Editing a listing in Etsy using Marmalead-- Aurora Eventide shop. Etsy SEO tips

Editing a listing in Etsy using Marmalead– Aurora Eventide shop. Etsy SEO tips

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Note: As of June 2018, Etsy has said that they DO NOT weigh the front of the title as more important that the rest of the title, it’s all considered equal.

Editing a listing on Etsy using Marmalead and how I would do the titles and tags. This video uses a listing from the shop Aurora Eventide, which you can find here:

You don’t need to go crazy trying to research all of your tags, that’s a good way to make yourself nuts. Just get one or two good main keywords and then fill in other terms that people could be using to find your items, depending on what they are.

More tags I thought of afterward: resort wear, boho bridal, cruise accessories

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okay I got permission from Camille to edit like like if I was going to write the title and tags for this necklace this is how I would do it using marmalade and researching the words I will go through the process and you know not everybody's gonna do something everybody everybody will do things different ways I'm not saying you have to do it this way I'm not saying this the only way to do it but this is how I would do it okay so first she's got mermaid assemblage necklace is the first is the first term and I put that into marmalade here and it's coming up with zero to 100 and only a hundred competition so the competition is good but you know there's not that many people searching for that specific term on Etsy so the next thing I tested was her next keyword which is mermaid jewelry and then mermaid necklace again I put his mermaid necklaces here that's okay mermaid jewelry is here that's getting a lot of searches but look at the competition that's huge so mermaids are popular we know that if I was going to do one of these I would choose this one because it's getting more searches even though the engagement isn't as you know high as the search it's kind of borderline so I think that's okay and the competition is lower but then I was poking around and I found this one mermaid gifts for women it has 200 to 300 searches a month and people are clicking through multiple listings on it because the engagement is higher than the searches so I'm gonna put this at the front of the title the competition is low on this her price is $60 so it's right in the premium price range it's not out of the range so that's good and the renewal here is only two weeks here it's two months one month one month so these are turning over a little faster when people are searching for this term so I'm gonna do mermaid gifts for women then I'm gonna do I don't know if I should put mermaid assemblage necklace I'll okay let me put it in here first mermaid this for women we'll be the first keyword in my title and I want to put that also in the tags okay and I'm not sure if that's gonna fit so I'm gonna take out the word for because it's not really that critical and that fits okay so mermaid gifts women and you can either break it up mermaid gifts for women or just take out the four-eyed it's not really gonna matter that much I think with the four they kind of disregard that okay so that's my first keyword and you know you might say well why'd why is the two hundred to three hundred better than this so why would I put this on first it's because of the competition so you know people aren't clicking through it quite the same rate you know they're searching at a higher rate than they're clicking through and here they're clicking through at a higher rate than they're searching so they're actually staying on this search and looking at the listings longer and there's less competition so I'm going with that okay then I want to look at this word assemblage because this if you look at this necklace this is a piece of artwork this isn't this isn't just a note this is a statement necklace which is another term that people use and it's got all these shells on it it's got the colors it's it's large so it's a it's a big piece so I'm gonna do oops if I spelled it correctly that would work I'm gonna try just assemblage necklace on its own but I have a feeling that people aren't really searching for this as much this says mermaid it doesn't say made but it's not showing on here well okay so assemblage necklace it only has like a hundred to two hundred but people are staying on that search and they're clicking through so that's not so bad uh maybe I will do I think I will do mermaid assemblage necklace and the reason for that is that the phrase assemblage necklace is being surged and mermaid assemblage necklace if I put it in that order then assemblage necklace will be found in search if somebody searches for that and also the mermaid will be in there so I will do that but first I'm going to check to see if mermaid gifts for women is better than assemblage necklace because I might want to flip this to the front of the title you want to put your best keyword at the front of the title now you have to stop thinking about ranking for the first page because I've never understood what that means anyway alright so this is better mermaid gifts for women is still a little bit better than assemblage necklace just in terms of the competition the engagement and the searches so