Detective Pikachu TCG Set Review!

Detective Pikachu TCG Set Review!

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Andrew Mahone reviews the new Detective Pikachu TCG mini set due out April, 5th using! Full Grip and Tricky Gym will be giving away tickets to the new movie as May 10th approaches, so make sure to stay tuned for more info!

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what's up everybody Indra Mahone here with tricky Jim Apfel group games gonna be giving my initial thoughts on the detective Pikachu mini set due out april 5th using polka beat calm really excited about these cards I think they're a lot of fun they're super super cute the movie looks amazing the fact that Ryan Reynolds is going to be Pikachu is just blowing my mind and I cannot express enough how much I am anticipating the release of this movie on May 10th cool group games going to be partnering up with the promotional team from the Cleveland area for detective Pikachu so that's really exciting as well we're gonna be giving away movie tickets to the movie on my twitch streams as well as our local events on our Wednesday night tournaments here leading up to the release of the movie so that's exciting as well this mini set has a lot to offer in the way of cuteness not exactly sure how competitive some of these cards are going to be though I do think at least this ditto is pretty good and will potentially see some competitive play in the future however I just want to go over the set talk about the cards a little bit show them off every single card in the set is going to be holographic which is super cool each pack comes with four cards in it and there are three case file exclusive Pokemon GX from the movie and they use actual CG animated characters from the movie in these cards which i think is super super dope as well so there are over 25 cards I think maybe 26 cards in this set we've got this Bulbasaur here which is super cute I think that this is just adorable and I can actually believe that they are creating a real live Pokemon movie that to me is astonishing find a friend search your deck for a grass pokemon reveal it and put into your hand then shuffle your deck this actually would be a good bubble sort to play in a venusaur deck if you were to build one or if there was a Venusaur that was seeing play at the moment this is actually a pretty good Venusaur love the artwork on this Ludicolo here i think that is absolutely phenomenal the Ludicolo in the trailer for the movie is super dope as well just very very funny table service once during a turn before he attacked me he'll thirty damage from one of your Pokemon a pretty good ability however being a stage two means that it's going to be a little tough to get into play more low here has sleeps for 10 damaging your phone's active Pokemon is now asleep Charmander I think is super cute looking and the fact that you can even see the blur around the fire that they gasp from the fire is creating on the background is super cool looking actually I love the effect there on the card and just very very nice reckless charge this Pokemon does ten damage to itself and then of course Charizard which will be coming in holographic form look how epic this thing looks just flying through the air like that slash 470 and wild tackle for 180 damage for four energies not so bad does 50 damage to itself but it is a 180 hit point 9gx Pokemon so that is pretty substantial Arcanine I believe works for the police department in the movie so that is very cool it's got an ability a security guard as long as it's pokemons your Active Pokemon all of your Pokemon take 30 less damage from your opponent's attacks and then sharp Fang doesn't 90 damage pretty cool ability unfortunately I don't think it'll be super worth having it in the active position since its attack is not all that strong this side out here looks absolutely stunning very cool panic this Pokemon is now confused a very side up attack a three retreat cost that is a pretty hefty retreat cost for a side out but eighty hit points is nice for a basic Pokemon that evolves Magikarp of course 30 hit points looks hilarious very moist looking actually its lips are kind of grossing me out hold still kill 10 damage from this Pokemon this greninja I don't think is actually all that bad this is pretty cool it's got a nice ability evasion jutsu if any damage done on this Pokemon by a tax up the coin if heads prevent that damage and then for to water energy the date furious sure Ekans does 50 damage to two of your opponent's Pokemon so I think that that's a pretty cool snipe attack or ninja likes this night we know this from all the past core ninja cards so this is a pretty neat addition to the greninja family and I like that attack a lot 50 damage too – we got the of course frogadier that Snipes 20 on evolution so this greninja could go with that frogadier to create some pretty cool snipe deck detective Pikachu and I love that there is detective in the Pikachu's name that is very cool which makes you wonder can detective Pikachu evolve into right – I think probably not right because right – evolves from Pikachu and this is not Pikachu this is detective Pikachu so detective Pikachu I believe cannot evolve unless there is a detective right – out there that I don't know about scout your opponent reveals their hand in a surprise attack flip a coin if tails this attack does nothing not a great card however Ryan Reynolds as a pokemon card pretty much a dream come true for me so I will definitely want this for my own collection and then if I could get it signed by Ryan Reynolds I might just actually lose my mind mr. mime everybody was giving mr. mime flack because when the trailer for the movie was first revealed they were talking about him having dodge balls for shoulder pads and a piercing like he does actually have dodge balls as little arms their shoulders I think that's kind of funny though he's got an ability pantomime when he plays Pokemon from your hand onto your bench during your turn you may