(CASE STUDY) $0 to $35,000 In 60 days Shopify Dropshipping

(CASE STUDY) $0 to $35,000 In 60 days Shopify Dropshipping

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In today’s video, I will be sharing a students case study on how he went from $0 to $35,000 in two months even tho this student has no business background or large capital to invest, he is also an x military veteran with no IT skills, This just proves anyone from any background can achieve success in this business if you have the right knowledge, mindset and determination 💪🏽

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DISCLAIMER: Any advice I give is solely based on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact your success. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.

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in today's video I'll be sharing with you how a student went from zero to $35,000 in under just two months I'll be sharing the whole strategy with you and we tell you what apps we used how would certain things so guys if you really want to know how we did it you're gonna want to watch this video till the end because I'm gonna be giving you the whole strategy now also I'd recommend that you like the video it just helps me get seen by more people on the YouTube platform it would really mean a lot to me if you guys could just do that if you're new to the channel then you need to you need to subscribe to the channel cuz there's so much value that I give away for free on this channel it's unreal now I just want to say a massive thank you to everybody as well he's been supporting me helping me grow we're almost on 7000 subscribers that's unreal guys like I'm so grateful and thankful it's unreal how grateful and thankful I am for you guys it really does mean a lot to me now I wanna do a livestream very very soon so let me know in the comment section below what time what day works best for you guys and let's see if we can hit 10,000 subscribers by the end of September that would be amazing so let's dive straight to the content and show you the whole circuit study so I'm gonna start by giving you guys the proof so you can see here the dashboard the days that we did it so you can see are the days we can see the total sales to show you guys that I'm not lying in its proof so you can see what we've done this is the dashboard so like I said it's just a bit of proof because I know there's a lot of gurus out there that I've shown some lies some fake screenshots and this ways that you can fake the numbers and stuff like that if you go into the code in part of the website and stuff so I just want to show you the proof that this is what we've done now I'm also going to show you an app that you're gonna want to use to work out your profits and losses and that all apps also going to show you that this is real and this is not fake so straightaway the app but you're going to want to use is this one right here called lifetime lis now this works out your profits your losses your marketing cost your product costs and like I said this up will just prove that everything I've just shown you is real so guys you can see I'm in the app now I definitely recommend that you get the app you get a three day free trial with it and it helps you work out your profits and your losses you can see here the revenue and you can see here the net profit so the net profit should actually be around about twelve thousand it's a little bit out as well with the cash back with the student the students got around about a thousand dollars in cash back so he's made around about twelve thousand dollars in profit so it's really really good numbers there we would have made a lot more money but in the time we've done this there was a lot of Facebook problems those Facebook had luckily shares a lot of algorithm problems so really did slow us down we should be around about fifty to sixty thousand dollars in revenue at the moment with around about twenty thousand dollar profit margin but like I said as you guys know there's been a lot of Facebook problems due to the new CBO stuff and the algorithm so we've had to have we have we've had to scale a lot slower and the revenues not been as great as we wanted it to be so as I'm saying guys this is just proof and this shows you how to do your profits and your losses instead of haven't spent ages and ages working out yourselves so let's move into the strategy guys now we're going to start with the strategy I just wanted to show you some proof before we got into the strategy so nobody starts saying some silly things in the comment section below so go before you even watch this video you need to go watch the first video I made about this which was the zero to ten thousand if you haven't watched that video this video will not make sense so you need to go watch that now I'll leave it in the card section both now also I just want to say if you haven't already so guys we're gonna get straight into the strategy now and how we did 35k in revenue so if you haven't already you need to go watch the first video which was zero to 10k because if you don't watch that video first it will this whole strategy will not make sense you'll be like what the hell are you going on about so I'll leave that video in the card so you can go watch it then come back to this video and it will all make sense so like I said before we use the app called live tiny to keep track of the profits and the losses I definitely recommend you get this app it's completely free for 30 days if you don't like you can delete it all so it's just a great way of finding out what your profits and losses are at the end of the day with humans we can't calculate numbers the same way a calculator or a software can so that's the reason why I recommend getting it would just save you so much time and hassle so let's start with the strategy then so we put the best-performing five called ad sets that were well that were guessing once – what's like one two three sales a day into a CBO now a CBO stands for campaign budget optimization so that's very important to some what that means now we set the CBO at fifty dollars a day so we can test the CBO strengths now you probably wondering why I'm not what I'm one about so you want to be doing CBO's at minimum at 50 a day and we put $5 sorry we put 5 ad sets in there now the reason why I want to test the CBO strength is because CBO's are a new feature they were mandatory by September but Facebook's pushed them back to 2020 February so CBO's are not quite where Facebook want them yet so they are a little bit glitchy they are not as consistent as normal ad sets but they a great way to scale so we started we stopped the CBO at 50 just to make sure that if the CBO isn't isn't a strong CBO then at least we'll not losing so much money so that's the reason why I