Craft with me - mini series part 15, a little Etsy share and decorating the tags

Craft with me – mini series part 15, a little Etsy share and decorating the tags

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Hi everyone welcome to my channel, i bought a old france magazine from Eve by the snippet shop. I also decorated the tags to go with the “flower” mini Junk Journal. Enjoy part 15 of my “craft with me – mini sieries”

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hi everyone Karen here come back welcome back to my channel before we could get to the crafting things I want to share a little little how a little Etsy share I should say from my trusty snippet job yeah I bought her she found a couple of lovely how should I say magazines now it's comes Stewart from Paris from 9003 is that from June 1903 so I want to share that with you because it's the color that I like so much a little slip through and here are some songs and but I guess Shantae yeah I think it's theater and but look at that these images so will yummy I can't wait to play with these with these HS here I go very quickly you see acting and singing yeah lovely very lovely and how are you mention this color of the fonts and are gray blue I should say it's not a black or a grey it's very and I love also the images Indic in these colors so yeah thank you for that and this was fast faster than the log the last one and here are a couple of yeah I entered advertisements so now and she sent me of course lovely papers goodies papers and I want to show you of course also this go check her out at tea shop here is her Etsy shop I will of course put a link in the description box below so you can check her out she is amazing Jeff had found a lot of things she made how thrift store how and while she find very treasures I should say now and music paper she sent me and of course it it totally book page of July then that's a carefree to I should I say you can put the class or your coffee cup on the music children's music paper love me also and then a couple of ephemeris from this is from the 9066 and this is from 1956 these are shoes yeah and a copy Oh index cards Oh became dance cards thank you and this one Wow I think this template for stitching of course I think or such I don't know oh that's not knitting and I don't know how I but lovely pattern and then the biggest one is also any magazine page with lovely models on it and advertisements so and here is April with a lovely pattern with butterflies on it so in blue very very beautiful pretty and beautiful so thank you very much for the police of course if yeah every time I get everything something from her I'm very excited to get that I put them away so they can go on with our crafting now my camera setup is a little bit shaky I hope I checked them double out now now we get to the crafting yeah I worked on the tags that we put in these taxes that we embellished after I cut the corners make the holes in and on these also I try to cut them out yeah a little bit yeah how should I say it's not bad but I reinforced them with a little bit of how should I say breads or all these I have to make a little bit flatter here yeah all of these I hate that thing here I have to buy something else now here I will embellish a little bit I think I make a little snippet yeah how should I say this bit of layering yeah and yeah and the journaling cards are on my rice bag because I packed it up with a little stick to Facebook because of the stitching so that's that and yeah now we get to the decoration of this lovely text here from printable principles of louisa Hansel oh I have here one prepared already so you see in which direction it goes yeah not all I will embellish too much because I like the tech laying flat because then you have a little bit struggling to get them in the pocket or such so now on this one I foresee caught them out Oh God this was very I had a little bit yeah that's very very small so I first got them out that is from the from Tracy Fox Lauren I think Laura look it I don't read yet Laurel and this is from my scanned postcards I torn it out and I thought this will be look cute like this and then I take a little bit of this colored cheese clock cloth or such or gasps gasps it's beautiful very yeah lavender color and I sleep it a little bit and I thought this would go very good like this here and then this little snippet of lace I hope I put them a little bit oh sorry this I want a little bit more on the top here and tastes a little bit more the bottom and then that one here little bit like this and that beautiful 4 C cup flour God really put sorry have to watch yeah you know the drill no so I I glued out so have my trusty blue bow and my trusty other group blue first I will inked around a little bit and I will sew around I think almost every tag here and journaling card because you know I like the look of it that's also in always the same desert tricks from Tim Holtz when I ran out of this I I buy of course the vintage photo because I like them too I like that too so now on the other side too I backed it up with the craft paper that ahead I hope you doing all well together now new month I'm very curious about what Tracy Fox make for the challenge for this month yeah we will see oh you want also a little bit just a little bit yeah glue down go down this first where is my glue stick there yeah a clue a clue around the stitching so look at my lovely smushed glue here now a glue a little bit ah you see that yeah oops that's not the right place I don't think I have to go and go and grab a baby wipe back oh gosh I don't think I'm talking yeah you have to you can fix almost everything I think now this will be here and the other ones a little bit no I put there that's right smoosh down now where I want you very high up there like this and I press down and then the cheese clock cloth thing here just a little bit rolled down oh that's not the right way okay a little bit and you want C to go anyway you don't want you would see the blue anyway cuz I have to put I don't wanna meet John I assume a little bit in circles I build it better oh that's alright yeah that's better I have to remember that I have to zoom out when I do something bigger No now maybe I cannot just a little bit the cheesecloth but for now we do the other things here I make like this I like yeah yeah like that yeah we do that now these subtle also little bit with it is white glue and you see the groove you don't see that anymore only a couple of places here so it stays put down it's a piece from from that little from that one from from that trim