Etsy ads tutorial day 20. Etsy marketing tips 2019

Etsy ads tutorial day 20. Etsy marketing tips 2019

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Day 20 of my Etsy ads tutorial /demo, and the results aren’t any more impressive, unfortunately. Look to see how they’re managing my account up to this point.

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hey guys alright it's day 20 so I only have ten more days of this and then I'm gonna be making some adjustments which I would advise all of you to be making and I'll talk about that in a minute because there's a couple of strategies that people a lot even strategies just things that people have done that seem to have created a reaction from Etsy so we'll talk about that in a minute but first give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you hit the little notifications button after you subscribe you'll be notified when I go live on Tuesdays and whenever I post a new video and tomorrow we're gonna be talking about the this Etsy ad situation but also the free shipping announcement that kind of got slipped in there and no one's paying attention to it which I find very interesting that I think it's because we're all distracted by this alright so we'll talk about that tomorrow and in the meantime I want to show you everybody's been asking me I keep I keep mentioning this but people keep asking this little box that I'm using is not an automatically filled box or anything like that it's just this little write on the web app that comes with Microsoft edge you can probably find an extension for Chrome that does the same thing and if you're on an Apple device you can probably find something there's probably notes you can use notepad whatever you want to use so just click on this and then this little box here will create a little box that you can type into alright so I'm taking my calculator see it's nothing that's populated automatically so don't think that I've got some weird tool that Etsy has given me and not you because they have not done that all right so my return on adspend to calculate return on adspend it's a simple fraction it's 304 dollars and 60 cents divided by the amount that you spent so it's twenty four dollars and six cents and I'm using the timeframe that Etsy has been managing my ads so just from September 10th was when they started managing my ads so it's not a long time but this twelve point seven times back I'm getting twelve point seven times back what I put into ads that's okay but when I I mean it's good that's good I wouldn't complain about that normally except that when I started it was 27 times okay so not good at see you should be doing better than I was if you are so good at managing my ads my conversion rate your conversion rate is the number of orders that you get to I did by the number of ad clicks times 100 okay so let's do that so it's 19 divided by 4 19 and then I don't need know how to get that on it's the asterisk times 100 so that would wait for 4 point 4 5 that's 4 PI % is that right hold on I don't trust the calculator and I wasn't looking at it 19 divided by 4 19 yeah okay and then times and maybe I just did times 10 that makes sense okay 4.5 4.5 percent conversion rate except I have to come over here to tie it 4.5 percent which again is fine but my normal conversion rate is 3 point 5 4 point 5 is my normal add conversion rate it's usually somewhere around there so that has not changed I would expect it to get better if Etsy is better at this than I am okay and then my the average amount that I've been spending per day is well I have to look up hold on a sec I'll check that okay so the actual ad spend on September 14th and this is the 16th but I was I wasn't billed for today's or yesterday's yet so I've been doing 2 days of ahead behind was $4 in nineteen cents my budget is set at $5 and I usually spent about half of that so again not the best Etsy but I do notice that this is this backwards ok so not that that has anything to do with anything it's just a numbers thing all right so basically what they're doing is spending more of my money to get me this a lower rate net you know return on adspend cup because they're spending more of my money but they're spending more of my money which is not a tremendous amount but it's more to get the same conversion rate and a worse return on adspend so hmm No now one one thing that I will say is that people have said that ok well first of all Etsy sent out a little email to everyone it seems like it went to the people who have dropped their budgets so I didn't drop my budget when this started because I wanted to see what would happen if I kept everything set with the same budget that I had to begin with so I didn't drop my budget so I did not get this email but other people said that they got an email that said something like do you want to really do you really want to drop your budget because you're gonna miss out on views increase your budget and you'll get more views to your shop well you know will you get more sales that's the thing because apparently you don't and I have held steady at about two sales per day from ads regardless of how much they've been spending so my feeling is that people are probably dropping their budget Etsy is going what the heck is going on maybe this isn't gonna work out the way that we thought and they're trying to encourage people to increase their budget the other thing I'll say about that though is that if you're here watching this channel then you're probably thinking about this and how many millions of Etsy sellers never give this a thought they just turn ads on they throw some money at it and they walk away and don't worry about it that's probably the majority of people but if you're here watching this then you're actually giving this some thought you're rare you're like in the smaller group so it could be that Etsy will respond if everybody starts dropping their budgets by adjusting the ads program a little bit it could be though that the majority people don't care and don't respond and don't adjust their budgets and Etsy just keeps us exactly the way it is so we'll have to see what happens but the other thing about dropping your budget is that I've seen people say that as soon as they drop their budget they turn Google Ads off and there's another video in here I'm not sure it's probably like three or four days ago where I show how to look at your little bar graph well I'll show you just I'll show you right now all right if you go to your dashboard in the stats page any of these graphs that have the bars on it or it has this graph here if you hover over it it shows you stats about things that happen that day and see here it says events if you keep moving see right there on September 12th it says Google Shopping turned on now you can do this on any of the graphs that have it's a bar graph so anything that looks like this or with the line it can be on the Paige I'm in this traffic details page but it's the same on any of the pages with this type of graph so Google shopping was turned on here so if Google shopping was turned on or off it will tell you in this graph if you hover over the date so they have not turned Google shopping off and you can see that I started getting less traffic as soon as they started managing my account and that's I don't know why you know it could because the bids went up it's it's just not yeah it could just be because it's a small date range too because there will be fluctuations and I do get less traffic over the weekend and that's just a normal thing for my shot but you can see on here if you hover where the Google Shopping was turned on and off okay so they have not turned it off in my shop yet and it's probably because I did get one sale from Google Shopping so they're saying well maybe it works in the shop we'll see I don't know but that's how you do that and I I've heard from people that when they drop their budget Google Shopping got turned off so my feeling is that they're probably putting most of your money toward Etsy ads on Etsy because that obviously makes them more money and that's fine that's what I prefer I prefer to advertise on Etsy and not on Google Shopping so I'd be fine with that but if you want to try that go ahead and try dropping your budget if you're spending a lot and if you're only spending a dollar a day though you can't drop it more than that so just watch all of these factors you know watch watch these numbers and see if it makes sense for you to continue advertising that is a decision you have to make for yourself if you want to talk about it you can join my facebook group every it's it's very ads heavy right now the conversation and there is just about Etsy ads and I'm really hoping that you guys kind of you know taper that off after a while cuz it's you know after a few more weeks it's gonna be what it is and then we can make decisions but it's you know I'm I'm kind of getting tired of Etsy ads and honestly if I wasn't doing this 30 day thing I would just be making my adjustments and walking away from it and then coming back to check to see what happened and it's I know exactly what I'm gonna do when the 30 days is over and I will share that with you toward the because I do want to wait to see if I might be wrong but just keep an eye on your numbers go join the Facebook group the link is in the description and please answer the questions when you apply to join the group because I'm trying to keep the spammers out all right I will talk to you guys later

