Bucky News - New Trims at The Snippet Shop - Etsy Shops - HM from Lorie & Lisa

Bucky News – New Trims at The Snippet Shop – Etsy Shops – HM from Lorie & Lisa

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Hi Everyone! It’s been a week since I’ve done a video. So much has happened, let’s catch up! Here are the Etsy shops I’ve referenced in this video:

Find me and Gayle’s Favorite Things here:

32 thoughts on “Bucky News – New Trims at The Snippet Shop – Etsy Shops – HM from Lorie & Lisa

  1. I just got the chance to watch this video and am so glad you share family news. I know that Bucky is doing fine now, but didn't have the 'rest of the story'. Anyway, as always I love to watch your videos and see all the yummy stuff you get from all over! It just keeps giving me ideas and makes me want to spend money. I really need to finish stuff first though so I can get my shop up and running. Take care of yourself and God bless you and your whole family!

  2. I can't believe what you and your family had been through with your grandson Bucky in the hospital! Thank goodness your daughter followed her instincts and took him to the hospital. I am so happy to hear he is home now and doing well. Thank you for sharing your crafting and your family with all,of us Gayle! 💗💜❤️

  3. Just watching this now on September 14…Thank the Lord that Bucky is where he needs to be. Prayers for his recovery!🙏💕 Gayle, you are a rock star Grandmother too!

  4. Oh my goodness, Gayle! I'm just now watching this because of having surgery on my hand so I'm catching up on YT. I'm so, so sorry to hear about your grandchild. How frightening!! At first, I thought you were going to say he had croup which my great niece just had. Sending good wishes to everyone and especially the little guy! I'm almost caught up on your videos and I have to say, you've inspire me every time I watch! Thank you for all that you share! Though I can't craft much right now, I can do a little collage for short periods of time. I kinda laughed when I found myself saying, "Nancy, just go for it!"

  5. Wow! Just hearing your story today about baby Bucky. Thanking God he is doing well and home 💜 I’m a Grammy, too, so I can imagine what you’ve gone through! Sending hugs your way 💌 Thank you for sharing your crafting inspiration with us.

  6. Oh, thank you Lord. I just watched this video today. I am so thankful that Bucky is okay. My first grandson is just 2 years old and as you were talking about your grandson's illness it was real hard to keep the tears at bay, cuz I absolutely know what you were feeling through all of that. Continued prayers with you and your family.

  7. Wow! Just catching up on videos and am so sorry about Lil Bucky! It hurts so much when they can't tell you what's wrong but you know something is wrong. Lots of love and positive energy for a fast recovery of your little one!

  8. You've had an 'interesting' time of it and I just know how worrying it would have been. So glad to hear Bucky is recovering from the illness. Loved hearing you share your Etsy shop buys/gifts. You certainly need a retreat and I wish you a wonderfully restorative time of crafting.

  9. What a scary ordeal for everyone. I’m so glad to hear Bucky’s on the mend. Will be keeping him in my thoughts, and his mom, because I know how scary it is to have a tiny baby in the hospital and what it does to a momma’s heart to see him poked and prodded and in pain. I went through something similar with my son when he was two weeks old. It wasn’t step, but he had to have a spinal tap and IVs and antibiotics, and it was awful. So I’m very happy that he’s improving. Sending hugs to everyone.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about the baby being sick but thank God he is being taken care of. How heartbreaking that must have been. I'm seeing g this video on the 10th and pray that the baby is doing better. God bless him and your family. On the other hand love your new goodies, enjoy!

  11. Just catching up. My heart dropped when you started talking about Bucky. So thankful he is doing better! I ordered trims from The Snippet Shop earlier this year and I absolutely love them! ❤️

  12. Oh my goodness, Gayle, poor little Bucky – and poor all of you because what a scary experience for you all! Lots of love and every good wish that he continues to build his strength and immunity, bless him. And don’t worry about missing videos!! Gosh, there are plenty of old ones for us all to watch. You just have a lovely time recharging your batteries on the retreat. Big hugs, lovely lady! 🤗😘 Also to Bucky’s Mum and Dad because they must have been beside themselves. 😳💗

  13. Gayle that is so scary for a new baby, prayers & God's blessings for all of you. I personally know how scary Sepsis is. I had it a couple years ago & was to sick to know how sick I was. It was my daughter in law who insisted I go to emergency room & like your little baby had I not gone I would not be here today. Sounds like he is getting the best care! Keep us updated.

  14. Wow, what a traumatic time you all have had. Glad he’s holding his own, all the love and hopes from the JJ community must be helping. You must take time for yourself, don’t worry about all of us, there’s plenty to watch on your back catalogue, get ready for your retreat and chill, we will all still be here when you get back. You do work very hard and are allowed a holiday!!! 🎼🎼Go, walk out the door, just turn around now cos your not welcome (but really you are!!) anymore !!!! 🎼🎼 Hit the road Jack. (Gayle) and don’t you come back, no more no more!!!! ( for a week!). 🎼🎼 Hugs to you. 😻xxx

  15. Poor little Bucky! What an ordeal for such a little baby! Prayers for all of you. I haven't been online for the past week, been sick, so I have been behind on videos. What a week for everyone!

  16. Oh Gayle! Just got to watch and hear this! Praying for your precious Bucky, Mom and Dad and you – your hubby and the whole family! Such a harrowing time for you all! So thankful Bucky will make a full recovery! What a blessing those doctors and nurses are – true angels. Will keep you all in my prayers knowing there is still healing going on. 🤗❤️ so glad to see you crafting and that you will have the retreat to enjoy and decompress! Thanks for sharing – as always!

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