so her and then of course the flower one and that I want to go very good so it stay down so stay down please Oh to watch that I don't tear that fragile flower here have to press it down cuz with that because my finger press down a little bit so it holds up and also here just a little bit and I hope the image cause he cut that image it holds down well maybe I have to put another time a little bit blue under that image but I think that's it for that I saw around but the straight stitch and yeah how do you like that I hope it's not too no yeah the next next please they have to think about it what I want to put on the holes here and on that from the yellow your own now what we do want you please now I have also I want not o always do layering so I thought I have to search which one not always turn our anger yeah but why not put I search the flower yeah that's a little bit too big but that one may be thinking zoria maybe we can do also a little maybe maybe yeah we do that because because I like that no where is my scissors I cut them with the big ones oh that one would be also nice oh I make that one with the bead with the bees here I think that would would be also gorgeous classic copped around Mitch maybe we can put anything else oh yeah look at that oh yeah when you put something of course a little bit too finicky I assume a little bit up because I want to see every time out of frame so yeah today we have a nice day and I September they yeah almost almost how I should say maybe we can put a label on no yeah no I don't like to put labels on the bottom because you know when you're talking I'm very worried about this I hope this is not to cut here sorry that that one now what you want to hear I found yellow lace maybe but oh that's not bad why not I have take a little bit oh I take this this top here this here this looks like fleur-de-lis fleur-de-lis put them here and this one maybe no I don't like that I want to sleep it where are you where where wash you will wash you here sorry I'm talking a little bit to myself and a little bit to you so no maybe that's better that's not not very straight that immature no no I don't like that at all no no we do with something else what we do hmm huh maybe a little bit white but do the job oh I like that big straw on the top and on the bottom I like that huh it's very delicate I should say maybe a white was so true better my heavier white from her that was a embroidered oh how I should say in English I cut the piece out and that's it that's too big of course but I line it up I want to be true only on the bottom and on the top so I will cut maybe there maybe I tried to stare yeah because it was not so bad and here I won't pray that that you also of course on the bottom and on the top because there it will show true I hope I'm I'm speak a little bit louder because I watched a couple of videos of mine to to see ya you know and I oh that's a little bit too long maybe that's right I like that maybe I'll make that yeah we do that you can't lose ain't nothing nothing you can lose I make that with that glue stick strip of glue too much glue down the piece of fabric here and I don't even know not because I like that also and this image of mr. Cox yeah in the garden images are beautiful they have also one that rose in the garden I think so that color rose it's not it's all good that one take glue down with that because I want to go shore in that it holds down and stay there where it belongs oh yeah lovely oops but that was my finger and I press down very firmly so it stays flat oh that I love to it so oh I have to ink around but it's very yeah simple but it's only on so little text I don't like too much embellishing but you know me I don't like either also bigger one I don't like too much embellishing but yeah it's of course not everyone's taste beautiful and that stitch also maybe around the image but not around the tag or I don't know maybe both we'll see now that's the second one I want to we have we have to you may get waving all because yeah you put a couple things in it see here you can put your tag of these handles in on the back turn it cart or search or an ephemeral yes and I've I forgot you to make the flip out the flip up and downs or whatever but I will make them on this down that one here course on the other one here too that's you know that's here on that one but we do that it's very easy and I don't know yet with what paper we do that but we see that now the next one I think around the house so it's a little bit easier now this time I make make the holes first before I stitch but I get it I called the air I go only with a straight stitch yeah yeah next part what we do a little bit of layering of course I want to use this one this is lonely cute label I make another one like this like this here but maybe a little bit other way I have your white netting I think about I can do we have to sew that cause I want to make I don't know yet what I want maybe another flowerpot them what would that one be nice maybe I shall see cut them out to thin paper here I was very close to the other flower they're too fussy cut them out just a little bit oh yeah I can always count on the bottom sorry I'm concentrated when I'm copying either can't talk very much so sorry for that I'm right back to talk with you I'm licking a little bit around there that's not a very straight round line there it's very thin paper here yeah I'm finished yeah of course I have to ink it look around but what I said I don't know yet maybe it's this one that I don't like too much so what else we put maybe maybe words are a bit more so I have to see which I make a line there like this sighs I thought a little bit thinner oh yeah that's a little lovely little accent here I said I don't want to love you too much on the top so like this maybe we do that maybe a little bit of but not this green or too just a little bit on the background here maybe we we see with oh yeah look at that I like that I'll make that like this so no I have to eat them up it's very fragile I have to watch a little bit I don't prepare it so I'm a very very light handed here try oh yeah that's re thin thing paper how much time we have I have another half hour so that one too this one left just I got the big one yeah like that and I like the green peeking true through that netting yeah now I glued down of course with a little bit of and then the netting and that one I have to put on so the call on the tag the glue and on the fabric here to be totes down well and then press it down with with that mode that one because to stick to my fingers that nothing