*Case Study*: How To Use Promoted Etsy Listings for More Etsy Views?

*Case Study*: How To Use Promoted Etsy Listings for More Etsy Views?

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how to use promoted etsy listings
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How to make money with Etsy
How to make money with affiliate marketing

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hey guys hey girls I hope you've had a good week and I wanted to just make a video as if I was talking to you know my daughter she's in her late 20s and she really wants to start working online because she travels way too much so what I'm about to show you I'm gonna show to her too and it's so simple okay so the way that you start an Etsy shop is you just go to etsy.com and you create an account you fill out all the fields about me and course there are really good tips to doing all that and the sun's hitting me right right in the face so I'm gonna move up a little bit but first of all hello that's so much better is it okay so we'll go this way there you go first of all it's free to set up an Etsy shop the only thing the reason I put in the title 5 bucks is that every time you do a listing is 20 cents 20 cents to list something on Etsy ok so even if you're just a teenager working part time and you know you can do this after school if you're a college student you can do this between classes I mean I wish I had started this you know about 5 years ago because this would be all I would be doing the reason is it's so simple and unlike information products which I love and I've done for the last 5 years may 6 over six figures doing promoting other people's products in my own the easiest thing to do what excuse me is to put in front of somebody something that they want you don't have to convince them to buy it but it has to be something good it has to be something you know that you don't see in you know Walmart or Target or something like that or even if you do it's an impulse buy people buy online I mean think about the infomercials on TV that you watch at night and you see it over and over and over and the reason is they know that you have to see something more than once so you want to have similar products in your se shop and so what you do is you test you test the heck out of products that's what you do most we won't tell you they just think that you just go in you set up a shop and you put up one item and you start selling and that is not usually the case very rarely is that the way people start off that is that are successful what you do is you start off in you test you test designs you test products you have to decide my didn't do mugs t-shirts tote bags or whatever now what I'm talking about is print-on-demand what does that mean there are companies where once you get a sale from Etsy you go into that company and you order the item and they do it they create the item like a mug coffee mug or t-shirt they actually put the image on there for you they box it up they mail it they ship it if there's a problem they do the customer service it's amazing absolutely amazing you never touch the product you don't have to put in your garage you don't have to run to the post office to mail it unlike eBay okay or you know or Amazon you have the mail anything in to sell from anywhere okay that's why I like Etsy the best the other reason why I see is my favorite marketplace is you actually get you get the money from the sale the next day online and eBay eBay you get you get this you get the money in your bank account pretty quickly as well so but Amazon you have to actually pay up front to get these print on domain companies to package it for you so if you have a low budget start with Etsy or eBay but I'm going to talk about Etsy because unlike eBay you can price your items where you can actually make a decent margin it's been my experience that people are on eBay are looking for a deal like you know they're looking for a bargain not always true there are people who are do an arbitrage on eBay and fulfilling it with Amazon but that's not the business model I talked about today today I want to talk about Etsy and what I'm doing I'm going to show you my shop and Who am I I've been online since 2000 excuse me 10th 2012 and I learned how to do affiliate marketing promoting other people's products and then I did a product of my own I learned how do YouTube marketing and so forth so I've been online in working online for five years okay successfully was able to quit my teaching job I'm a former elementary school / I was a college professor at one time I loved it so I like to teach online so let me show you what I've been doing so I'm gonna screen share here okay and what I want to show you is first off my Etsy shop stats now I'm just this is a case study because I am up to thirty sales congratulations you made thirty sales I'm really happy about that so make sure that you are seeing what I'm showing you okay you aren't okay great so right here um and as you see I've got a hundred and nine listings so I'm testing and what I'm doing is I go into Pinterest this is what I want to show you I go into Pinterest I look for phrases and I look for coffee mugs and t-shirts that have been repinned there's actually a free plugin that you can download to your computer on Chrome and it's called pin sort right Pinterest sort and you can actually sort things by how many reap ins they have gotten which means that people really like it all right now here's a site that I learned about yesterday it's super cool here's another way to find micro niches and if you've never heard that the riches are in the niches it's true okay so so for example let's just take I found on here you know biking ok but look at all these niches acrobatics acro yoga and they don't even know what that is archery badminton bodybuilding cardio cycling that's what I found not biking cycling fencing golf gymnastics but see some of these that people don't usually target