Christmas Gift Ideas 2019 🎁

Christmas Gift Ideas 2019 🎁

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Christmas is nearly here, so we put together a Christmas Gift Guide for Her! Thank you to Nails Inc for sponsoring this video! If you want to check them out, then use our code JL20 to get 20% off all Christmas gifts at:

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hi Charlie it's very nearly Christmas I'll be shocked by that but everywhere in the UK is now getting ready for Christmas yeah we don't have Thanksgiving so you know Halloween's past is Christmas Christmas Christmas yeah and you know what last year we did a Christmas gift guide probably a little bit too late yeah and people were like ah you really assist in December nobody bought my presents I know a lot of people are already buying their presents my mum called Neverland I've already done my Christmas shopping Frosty's don't it incredibly early well so we've done a Christmas gift guide for her this year got a lot of female watches on this channel we do so we're just gonna run through some of those you guys loved this video last year yeah I got it again with another video okay so the first thing on our gift guide is the amazing nail products and beauty products from nails incredible cosmetics we are so Christmassy yeah the packaging is really really lovely yeah it's making me feel like it's already Christmas even though I hope these at home we want to talk to you a little bit about these really affordable products I mean fantastic either stocking villas or just actual gifts are not stockings in there for people we've got some face masks here with some face masks which I'm gonna try on you know yeah I know you were just saying the other day I need to face no I do we were like you knew what we just want have a face mask evening okay no it's always good to look after his skin in it yeah and I had a chemical peel the other week and I loved it and I think its face mask I'm not just a girly thing they tend to be like a more female-oriented thing but guys can use it – I love it it's good to look after your skin absolutely I put on a face mask the other day on a weekend yeah and I it was at that moment I knew I was a tree because I came back my living room I'm a boyfriend gonna put one on as well yeah she for this isn't on you I like that it's gold you've picked it up to match my dress yeah which is absolutely custom isn't it okay whilst you're doing now I think I'm gonna do my nails okay so with these face masks this pack from incredible cosmetics is 12 pounds you get three face masks which i think is a really affordable way to look after your skin yeah it's actually really really good I need to take the help for this don't I haven't thought this through I'm gonna reveal my head guys don't be shocked three two one and I'm gonna try some of the nail polish I think I'm gonna choose this gold shimmery one from forever locked out and this is retailing at 29 pounds packaging like that don't forget that we've got code as well so anything on the nails in website for Christmas is 20% off with our code Jael 20 all right so I'm going to help you yeah yeah this is do you know what the skin is the biggest organ in your body yeah it covers the most thing so it makes sense that you look after it yeah that's lovely so you got some nice colors here there are also some cool colors going on in this little duo here which is you get one you get a little deep red marune II colored and then you get a shimmery pinky one and this I really like that this is called time to get lucky and this duo of nail products is retailing at 18 pounds that's really cute that's cool so yeah why is it a duo so when you open it just open up for you you've got to to pick from Queens I want it I like this like a ball ball yeah yeah quite cool we could hang that on the tree and then you got this one here which college you prefer on me on this stop normally you go for dark but I'd like to see you in that light sparkly one yeah like a Christmasy one yeah maybe the YouTube Christmas party if we get invited this year we get invited every year yeah that would be really nice like snowy absolutely I usually like summertime night but yeah you know any season mm-hmm I go for this shimmery wand to match the mask and the dress it's a perfect present your mom's your sisters girlfriend and I'm enjoying this mom yeah I've just painted my thumb and I'm really impressed that only one coat looks that good usually with most nail polish brands you have to do two or three coats to get anything good but that's in one go that looks really great right I've seen this this is cool it's in a tin is forward rolling with my charm oh yeah have a look I'm intrigued by this oh I'm a boy and I don't do this that's for your nails and their lip gloss and it's got crystals in it in the moment look at that I thought it was pink Himalayan salts but well it is like color okay good night that's very cool yeah how much is that so that is retail at 19 for that cute little box and what I like about this is that you can also reuse the box and give you a little bits and bobs very good packaging like it is honestly like really good quality yeah I'm gonna take this off okay wipe down the excess moisture right I've just done my whole nail in like two minutes that's good quality is my spark corner I don't have the words for makeup yeah it looks nice yeah sparkly yeah Christmassy and we're going to an event tomorrow so I'm very nice there you go if you would like more info on nails and products do check out the link in our description and get your 20% off for getting the code is jail 20 so go check out see what they've got to offer you can use it on any products you don't have to use it on these yeah and yet if you're a boy don't feel left out you have sheet masks right so the second item so we were thinking about this and we thought you know what is an amazing Christmas present is a experience for people yeah this year we've been lucky not to do a couple of experiences and we chose to use virgin experience days yeah and they just offer loads of stuff so for instance we did national spa week which was like going to a spa and having a relaxing day so we have massages I think if you wanted you could go and get whatever you want a manicure a pedicure anything anything but we'd love that then we had lunch in the restaurant a fancy and a lot of their stuff is aimed at like for two people you know afternoon tea for two or riding on a had a helicopter main thing for two I just think it's very geared up for gifts yeah and some you can be scrolling on our website and you think of someone you saw like oh super car experience oh I know someone perfect for that yeah and that's not just for males my mum loved doing a supercar oh yeah yeah there are no gender norms here alright I never your birthday didn't we were doing a chocolate experience we don't have a day I've done that but yeah Leah got me a chocolate experience with Hotel Chocolat ego and learn to make your own chocolate bar which I'm buzzing for but experience gifts are like