I'm going to leave it in that order mermaid gifts for women assemblage necklace or mermaid assemblage necklace I have to put that in now I am repeating the word mermaid it's not a big deal I could just put an assemblage necklace since mermaid is there I think I'll do that because it'll be found for mermaid assemblage necklace if somebody puts a 10 because the mermaid is here and this was the keyword that I was targeting anyway mermaid gifts for women assemblage necklace but what kind of things does she have I think I'll take this out I'll edit this out I tend to write in normal language when I'm doing these because people are reading them it's not just the machine so you want to put as many keywords in as you can but you want to make it readable so murmee gifts for women assemblage necklace with seashells and I'll put seashells abalone shell beads freshwater pearls and amethyst okay I'm just gonna copy this here because I'm lazy and amethyst period okay I'm gonna put unique fantasy jewelry statement jewelry okay and now I've gone too far so I'm gonna put fantasy statement jewelry oops okay so here's my title mermaid gives for women assemblage necklace with seashells abalone shell beads freshwater pearls and amethyst fantasy statement jewelry okay now you see this is really the only part that I did research on to look up the keywords because I want to make sure that the first words that I put in are being searched and engaged with on Etsy and I'm going to repeat these two in the tags where is assemblage necklace was it necklace or jewelry assemblage necklace okay so I'm putting assemblage necklace in there as my second tag alright so those are the two keywords that I want to be found for and because I want to be found for them I'm putting them at the front of the title I'm repeating them in the tags and this is probably more than 30 characters you really want to look at the first 30 characters but that's okay it's close enough and I used up all of the space in the title with other terms and now since I have all of these words in the title I do not need to repeat them in the tags once I've repeated the things that I want to repeat to emphasize to Etsy that that's important I'm not going to repeat them again in the tags if I can help it now if I find another keyword that's good I will but I'm not going to because I have fantasy statement jewelry here what I am gonna put down here let's see what colors are these kind of a turquoise there's like turquoise engine shells and let me see I'm gonna put turquoise here because I know that in the I know that in the selections for the colors they don't have turquoise they have green and teal in the variations on the lichen the attributes I would choose green and blue they don't have teal and hid blue okay so choose green and blue cuz that's close to turquoise but then in the tags I would put turquoise these in case people frankly in case people are actually searching for that and they use that color except I want to spell it right okay okay then I want to put in some other words like ocean jewelry if someone's searching for ocean jewelry maybe beach wedding this could be something a really nice piece for either the bride to wear or them you know like the mother of the bride or something like that it's a beach wedding and then I'm gonna put in you always want to put in gift if you're talking about jewelry okay because somebody might be buying a gift for someone gift for girls hoops gift for girlfriend okay then you started for what what is it for a birthday I don't have a birthday in there you do I know birthday anniversary what else and this is see I'm not even researching these I'm just filling them in the tags don't have to make sense they just have to be there so that Etsy can find them in longtail keywords gift for girlfriend birthday anniversary we have mermaid oh you know what see I've already got gifts here and I think I've got I'll just leave it it's single it's singular instead of plural it doesn't really matter but sometimes it you know if the word matches better it's okay I was gonna say you didn't have to put gift here so I could have put something else and I put wife daughter I've got women so I don't need to put women in there who else mermaids we have fantasy up there I'm gonna put in cosplay I'm gonna put costume I'm gonna put in art I'm gonna put in art jewelry as a phrase but you know what I will spell it the opposite way think that Etsy does take that into account but I'm gonna put it in there just because I've got a lot of tags and you know I might as well because sometimes they like the met the exact match better and if I have it in both ways and that's good it is a large necklace it is dramatic it is what was the other word I had another word that I was thinking of using we good no okay did I put statement I did put statement necklace up here didn't I fantasy statement jewelry okay an easy statement sure I'll just put large dramatic what else three tags left so I have to think of more words you know this is the kind of thing where let me think graduation graduation is coming up people are looking for graduation gifts so I'm going to put in graduation it's it's getting to be that time of year if it was gonna be Christmas you could put in Christmas I've got birthday let me think winning engagement too long so I can't do that I could put engagement in