like squash judo kung fu that's another kind of martial arts fly fishing hiking fishing are really big kayaking canoeing mountaineering ok so keeping those in mind selling shark diving snow skiing water skiing motocross ok hang gliding paragliding skydiving alright of these you don't normally see because people forget about them but there are so many people in each of these niches here's some more kite flying poker playing card tricks pinball machines video games woodworking soap making jewelry making and that's discover a hobby calm ok sewing scrapbooking alright crochet candle making alright so then you go into Pinterest and what you would do is you would find a really popular saying okay so here's a really cute I'm for cycling when in doubt pedal it out okay cycling in my heartbeat and you could put skydiving in my heartbeat and then you go on fiber or add C and you find someone to do a similar design okay not the exact design because you don't want to copy their design you can ask them you know if they will make a similar design and see just one more bike I promise just one more scrapbook I promise just one more you know just one more dive I promise you see so you can take these really popular sayings and you can just plug in these niche name like just one more arcade game just one more chess game just one more foosball game and see a lot of these niches people are not targeting on Etsy just one more bar of soap I mean there are people if you go into boutiques there are women who have improbably men too that make soaps and sell them in shops all over all over the world ok so just one more you know just one more plant I'm either people that just love gardening they're people that love landscaping knitting you know just one more blanket to knit I mean so you can see how you can do this paper airplanes let me make one more air you know airplane balloon art I mean look at all this and there's so many more model airplanes there are people who just full-time on the side just do model cars they do model railroads they do helicopters planes and they do these as hobbies okay and you could never run out of ideas look at this badminton bodybuilding cardio cliff-diving crochet cycling diving fencing tennis rock climbing river rafting look at this breakdancing line dancing salsa you know I mean think about how you can plug this in you know just one more salsa dance I promise I mean there are so many cute things that you could you you never ever run out of ideas and then you would go into I mean you can hire somebody to do the design for you or you can do it in PicMonkey or canva yourself which is what I do half the time I buy the images the other half of the time I do it myself I'm pink monkey okay look at this you either like cycling or you're wrong okay I mean there are people that just love this yes I do have a retirement plan I plan on cycling and then you could do yes I do have a retirement plan I plan on finding a time I plan on you know scuba diving I plan on you know and just just plug in all these different hobbies I plan on kite flying I plan on you know playing chess I play on doing foosball I mean so you get the idea of how many things you could say I plan on you know playing badminton I plan on cliff diving I plan on ice fishing and the reason I started to make consistent sales if you look at my dashboard ah let's see let's see over time view detailed stats is because I've begun to focus on niches see right here I started my open my shop in 2011 I did nothing with it 2014 I didn't do anything 2015 I did nothing and so then last year I started I got four orders so I thought you know I had 65 uh it odd and ends I thought this is not working for me and then my daughter-in-law actually quit her job as a full-time teacher with her Etsy shop and then I started to pay attention so then I started to focus on my Etsy shop and since then I'm I don't know why it says Oh 26 total total 30 orders so far and I am loading up you know three to five designs a day because in the fourth quarter of the year is when most people make the most sales online with physical product so I'm really excited about that I'm trying to get as many designs up as I can humanly possibly load them onto Etsy and that's taking some of the same designs and put them on eBay and I've taken a few of those and put them up put them on Amazon as well but I do my favorite you know way to do it is Etsy because they pay you the next day and then I can go into gear bubble and actually order my product okay and so the turnaround time is really good now as I said I've been online for you know it says 2006 but made most of my sales since 2012 and 13 as you can see I'm up to 42,000 over 42,000 on this network promoting other people's products and then on this one this network this marketplace which is mostly digital products in courses I have I'm showing you let's see and this is this is not all my income this is just some ninety four thousand right here okay so I know my way around the internet and I'm very grateful to be able to work full time on the Internet so I just want you to know that I'm very familiar with what is working I keep my you know my fingertips on the pulse of the internet so I know who has the best courses about this and you're gonna get a the if you look below this you're gonna see a link to Rachel's course this is where I learned how to do this is excellent I also have a course that um I I have started and it's how to set up a free Etsy shop which is exactly what I'm talking about right and it comes as a bonus if you pick up Rachel's course through my link you're also going to

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  1. i cant make money by stealing others ideas. yes, that is what this is. i couldnt sleep at night knowing i fid this. It reminds me of blood money.
    thank you for telling me about etsy.
    i will have to find my own designs to try.

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