Cinnamon Rolls on the Blackstone Griddle

Cinnamon Rolls on the Blackstone Griddle

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Easy peasy, oh so easy!

Can of cinnamon rolls and butter. Do it today! 😀

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hey what's up everybody hungry huh see here and you ever get done with dinner and be like you know I want a little something sweet but I don't know what I want you know that kind of thing but you know you go to your refrigerator you know you got a you know you got like pickles and stuff like that you're like you know I got to go over there and then to stuff with you know hair growing on it and then then all of a sudden you see a roll of these bad boys cinnamon rolls cinnamon rolls right but then you say well you know what I don't really want to fire the oven up for these cinnamon rolls then I got a black stone and go outside and cook them that's much cooler right I'd say so so that's right cinnamon rolls on the black stone it's going to be super yummy and we'll show you how I do it all right all right so ingredients I'm not going to go into any much rigor but Kenna cinnamon rolls some butter butter butter honey okay that's it butter I want to use a I want to flatten them out a little bit I got a little press I just smash them down load just kind of even them out so they don't get real tall that's it that's all it is and you cook them on the black stone in butter take it boil some good groceries all right hey let's get to it all right first first off we got to get these things get them out of this can all right so we're just going on you know find the final thing here and just like that and then boom pop it pop it like it's hot pop it like it's hot now here is the that's the icing all right take I like to take all these out and that way I can work with them a little bit better all right and we just peel those apart just like that just peel them apart Halon apart boy these things are good that's actually – Matthew I don't want to don't want to double okay whoops all right let's put that back together and then we just like that there we go so uh pretty pretty sweet huh all right let's peel them off all right now we're gonna get them on the black stone oh man Amash I'm naive a shootin son of a biscuit eater all right so apparently I didn't hit the darn record button again dad coming Matthew anyhow what I did all I did undid the thing popped it you know this have individual senator old that's it I got the icing out we're gonna let it sit it's gonna get it should get pretty loose fairly quickly out here in this out there in this heat although it did rain earlier cooled it down and made a real muggy so now you know SAP still flowing you know whatever so what are we going to do alright we're gonna get a little we're gonna get a little butter down little butter all right Blackstone's on a low just slow shorty get a low low low low all right I'm gonna take your cinnamon rolls it's like this sizzle sometimes you got to roll them back get some room because we're going we're gonna kind of smash them a little bit flap all right just like that now I'll take a little press and we're just going to mash them down just a little bit just like you would a smash burger but you got to be careful cause they do stick a little bit even to your wax paper so I could probably take a little bit of this butter a little bit of that butter right there okay there you go need a little bit of lubricant a little lubricant okay there's pretty things they don't make some good groceries oh oh oh easy now easy boy you just you don't want to you want to cook these at a very very slow pace don't want to go to blaze a fury that's it shut up is it that's pretty dang easy we're just gonna let them go we're gonna let them get happy and that's it okay a little bit more butter because I can all right I can do that just a little bit more for those people that hate me putting a lot of butter on there we'll make it make it rain okay butter all right let's let these go for I don't know two or three minutes always say two to three minutes you know like let's let this go for – three minutes – three minutes all right and they're gonna be awesome I gotta get a paper towel is hot sure Phil I feel like a rabbit in a wool sock you know I'm saying all right I got to go get something to put these on I'll be right back don't go anywhere trusty black stone cutting board I love that thing okay it's been two to three minutes let's give these suckers a flip you can see they're puffing up on that side on the side – hasn't been down so let's let's see what we're going here with here ready Lulu is looking good actually we don't let him go a little too long it's good perfect boy boy that was a little that was a little bit toasty but I think it's gonna be good I actually like kind of like a bark you know I'm saying these suckers are looking good I mean real good I don't even really need the Blackstone alone anymore this other side's looking real good oh yeah now these bad boys are done so now time to play them up trusty Blackstone cutting board okay to it's gonna be good I'll be good oh oh they're so dirty so dirty dang it boy alright now it is time so my wife she said you need to wait a little bit before you put the icing on she said let them let them get kind of cool I haven't spreading these out actually said I can get icing on all of it all right she said I want you to let it cool okay so that way you get icing and they don't all melt away so I'm gonna do that I'm gonna let them chill out a little chill out for a couple minutes two to three minutes all right let's do that one do a little housekeeping here and then we'll come back earnest time to drizzle the cinnamon rolls with our icing yeah boy look at that a little bit of drizzle a little bit of drizzle honey ciao Hey Baby Girl what you doing yeah dang it boy yes some good groceries right here there we go just like that all right well hey there you have it pretty simple all my camping buddies out there you will love this especially you know you don't want to cook in your camper you don't want to warm up the oven you know that kind of thing hey you want to be outside you'll enjoy the outdoors right so here we go here we go I want to try this one that I kind of kind of got a little crispy but I kind of like it it's like a like a bark that it forms pretty good damn boy this is stupid simple even a hunger hussy can do it no I'm saying love you see you next time y'all hungry huh see out pretty good stuff

42 thoughts on “Cinnamon Rolls on the Blackstone Griddle

  1. I learned my lesson about making a video with "not real butter" I've been wanting to make a video doing this for awhile! Was your mess up putting a camera in front of a camera? lol Oh, got forgot to hit record! I do that to. Butter because I can! Oh yea, I am making this next weekend!

  2. Thanks for another great video Matt. My 36" Blackstone is in the garage awaiting assembly, but finishing up a deck where it twill rest first! I can't wait, but getting so many great ideas from you! Thanks!

  3. What Gloves are the best for the black stone Griddle?
    I bought some heat resistant rubber gloves at Lowes in grill department. But my hand and arm gets painfully hot while cleaning griddle. So hot the rubber melts, my arm hairs burn off inside glove. And whole hand turns red…
    I really want some great gloves for the griddle, and reviews are all over the place. So looking for people that actually have experience. Thoughts on what gloves to buy?

  4. Hi Huss! Nice one, brother! I haven't seen cinnamon rolls on the griddle before. Super cool! Hey man, it's a good thing that you were already recording what you thought you were recording… 😀 HA! I hate it when I do things like that… Oh, and that was some really sensual frosting footage. Smoooooooooth Operatorrrrrrrrrrrr. LOL

    Hope you're doing well, bud. Until next time (hopefully only 2-3 minutes), take it easy, my friend.

  5. Happy Sunday HH. I started watching this yesterday, but I decided to break off so I could attempt (screw-up) making my own jo-jos. I was not really all that happy with them. Didn't like the spices I used, and I didn't cook them all the way before the milk-egg-flour-skillet part. I thought they'd cook the rest of the way, but they didn't. They were semi-crunchy and just not that great. Oh well.

    These look really good. You always come up with a new way to cook something. This is a great idea. That's what's good about ideas; one leads to another. Thanks for the video…..keep up the good stuff. 🙂

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