Day of the funeral ~ vlog ~ July 19, 2019

Day of the funeral ~ vlog ~ July 19, 2019

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oh yeah I wanna dance with you don't know what it is you do I try to figure you out I just wanna make smile I'll be hidden looking at the sunset made me looking good tonight I wanna kiss you before the Sun Goes Down it's what good morning guys my battery is going to die so I'm gonna make this really fast um downstairs it is 10 No 9:40 have to get at least something done this morning you know is today so as soon as I was done we'll probably start getting money for that but I have to get this order out I do have five orders that was about today which is Friday that will probably ship up tomorrow because you know last night we had receiving up friends and after we come home it was late I was tired I just wasn't gonna work on anything so yeah and I didn't film yesterday besides I'm a little clip I don't even know if I'll insert it hey guys I still haven't changed the battery in this oh my gosh so this now 9:57 July 19th which is my grandma's birthday she would be a hundred one so the funeral was good it's good you know looks good it was beautiful and it was hard and I have terrible headache I'm crying but you know afterwards we all ate and got together and then we went to pop his house we were there for a while we went down hi guys welcome to today's vlog it is July 20th now to 18 journeys in the back she's I think she's teething she's got a canine coming down I saw it probably like a week ago and for the past two days she's had nothing about her hands like just shoved in her mouth and this morning I think she's running a low-grade temperature because um I had to finish a shirt this morning which was rush order I had wait for my ARB vet blanks package to come in which it did and then I made this shirt but my husband brought her down to me and I was actually organizing my fabric lube it or not and she came and got in my lap and her head was just like hot it was like not like you know like a burning hot but it felt like you know what was like when I put my head on her I was like and then we took a shower what what you want mama to sit back there with you what is going on people haven't seen you in the past few days yeah he thought bubbles up you want a napkin you know a bluff look at her head mmm Tuesday when we were at hospice and it was you know shortly after grandma passed we were gathered in a room and they had a coffee table and she tripped and of course she just totally right on the corner of this coffee table so a little bruised you can see with it Hey look right now we're at Dunkin Donuts huh we're gonna get us a tasty little trim oh yeah I think the vent was just blowing cold air on and she's hey hon you trying to blow spit bubbles nobody wants to see yours bill oh no value wise to see those so we have to go to a party today it's for actually my husband's dad's brother so I think we're gonna go do that it starts at 3:00 it's 222 we're probably not gonna go there like right now cause it's in the heat of the day and I think what baby you want a nurse that's not nurse can we have a pacifier baby hey guys just wanted to show you if you remember this was a big pile of fabric so this is what I did this morning while I was in murdering out a shirt I just went ahead in just kind of separated just to make it easier to find things like if it wasn't a red fabric it would be red and then I have orange and yellow and green and blue and purples and then have browns and then in this one I have grey and then underneath is black then I have white and then my skin color that I use all the time Ramona I just made a couple of piles of you know miscellaneous and like cartoons are here and those are like colorful and then this basket I didn't even go here was got stuff in it Oh yeah I just went oh my man don't my mother sent so it's later we went to the birthday party which was a cookout and holy cow yeah I just roasted my butt off I didn't film anything there because there's just it was like probably 90% of them I didn't know so yeah we went there and ate in there was a chicken and journey just didn't want to leave the chicken alone it was something that my father-in-law brother cuz it was his birthday there's something somebody brought for him for his birthday so I was like inside of a cage Oh like a little it was a rooster and journey just alone yeah I picked up a double pack of these for a dollar ninety-nine they are done in nine I don't think I'm completely yeah right there but anyway I just saw these and I was like okay I know I need to live all our scouts more I always like went wrong after I heat press and all that stuff I just let it roll them and get the shards of thread or whatever off them but I did cut one two three four five six of my ribbon trims I need to cut more but I gotta get a manager Blair I wonder if it 18 so you sometimes like if I cut a 12 month or an 18 month so too sometimes I can if I line it up just right I can get like two like a twelve to twelve month or to 18 month to twos out of one cut like one of these is this one so this was my tool and I measured and I cut and then what I did is just cut the edge so it was nice and even but anyway I see some purple there I had to order purple tulle I just placed a tool order from baby crafts it is 10:20 right now and I'm going to try to at least embroider out maybe one or two I've got so many orders so while you know all of this was going on we'll start with we'll just start with I guess the beginning um grandma went to hospice for respite that was called respite I don't know it's gone but it's just where they take her or a few it's usually five days just to give Papa a break from you know caring for her just to give him that a little bit of you know so I think I went into this where she was in pain and then they just started to you know give her morphine and make her comfortable cuz it was like I didn't see her until Tuesday but they were saying how like if you just touch her anywhere you know she's like oh like I don't know so honestly we don't we don't know what happened and they offered I guess Papa to do an autopsy and he just declined because you know so Tuesday so we'll go to Tuesday I think I was filming on Tuesday and I think I did update on Tuesday but Tuesday um my husband ended up coming home it was right around 8 o'clock to pick me and the girls up to go up to hospice because you know she was still breathing she was breathing very shallow and so we went and then we were there probably from like 8:30 until I don't know what time we left but at 10:30 is when around 10:30 is when she took her last breath and yeah so Wednesday Wednesday night you know yeah Wednesday night I've had have been Wednesday night I was able to complete like I don't know seven orders maybe five I don't know y'all it's just I saw still trying to put out orders because I have like at one point I had like 78 orders and then right now it says I have 71 orders so I'm just going to try to just do what I can get what I can get caught up

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