Boost Etsy Sales with the Sell on Etsy App

Boost Etsy Sales with the Sell on Etsy App

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Are you looking to boost your etsy sales? Have you used the sell on etsy app?
As part of our August Etsy Challenge lets have a look at making a shop update to engage our shoppers and help them get to know a little of your process

The App for android is here
And Apple

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it feels like a great date of sell more items on eat see let's do this hey I'm Pam Duffy and if you haven't already checked out we're doing that changer one thing a day in August to Train booster shops and get more sales so if this is something you're into don't forget check out the playlist in the cards above and come back every day the one single thing that can help you shop the most is just being active it makes your shop exciting and enticing for viewers when they come along it makes sure that you're checking out your stats and doing what actually works and not just leaving things sitting it triggers the algorithm and it sets a good habit so today what are we gonna do let's update something fun on the seller needs the app this is actually a really cool tool that isn't utilized quite enough it's a bit like Instagram for eetzi so if you haven't already downloaded into your mobile phone and let's get started so you can take a photo of three of your works in production your studio area or if you buy vintage you could even take pictures of somewhere you found some exciting items anything that lets people know what you're doing something about you creating their item just post a little snap of something about your listings that makes you human that you think you're that you think your customers would be interested to see pop it up on the app and you can even tag a listing to that so upload the pictures onto the app and then type a brief description and you can even link it to one of your products and that's hopefully a great way to inspire some of your customers and keep them coming back to your shop if you're doing interesting things so that's our wee tip for the day don't forget come back tomorrow for some more ideas and if you have any ideas of things that you find really helps your shop don't forget stick them in the comments below thank you so much and see you next time

9 thoughts on “Boost Etsy Sales with the Sell on Etsy App

  1. Hi Pam….I'm so frustrated right now. The Etsy Seller app simply will not fully download onto my Android phone. I've tried to download other apps to make sure there wasn't a problem with my device – and all other apps are totally fine – no issues with them for downloading. Anyway I've just tried to email the developers….so crossing fingers. It would be great if a bunch of the awesome Etsy business mentors on YouTube could be vocal on these sorts of Etsy glitches to put the pressure on. It is working wonderfully for what appears to be iPhone users…and then once in awhile you'll see a 1 star review (I'm guessing Android users…but not sure???).

  2. Hi Pam! Naughty Daniel haha… You know what, I do like when you had no make up on.. natural beauty! Thank you for this challenge Thank you Pam! Till your next video! x

  3. Whoa… what's going on with your make-up?
    No stitched lips or black tears running down your face from eye poisoning?
    I thought you were sticking with yesterday's routine every day.
    What kind of a beauty channel is this?

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