7 thoughts on “Etsy ads tutorial day 20. Etsy marketing tips 2019

  1. When they show you the revenue that you made under the ad section, is that revenue from ads only or overall? Because there is an item I've sold a few times recently but it shows up as if I have made no revenue on it but my budget spent on it has been quite a bit. So I'm a little confused on that. Hope my question makes sense!

  2. I do have a question, if you budget a small amount like a dollar, will Etsy use all of your listings or just a certain amount since you don’t have enough to cover all of your listings? I ask because only some of my listings have prices on them and the majority don’t. I know they charge per click and if I used up a dollar on one listing does that mean all the other ones won’t be seen in ads? I just wonder do I need to budget a certain amount of money so that all of them are ads, or all of them are ads and I’m only charged for what people click?

  3. My Etsy ads have been horrible since the switch. Before I had about a 7:1 ratio. Just to give you some real numbers.. On a $25 a day budget, from Aug 8th-Aug 15th, I spent $184.58 and the revenue was $1037.16, not great but not bad either. Now, from Sep. 8th-Sep 15th on an average of a $20 a day budget, I spent $170. 81 and the revenue was $474.47. Like seriously?! Absolutely ridiculous. I'm gonna keep trying to figure it out, but they have ruined it for everyone.

  4. Hi Kara, I've been watching with you and they have finally pushed my shop into this way of advertising…LOL…I didn't go willingly! I appreciate the little study you are doing and wanted to share that I've adjusted by taking off listings that are obviously being promoted with Google which I can see by the high dollar amounts it is using a day for that one listing verses what I was spending. It is one way I've found I can control if they are using a listing with Google Ads; or so I think. When I unclicked those from being promoted, my orders did get higher as the funds were then able to go to the other promoted listings. Hope that make sense. 🙂

  5. The last five months i have 2 orders each month from promo. The last two days i close them. And if you want to close them first recheck all the listings and then push the button close the ads. With out them my shop it was a ghost so i open them again. 1$ for 20 listings. And my shop became again popular.

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