DIY Gifts For Guys! DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend, Dad, Brother, Partner, Friends, Valentine

DIY Gifts For Guys! DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend, Dad, Brother, Partner, Friends, Valentine

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DIY GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM, DIY GIFTS FOR GUYS, DIY VALENTINE GIFT IDEAS FOR HIM, DIY GIFT IDEAS FOR BIRTHDAY, BOYFRIEND, PARTNER, BROTHER! Make HIM a GIFT HE WILL LOVE!! Last minute presents for Boyfriend, Brother, Dad, Best Friend, Man, Him! In today’s video I’ll be showing you 5 EASY PINTREST DIY GIFTS FOR A GUY, i’ll be giving you some Gift Ideas For A Guy! These were all super easy and cheap and I know that he will love them whether it’s Christmas, his birthday or Father’s Day! Thank you so much for watching! 2016!

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hey everyone its Jillian and I hope you all having a fabulous day so today's video I'm going to be showing you five easy DIY gifts for guys and I feel like guys who greets me I feel like guys can sometimes be the most difficult to shop for so I'm hoping that this video gives you some ideas of things that you can actually make them I would shout out to LSP chilling back there she says hey now I know the guys are going to love these gifts because I have two brothers and I asked them if they would like to receive gifts like these and they said that they would and I've actually asked to keep everything that I made in this video so that's a really good sign so let's just jump straight on into the DIYs starting off with these super awesome looking coasters the first thing you will need are some little wooden disks and I think most craft stores should have these and I decided to paint mine so they look a little bit cooler then you can stick whatever you want on them but I found this Adventure Time magazine I thought that would look super cool so just trace a circle around the print that you want to use and then to glue this on I just use some Mod Podge and then once the Mod Podge is dry you want to apply another coat over the top to seal in your design so it won't get ruined from any condensation or anything from the glasses now you can pull whatever designs you want on these coasters and make sure you personalizable you ever you're giving them to so maybe they have a favorite TV show or a favorite quote or favorite pictures or anything like that and just get creative with it and make it really for them the next gift idea is a t-shirt and I think a t-shirts are such a practical gift so the first thing you will need to choose is what design you want in your t-shirt so make sure you design it for them and what they love I wrote with this really cute alien emoji then print your design onto some iron on transfer paper and make sure you follow the instructions on your own iron-on transfer paper because they are all different I also decided to go with this really bright and fun a power design and I decided to iron on my images onto a white t-shirt so I just followed the instructions and I loved peeling back the paper for the first time and seeing the design I loved how this one turned out it was so bright and so fun and I know that they're going to love it it also opened this really awesome alien emoji is really happy and really bright I love that you can take an image off the internet and put it onto a t-shirt it's such an easy way to customize a gift for someone next who doesn't love a phone case so all you will need for this is some clear phone cases and you just pick this up from a phone case store and then you can put it inside whatever you want to use newspapers magazines here I'm using wrapping paper that I picked up from the news agents I love this jelly bean print I think it's so cute and all you have to do is just trace an outline off the phone case and I just made a stencil and always use that there's a stencil right there and then just to cut out your phone case and then put it inside the clear case and then that's how easy that is I love this Batman one who else loves Batman I love Batman now for some a delicious salted caramel popcorn that I know he'll love the first thing you'll need is of course some popcorn so I just went ahead and used my popcorn maker and made my popcorn that way and then to make the caramel you will first need to melt 125 grams of butter 3/4 of the cup of sugar and 2 tablespoons of honey then once it's melted just let it simmer there for about 5 minutes until it's all golden and gooey and just off looks so delicious then just tip the caramel over your popcorn and mix it all together then spread the popcorn on to a lined baking tray and sprinkle some salt on top then just let this popcorn set and then to give it as a gift you can put it in some little red and white bags like I did or you can put it in some cellophane bags and tie it off with a ribbon that would also be really cute now for this awesome movie box which is such a fun gift and so quick and easy to make you'll first need a bowl and I just used a clear plastic one I also use some tissue paper and of course you will need a maybe to give them with their movie box then just fill with all their favorite treats and drinks some things that you could put in there are some instant microwavable popcorn you put in some cancer drink some lollies some biscuits chips whatever they love I hope you all enjoyed the video don't forget to give it a thumbs up if you did and if you aren't already make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel thank you all so much for watching and I will speak to you guys next time bye

34 thoughts on “DIY Gifts For Guys! DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend, Dad, Brother, Partner, Friends, Valentine

  1. Grift list for dudes

    Food(junk food ONLY)
    Money(even if they r rich they will love it
    Tools(that they will never use its just to make them feel manly)
    Comfy clothes(this one they will use)
    And things to impress there friends(they like to be the alpha)


  2. I really love the coaster idea for my friend. The problem is, I don't have any Mod Podge and I can't really go out to get some since I'm basically trying to make a last-minute gift :/ anyone have any ideas of alternatives I can use?? I would really appreciate it!

  3. I went through about 20 DIY gift ideas for my friend's birthday and I finally came across a good video that now provides me of new ideas and gifts I can give my friend. Thank you so much this helped me a lot!!

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