Cutoff Date for Reviews and Videos for 2019 is October 31.

Cutoff Date for Reviews and Videos for 2019 is October 31.

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If any company would like me review your products for this year, you have till October 31 for that to happen. Direct message me on Instagram or email me at the information below. 😁😁😁

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howdy how's everybody doing today welcome to another video with beer thomas with scott this video is not going to be a typical review rant or tip and trick this is gonna be an announcement that i'm gonna have for you guys for the past year – I've been reviewing your care and men's grooming products and it's been an awesome ride I really do really enjoy doing this for you guys it's a great experience I like using different products which is probably one of the number one reasons why I will never be an ambassador of any company I've been asked by quite a few people to be an ambassador and the honor the the the honor is awesome you know it's a great idea but I don't want to be limited to just one company I really enjoy having a plethora and a few Monday's you mungus collection as you guys can see I like being able to have a variety of things so what I'm doing is I'm throwing out my announcement that I did last year as of October 31st I will not be reviewing any products for 2019 so if anybody would like me to try out test I'll review any of your products for 2019 you have between me / don't look you have between the release of this video in October 31st to work something out with me you can direct message me on instagram at beard times with scott you can also email me beard times with scott mail at if you would like for me to review your products we can always work something out with anybody and everybody I don't have a crew I don't have any I don't have any what sort of looking for I don't have any moderators you're talking to me you're talking directly to me I respond to anyone and everyone and that's the way it's always gonna be so you have three months to get your company or your products on beer tops with Scotts YouTube channel and that's open to anyone and everyone I don't I usually don't turn anyone down I don't think I ever have but October 31st building a cutoff date for any videos and reviews I will not be posting any review videos from November to December what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to recording and taking that time in doing my top ten beard oil beard companies top ten beard oils for the year top five bombs and butters which will be one video like it was last year top five washes and co washes saying put them together and I think that's gonna be the videos I'm gonna make for this year I don't think I did anymore Mandy Mandy's gonna have her top ten video again as well that was actually pretty cool to do and she said herself I think I'm gonna do it again so as I told you guys tons of times before you get the wife to like the beard you're golden anyhow back to the task at hand you've got if anybody would like me to review your products you have between now and October 31st to get ahold of me and we'll work things out because as we all know I always have products sort of you and I want to schedule everything and get it all lined up so that when I say I'm booked til October thirty-first that's it so direct message me on instagram at beard times will scott email me beard times with scott mail at and that information will be linked in the description box below and pinned as the top comment so you got three months let's see we come up with and I think this year this year is vid this year's top videos it's gonna surprise a lot of people because as you all know and I'll show up here on my shelf I have a lot of luxurious bastard I have a lot of the bearded fox I have a lot of Chesapeake beer company beard octane and beer justice the companies that I reviewed last year for 2018 I'm not putting them in any of these videos for the best of companies it's a new calendar year and I don't think it's right as a whole to just keep carrying companies over keep carrying companies over you guys know I do try a lot of products and I have 10 companies close to 10 companies right now that for this calendar year that I reviewed and I want to basically have a new one new line new top 10 companies every single year and so I just want to make clarify that it's no offense to any of the companies that were from 2018 absolutely love all of them I still have great friendships in relation were working relationships with them as well and I just want to throw that out there so if any one because it's obvious that everyone knows luxurious bastard was my number one and I'm not gonna like pull them down to number two three four or whatever that was my number one company for last year this is a new calendar year fresh clean start and that's why I wanted to put that on the table so anyone says oh he doesn't like that company anymore it's a new year it's a fresh clean start and that's the only reason why I'm doing that so you got three months and we'll see what comes out between now and October 31st keep on bearden see in the next video

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