Celebrating Etsy Sellers - Bedside

Celebrating Etsy Sellers – Bedside

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We asked Etsy sellers to submit videos featuring the unique stuff they make. If we showed you all our favorites, this thing would be 10 hours long. But here are some we absolutely loved.

And be sure to check out all the awesome sellers from the video:

ClassEStitches: etsy.com/shop/ClassEStitches
BostwickBandana: etsy.com/shop/BostwickBandana
Wildess: etsy.com/shop/Wildess
ModernMud: etsy.com/shop/ModernMud
ShopShopModern: etsy.com/shop/ShopShopModern
DioShop: etsy.com/shop/DioShop
Lithodoracapri: etsy.com/shop/Lithodoracapri
Theyellowpeg: etsy.com/shop/Theyellowpeg
Sobigraphie: etsy.com/shop/Sobigraphie
ILoVeBarushka: etsy.com/shop/ILoVeBarushka

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