recommend you do fifty dollars a day when you start doing this method guys because the end of the day business isn't just about making money it's about making sure you don't lose money as well or you won't be profitable so we use the ad crate that was performing the best in the testing phase so in the first video I'll talk about testing different creatives so when we worked out which crate was performing the best we used that and the CBO campaign we left the CBO to run for three days so a whole three days over 72 hours so what we would do when we were let in the CBO runners we were looking at the day we replaced the ad sets in in the CBO that were underperforming with the next-best called interest so if there was if there was ads it's in the CBO that had a lower robots than 1.5 we were replacing them with the next-best called interest in the normal campaign so we're just replacing them with a new width with the next best ones with the next best ones and we kept letting them run for another three days in other three days after the CBO started getting sustainable we increase the budget by 50 so the new budget was 200 day so this is very important so after five days of what we normally do is every five days if the ad sets are getting continuous strong performance then we would increase the budget by another fifty dollars that make 100 and then would do the same in another five days which I'm going to get onto now every five days the CBO performed consistent we increase the budget by $50 so every five days would be 50 50 50 50 so we hit a budget of fatigue then we lowered it to the last best performing budget so what this means is we started with 50 let's say we got up to four hundred and fifty dollars in daily budget of CBO and we increased it another 50 it went to five hundred then the campaign just fatigued because the budget was too high would lower the budget back down to 450 where it was best performing last let I hope that makes sense guys so in this whole process again when you're switching around ad sets it's just every five days of it performing well that's what you need to do guys it's very very important whilst we were rolling the CBO campaign we were still running called ad sets with new interest to find the best caught interest now guys this is very very important although we all run in CBO's to scale the budget because it in the day normal ad set budget increase in it isn't just working as well as it used to sitting creasing your ad set budget at the moment just doesn't work as well anymore it just doesn't scale as well it fatigues too quickly the reason be is because facebook wants you to scale with CBO's now so that's the reason why we do the CBO scaling the way I just told you $50 every five days if it's performing well so it's very important that you still test called interest because at the end of the day you want to try and create as many CBO's as you can with the best performing ad sets so you can scale and scale and scale so that's the reason why we do this part guys so it's very important that you understand that so we so we can create more CBO's this budget scale so that's what I just said we will also duplicating the best performing cold ad sets and changing them to a packet country's to test the packet market and collect data so in the first video I talked about we're only doing the top five countries which is the UK of the US Australia Canada in New Zealand because they're the best performing countries in terms of buying so what we did then is the best ad sets that we're getting one two three sales every few every day so if an ads that was getting one every so every call dots that I was getting at least one two three sales a day for at least three days we would then duplicate that ad set and change in the countries to a packet countries as well because the other day sometimes a packet countries can do better than just the top five and sometimes they can do vice-versa they can just do worse so test me pack out is very very very important at this point we implemented some absurd tricks to increase the aov average order value that was the what that stands for we use the warranty upside trick now this warranty upsell trick is amazing it works so so so well and I'm gonna leave how to do it in the cards here so you can learn how to do the warranty upsell trick we also used cross selling with related products so what we did was we added cross selling as an app and we just tried started to do cross selling upsell you know when you're on the product page and at the bottom of the product page it says related products or get the look we added products that were similar to the one that we were selling so you should increase the average order value now I'm gonna teach you a little about average order value and upselling because a lot of people do this part wrong when we were doing upselling we were making five to ten dollar profit per upsell now it's very important that you guys understand what we did here so like I always say to you on the thirty products a month the best day products you want to be making at least a fifteen dollar profit margin per product now that's as the main product and what I mean by the main product is is the ad so when you run ads you're sending the traffic to a certain product so whatever you're sending the product the ads to that product you want to be making a $15.00 profit margin minimum on that product but when you're doing up sells you don't need to be making as much money you want to be making at least a five dollar profit margin you don't want to be doing 15 dollars in profit as soon as you make the upsell more expensive and more profitable because if you're more profitable with the upsell then it's gonna cost more normally that's how it works so the more you charge for the upsell if it costs more than the actual product itself it's not gonna work guys so don't worry about only making five dollars an upsell or ten dollars an upside because at the end of the day what you're trying to do here is you're just trying to get because in the day you're paying facebook for traffic so what you're trying to do is maximize the money you're making from the traffic so if only you're making an extra I've even if you're only making an extra five dollars per traffic then it's good guys so don't get greedy with the upside and that's where people go dramatically wrong like I said sticks their five to ten dollar profit per upsell you started VC retargeting when we got to 1500 view contents so retard in this basically going and hitting the same people that I've seen your ads before now you need at least one point five thousand view contents for this to actually work effectively we create a new ad create for the retargeting campaign as the traffic is now warm so what I'm trying to say here guys is when you're