Etsy Ads tutorial day 19. Etsy marketing tips 2019

Etsy Ads tutorial day 19. Etsy marketing tips 2019

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Today’s Etsy Ads tutorial is cautiously optimistic but still waiting to see if they improve my ROAS. Etsy marketing tips show how google analytics can show you where the sale came from, and also goes over your net profit calculations to see if you’re making enough using ads to make it profitable for you.

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3 thoughts on “Etsy Ads tutorial day 19. Etsy marketing tips 2019

  1. So if you spend $1 per day in ads and have no sales you are a net profit of negative $1. Then at end of month you have spent $30 for month and made 2 sales through ads at a profit of $5 per sale you would be at a negative $20. Right? If this goes on for a few months stop advertising Right?
    Yup I am one of those who has been throwing money down the drain if this is right.

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