Buying Poshmark Inventory On Poshmark

Buying Poshmark Inventory On Poshmark

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Today’s a quick poshmark tip video. I wanted to share my strategy for how I find new inventory by shopping on Poshmark. I hope you enjoy watching. I would love to hear in the comments about what brands to you look for when shopping on poshmark? Thank you for watching. Have a fantastic day!

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so today's video is going to be a very quick Poshmark related video I really wanted to share this tip with you guys on how to find inventory to sell on your Poshmark through Poshmark so i know a lot of you just like me get referral credits here and there I whenever I get a referral credit in my account I always want to reinvest that into my business so I always try to find the best deal to get some really cheap inventory but sometimes I'll actually buy inventory on Poshmark even though I don't have a referral credit like right after I had the baby I wasn't able to go thrifting at all so I actually went on to Poshmark to find some inventory and I actually came away with some really awesome finds and after that I was like you know I should share my strategy with you guys and let you know how I find really good pieces on Poshmark to flip and resell some of you have mentioned on haul videos that I've done that you have a hard time finding inventory and I've seen a lot of other resellers like in their comment section that's like a common thing a common thing I see is that people say they're having a difficult time finding inventory in their area whether their goodwill prices have just like raised outrageously or they just aren't finding good brands so this is a really easy way to get good inventory for good prices wherever you live in the country so I am going to record on my computer like a screenshot of what I do and I'm gonna kind of walk you through that okay so I wanted to start out before I get into how I find the things that I have that I'm finding for inventory I wanted to show you some of the purchases I've made recently unfortunately I can't go into the individual orders because I just tried to aim at and realize that it shows all of my personal information and I don't want to share that with you guys here so I'll just show you like from these cover shots the first item in each bundle so one of the strategies that I do always take whenever I am purchasing inventory is that I in a bundle I never buy one individual item this as you guys know there is an almost $7 shipping charge that Poshmark charges so in order to make it cost-effective and keep the cost of goods down as low as possible I try to bundle as many items as I can that would make it worth my while to resell so for instance this will item here you can see this is a pair of Armani Exchange white jeans and I did get six more items from the seller as well so I bought a total of seven items from them for just thirty four dollars so that was recent purchase that I made and I'm really happy with that purchase I can't do the math in my head but I want to say it was around actually because I had a credit I think my cost of goods ended up being like about four dollars per item including the shipping and everything so that was a really good deal and then down here another bundle that I did recently was a five item bundle including this pair of j.crew shorts and I paid $20 for this bundle and then I also recently bought this bundle here from another reseller this one included this Diane Von Furstenburg top this was a silk blouse is a really nice blouse and this I only paid $14 for all three items so on average I want to say all three of these bundles each item was under $5 cost of goods so what I do for my cost of goods by the way is I just take my total – any credits because it with those credits I don't think of that as money because I can't actually cash those out that is just a credit I can use to shop on online on Poshmark so I take my actual what I paid out of pocket divide it by how many items are in there including the shipping and including everything and that's how I get my cost of goods so if I can get under $5 I figure especially for good brands like these I would be paying that at a thrift store anyway so it makes it totally worth it for me to come on here and do this so I will show you now how I'm able to find these deals okay so what I like to do to start out to look for items like this is I do an item search and the search that I will do is just for a specific brand that I would like to resell so for instance with this bundle here the reason I was able to find this item is I searched for Diane von Furstenberg on this bundle here I actually searched for theory there was a theory item in this bundle and that's how I found this seller so that's what we're gonna do and we're gonna come up here to search listings I am actually going to search for theory again because I was able to find quite a few good items doing this search so we're gonna go ahead and search and this is gonna pull up the brand and then it's gonna automatically sort by just shared and we're gonna change this to price low to high all right and then I always like to scroll down here and make sure it says available so we don't have any souls coming up as you can see there's a lot of like banners and stuff that come up so we're going to scroll past all that stuff and then sometimes people put the tag or the keyword theory in even though it's not a theory item so just kind of watch for those so I'm gonna scroll until I see something that looks interesting and you always want to be careful when you're searching low to high like this one you can see the damage from this first picture you're gonna come up with some damaged items so you want to make sure that you're really careful and reading the descriptions so that you don't end up picking up a damaged item so I'm gonna click on this one this one looks nice if it's not damaged that would be a good one to look at let's see some snags pictured it says so then you would want to look at the snags and see if they are bad enough yeah so that's one you might want to pass on depends on what you like to sell I would probably pass on that and then I just keep scrolling until I find a good one let's see this one here this one looks really cute let's see it