CHEAP Christmas Gift Ideas! Gift Guide For Him, Her, Boyfriend

CHEAP Christmas Gift Ideas! Gift Guide For Him, Her, Boyfriend

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Today’s video is cheap christmas gift ideas! This is a gift guide for him, her, your boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family, and teachers. Because all these gifts are under $10, they are great for secret santa! This video features candles, lipbalm, gloves, chocolate, cards, and more! All the items are from Old Navy, David’s Tea, The Body Shop, and Claires. I originally planned to do 10 gifts under 10 dollars but as I was editing this video I realized it’s only 9 gifts. Opps haha! I filmed another 10 gifts under 10 dollars video so if you want more ideas that video will be linked down below. I’ve also done some DIY gift ideas, DIY christmas decoration, and DIY christmas treats if you want to watch more christmas videos! Love you guys! Thank you for your support xx

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hello everyone welcome back to a brand new video today on my shirt it says baby it's cold outside which is oh my god a very traditional Christmas phrase so on my channel we like to play this game where try to guess your name here I'm Alyssa names that I've guessed in previous videos all right so let's get into today's names Scarlett Amelia Brad or la May Ellie Chloe Leslie Tanisha Susanna and Brian so let me know in the comments down below if I just guessed your name and if I haven't yet definitely leave your name in the comments down below so I can say it in the next video alright so today's video is another ten gift ideas under $10 so this is the third year where I've done this video idea on my channel and I really really like making these videos so much that this is actually the second one from this year so if you haven't seen my other 10 gifts under $10 video I will have it linked down below but yeah I know that a lot of us don't have money and Christmas and you get extremely expensive so the purpose of these videos is to share with you guys things that are in the stores right now that you can buy that are under $10 I'm going to give this video a thumbs up if you have a thumb and let's get into it so active it's tea they actually have these really really nice gourmet chocolate bars and I wanted to pick them up the packaging on these bars is so so cute and they really have a gourmet feeling to that so I believe that these are five dollars each which is why I got two of them so this together can be a gift in case you guys are unaware of David's tea it's obviously a tea company so these bars are tea infused which I thought was really interesting so the first flavor I have is chocolate covered almond and then the second one I have is coffee cake those sounds so good and they're about I think five to six different flavors the next gift idea is from the body shop and they are seriously killing it with their Christmas products you guys want to get a small gift set for $10 definitely head over there because they have probably like five different ones so this one is an ornament and it with body butter as well as lip butter has said that I got with Shay beyond the packaging is super super cute and it's an ornament that they can actually hang on their tree next real Navy they have a ton of really cute mittens and these ones retail for 594 which means you could pretty much get two of them for about $11 but of course this isn't under $10 video so my suggestion would be to get them a pair of mittens and then just pair chocolate bar or some candy with it my next idea is to get a tumblr mug I had this one from again Old Navy they are killing it this year as well but yeah so this month was only ten dollars it has a really really cute saying on it it says wake me up so if you know someone in your life who's coffee obsessed and you want to get them a cute gift this is a great idea and if you just want to add something extra you could actually put in some tea bags in here some coffee in here or some sweets the next item is great for someone who is really into fashion so at Claire's I found these sticker patches and this retails for $10 there was a few different varieties there so the purpose of these is to peel and stick them on like a jacket or a backpack and it's also a really great way to like customize around clothing and accessories my next gift is a pair and I think that it's a really good idea so I all Navy they had this set of cards for five dollars and then they had some products by Burt's Bees and I picked up this lip balm for five dollars so this set of cards comes with eight which is really good for the price because that's under $1 per card so if you have someone who writes thank-you cards a lot or just like really like stationery I'm sure they would really appreciate to receive this and buy Perry it with a lip balm it just kind of gives it an extra touch next from David's tea is this extremely cute gift set so these are like winter pouches and inside it comes with different winter tees and this retails for ten dollars so this is what it looks like on the inside all the T's are like so right and colorful it's very exciting I'm gonna pull some out so here we have nutty and spice I'm gonna put that back in there chocolate covered almond which totally matches the chocolate bar and then we have apple cider this gift is great for someone who really likes to you or someone who's interested in tea but like they just don't really know what they like because this way they can try it a bunch of different ones and also after they're done with the teas they have this really cute pouch they could just play store stuff in next we have this gift set by Bath and Body Works and this one is so cute you guys like look how cute it looks on camera so what it comes with is a vanilla chai shower gel and then also a vanilla chai body butter now obviously with the different colors it comes with like a different scents and stuff like that oh and it actually also comes with a loofah I didn't even see that before so this is a really cute little mini gift set I think it's a great idea to give to someone who like maybe you don't even really know that well I don't know I just feel like everyone would actually want to receive this so my next gift idea is another pair and this one comes to exactly ten dollars so at Old Navy in the section where you're just like waiting to buy stuff they have like all these different knickknacks so they have these makeup remover wipes by Burt's Bees and these are only four dollars and then they have these little mini candles that are six dollars each and this one is cranberry apple cider which is perfect for the season let me know in the comments down below which gift idea was your favorite and if you would like me to make another ten gifts under ten dollars video in case you guys want more ten dollar gift ideas I will have my other video linked down below that was just posted a while ago and it has a ton more ideas so hopefully between these two videos you'll see something that you want to buy all right you guys that's it that's all and I will see you in the next one bye

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