacted her about the issue with the order. I shared your information with her on how to check the buyer's feedback and she saw a pattern. She blocked the seller right away. Thank you.

  17. I often get problem sellers. Incomplete listings with good prices, often on items that are sold in quantity, feet, pounds… Mostly the problem is language, they just don't understand what I am asking. Instead of having someone with a better understanding of English look at the message, the act like I'm hassling them and blow me off. If someone told me the listing doesn't work properly, I would at least have a look and set my ego on the shelf for a few.

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