says good used condition still have some light left but does show some age okay so this one might be one worth looking at and what what are the other things that I like to look at is this here so when I start when I find something like this that I might be interested in I check to see if they have a Celer discount on a bundle if they do that's gonna give you an even better deal so then what I like to do let's say we're interested in this I probably wouldn't pick up this item but we're just gonna pretend we're interested in it what I'm gonna do is add it to the bundle and then once I do that I can click on the sellers name and go shop the rest of her closet and again I like to sort and I'm gonna sort her listings from low to high and then this is where you want to get rid of those sold listings that are gonna come up and we're gonna search for just available listings so once I'm in here then I would look for other things that I can add to this bundle that are going to make it an even better deal now she does have that 25% off if you bundle three or more items so I try to find at least three items um here's some Lauren Conrad stilettos for $6 that's a pretty good deal I don't really want to add more heels to my personal closet that's something you might be interested in it's a good price oh this is a really good deal for a bikini so that's something I might consider adding to a bundle so you can click on that and we're just gonna add this to our bundle and then we're gonna continue shopping and again you have to go back and resource until you find something now when I'm doing this I will sometimes build like you can see I'm already done with her closet and there's nothing else I would want to add so sometimes when I'm doing this I will actually build like four or five different bundles and not actually check out those bundles because I don't find enough items to make it worth it from the person's closet so then what I do is I scroll back and I go back to my original search results from theory it takes a minute to get back there and I keep looking so it does take a time investment but I spent a lot of time on this app anyway so for me I enjoy scrolling through and looking for good deals that's something I think is really fun and you can get such great prices that it really makes it worth it okay here's a pair of heels that's pretty interesting what are these these are a different brand okay I've heard of this brand I don't know how to say that but that's actually not just theory so I'm not sure if that's a sub-brand or what that was but we're gonna pass on that for now let me see if I can find one more buyers closet to go into here let's take a look if there's one more good item in here these wool dress pants look nice let's open this up excellent condition will blend okay so that sounds like something I would actually be very interested in getting so she has a 15% off to bundle so we're gonna add this to a bundle and hopefully she has a little bit more listings to shop from that's always an important thing too if they have enough listings sometimes you get these bundle deals the sellers offer but they have so few items in their closet you can't make the bundle deal work so all right and then we're gonna look through here H&M Gap Hollister I wouldn't pick any of those up and Taylor I mean if it was a different item maybe piranhas that's a good brand I'm not sure that I like that item hmm slim pickins in here I might pick up something like this that's pretty cute little Nike sports bra um ray people cannot Dorsey flats yeah I'm just not seeing enough items to make a bundle but let's just pretend that we're gonna add these to the bundle these are kind of cute little flat so we'll add those where's my where's my button I'm looking for there we go adds bundle okay and then we're gonna go back to her closet I know she has the discount for just two items but because the shipping is divided across the items to I would like more than two items in a bundle to make it work so let's go ahead and sort again we're gonna sort price low to high I'm just gonna scroll past these Souls real quick and let's see if I can find one more item yeah maybe these cut from the cloth trousers let's add those to the bundle okay and now we're gonna go into our bundle so as you can see it would only be 18 dollars and 70 cents for these three items and then if you have a credit in there as well that's going to make it an even deal so that is how I go about finding inventory on Poshmark and like I said sometimes I'll spend like an hour doing this and all I'll walk away with like four or five bundles created then I don't end up buying because I decide it's just not quite as good of a deal as what I would like it to be and I try to get my cost of goods to be $5 or less for each item in the bundle and again I just kind of divide it amongst the items that I do end up purchasing so that is how I'm able to find the inventory and I hope that was helpful for you guys alright so I hope that was helpful for you guys I hope you enjoyed that video if you have any questions or comments make sure to leave those down below I do want to apologize about my lighting I have really awful lighting in this basement and I'm still playing with it and trying to figure out the best way to make it work so anyway please bear with me while I do that also I'm still unpacking so that's the mess behind me but thank you so much for watching I hope you guys have a fantastic day and I'll see you in my next video bye guys

13 thoughts on “Buying Poshmark Inventory On Poshmark

  1. I really wish you could delete bundles. It's frustrating when people create bundles like this and then never buy them. Plus, people bundle FOR me and I don't want them. Hopefully they add this as a feature.

  2. Thanks for the tips! And maybe all i get is resellers in my closet, lol, how do u ,deal with,the lowball offers? I dont mind offers, but i get things like $5 for a pair of paige denim jeans. And that's just,not even worth it.
    🤗 I have a closet if y'all would like to check it out! @emmasonsmommy

  3. This video was Really helpful. I just started selling on Ebay and was wondering about Poshmark. I'm also trying to find a place I could sell Tom Ford eyeshadow quads. They've been swatch once and I have all the quads.

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