my favorite type of years my family now do that quite a lot because you know all at the age as well where it's just like if I want something I'm gonna buy it yeah so experience is a like yeah it's really my list really because then yeah you get to spend quality time with that person I would say that they're on the more expensive side of things as you know some people have got the budget if you don't have the bigger budget then I've got the perfect gift for you yeah again this isn't very like stereotypically female but I think is a really good one you guys know it well we know very well is the work of questions now we were gifted this viewer and we have no idea where it was all this book of questions yeah we thought it was a religious book we like all knows in Boston ah religion but it's a really great book if you don't know we do these series where we go through the book we ask each other these questions and they're really deep questions about morals and stuff like let's try it there's a lot of questions that will bring up things you've never even thought about your opinion on and it's all very safe it's not like you're not gonna get too political somewhere it doesn't cause arguments not with us they can be quite deep so like it could be something like would you prefer to be blind or deaf so it encourages to talk about like senses and things or it could be what things are too personal to discuss with other people and then it gets you talking about these personal things or just it's just full of just loads of different sorts of questions and we absolutely love it and I think it's a perfect stocking filler gift yeah it's really really good and you know there's not many books that you can't have that you have with other people you know I mean but like meaning is a very personal thing but this is like a you know opener upper oh you know what again it's another gender stereotype but my mom I don't know she's the only woman in my immediate family yeah she had all boys yeah my dad's have always yeah um she lost to chat and us boys just like mum so you know what this is good to get us talking mum want this we could all have a chat together cuz girls love a talking of tea I mean you could get someone a selection of lots of teams yeah there are lot teas out there with I'm a big fan of many brands of team yeah you got technique you got hooker you've got um Twinings there's loads of like herbal teas and our bedtime teas EPTs that's what I was little stocking yeah that's really nice and homely it wasn't originally on the gift guide less they just made me think whether we're talking about chatting in for improv so the next thing on our list is it's a candle and it's from the white company now the white company did loads and loads of home wedding clothing but I just absolutely love the smell of their candles they pull the seal nice is so nice that they're cashmere range and it's a can you eat that Oh tuberose Kashmir woods and Jasmine scented cats really nice I like actually don't feel like cleaning product yeah you know some candles alive really or vanilla and you're like I don't want my house to smell of vanilla white well I know somebody who works well basically one one of my boyfriend's best friend works at a company that make anything burn so any sense they turn them to candle one of their clients is the white company and I can tell you now like I can tell you that the white company scents are extremely good quality because no matter how far down you burn you still have the smell whereas a lot of cheek yeah handles you know how you'll burn them and then half with you like I can't smell it anymore another you got used to this end it's actually not true it's just just like dead wax from there onwards to say yeah yeah it's a money thing I just found it really interesting because he works with like big brands at Tom Ford wine company lots of Bamford really nice brands and you know just learning more about the wax and how these burning he said we should do a factory visit without candles see I wanted to recommend the white company because we've got a lot of white company candles in our house I love white container threshing gowns all are insane so soft and white stuff is why yeah great I've got some cushions from there it just is really nice I just feel like it makes the home if it bit more special having a few luxury items yeah so that's the candle from the white company mm-hmm so talking of dressing gowns we have some very exciting news coming soon you guys can wear it guess what it is because of the way we don't like it fluffy I've said it's leading on from dressing gowns yeah yes we we may or may not be releasing some dressing Yachats I just we've got our own dressing gowns that are coming very very soon so I hope you guys are really really excited yeah we would say that is the perfect gift to go with the nails inc yeah yeah it's treat yourself it's self help Sunday's it's everything it's Prosecco Sonics whatever you want it to be John and I love getting a dressing-gown just being fabulous yeah so that's coming soon very psyched and you'll be the first to hear by up on this yeah we won't tell you what they look like but they look incredible yeah you will see them very soon but I'm saying that's the other gift that you should get yeah cause it's great John Lee refine yeah absolutely and one other thing I will just say if you watch your dad your any of my yeah I've really got what dad at all times are watching I think an amazing gift yeah it's on the higher end again is the Dyson hairdryer now Dyson Dyson make incredible things you and I yeah have treat ourselves to a Dyson Hoover yeah vacuum cleaner come who was like a bronze oh yeah yeah Dyson vacuum but you can't say you say we and we are just such big fans of Dyson as a brand yeah make incredibly good useful things they're fans I want to get a fan for summer because they're really yeah not just cool isn't cool but cool isn't cold out older yeah um I mean the Dyson fans I mean I've seen them I've never had one but they're amazing the vacuum we've both got the cordless one yeah incredible wouldn't that would make any wife very happy or any any one or any husband yeah here's some is a vacuum start cleaning yeah it makes vacuuming fun yeah and I've tried out someone else's Dyson hairdryer and it's just so lightweight and I would absolutely love to have one but no worries if not guide I think we've done quite a range of higher-end items some more stocking filler affordable items so yeah my dad I would like a puppy oh I'm very big thank you to nails Inc for sponsoring this video and don't forget if you want to get 20% off any nails then head to their website and use our code Jael 20 and treat the women in your life lovely Christmas packaging kind of goes sold out fit very nice very wintery I got this from TK Maxx by the way oh wow and you wouldn't I mean I love TK Maxx you get your ladies anything from TK Maxx yeah yeah thank you so much for watching this video guys thank you to nail thing for sponsoring it we will see you in the next video we will describe it