switch one on the facedown prize cards with the top card of your deck not exactly sure that this is better than any other kind of way to switch your prize cards out I believe there's the what the Pokedex card or something like that that does it so pantomime not the best ability and then juggling flip for coins detectives 20 damaged treats heads nothing really to write home about mu 2 however look how alien-esque he looks very nice side Jack for a psychic got a colorless choose one of your opponent's active pokΓ©mon stacks that Pokemon can't use that attack during your opponent's next turn it's actually kind of a useful attack any sort of things that limit your opponent's attacks are sometimes good however I think this being a little bit over costly here for a psychic and hey close and then break burn discard two psychic energy from this pokemon for 130 not bad I'm just not sure that this Mewtwo will be any better than of course the distortion dorky or Tina which has already found its way into every single malamar deck Machamp directing traffic looking like a champ out there Scott had an attack directing traffic look at the top five cards your deck and put them back and the order a little bit underpowered for a stage 2 Pokemon to have an attack that doesn't even put any cards into your hand and then cross chop flip coin up heads it does 60 more damage for – not that bad but still on a coin flip I'd want something a little bit more powerful Jigglypuff 60 hit points it's got an attack healing melody heal ten damage from each your Pokemon and a lot of people are commenting on fact that Jigglypuff has fur right which i think is actually fine I'm not actually I think it looks super cute the eyes are super cute I think Jigglypuff looks good and excited to see what Jigglypuff brings to the movie we've got snubbull here I was super cool background actually this number looks pretty epic not gonna lie I've really spent a lot of time thinking about su Noble as a Pokemon but this rendition of snubbull makes snubbull look pretty epic play rough flip coin if heads has attacked us thirty more damage not a bad snubbull of course there are grand bold decks you could choose to play the Snuggle in your grand bull deck if you wanted to though I think that potentially the other snubbull which does damage and you have to like discard item cards or trainer cards or something like that might be better for your grandpa deck ludica tongue hundred hit points continuous lick flip coin until you get tails does 20 damage for each heads not exactly a card that we're ever gonna be playing well look at that realistic and slimy tongue yikes all right we've got slacking here an epic Pokemon who likes to doze off and kind of lounge about 180 hip points definitely kinda ugly looking it looks like Bigfoot or something like that it's got attacked pitch your opponent's which is their active problem with one of their benched pokΓ©mon not terribly insane on the attack front they're very expensive stage two Pokemon but this did oh the most playable card in the detective Pikachu said I think this thing is super cool it's got sixty hit points and an attack for one colorless says copy anything choose one of your opponent's pokemons attacks and use it as this attack if this Pokemon doesn't have the necessary energy to use that attack this attack does nothing I think copy anything is very cool a lot of times these Pokemon that have these copying attacks maybe have an ability or something like that that allows them to do so like mu e X or even I think there was like kecleon but that kecleon might not have had an ability anyways sometimes these Pokemon have abilities which allow them to copy attacks the mew from fates collide also has an ability so when these pokemons abilities get shut off they can no longer copy attacks this ditto can copy any attack from your opponent's side of the field so long as it has the energy necessary to do it and you don't need your ability so you could do it under Mach lock you could do it under garbodor lock which i think is really cool so Rainbow Energy's prism energies blend energies things like that can allow Dino to unlock a lot of powerful attacks on your farm side of the field which i think is super cool right you could easily copy things such as dangerous rogue with just two energies attached if you're playing rainbows in your deck or something like that it's a cool option for malamar as well you could copy your opponent's ultra and across must attack right with the non GX I think that's very powerful I think it'll go good index that accelerate energy like malamar potentially Blastoise in expanded format you could use copy anything to copy one of your opponent's attacks even a Wailord right cut it into a Wailord or something like that super cool Pokemon I think that the potential of this thing will be untapped at some point but very very strong and it's gonna be holographic so if there was no other reason to buy detective Pikachu packs this ditto is probably the primary reason super cool Pokemon and I am very excited to see how that ditto gets played in the future another cool thing about the detective Pikachu set is that they are gonna be doing giveaways right there is a Bulbasaur a Psyduck and a snubbull that are going to be given away at various locations which you can see right here on poka Beach so I think that this is very cool right we've got us a it's gonna be giving the bowls were away at Walmart the Psyduck away at Target and snubbull away at Gamestop which is super cool and then of course we have got the detective Pikachu products which I think look absolutely incredible this case file thing is super cool I think the pack looks phenomenal as well just very very rad there's another detective Pikachu card here which is just oh my gosh this thing looks adorable I love like the fact that he's got the yarn in the background all I could tell he's looking to solve some cases brilliant deduction look the top four cards ooh deck and put one of them into your hand shuffle