and then that one I want that you're on this crowd I don't know how I pronounce that but that is a herb healing herb now I have to do like this because you see don't see very much writing maybe can put them no I don't like that so I made that like this ya know that one year you did I press it down of course because it's on top of the netting and it that's always a little bit you see smooth when you drop it drop and you up on that you can put them yeah I make that like this I like that like a belt can put it on the waist off the tag no no that was a joke little joke I have to ink that part here so it goes well together now that's better like it's a flower and then our yeah now I have to be careful because it's a thin paper i pressed down on the stick and try to pull very careful I hope the ends are holding down because I'm not so sure about that but I like that look at that lovely tag love it very cute I should say no here it don't holds down stamp better here also not with the netting I have to go under the netting here and put glue on so it all down well also on this part I see here not much this part is good here yeah you have to put also a little bit more on top of the fabric err yeah that's good now yeah we have three finished and I want you to go one two three to go so with it we do that now we do this sort of layering and displayed layering there so no oh oh we chose a picture this time a little not a yellow one that girl we have also already maybe that model with her baby look beautiful that would blend in too much here all that beautiful that's a bit too big I make I take that home that's here with the girls on maybe we can also put the word on oh that's very see it's very close to the edge you have to cut the little bit there it's that straight I don't know yet yeah that's a little bit better that's on sorry here it's not over I don't know so sure yeah now I have to put something under under that image don't know about that paper but I won't yeah Chozen don't shows true that because it's very on the edge hmm what else we have whatever they're watching that basket here another postcard or a fabric or Elise uh or that paper doily why not I don't like the color of this toilet has to go and watch for another toilet a moment please maybe that hard one that I got from the edge of that not not so sure yet about that doily looking around what I was a head over on my desk on that place that I don't have to grab I don't know I don't know about that now thought what else we have think about it layering tearing layering so take the piece that yeah and on this one i will stitch around first so this I can finish up I will cut to size so I will tear to size and then I will go around first with on that image the sewing machine it's not so bad that it's go he goes yeah I'm not so sure about that maybe I have to cut them down yeah and we cut them down like this rotary on the edge there and there cut them down you see you can free them out of course yonder and I was stitch around but that's not all that I want to put there maybe roughly for a work or that label but yeah No under that picture I thought no I don't like that down there you need something maybe maybe like this why not when I thought maybe we can put them like this oh yeah that was stitch around also around this one so I cut it through sighs so so yeah why not it's cute now on this you see I was so around and then I would glue it down and then so right then so no I don't know I think I don't saw that oh I will glue it on so that's that's that I like that far and then another one with that flower we have to choose a flower now which one we want I first got them already out maybe I can use one of these no I don't like that coffee tie here so maybe I can cut their dessert I'm hope I'm not out of frame sorry I don't think thought oh I'm already on one hour so I have to speed this bit up here now I thought very roughly out that bit of wiggling little bit of weathering and I turn the paper I don't it's for me easier to go all around now nearly under Andy yeah we did it we did it that's so little fussy cut out them sit there this flower things oh yeah now what we can do with that maybe I will put this time that one here and another time with a little bit of that lovely cheesecloth here I tie them with a red cabbage or blue cabbage no but I'm not sure anymore but it gives that lovely lavender color I cut out the square square Omega can use to make little bit squishy time here but that's too much for that little tack there that's that's cute this and then we can put this label oh that's not bad at all maybe I can do a little bit of adjustment here nothing at all on the same spot so maybe I would put everything on no no I don't do that and then oh yeah that's better yeah I do that so to ink here this is a little bit of thicker paper that I printed out so it's not so much so difficult to ink around and this one I would also of course now I do that tank and then I finish up the tag and also these journaling cards and I hope then I have enough ephemeral to fill the journal I'll put that so then yeah we can go on on the third journal because I have only not a week I don't have a week I think four days and then I have to pick up the winner and I want them to be finished so you can see which one you want know when you don't see it finish it's difficult to choose so yeah now I glue down so you do that right now oh I want around first so Bethpage other side – of course and here I ripped off a little bit of the paper because because of that of my yeah I don't talk too much of that because I'm I'm very yeah it was that yeah sorry to watch where I want to put my cheese and this time I will go over my finger so you don't see the points I can glue it down without worry to that you see the blue oops come on go down put a little bit more where I put the other piece or carrying new tire try to put that little bit on the edge there and then we put the label on it's the label of a free printable format from from the UM Facebook group I think it's junk children or addicts or chunker no job no addicted is children to Alex yeah no that's too late yeah I glue it down yeah we did also that I will chose which what I want to put down the holes but I like that so far I make then the photo and yeah and post it on Instagram so also these kids can see that we are almost on the end of the second yeah I finish this up out of camera and because I'm very yeah over an hour so thank you very much for watching we see you the next time bye everyone

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