38 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas 2019 🎁

  1. Joel, are you doing any meet & greets while you're in the States? I'm only about 12 miles away from where you are and would love to meet for a coffee or something. I've left you a PM on your IG page.

  2. I start my Christmas shopping the day after Christmas and shop all year long. I have 2 storage totes for each person. By the time Christmas comes around its all done and everyone gets tons of stuff.

  3. Here is a hate comment for you. I hate that I discovered you tgis week, and am obsessed with you now. I seriously had tears in my eyes from laughing. Keep up the great work. 💘 from Cibolo Texas.

  4. I figured out why we americans say excuse me rather than sorry. And i quote why would i apologize to you if your in my way. That doesnt make much sense does it…. gotta love old people

  5. Joel looks like a very posh Death Eater in that mask. And yes! I bought the Book of Questions probably 30 years ago! It has been around for a long time, and it is really interesting for prompting personal exploration and conversation. Great to use in a group, but perfectly wonderful just when you're alone and want to do some introspection. Good choice!

  6. Ok Brits, I'll be in London Nov 23 for a few days and would love to know your fave Christmas spots. Of course we're hitting the Winder Wonderland and other markets, but what about nicely decorated department stores, festive neighborhoods, casual tea spots?

  7. i dont know why you guys think your an american expert just because you've been to new york or los angeles, maybe had a slice of pizza or two, went to the beach or disneyland or time sqare and your suddenly an american expert. i live in queens and what every you guys say about new york is ALL WRONG!

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