doing retargeting you need to create a new ad creative because at the end of the day these these leads and this traffic is not cold anymore these people know you I've heard of you and I've seen your product before so you want to make it more detail to the people that have seen it before so for example you could put in your ad crave hey there its course again or hey there it's it's it's it's a brand again or whatever make them feel like oh yeah we remember who you are now that kind of feel so that's what you do you create a new creative the retargeting campaign because it's like I said it's warm traffic now and we still not doing $5 odd sets guys so like I said in the start on the first one I made I'll talk about how much we were spending on ad sets it's still five dollars in the scaling method we offered a 10% coupon for the retargeting people so when you're a target you need to give them an incentive to there and go out there and buy it so we gave them a 10% coupon code we started with VC 180 days excluding Add to Cart and purchase so when you do in view content retargeting you want to make sure that you're doing 180 days and you're excluding the answer carts and the purchases within 180 days – we duplicate the the ad set three times after 48 hours only if it was a 2.0 row us so what I'm trying to say here guys is we let the Add to Cart are in room for 48 hours and if the robbaz was a 2.0 we duplicated the ad set that was the retargeting set three times to reach different ad pockets then we made an ad set for view con sent 14 days excluding ad zakat and purchase and we applied the same rules for the view concert hundred a day so what I'm saying here guys is when we did the hundred sorry when we did the 14 day Add to Cart we applied this same rule to this one here just to make sense for you guys then we did the same for seven days three days and one day view contents we applied the same rules for the seven days three days in one days so if this doesn't make sense to you when you're doing retarget and you can retarget certain people in the certain day count which is the which is the conversion window say say the conversion funnel so you stai 180 days and you work backwards only as long as you again realize that's – and you're getting sales so I'm just saying that when we did it like this we applied the same rule which was this rule here to each one after the process we created mats a car a target and applied the same rules on the same method as the view content retargeting so what we did here is what we did exactly the same for the Add to Cart version of retargeting but we just excluded purchasers after we finished the Add to Cart retargeting we put the best retargeting add sets into a CBO and applied the same scaling rules the ones mentioned at the start of the video so when we got here guys's we create a new CBO and we put the best-performing retargeting add sets into that CBO so now we had around about three CBO's once you a bit CBO being the call that sets one CBO be in the retargeting ad sets and what I don't like to do is I don't like to mix my CBO's with cold traffic and retargeting ad sets that just messes up in my opinion so like I said we had one CBO which was the called Adsense and another CBO but there are Target ad sets I performed the best which is what I'm talking about here guys and like I said we applied the same rules for the CBO we're targeting as we did for the CBO of the start which is you leave it for three days and then what you do is every five days if it's doing well then you increase the budget by $50 $50 $50 $50 every five days so what I've seen his were plaid the same rules as what I said at the start of the video then we finally move to look alike audiences and we started with the first one being view content more like audiences we made 10 ad sets the first thoughts at being 1 percent then we worked up with the other 9 ad sets so what I'm trying to say is we create 10 ad sets then what we did was we created one out set being one beside and other rights that being 2% another ad set being 3% and override stop being 4% and basically had 10 ad sets one that's at being 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 percent so hope that makes sense to you guys and we left everything completely broad we excluded purchase in the ad set and we left that $5.00 a day as well so the look like audiences were also five dollars a day and guess what we did exactly the same thing we did the look-alike audiences review content we did the look-alike audiences for add-to-cart we didn't look like audiences for purchase as well and then the best ad sets we got in the look-alike phase we put those in a CBO as well and we scaled the CBO with the same rules that I told you to start the video if they perform well for three days for the first three days you let them run again for another two days if they perform really well for another two days you increase the budget by 50 and then if it does it well again in another five days you increase it by another 50 and another 50 and another 50 and that's literally the process that we followed for the look-alike audiences so when you get to this part of the video when you're doing this yourself you should have one CBO or however many CBO's you've got for the cold interests so let's say you got two for the cold interest five cold interests and one CBO another five in another CBO then you should have some retargeting CBO's with the best retargeting that sets and a CBO then you should have a look like audience CBO with the best look-alike audiences in the CBO then you should be scaling them with the campaign budget increase of fifty dollars every five days and that's the way I like to increase and scale my budgets and that is literally the whole method we use to get to that $35,000 in revenue now let's talk a little bit about how you get mentored by me and how you can achieve the same results by working with me now in my last video I made about the 0 to 10,000 a lot of people are asking me Camille how do I get mentored by you how do I work with you so what you need to do is you need to go into the pinned comment in the in the in the video and there'll be an application form or you can go to the description of the video now be application form you need to fill in the application form if your application is successful I'll arrange a call with you over Skype and we'll discuss the mentor in details in further details now the reason why I do the application form is because it in the day not everybody's in a position to work with me because it requires certain things so that's the reason why I have the application form now that is it for today's video if you've taken value then please like the video and I'll catch you guys in the next one

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