somewhere else but you get the idea you just want to put in more words and I see I'm not researching any of these I'm just trying to think of words for what it is who would be buying it who is it gonna be a gift for you know where is it where is it going to be used that kind of thing costume heart jewelry we do have assemblage in there I have do I have oh I don't know I did I do have ocean okay I mean I have do I have beach I have beach wedding my input graduation and see I'm gonna do I have shells I think I have shells in the title abalone shell beads I have sea shells up there too that's what I was going to Joe's gonna put sea shells but you know what since I have this felt is a single word I'm gonna put it in as two words because sometimes people do that and ctags don't have to make sense it's just there for the for the words let's see let me look at this thing a dramatic statement necklace I looked at went ooh that's pretty it is large I don't know let me see how she describes it this lovely necklace photos agreement mermaid pendant freshwater pearls 17 inches well I see what some of the reviews say unique I need to do unique is it is this isn't really Art Nouveau is it see that's the kind of thing if it fits a style you can do that but I'm not going to do that because I'm not sure if that's a hundred percent you know but it is it's unique all right I could I could keep doing this but I'm not going to but you guys get the idea so just go through get your main keywords put them at the front of your title repeat them in your tags net data and then fill in with other words that can describe the item what it's used for who would be buying it who it would be given to and make sure that you're doing make sure that you're doing the categories so that you get the most out of that so here's necklaces let me see I'll put beaded necklace it's not really beaded okay so that doesn't get me much so let me look weddings jewelry necklaces okay so now it's gonna be found in jewelry and necklaces and weddings jewelry necklaces what was it before jewelry necklaces and then we got to this and there wasn't really a good not really a good category to describe it and it will only be found in jewelry necklaces so by putting it in weddings and wedding jewelry because this would be great for a beach wedding it would be a really nice statement piece and you can do that and you get an extra tag out of it for weddings okay but you know I already have this in the tags for beach wedding so it's not that critical you could also put this in art and collectibles honestly let me see hmm they don't really have good categories a lot of times on add say because this is this is other assemblage you might I mean this is the kind of thing where you could try these out this is it's a collectible it's wearable but they don't really have a good category for that what happens with collectibles what do they give you now that's not right but you know try to try to get a category that actually fits so yeah I mean I'd probably stick with the weddings weddings in jewelry and necklaces because at least they give you that and they give you the extra tag here make sure that you're choosing blue and green if it's a turquoise color primarily or silver and here we go so this I would put this in Art Nouveau and then you can choose your gemstone or that kind of thing so the attributes are different for every single category so this might not be what you see if your listing something else but you should fill out every single attribute that they give you if possible but as far as the tags in title go you don't have to research every single one of these tags it's just not necessary not the way that Etsy search works regardless of what they say you just really need to repeat the ones that are super important for what you think the item is and for what you want to be found for and I'm not using the phrase what you want to rank for because with the context-specific search it's not ranking anyone and even if I never understood people said I'm ranking number I'm Mary on the first page for this I was like for what because that doesn't mean anybody's actually searching for it so it doesn't matter if you're on the first page or not you want to be found when people are buying presents or they're when they're close to buying and that's the longtail keyword searches so that's that one and there's one more to go if you really ever get stuck and you really can't think of anything just put your shop name in there but sometimes it helps to go and look at your other listings or go to look at your competitors listings to see similar items and what they're using just to get more ideas but you know just put in who it would be for I didn't put mother see you could buy this free of mother so put your unique mother then you can put in like you know aunt friend best friend you have girl friend here but you could put in your best friend you know so any anything that describes who it's for what it is where it'll be worn that kind of thing and that's it so leave me any questions and I will answer them when I get a chance

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  1. Awesome to have this example…thank you..I didn't realize you only needed to repeat the first part of your title in your tags. That leaves room for way more tags.

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