Custom 1:4 Alien Egg and Facehugger Review

Custom 1:4 Alien Egg and Facehugger Review

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still on youtubers welcome to a short video review today I got a custom alien egg and facehugger now this is a closed alien egg I already have two open ones with facehuggers the sideshow and then homicides and so I found this one off I'd say no it's not correctly so here's think these are both one forces are actually slightly bigger than my other ones which are more of a 1/5 schoo pretty decent weight to this to of 30 mi chef there's really only 30 made has a glossy paint job see it's red about to burst really really nice actually good look at that paint job has like a webbing almost look glossy textured looks like it's straight from the movie I swear now the face hugger he actually as I swear it looks like a penis this freakin tongue I guess which he cuts down your throat when he you know gets on you he looks overall great the base is nice as well he's a lighter weight for sure than the alien egg mine actually did arrive broken right here on the tail you could see I glued it then right there see I glued it as well so did or I've damaged the guy didn't have any replacement so he's just gonna refund me on that one since it did arrive broke how are these two are really awesome I'm gonna leave a link in the description to where you can go to this guy's at say a account if you want to purchase this he does have a brown version of this egg so I was put on displaying this down low with my alien here by then tucked in bed so I'm actually gonna display it right here see that so there's that they're alien eggs facehugger she looks really cool right there actually so that bad boy right next to my haskó and this alien egg I have you know a few options I could either put it up here with that or open the detalle and put it here with this one you know so there they are you can see the quality difference between this one and the other two that are to a very simplistic basic paint job smaller so they don't look as good you know I can almost do it like like it's a slight distance look so this one being closer is bigger that one's about same size of sideshow and then side shown back so I'd like three alien eggs I do want to have them together here like so I think it looks pretty cool here next to the alien so probably just keep the alien egg there see that it looks better just having three eggs versus just to like a standard you made three to four eggs click little video show that I'll be getting statue to statues on Thursday one on Monday next week I have my little one third set up like this for now until the other Justice League in my magic cases arrived so I'm gonna be putting something right there you'll see it shortly I'm sure you can all guess what it's gonna be but I cannot put something there until I get my Justice League fine which is inevitably that's gonna go all right alright folks hope you have a great day I'll see you Thursday

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