the other cards back into your deck very very cool and of course chars rgx and greninja G x2 of the three Pokemon G X that are going to be available from this set we've also got mu 2 GX which was revealed as well Charizard GX has 250 hit points I think the artwork on this thing is stunning I definitely want to get this card in a PSA 10 I think it will just make an amazing piece for any collection I would love to PSA grade this card and what a unique Charizard card I feel like they'll never be another Charizard quite like this right so a unique addition to any collection absolutely cool it's got an attack raging destruction discard the top eight cards to your deck if any of those cards of fire energy cards attached on this Pokemon steam artillery 200 damage for 5 energy and then dreadful flames gx-250 damage for 5 discarded energy from each your opponent's Pokemon not a great chars are not gonna lie I think the attacks on this thing are a little bit underpowered 200 damage just doesn't quite do it anymore in the realm of tag-team Pokemon GX that are just doing way more damage and have way more hit points so 200 doesn't quite cut it any more but I do think it is a very cool card and I definitely want it for my collection greninja GX 230 hip point has an ability elusive masher which i think is very cool once during your turn before you attack this pokemon is the last card in your hand you may play it on to your bench if you do draw three cards never really seen a pokemon with an ability quite like that I really like it allows you to spring this Pokemon into play kind of like Archie's right Archie's ace-in-the-hole which we just saw at the North Carolina regional championships the Greensboro regional champions championships Azul got second place with that deck elusive master kind of similar in that this card has to be the last card in your hand then you can play it in to put it into play which is super cool right for a stage 2 Pokemon and allows you to draw three cards so very very neat unfortunately I don't think that the attacks are super powerful forest h2g X Pokemon Miss slash does 130 damage and is not affected by weakness or resistance and then dark mist put one of your pawns bench Pokemon and all cards attached to it into your opponent's hand I would rather dark mist GX do like back to the deck like taboo Phinney GX or something like that and then Miss slash is a little bit underpowered as well however for only two energy hundred thirty damage not all that bad I think the best part about this card is that elusive master ability and then of course we do have YouTube GX which is very very cool look at that packaging there that Pikachu is just so unbelievably cute and it's got 190 hit points and three attacks telekinesis this attack does 50 damage to one of your opponent's Pokemon and is not affected by weakness or resistance raining pulse 120 damage your opponent's active pokΓ©mon is now confused and psychic Nova G axe prevent all damage done to this Pokemon by attacks during your opponent's next turn I think that psychic Nova GX is very cool kind of reminds me of dawn wings GX attack however you don't have to be behind on prizes which is super cool and it still does 180 damage only costing one more energy so a very cool Pokemon could make its way into some malamar decks but I think that it's probably hop class by some other options all in all of the detective Pikachu cards I think they are all very cool I think the artwork looks amazing I really want this Charizard for my collection and to PSA grade it and try to get it in a 10 but I think the best card is of course this ditto would that copy anything attack and I think that this could even creep into some competitive decks so very cool set all in all I'm excited about the movie I think that it's going to be super rad giving away movie tickets on stream well as that our full group games Wednesday night tournament so make sure to stay tuned for that big shout out to polka beach for providing honestly the best Pokemon news on the Internet love this website I actually got started with my content created creating career writing articles for polka beach so I've written a bunch for them love these guys here at Polka Beach they do a phenomenal job so highly recommend this website if you have not checked it out in the past thank you all for watching the video and let me know what do you guys think of the detective Pikachu set in the comments below make sure to LIKE the video sub the channel ring that bell check out full grip Gamescom for all your trading card game needs as well as polka peach calm for all of your trading card game news thank you all for watching booze

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  2. The regular Greninja is sick. In Expanded this could potentially be its own deck with the Water Duplicates Frogadier and obviously Greninja BREAK. Shadow Stitching could still be a one-of card, but only being hit half the time, healing it off with Max Potion, and being able to use Counter Energy if needed could open up some amazing strategies. Attacking for 80 (with Choice Band) + 50 is also strong.

  3. MAHONE I JUST SEEN YOUR COMMENT ABOUT THE ADDING A NEW CARD INTO A DECK ON PTCGO – I tested this 6 months ago AND out of 20 games of going into multiple decks it happened to be 16-20 games the new card was in my starting hand – 4 of which were my top deck to the starting hand, so card 8. JUST SOME INFO BRO!!

  4. I wonder if you need to have an energy to use something like beacon with ditto. it would make sense cuz it costs 1 colorless energy but kinda lame cuz that's a good way ditto could be used but it's can't cuz of the colorless energy cost. definitely think it should have been a "free" attack cost.

  5. Hey Andrew, I agrre that Ditto is the best card. I think this content doesnt have impact bc everyone just saw it already, but I like your videos and I saw it!!! Maybe in the next time you can do it shorter? Keep the good work!!!

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